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  • The Perplex City catacombs stretch to form a huge sprawling maze under a large part of the city
  • Deeper and more extensive than The Anaduna Corridors
  • There are strange mosaics with symbols on the ceilings.
  • They are known to extend as far as the Newguard Ruins and several entrances were found on the coast during the construction of the Mobius Strip.

  • The catacombs are out-of-bounds to Academy students and most of the entrances across the city have been sealed as they are unstable and occasionally prone to collapse.
  • Some tours take in the parts of the catacombs directly beneath Perplex City Academy and fellows have been known to use these tunnels occasionally to take a short cut when running late for lectures.
  • Visiting the catacombs without an official guide is strictly forbidden due to the ease of getting lost in the hundreds of miles of twisting passages

  • There is an entrance underneath Sente's official Academy residence
    • It was through this entrance that Violet Kiteway was able to explore the catacombs as a child.


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