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  • Several hundred meters wide, the Gorge was created in 0AC through an unknown disaster, destroying the majority of the city at the time.
See The Cube, below.
  • A large wilderness gorge in the vicinity of Perplex City
  • Popular Hiking destination
  • Tall, wide grasses populate the plains just south of Catbite.
  • Site of the Ikonnikoff Tragedy, in which 9 people were killed by a sudden and freak lightning storm.
  • Catbite, and parts south, are known to be very historical locations. Archaelogical digs have uuncovered numerous artifacts:

The Cube

  • The Receda Cube was "discovered" in the Gorge, in the year 1744 (7 AC) (Calendar)
  • It is a well known fact that Perplex City was at war with several other nations at the time of the sudden creation of the Gorge, in the year 0.
  • Not as well known, is the fact that the Cube is a weapon of immense potential. (reference)
  • It is unlikely that anyone in the City has put these facts together.
    • The current speculation is that it was the Receda Cube, specifically, which caused the devastation of the city, and created the massive hole in the Earth. We are quick to remind the reader that this is only speculation, regardless of how well founded it is.


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