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  • Professor Wildwood became Senior Fellow of Social Sciences in 262AC
  • Had previously been Dexter Fellow in Anthropology and Comparative History and Director of the Historiography programme
  • Is a leading historian of the Hausam period and the Early Foundation
  • Is the author of five books, including Prequisites and Requisites: Life in the Time of Datura, for which she won the Raschid Prize in 258
  • Is currently working on a study of the social change brought about by the city's protectorships
  • Is a board member of the Hausam Amphitheatre's educational trust, the Perplex City Humanities Centre and the Educational Board of the Majestic Theatre
  • Holds a senior advisory position at the Centre for Reality Research, and heads up the cross-institutional anthropology team
  • Has served as President of the Newguard Ruins Preservation Trust, the Perplex City Historical Society, and is a member of the editorial board of several historical and anthropological journals
  • Has won numerous awards for distinguished teaching, both at the Academy at many other institutions around the city
  • Was educated at Besley-Mazy College where she won an Academy Prize for excellence.
  • Studied under Ruth Coralhouse

Family Life

  • Professor Wildwood and her partner Jun have two sons.


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