Barrow-Feld Syndrome

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  • Degenerative brain condition
  • Initially manifests by degrading the victim's ethical decision-making centers.
  • Sufferers become unable to make consistent moral choices, leading to a variety of antisocial behaviours such as deceit, theft, fraud and increasing incoherence
  • In its end stages, sufferers often descend through progressively severe psychosis and ultimately coma and death
  • Drug company Cognivia is working on a cure
  • Medicine Veritana is now in the testing stages
  • Miranda Katsoulis, Academy Librarian, Isaac Cymbalisty's murderer lied to Kurt that she had Barrow-Feld to justify not talking about her frequent visits to Cognivia but the Ceretin 6 trial, of which she was a part, excluded people with serious psychiatric or medical illness.