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Some consider her a fan favourite for taking the championship. Petel herself only laughed at this suggestion. "I think the only thing safe to predict," she said, "is that the championship won't be decided for certain until the season is over."

  • Had a terrific winning streak early in the 268 season.
  • However that seemingly waned, and as of late November she managed to reach 5th place, before falling back.
  • Her performance showed great lackings in the 2006 season, as she became dangerously close to elimination in the November knockout rounds.

The Sentinel - 01/05/270 - Petel's Star Rising

PCAG pro Gabriella Petel has signed a multi-million-leck endorsement deal with Cocoa Divine. Insiders say the Cocoa Divine campaign, "Indulge, Improve," will focus on ways mental acuity can be increased by reducing stress.


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