Five Tasks of Madna

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  • The 5 tasks are described in the writings of Lemnal.
  • They are featured in murals in the Grand Atrium of Ascendancy Point.
  • Ancient murals are located half-buried at the Newguard Ruins.
  • Madna is described as having a "suffering face" in these ancient murals.

The Tasks

  • Navigating the Maze of Stars
  • Stealing the apple from the jaws of the giant crocodile
  • Filling the Mazy River using a jug
  • Slaying the bird-headed demon Rifvar
  • Outwitting Losik, the trickster, in a wrestling match

Also of Note

  • "Madna's Tears" is an annual meteor shower event.
  • The tears have shaped Perplex City folklore and science for centuries.
  • The meteor shower occurs mid to early August, with a highpoint at August 12th.
  • Best viewing occurs between 10pm and 4am, at locations away from the bright lights of the city.
  • Madna's Tears have been likened to Earth's Perseids.