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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth


  • One of the old neighbors of Perplex City, before The War
  • The city as a whole was more or less destroyed by the Perplexians.
  • Refugees from here are known to have come to Perplex City

  • Scarlett Kiteway is known to have taken a bit of a field trip here, in early 269, with her friend Allain Castille.
  • A brief description, in her words:
    • We're about 1,600 miles from Perplex City now.
    • We found that some of the houses had strange marks on them. We started to see these marks on some of the larger rock formations as well. Black streaks, etched into the rock. Like the stones at the base of a campfire, like the air burned on them.
    • We had a view across maybe two or three miles of valley. Empty valley, for the most part, filled with scrubby plants, a river running through it down towards the sea. A good place for a settlement.
    • Broken houses, but houses, in a wide half-moon shape, extending around the circumference. Like scraps of crust left in a pie dish after the pie had been tipped out.
    • The odd flutter of background radiation, but nothing out of the ordinary. Not that we'd really been expecting any radiation, but we knew we had to be careful.
    • Where roofs or parts of roofs remained I could see that they were made with some pink-coloured tile and each sloped gently to one side.
    • Between two houses, there was a mosaic on the wall. To whoever made it, to the people who looked at it, it was probably as clear as day what it represented. But we had no way to know.
    • ...Houses with stone benches outside, set at the right angle to catch the afternoon sun
    • ...A larger building, decorated with carved mazes like you see on some buildings in the old Town.
    • In one house, the roof had collapsed downward, making a large sheltered area where some raccoon-like animals had built a nest.
    • Many of the other buildings made homes for nesting birds.
    • It seemed to me that we might have been the first people here in a hundred years, in two hundred years.
  • Many years later, considerable effort is being put forward to not just acknowledge the war and destruction, but attempt to make peace with the horrors of the past.
    • An art installation by Randal Tokei with Scarlett Kiteway's assistance is to act as a constant reminder and connection to the people and the city of Anjsbourg.