Ruth Coralhouse

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  • Former Academy Senior Fellow of the Social Sciences department
  • Pioneered early work on Earth anthropology based on some of the earliest comprehensive Earth communications
  • Retired from that position in 250
  • With husand, developed the first compelling model of convergent development, now widely called CF Theory
    • The pair were jointly awarded the Ikonnikov Prize for their work in 234 and again in 239
  • Heiress to a considerable fortune left to her by her father, Antony Coralhouse
  • Left a clause in her will for a PCL45 million bequest jointly to the Academy and the Centre for Reality Research
  • The will specified that the money must be used to develop a method for transporting physical matter between Perplex City and Earth, with the aim that her ashes be transported to Greece and scattered over the Mediterranean Ocean on Earth
  • Her will also specified that her ashes should be kept in a replica Grecian urn in a Greek-style temple on the Great Lawn
  • Her PCL45 million bequest has been denied by the Academy due to stipulations requiring specific Academy research
  • The Academy is willing, however, to send her ashes to Earth, should such a thing become possible in the future
  • Until that time, her ashes are being kept in an elaborate urn on the Academy grounds


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