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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth


  • On 15 Feb. 2006, Mind Candy manned a booth at the American International Toy Fair to spread the word of Perplex City to North Americans
  • Later that evening, Earth players gathered at Stitch, a bar in midtown Manhattan, to participate in the first of several Earth-based PCAG matches
    • Throughout the event, Scott, bagsbee and rose contacted Lhall and those in IRC to keep them updated
  • Participants received Wave 0.5 card packs, t-shirts, and copies of Perplex Magazine issue 0
  • During the evening, players at the bar received phone calls with a mysterious recording:

"You keep on searching, but you don't know what you're looking for or what's looking for you. I can help. I have some inside information about the Third Power. Tell your people to stay sharp in London, and they'll come away with more than just a trophy."

direct link to UF .mp3 recording

The Games

  • Players first tackled 'Roundabout', Perplex City's version of Rock-Paper-Scissors -- using Cube-Pyramid-Sphere
    • Three rounds of three games each
    • Sphere beats Pyramid beats Cube beats Sphere
  • Then the atheletes played the card game Set, found in the Firebox catalogue
    • Be sure to check out the awesome online version of Set here
  • Next, from the 8 people who had the most points from those two games, four were eliminated through two rounds of Qbiczu, a 3D tic-tac-toe game
  • Finally, the four were reduced to two through Batik
  • The remaining two competed for the championship through "Clash", in which a trivia question or puzzle was put on a videoscreen, and the two had to ring in faster than the other
    • Some Wave 3 and 4 cards were revealed
    • Gabriel won with five, Stephen lost with two



  • The Scarlett Kite
    • entry, 24-FEB-06, "New York PCAG tournament" link