Ornella Zaid

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PCAG Champ.jpg

Champion, year 215AC


  • Brilliant Lesbian Geek. Deceased, at a great loss to all mankind.
  • In 215, won the Perplex City Academy Games
  • Used her winnings to establish the prestigious Zaid Prize in cryptography with her prize winnings, in honour of her grandfather, Fynn Zaid, himself a notable cryptographer

  • In her youth, she worked as a gardener at the Mimasan Maze, which helped develop her understanding of spatial puzzles
  • Worked her way up the ranks at the Maze, eventually becoming a crucial part of the institution's design team
  • During this time, she mentored the Maze's current director, Garron Ortega
  • At her departure, she had been senior designer at the Maze for nearly thirty years

  • In 214, she entered the PCAG
  • Won the 215 championship
  • She only played in the one season, and never played again

  • In 218, she began ad hoc work on puzzle designs, while still working at Mimasan Maze
  • Eventually this took over more of her time and energies
  • Took over as lead puzzle scribe in 240
  • In 252, she penned her memoir, "Finding the Way."


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    • article, 02-FEB-06 "Former Champion Zaid Passes Away at 99" link