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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

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  • Gillit Road is, itself, a minor road in the city.
  • Of slightly more importance is the Gillit Road Subway station.
  • It is an abandoned station.


Careful enquiring (which we include here because it is brilliant maneuvering) revealed that the Gillit Road station is, in fact, within Perplex City:

Hi Kurt, I note from one of the puzzle cards which you designed for us members of the Earth CRT, that you are a bit of a player of "Mornington Crescent". As I'm sure you are aware, the game is very popular over here also, and features many different variations of rules and subtleties of play. I am looking into the possibilities of a paper, detailing the main differences between the Perplex City version, and our own here on Earth.

To this end, I am attempting to collate a list of stations which feature in your subway system, but I'm sure that I am missing some. The information which I'm going by, might possibly be out of date, so I was wondering if you could take a quick glance over my listing, and perhaps give me a pointer or two about any which I am lacking. I do intend to include a list of all stations used here on Earth, including those which are abandoned or simply closed - so any which are in a similar state on your side of the equation would be useful to know also.

Kindest Regards


Hi Jamie,

You're correct in saying that I'm a fan of Mornington Crescent; indeed, I was placed second in the all-departments Academy Second Division Crescent Challenge 2005, and was only prevented from winning by a particularly nefarious use of the 'Reverse Triple-jump Cyclotron' (which, as I'm sure you're aware, takes advantage of the fact that the Perplex City Subway runs 24 hours a day).

Your list of subway stations is accurate - those are all the stations in the 'central' area (i.e., those used for modern 'casual games' of Mornington Crescent). If you want to include a couple of abandoned stations, I know there's one at Gillit Road, and another on Scope Road.




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