Scarlett Kiteway

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Scarlett Kiteway
Perplex City
Date of Birth July 2
Futures Sign Archer
Occupation Student, Marmalejo College
Associations Conclave
Email scarlett at thescarlettkite dot com
Website Website & MySpace





  • She eventually dropped out to seek adventure.
  • Later, she started a life of being an artist, working beside Randal Tokei.


  • Hobbies include hiking, watching football (Perplex City Raiders), and playing Pyramid.
  • Favorite book: Innes and Outs
    • A brief history of journalism in Perplex City.
    • This book shows how just a few people trying to find the truth can change everything!
    • See: Redward Innes
  • Submitted a letter to the Mar 28 edition of the Perplex City Sentinel.


Over the years, we learned a lot about Scarlett. Not just who she is, but who is not, who she might be. She has, at various times, seemed to dwell in Violet's shadow, sometimes being out of the loop of information. But she is quite adventurous, willing to travel, willing to strike out on bold adventures. And, once, she killed a man. But at heart, she is mostly made of sweetness and light. Her writing style known for being mostly run-on sentences, which make her seem as though she is full of energy and the words are fighting to get out. (Clearly the Journalism thing would not have worked out!) After the goings-on with The Cube and her sister, she felt slightly betrayed for being left out of the big secrets. It took some time to come back to a healthy place with her family. During that time, she became quite close to her Father's political adversary, Nathan Earlywine, and became engaged to his son, Rory. But, everyone agrees, Rory seems like a delightful boy, and even Sente has (reportedly) come to appreciate this fact.


  • E-mail: scarlett at thescarlettkite dot com