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A million stories, yet to be told

The Neural Override device was created as a theoretical exercise by the Apolyton Institute. The device can 'transmit commands' to human beings, basically just a mind control device. The technology is currently banned in Perplex City.


Neural Override Device Schematics

The device has 5 steps that are required to use it:

  1. Increasing suggestibility via coded white noise signals
  2. Introducing trigger words (by default Frozen Indigo Angel)
  3. Sending a primer signal
  4. Activation broadcast
  5. Sending commands

This is all summed up in a simple to follow diagram, shown right.


The plans for the device were stolen from within the Apolyton Institute, and sent to Cyrus Quinton at BBC Radio 1. His intention was to use the device during Radio 1 broadcasts, and at a music festival: Radio 1's Big Weekend.

Trigger-word Broadcasts


Season 2, Chapter: Hot Water

Season 2 started out with a request by Violet to investigate her plumbing issues, and has lead us to pick up on a weird trail, currently in progress. When the third power issues warnings about you, you know you are in Hot Water.

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