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A million stories, yet to be told

Radio 1's Big Weekend Logo.PNG At BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend, players found and matched symbols to try and stop Cyrus Quinton of the Third Power from launching the Neural Override device.


Cork symbol.jpg

Cyrus Quinton placed symbols around the event to aid 3P agents with the placement of the Neural Override device transmitters.

The symbols are actually cards in a large game of Set, matching them and entering the code-words into the Silburn-Griggs website would provide a map piece, depending on the type of set made.

For a complete list of the symbols, see List of Big Weekend Symbols.


Radio 1 Big Weeked Merged Map.jpg

Morbus discovered that the dots (based on Paul's 'Chasing Dots' blog post) create nearly perfect triangles. MasterCheese noticed that the dots are only used once in each triangle. Davermouse put together the following:


Individual Map Pieces

Note: Complete listings of sets moved to map image pages

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Season 2, Chapter: Hot Water

Season 2 started out with a request by Violet to investigate her plumbing issues, and has lead us to pick up on a weird trail, currently in progress. When the third power issues warnings about you, you know you are in Hot Water.

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