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See: Mine Manhunt for a detailed synopsis of Miranda and Kurt's meeting in the mines.


Map of the Silburn-Griggs mine found in the Collections portion of the Silburn-Griggs website
  • A disused mine south-west of Perplex City
  • Miranda Katsoulis ran here after killing Isaac Cymbalisty, and after trying to kill Kurt.
  • The mine was first suggested as Miranda's destination by Violet, who found out about it by reading all the sign-out logbooks in the Library.
  • Violet then discovered that the mine complex contains mineral deposits which stop electrical devices and compasses from working, and that the miners historically overcome this by using a ferrogramatograph. She obtained one from the Museum using her connections (Sente), borrowed Scarlett's car, and took it to Kurt. She also gave us the Silburn-Griggs Historical Society's website address.
  • Kurt asked for volunteers to advise him whilst he was in the mines on the afternoon of 21-MAY-06.

Current State

  • After Kurt & Violet left, they ran quickly away from the mines, spotting (presumably) Third Power agents runing towads the mines.
  • During a 'Talk' Violet had with her father, Sente, he related the fllowing:

"You'll see that I received some unfortunate news yesterday. It seems that an unexpected explosion has cracked the mine wall, and the Silburn-Griggs mines have been entirely flooded. The preservation society are most upset by this turn of events, but it couldn't have been predicted. It was probably caused by some blasting devices left down there by the miners. I do hope you and Kurt didn't leave anything down there. It could never be recovered now."

The Historical Society Website

Map of the Silburn-Griggs mine found in the Collections portion of the Silburn-Griggs website

The website was divided into six sections (not including the entrance site). The website was full of grammatical and spelling errors which led some to speculate that the site was a decoy of some sort. However hidden within the website were clues that helped to solve puzzles within the mine.

  • About the Mines Talks about who opened the mine, how long it has been around, and some information about the miners. Most important is that the miners had their own set of rules & customs and that the mine was abandoned for more than 70 years.
  • Campaign Talks about the Camapign to raise funds to clean up the mine and turn it into a tourist attraction. Shows that there have been cases of rockfalls within the mine.
  • Traditions Talks about the puzzles and machines that were inside the mind. Many of these puzzles were obstacles for Kurt during is mine exploration.
  • Mining Life Talks about mining life. Of note was the mention of a control center which Cube Hunters were able to direct Kurt to.
  • Dangers Displayed a song that miners apparently used to sing. Besides being a source of great amusement to Cube Hunters, the song also had many clues hidden inside. This song not only mentioned the dangers of mines but was used as a memory device to remember color codes and initials in order to operate within the mine safely.
  • Collection Displayed two maps which were used to help direct Kurt. Prior to Kurt's entrance in the mine, many speculated about what the symbols and markings meant.

The Mining Company Website

A million stories, yet to be told


This website was discovered as part of Paul Denchfields hunt for the meaning of Frozen Indigo Angel.

  • Home Page - A Simple intro page. "Welcome to the Silburn-Griggs Mining Corporation! For over two hundred years, we have mined the depths on land and sea to provide the materials that keep the modern world running. Silburn-Griggs: building the future, one shovel at a time. Copyright 264, Silburn-Griggs Mining Co."
  • About Us - A description of what the company mines, with some hyperbole about how good it is for everyone. This webpage contains the words Frozen, Indigo and Angel, each of these words has a link. Clicking on the links in the correct order takes you to a hidden Third Power site. [1]
  • Fun Facts! - Primarily a look into some of the subtler points of socio-economical life in the city. "In a typical morning, you are likely to use at least 33 objects made with Silburn-Griggs materials by the time you leave your home!"; "Silburn-Griggs has a department dedicated to crafting perfect artificial minerals, primarily crystals such as diamond wafers, for use in industry and jewelry alike. One in every five computers has a Silburn-Griggs wafer inside!"
  • While the company website says some fairly altruistic things, we should bear in mind: the Silburn-Griggs Mine was a secret hideout of The Third Power, and was where they intended to stash The Receda Cube after stealing it.


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Season 2, Chapter: Hot Water

Season 2 started out with a request by Violet to investigate her plumbing issues, and has lead us to pick up on a weird trail, currently in progress. When the third power issues warnings about you, you know you are in Hot Water.

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