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On Wednesday 16th November 2005, Perplex City players who had completed the set of four blue hex cards were sent an e-mail congratulating them from the Academy.

However, it seems that the Academy's e-mail system managed to leak some internal e-mails at the bottom of these e-mails sent out to players. Each player so far has received a different e-mail fragment. They are arranged below in date order.

The top portion of the e-mail reads:

"Dear [player name],

Congratulations, you've solved a set of four Perplex City cards. We've rewarded you by doubling your points for each of the cards in the set.

Your Perplex Point total is now [total]. You have solved [x] cards. We in Perplex City would like to thank you for your continued dedication to our cause. With your help, we are certain that the Receda Cube will be found and returned safely.

The Puzzle Scribe Team

Perplex City Academy"

Then follows an error code:

internal error academail
criticalerror 420


From 20th December 2005 it appears as if some of these emails have been sent again, although at this time they don't appear to be related to the actual solving of a set (i.e. although the email refers to solving a set, no card was solved at the time the email was sent). The resent email has an additional header at the start of the mail as follows.

Failure in Centre for Reality Research Sandbox Mail Transport Daemon (daemon
subprocess 3ea5). Mind Candy unavailable. Final resend attempt follows.

The initial page has become very very long. To help curb that, we are now sorting by year. Please see the appropriate page, linked below for other pages of emails. It would appear newer emails are being recieved in progression with waves of cards and major events, so (in theory) the newest emails should be chronologically sorted, to the bottom of the original Leaked E-mails page.

2004 E-mails

Please post your leaked e-mail here, in chronological order. Feel free to add relative links to topics as you see fit.

(blank subject) Sneaky!

8 Jan. 2004 2.28am

From: name withheld
To: name withheld
Date: 8 Jan. 2004 2.28am

It's not my fault. I simply mistook the contact. The contact gave the appropriate response to the feeder line and correctly completed the third element. I barely gave anything away before realising the error. She didn't appear suspicious. Contact correctly identified within two hours. I don't think this need go further up the line. Please do not refer to V.

8 Jan. 2004 2.31am

From: name withheld
To: name withheld
Date: 8 Jan. 2004 2.31am

I don't think you appreciate the gravity of the situation. With only a week to go, the entire project could have been compromised. I will need to consider this further.

Party Arrangements (Violet Kiteway sick on Ball night)

15 Jan. 2004 3.28pm

From: Violet Kiteway
To: Sente Kiteway
Subject: Re: Party arrangements
Date: 15 Jan. 2004 3.28pm

Hiya - sorry, you know I said I was coming down with something? Well, it's turned into definite flu: headache, achey joints etc. I don't think I can make it tonight. Scarlett's coming, though, isn't she? I'm sure it'll be a great success as usual.


15 Jan. 2004 3.51pm

From: Sente Kiteway
To: Violet Kiteway
Subject: Re: Re: Party arrangements
Date: 15 Jan. 2004 3.51pm

Do you want me to send someone over to take a look at you?


15 Jan. 2004 3.55pm

From: Sente Kiteway
To: Violet Kiteway
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Party arrangements
Date: 15 Jan. 2004 3.55pm

No no. I'll be fine. Already got a diagnosis from the home system. It's just flu. A night in bed and I'll be fine tmrw. Bad timing I know.