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Leader: Michiko Clark (Editor-In-Cheif)

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  • There are many sections to which we cannot gain access due to needing a Key.
  • Earthly readers are encouraged to submit letters, and once a week a View from Earth article is published.
  • The Futures (written by Madame Bianca) are known to sometimes be a slight hint to Cube Hunters on Earth. But usually they are simply fun to read, and don't mean an awful lot more than what they say.
    • Oistin Meade's Third Earth Survey suggests ther is a call-in line which doles out inspirational Futures, as well.

What's Known

  • The Perplex City Sentinel is published both as a Regular Edition, and an External Edition. It is this External edition which we see on Earth, and is quite crippled.
  • A weekly subscription to The Sentinel is PCL 70 (70 Perplex City Lecks) which is about £3.50
  • A year-long subscription to The Sentinel is PCL 2,350 (2,350 Perplex City Lecks) which is about £117.50
  • The first two advertisers in The Sentinel on Earth were PCBC, "The World's Smartest Bank", and the cognitive enhancer drug Ceretin.
  • Other advertisers followed eventually, and can be seen in the Advertisements article.
  • Email addresses are available on numerous pages:
    • Letters to the Editor -
    • Submit news -
    • Request reprints -
    • General ad info -
    • Place an ad -
  • On 1 Apr, a new letter was posted to the 28 Mar edition "Letters" page. Player Zzedar listed the first letters of each word in the letter, finding the url for Scarlett Kiteway's weblog.


(shown here are only non-portraits which have appeared in the Sentinel)


From the [] website:

The Perplex City Sentinel is acknowledged as the newspaper of record of the city. Its award-winning investigative journalism and incisive features make it not only the finest newspaper in the city but also its best-selling daily paper.

The Sentinel was founded in 89AC by the legendary property developer and industrialist Redward Innes. A colourful personality, legend has it that Innes set up the newspaper (then called the Perplex City Sentinel and Working Man's Friend) simply in order to settle a grudge against a business rival, whose Perplex City Vanguard was then the leading paper in the city. Innes ran the paper at a loss for the first 10 years of production, mainly owning to the large-scale puzzle contests he personally bankrolled and successfully put the Vanguard out of business. It was during this period that the Sentinel ran its infamous "Girls of the Academy" series, in a further attempt to boost sales. In 107 the Vanguard and the Sentinel merged, although the Vanguard name was swiftly dropped from the masthead.

After Innes' death in 115, The Sentinel experienced a period of declining sales, and was eventually purchased by the Heathcote Group (which also includes Heathcote Assurance and Heathcote Regional Development Corp) in 137. Heathcote's then director, Ram Zadorin, brought in maverick editor Emmi Hartlin under whose steady hand the paper regained its former prominence, this time on the basis of fine reporting and a dedication to intelligent information, rather than contests and prizes. Hartlin, who edited the paper from 138 until her retirement in 156, built the tradition of accuracy and detached opinion which endures to this day.

After the short and rather lacklustre editorship of Sabine Wells, whose major contribution to the Sentinel is generally acknowledged to have been her appointment of five different fishing correspondents in a single year, the management board appointed a rather more lively editor: Carl Bauer. Bauer was, of course, fortunate to become editor during the great political scandals of 167, but it cannot be denied that the Sentinel developed its investigative journalism greatly during this period. The Sentinel's investigative work in 174, which led to the resignation of the leader of the City Council and seven deputies, is now the stuff of legend.

The Sentinel has had three previous editors in the current century: Theo Tao whose modernisation of the production process, though painful at the time, secured the paper's future, Veronica Ruiz, famed for her coolness under pressure, who focused the paper more on foreign affairs than had been the case in the past and Armand Levi, who made the leap from journalism to politics in 262, and is now a representative on the City Council.

The Perplex City Sentinel is owned by the Heathcote Group, a subsidiary of CJM Holdings.