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  • The Perplex City Sentinel
    • letters, 08-JUL-05 "Condolences"
    • article, 20-OCT-05 "View From Earth: Theorists Awarded" link
    • letters, 10-NOV-05 "Advice fFor the Academy Museum"
    • letters, 15-DEC-05 "Earth Issues A Challenge"
    • letters, 05-FEB-06 "Inquiry For PCAG Fans"
    • article, 03-MAR-06 "Earth Interviews... Mind Candy's Andrea Phillips" link
    • article, 22-JUN-06 "Earth Interviews... Oliver Keers" link
    • letters, 12-JUL-06 "And now a fFew words fFrom our fFans"
    • article, 05-OCT-06 "View from Earth: Earlywine in Disfavour" link
    • article, 12-OCT-06 "View from Earth: Political Posturing" link
      • No, I didn't write that one, but Nikki was kind enough to reference me
    • article, 19-FEB-07 "Sentinel Exclusive: Iona Interviews... Violet Kiteway" link
  • The Ooze Zone
    • blog, 29-JUN-06 "Cracker" link