Violet Kiteway

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Violet Kiteway
Perplex City
Date of Birth September 9th
Futures Sign Dragon
Occupation Librarian, poker player
Associations The Conclave, Historical Society


Apartment 507
Caesar Building
Mobius Approach
Perplex City
  • Temporarily living at (whilst under police protection):
West Caldera Street
Old Town
Perplex City

Cube Theft

  • Stole the Cube, and posted cryptic messages as Combed Thunderclap.
  • Her reasoning was this: The Third Power is a very dangerous group, and if they wanted the cube it was almost certainly for nefarious purposes.
  • Therefore, with Kurt's help, she snuck into the Museum by way of the Catacombs, and the moment she touched it, she vanished!
  • Appearing suddenly on Earth, she was supplied with a taxi, hotel accommodations, a coat ... and a shovel.
Violet note.jpg

Friends and family


  • The Scarlett Kite, Scarlett's bog
  • The Path of Least Time, Kurt's blog



Thanks for your email. I would reply to it, honestly, only I can't right now because I'm probably out working in the library.

Or playing poker.
Or drowning my sorrows after losing big.
Or celebrating after winning big.
Or investigating some part of the city I haven't seen before.
Or taking in a show.
Or working on a puzzle.
Or finally mastering the art of omelette-making.
Or digging up bits of stone in Catbite and getting overexcited about their significance.
Or windsurfing in the bay.
Or buying shoes.
Or reading a novel.
Or having a picnic in the park.
Or trying to get back that great pair of boots my sister "borrowed" six months ago.
Or finding new words to share.
Or feeding my fish.
Or hiking.
Or giving unfortunate interviews and getting into trouble with my dad.
Or planting trees on public property.
Or confusing the person next to me.
Or making a triangular table.
Or taking a train out to the plains.
Or eating at Conundra.
Or writing autoreply for my email.