Randal Tokei

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  • Graduate of the Academy
  • Artist
  • Winner of last year's prestigious Academy Founder's Prize for Art
  • Protegee: Aiko Entrescore
  • Formed the Beauty Alliance of like-minded artists
    • "To bring the people together to make something magnificent"
    • "We could make something to endure a thousand years."
  • Agrees with Councilman Nathan Earlywine that a lessened cultural focus should be placed on Earth fascination.

Known Works

  • "Construction and Destruction", a public performance piece in Azad Park which "examines the ways in which the loss of the Cube has blinded us to the presence of the Cube all around us".
    • This work consisted of a massive structure being built in the park, of specially treated paper cubes.
    • Then, at some point in the process, the whole thing was burned to the ground.
  • An "amazing" collection of polymer balloons intended to hover over the ruins of Anjsbourg.
    • Intended to be a war memorial
    • Citizens of Perplex City are coupled with victims of the Anjsbourg tragedy, and asked to write a message to go inside each balloon.
    • The balloons are designed to glow at night, and hover perpetually at the same height.


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