Dale Robarding

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  • Is often called to testify before the City Council in policy sessions on drug-related legislation.
  • Has helped to guide the governing body toward a position where controversial and potentially harmful drugs are tightly regulated.
  • Organizes regular recruiting sessions on the Academy campus.
  • Holds a special visiting professorship on neuropharmacology at Edyta College.
  • Has published a handful of books on the history and cultural impact of the chemical advances of the last hundred years.
  • Played in the PCAG, years ago (perhaps 20 years ago).
  • Placed in the top eight or better for six consecutive years before retiring.
  • Worked with Myra Champaign's rehabilitation treatments as a very young child.
  • Is a strong advocate for drug usage in the games, although he maintains a strict alliance with the rules of order.
    • Has "always felt that their drug policies are draconian."
    • Thinks Robert Zhi-Hui is a bit of a poo-poo head.


Academy Oversight Committee

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