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  • The Games are perhaps the most highly watched public sporting event in Perplex City
  • As an extension of the Perplex City Academy, the Academy Games encourage public mental competitions
  • It is a largely student-run organization
  • The organization has a staunch drug-free policy
  • The first PCAG events have been hosted on Earth, in New York and London
  • The Games are a gruelling 21-day contest of skill and intelligence
  • The final event is the culmination of a year-round selection and competition process
  • The Champion excels in seven different events, six of which are chosen annually from a pool, while the seventh event, Clash, recurs every year


  • Most competitions take place elsewhere in the City, but the final 16 competitions are always held at the Plaza.
  • Qualifying events run at least once a day somewhere in the city or the surrounding area.
  • The award ceremony takes place on the roof of the building in summer.


  • Exhibition matches take place most days of the year
Exhibition matches in the Park and Mercator Square throughout June and July
First round of knockout competitions 1st - 31st August 2005
Second round of knockout competitions 1st - 30th September 2005
Third round of knockout competitions 1st - 31st October 2005
Fourth round of knockout competitions 1st - 30th November 2005
One-on-one Matches 26th - 31st December 2005
Multi-player Games 1st - 7th January 2006
All-Player Team Event 7th January 2006
One-on-one Knockout Matches 8th - 13th January 2006
Championship Final 14th January 2006
Founder's Ball Celebration 15th January 2006

The last 21 days of competition are described as "intense and gruelling". 1,000 finalists are narrowed down to a single champion. For more on this, see:

In brief:

  • At the end of the first week, 125 competitors will remain.
  • The last day of the second week is generally reserved for a team game in which all the competitors participate.
  • The third week is an intensive series of one-on-one games, with half the remaining competitors being knocked out every day.
  • The final contest of the games is a day-long set of Clash games played between the two remaining competitors.
  • On the day after the final, 15 January, the Academy by tradition holds a ball to celebrate the end of the games and to award the trophy to the champion.


  • PCAG Prizes include:
    • Overall Champion
    • The Scribe Prize
  • Historically, "Weaver’s Guild Board of Excellence in the Game of Piramid" was used to track winners, in the pre-modern era.

Games Year

  • Essentially, a Games Year involves spending one extra year at the Academy, taking part in devising and setting puzzles.
  • A study by the Perplex City Academy shows that students who take a Games Year tend to excel in the work place
    • Making 8% more salary at their first jobs
    • Making a stunning 22% more after ten years

The 268AC Season

See PCAG 268 Season

The 269AC Season

Exhibition Matches

Knockout Matches

  • Quietly began with very little public notice.
  • Week of 15-NOV-06 -
    • Alma Finnegan makes "brilliantly executed win over Oliver Pohele", placing her at the top of the board. link
    • Gabriella Petel has been slowly sinking through the ranks and has become dangerously close to being knocked out despite last year's stellar performance;
    • Ethan Roanoke bested Ryan Cahill in their Tuesday match, though Cahill has since recovered the points;
    • Klaus Johnson has bowed out of the tournament, citing health reasons.
  • Week of 15-DEC-06 -
  • Finals! 08-Jan-07 - 14-Jan-07


  • 05-SEP-06 - Insiders inform the Sentinel "a serious investigation is underway regarding the illicit use of cognitive enhancement during the final three weeks of championship play over the last four years."
    • Observers and players in the games, including Gabriella Petel, have stated this may be nothing more than a publicity stunt.
  • 15-DEC-06 - After no apparent action for months on end, Paula Ching, director of the Substance Compliance Program at the PCAG, reportedly approaches completion on an in depth investigation of drug use among athletes. No word yet as to who may be indicated, though she did state great caution is being taken to ensure the integrity of the games.
    • It appears to be not a publicity stunt at all, and those who have something to worry about should probably start worrying.
  • 05-JAN-07 - Rumor has it the Academy Oversight Committee had gained information implicating none other than Sente Kiteway in a coverup of Ryan Cahill's enhancer usage in the 267 and 269 championship finals.
    • It is very possible Kiteway may soon face criminal fraud charges, among other things.
    • No word on Cahill's theoretical fate.
  • 15-JAN-07 - Sente Kiteway Arrested!! Ryan Cahill Arrested!! Violet almost arrested!! Scarlett broken!! Rocks falling from the sky!!

People Involved

PCAG Winners

PCAG Record Holders

PCAG Officials

PCAG Puzzle Setters

Noteworthy Players

An average of 100,000 people enter the Games each year. Listed below are those few who make a bit of a splash on the gaming scene.



Ejected players

  • Viktor Helm - ejected after testing positive for mental enhancers
  • Gina Laskey - ejected after testing positive for mental enhancers
  • Jackson Nuru - ejected after testing positive for mental enhancers; has petitioned to rejoin the games.



  • Post-board, back cover of The Perplex City Board Game Rules.