Six Degrees of Sente Kiteway

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It's a game! I've been playing it randomly for a time now, and believe it's reasonable to share it with everyone else. -- Scott

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  • Gameplay begins by clicking on the Random Page link
  • The goal is simple: Click your way back to Sente Kiteway.
  • You may only use links inside pages themselves.
    • You MAY NOT use links in the sidebar column.
    • You MAY use links inside categories and templates.
  • Ideally, a route back to Sente will use an interesting and somewhat creative approach.
  • For example: A Random Page might take us to Dalia Way. A store on Dalia Way is Earthworks, which was mentioned in an article about Ernestine Kohler, who is a professor at Marmalejo College, which is where Sente used to attend.
  • There are plenty of pages which can not be linked to anything which will link to Sente.
    • When the player is given one of these pages, the recomended rule is to rewrite the wiki in some way such that a better link can be established.
    • An example might be to add a link of relevance to Brede, or some add useful context pertaining to Estelle Sedgewick. This will have the immediate goal of linking the page to Sente in some fashion. But far more usefully, the whole of the wiki will be a more cohesive workspace. Making this an actually sort of useful little game as well.
    • Because this is a wiki, it would be easy enough to make links on every page pointing Sente, but that would be cheating. And also not very useful.
  • And of course, this little game will only get more interesting as the Perplex City world evolves, and more pages become available.

Random Page

Addendum: This game is in reference to the game "Six degrees of Kevin Bacon", which is itself a reference to the stage play (and elaborate sociological concept of) "Six Degrees of Seperation". The idea behind "6 degrees" thikning is that everyone is related or connected absolutely everyone by no less than six degrees. For example, my neighbor knows his boss, who knows his cousin, who knows his dentist, who went to high school with you. To further illustrate the concept of "degrees": if you and I are friends, I am 1 degree away from you. Your mother is 2 degrees from me. And so on, linking the entire world. There is, of course, no proof that such a scenario could actually exist in which every single human on Earth is linkable in this way, but the theory stands, and it makes for a fun game.


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Six Degrees of Sente Kiteway