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  • Professor Sedgewick became Senior Fellow of Languages in 240AC
  • She has mastered more than 40 languages, and is a leading authority in the ancient languages of the Perplex City region
  • She maintains a particular emphasis on techniques of teaching languages to the very young
  • Professor Sedgewick holds a fellowship in Comparative Philology at the Centre for Reality Research, and is an advisor to the Department of Natural Sciences on self-regulating translation protocols
  • She has won both the Huntingdon and the McKan prizes for her translations of classic works of literature, and continues to hold a PCAG record in the linguistic category
  • Professor Sedgewick's lifetime of achievement in the field of language research is now honoured by the annual Sedgewick lecture, given by a scholar on a topic of popular interest
  • She is one of less than 20 people in the city who speak Ryfa and Darudin
  • In 263, the Carrick Foundation named the Sedgewick Travel Bursary in her honour, to enable a young Academician to spend a year traveling for the purposes of linguistic research
  • Professor Sedgewick has been a radical force for change in the city, with a history of protesting issues of environmental and city concern
  • She is on the board of the Alchemy Bay Society, the Catbite Nature Protection Fund and is an active member of the Mazy Trust.


  • Has "a long and colourful history of civil disobedience, including a notorious incident in 248 in which her students organised a public foreign-language debate over the environmental policies of the Council on the steps of City Hall as their final project."
  • Arrested at a protest against development of the Northside Nature Preserve, as one of the organizers/speakers
  • Has spoken out against Sente Kiteway's approach to retrieving the cube, suggesting the theft may have been an act of war by Earthlings.
  • Was present at the rally against the Academy Museum War exhibit; spoke publicly against.