Michiko Clark

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What's Known

  • Comes from Gladstone, complete with what sounds an awful lot like an American accent.
  • Was transmitted across to Earth radio airwaves from The Academy, to the radio show Talk Sport in the early hourse of Monday 27th June.
  • After the sacking of Lauren Grove, Clark took over as temporary acting Publisher of the Sentinel.
    • With her new position, she brings some changes, including a new publishing schedule.
    • She notes, she does not want to keep the publisher job.
  • A permanent replacement was found in Douglass Arroyo, hired 25-APR-06
    • Clark returned to her job as E-I-C.
  • She observes a tenuous balance between the people at The Academy, and the people of The City.
    • On the one hand, there is a need to work side by side with Academicians
    • On the other hand, those same Academicians tend to need some reporting and watch-dogging.


  • Michiko Clark's Talk Sport interview link