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V or Vadik
(suspected identity: Cyrus Quinton)
Perplex City
Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Occupation Thief and murderer
Associations The Third Power

"He's very intelligent, and he believes in something. He believe so much that he'd do anything in its service, and that makes him more dangerous, because he's willing to sacrifice anything. . .Maybe that makes him insane. Although I imagine others in his organisation might consider him a hero."

-Police Detective Helena Frye


  • For the trail of discovery, see Cyrus Quinton.
  • It is believed that "V" stands for the roman numeral 5, as in Quint. Quinton.
  • Should at all times be considered very very dangerous.

"He's in his mid-30s, with dark hair. He looks like a thousand other guys you might meet. As for the name, 'V'. Once I heard someone else - someone who's dead now - call him 'Vadik'. Like the shadow-wizard in the story. It's appropriate for him. And as for what you should do if you ever meet him: run. Just run."

--Claire Castille's description - link

The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

Season 1

  • Was directly responsible for Monica Grand's death.
  • Was probably also responsible for the deaths of Bernardo Holyoke, Pietro Salk & Fran Mendling.
  • Monica Grand knew him before the Theft.
  • Claire Castille met him 3 times ever.
    • Apparently he knew the entire theft crew, somehow, though they did not know each other.
  • He had a day-job, at Hesh Records, which was a sort of cover.
  • He also has a boss within the Third Power, "The Big-Boss".

A million stories, yet to be told

Season 2

  • An email address, cyrus532 at gmail dot com, was identified, but a man like Cyrus is not likely to use this for very long.
  • Cyrus was first seen in person, fighting with Paul Denchfield, at the end of the Radio 1 Big Weekend Event. [1]

Codenames "V", "Q", "K" and "C", were hired to do the Theft. They are tied to the deaths of Fran Mendling, Bernardo Holyoke, Pietro Salk, Monica Grand, Isaac Cymbalisty, Anna Heath --- but someone else got to The Cube first. Who? And Why?

"We never held it, It was already gone."

Receda.png The Receda Trail

The Receda Approach - The Receda Sign - The Receda Institute for Somnatherapy - The Receda School of Music - Receda's Revenge - Receda Resorts

Monica Grand died giving us the trailhead of keywords. The Third Power lead us all over creation .. only to beat us over the head in the end. The jerks.


The Third Power

They are an ancient society of very secret intentions. Pietro Salk tipped the ice-berg, and it cost him his life. The Police has brought them to their knees during Operation Bayonet, but they have been around a long time, and they aren't likely to be stopped so easily. They have Operatives on Earth, as well is in Perplex City. V appears to be a #2 man, but who does #2 work for?

Anthony Granier | V | Roberto Solitano | Caine Johansson | Miranda Katsoulis | Unnamed operatives on Earth

Season 2, Chapter: Hot Water

Season 2 started out with a request by Violet to investigate her plumbing issues, and has lead us to pick up on a weird trail, currently in progress. When the third power issues warnings about you, you know you are in Hot Water.

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