Kindling of the Flame

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  • The kindling of the Flame is a minor festival held every year, pursuant to the first snowfall.
  • Because, of course, the weather varies from year to year, the festival may take place at any date at all.
  • One may conjecture the roots of this celebration date back to when early settlers would light a great fire, which would be tended to carefully for the next months of frosty bitterness. Sociologists suggest, before the discovery of flint and steel, when fire was a great thing to capture and weild, the kindling of such a flame would have been a momentous occassion.
  • These days, the Kindling of the Flame ceremony is a largely symbolic spiritual welcoming of the winter months.


First, this piece of news was posted on the Sentinel:

Mild Winter May Delay Kindling

The Brotherhood of the Six has warned that this year's late winter will likely delay the annual Kindling of the Flame. Meterologists have widely predicted this winter will be warm and dry, a pleasant change after heavy rains in the spring.

  • Sentinel, news in brief, 02-DEC-05

Eventually, Sister April Flynnt of The Brotherhood of the Six wrote to UF User Bert:

Dear Earth-dweller,

We at the Botherhood of the Six are delighted to hear of your interest in the Holy Light of the Cube! We are convinced that the presence of the Cube on Earth has attuned the people of your planet to its message and power. Soon the whole of your world will receive the glorious message of Everlasting Peace which we enjoy every day.

Our festival of the Kindling of the Flame is a holy, meditative and spiritual festival which occurs in Perplex City everhy year at first snowfall. We encourage you to celebrate the festival in your own home town at first snowfall, or you may join with us to celebrate when the first snow falls in Perplex City. A late winter is predicted this year, but we watch the skies eagerly evry day for this holy event. The festival is also mentioned on our website, which contains more information about the other celebrations in our year:

With love, in the light of the Cube, Sister April Flynnt.

And soon after, the Brotherhood website was updated to say:

We are gratified that the people of Earth have shown such interest in our beliefs and way of life, even paying attention to minor festivals such as the Kindling of the Flame, which we celebrate each winter at first snowfall. We believe that this new interest in the Way of the Cube is directly caused by the Holy Presence of the Cube on Earth, brining its enlightenment to new worlds!

  • "Way of Life" - link

At last, snowy relief. The kindling was held at dusk on 10-JAN-06:

Kindling Held Late

The Brotherhood of the Six held the ceremony of the Kindling of the Flame at dusk on Tuesday night, following the light blanket of snow that fell in the early hours that morning. This is the latest the Kindling has been since 224, when the first snowfall was on 7th Feb.

  • Sentinel, news in brief, 12-JAN-05