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13th Labour 
Nasty encrypted card. Will probably end up with a key of "elephant" and a plaintext containing ASCII art of Kurt naked. See also: Hideaway, Sekrit.
The hallowed group of elite players who have since mostly vanished from the game, having taken to either curtain masking employment, or to joining the 3P and ruling Perplex city in an Illuminati-style fashion. fnord
3P, (Teh) schneeky 
Helicopter-loving sekrit group with a penchant for universe-spanning conspiracies and vicious murders - who are all quite nice, really. You just have to get to know them, y'know?


Asplode (v)
To scatter oneself over a large radius. See also: Skenmy; Unasplode.


Ba-na-na (n)
Sometimes, a kloo is not a kloo. It is, in fact, a ba-na-na. Ba-na-na is not a dismissive term, nor an insulting one, just used to imply that in Perplex City, as in life, things are often all that they seem and nothing more.
You probably qualify in one way or another.
Billion To One 
Card requiring the player to track down a man who was probably happily minding his own business before some puzzle architect took his photo and stuck it on thousands of cards. Billion To One is part of the Will You Guys Please Stop Bothering Me set of cards. Perplexians are currently hunting for him. See also Satoshi, 13th Labour, Shuffled, and Riemann.


Cube, The (n) 
The Receda Cube. Something which you should probably not sleep in the same room as for longer than a month. See Also: Guy


Dead, Kurt is 
Insinuates the non-alive status of Kurt McAllister. Often results in other characters dying and/or shamefully bad limericks.
Do Eet! 
See also: Do It. DO EET!
Do It! 
See also: Do It!, Don't.
Do It!, Don't 
See also: Do It! or See also: Do Eet!


Elephant (n) 
It's not a bloody elephant!


Fip (v) 
1. "Totally fipped out" - became angry. 2. "Fipped off" - treated in a derogatory fashion.
Fipper (n) 
Derogatory term for an annoying individual.


GuiN (v) 
Marketing guru behind 13th Labour and suspected solver of Shuffled. Was responsible for putting the snakes on the mother-fipping plane. He has already found the cube.
Guy (n) 
See also: Hair, Floppy. He's a guy, who's called Guy. Isn't that hilarious?


Hair, Floppy (n) 
See also: Guy.
Highly Enigmatic Lifting and Ingenious Conveyance Of Particularly Thneekily Enigmatic Robots. Honest.
Hideaway, Sekrit 
Where GuiN, macmonkey, Chimera, and mj will head once the 13th Labour client reaches 100%.


IG (abb) 
In Game. Inside the mindset of the truly hardcore TINAG player, a place without rules, laws of physics or puppetmasters.


Major Earth reality TV celebrity. After a stint in Beauty and the Greek (focusing on beautiful women in the classical literature), he went on to I'm A Celebrity: Get Me A Beer before marrying Jade Goody and starting a line of snailcare produce.
Jem, To do a
You have to buy him a few drinks, first.
is truly, truly outrageous.
Jeremy?, Who is
A mole, he is. But who the eff is he?
Jo's Rack
Is very impressive. Check it out for yourself!


Could be a typo, could be a clue; sometimes very shiny. See also: RSM.
K00b, The 
Like the Cube, but shinier and less likely to asplode.


Leitmark (n) 
A badge of honour in Perplex City, a badge of geekdom on Earth. Often seen worn by pavements across the world, due to shoddy pin back design. Available in a range of colours.
A highly crafted poem of mourning. See also: Dead, Kurt is
Loop, Recursive 
See: Recursive Loop


Mind Candy 
Similar to brainfuzz, but more sneeky.
Mines, (In the, O in the) 
To be underground and/or at risk of flooding/death. See also: Dead, Kurt is.
Mole, A 
See also: Helicopter.


Naked, Kurt
Shut the hell up. That's not very funny. See also: Guy.
What sound would a tretretretre make, if a tretretretre could make a sound?
Better than Pirates
Well this is all a bit of a pickle, isn't it? See also: Yays.


Sneeky group; a bit like the 3P, but with fewer helicopters and more cravats.
Onionring, To eat an 
Oh my!
OoG (abb) 
Out Of Game. Outside of the joyous world we know and love as PerplexCity. See also TIAG


Perplexor, The 
Stole all the children of Perplex City and sent them to Earth. See also: Season 2.
Better than Ninjas
Project Syzygy 
See also Season 0. Life before cards?!
PWN 4 
Ultimate ownage. Being PWN 4'd is akin to being set on fire, told the entire collection of 'Is Kurt Dead' limericks, forced to go on an adventure with Scarlett Kiteway and then operated on by the Third Power (who, coincidentally, are trying to work out the biological differences between people from Earth and people from Perplex City). See also: Anna.


Real life
See also: Don't do it!
Recursive Loop 
See: Loop, Recursive
Almost a rectangle, but not quite.
Card requiring the solution of a surprisingly hard problem regarding the distribution of tricycles over a front lawn. Obtaining a suitable number of tricycles would be impossible, and the consequences of placing them all on a front lawn would be catastrophic. Reimann is part of the Please Please Please Give Us The Answer set of cards. See also: Satoshi, Shuffled, and 13th Labour.
RSM (abb) 
The Random Speculation Monster. Lurks around various forums, preying on the open-minded and inducing them to get over-excited. Feeds on speculation, doesn't like to get hungry. You wouldn't like it when it gets hungry.


Photograph on Billion To One which, once seen, will fatally confuse the owner after seven days.
Season 0 
This season didn't happen. Got that? Good.
Season 1 
Comes right before Season 2. See also: Season 2.
Season 2 
Comes right after Season 1. Probably has extra helicopters. See also: Season 1.
Season 3 
Comes right after Season 2 and a Season-and-a-bit after Season 1. Will probably involve tricycles after Season 2 spends the rest of the budget on helicopters. See also: Season 1 and Season 2.
It's a sekrit!
Designed by the Tricycle Playing Card Company and included in an effort to obtain sponsorship for Season 3.
Extreme delight! See also: OK13DTFC.


Tally, To do a 
To type a line that was meant to be in one channel into another, with confusing and often hilarious consequences. See the quotes database.
A player with an unfortunate name; see: Puzzle Card Symbols. As a result, often combed.
TIAG (abb) 
This Is A Game. A game you say? I don't know what you are talking about...
TINAG (abb) 
This Is Not A Game. see TIAG.
TOS (abb)
Tears Of Sadness. These usually appear when Guy is late with the newest Ask Mind Candy.
TOA (abb)
Tears of Anger. These follow shortly after Tears of Sadness and shortly before a torch-and-pitchfork bearing mob descends on Mind Candy Towers.
Tretretretre (n) 
A Perplexian creature prone to escaping from Polygon Park zoo. Extinct on Earth since a plague of diarrhoea wiped out the remaining breeding colonies. Care, and toilet roll, advised before approaching. See also : Neek


Unasplode (v) 
To unscatter oneself around a large radius. See also: Asplode.


Wave 0.5 (n) 
Some of the first print runs of Waves 1 (and 2?) were printed as "Wave 0.5". Sometimes used in verb form as the act of putting one's hands in the air, and not putting them down.
Wave 1, 2, 3, 4 (n) 
The four releases of cards in Season 1.
Wave Fox (n) 
Unofficial title of Wave Four. Named for Lord of the Freelancers Michael Fox, responsible for approximately 94% of said cards; ie, direct your complaints to
Affectionate disabbreviation of WB = Welcome Back. Can be given as a present or done as an action. The appropriate counter response is to Wibble

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