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A truly terrifying monster of hideous proportions and fearful implications.

The Random Speculation Monster. It lurks around any place of collective thought, preying on the open-minded and inducing them to get over-excited. The RSM is not and never was a trout type object. It is about laughing at ourselves when speculation get out of hand, knowing that we all get carried away from time to time. He is a pet, something to have fun with.

To help:

Calling something a banana, or saying that it invokes the mysterious presence of the RSM does not mean that we should no longer speculate and must NOT be used in this way. It implies a personal feeling about a text, script, whatever and a... would you believe, humerous... nod and a wink to several totally over the top pieces of speculation that this board has enjoyed in the past.

To prounounce something as a 'banana' is not an insult, nor is it dismissive. To feed something to the RSM is also not an insult, but a celebration of how sometimes, we all get over-excited and are prone to a little bit of sillyness. The RSM started as a character originally created for a bit of fun.


Like all phrases, it will get abused from time to time and this is not necessary. When confronted with the RSM, sit back, look, and ask yourself, does a tentacled beast really offend me?

Source: Perplexicon
Source: http://duckiemonster.googlepages.com/rsm
Not to be confused with: Flying Spaghetti Monster


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