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Champion, year 268AC



  • PCAG Champion of 268 AC
    • Lost twice, in a close final match against Ryan Cahill, once in 267, and again in 269.
  • Started dating ladies' man Helix Hesh on/about 22-MAR-06
    • Was the brunt of much verbal abuse from Tippy Ankron, Hesh's previous trinket.
  • Has a fan club, run by Harrison Louvell

Serena and Helix

  • In late May and throughout June, she was in varying degrees of romour to be wed to Helix Hesh.
    • According to an unnamed source, the two were engaged one starry night on a cruise to Seawatch
    • In the morning however, Serena realized what she was getting into: Hesh is a notorious philanderer.
    • She panicked, broke off the engagement, and published the following press release:

Serena Denies Engagement

PCAG star Serena Duncan has issued a vehement denial that she became engaged to recording mogul Helix Hesh just over a week ago. The statement reads, in part, "Helix and I are merely friends, and anyone who suggests there is more to it than that should mind his own business."

  • On 28-JUN-06, Duncan completely broke off the relationship, and requested an element of privacy.
  • In the passing months, the two have had a tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship, eventually leading them to appear happy together.
  • The state of the relationship tends to be underscored by the state of Duncan's PCAG performance.

PCAG stats

  • Officiated the PCAG opening ceremony
  • Started the 2005 (268AC) Championship Season at the top of the leaderboard
  • Defeated Ryan Cahill 5-2 in his first game of the 268AC season
  • Lost to Oliver Pohele, 15-OCT-05 weekend matches
    • Considered a strong boost to Pohele, and underdogs everywhere.
  • She had, as of the end of november, dropped as low as 4th place.
    • However she remained confident and a strong believer in her own abilities as a player.
  • On 07-JAN-06, in the all-player team event, she fared remarkably well -- for the first time ever in her career.
    • This put her back on top on the championship for this season.
  • Was held to be very very closely tied with rival Ryan Cahill, well into the near end of the season.
  • The final match between the two was thoroughly exciting, and watched with great excitement and anticipation.
    • Finally, Cahill won out over Duncan in the last few rounds of game play.
    • She appeared quite bitter, and may be pursuing an investigation on his surprise win.
  • May be under investigation for using illicit enhancers throughout the last few weeks of PCAG play for several years.
    • More likely, given her response to losing the 269 season final, she instigated an investigation, targeted at Ryan Cahill.

PCAG 2006

  • In October, beat Lucius Jorgensen after a string of lackluster matches
  • In December, claimed her rightful place at the head of the leaderboard, with Cahill trailing in second, and Finnegan in third. Duncan was understandably pleased with her efforts.
    • Some cited her upswing in romance with boyfriend Helix Hesh as a possible positive influence.
  • 14-JAN-07 - Went head to head with Myra Champaign for the 270 season championship. Champaign spectacularly beat Duncan out.
    • Duncan, visibly furious over her loss, refused to engage in the expected press interviews following the match. As she left the match, she told reporters, "Just don't start writing about my retirement."


Ryan Cahill
PCAG Champion (268)
Ryan Cahill