Sente Hates Me

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Project Syzygy
Life without cards


Time and time again, he's been standing there with a big red X, denying me any love.


  • when the 333 packages were going out, we got an email, and a riddle. and we had to put in our answer at the PC website, with an address. well, it said my address already was in.
  • So i darted to work, to check mail there, to see if i had mail waiting fFor me. YES! i did! i entered my address and all, but I STILL did not get my parcel, when others who signed up after me did!
  • Yeah, and anything I get printed in the Sentinel -- he alters my fFs!!! (i mean i guess maybe the sentinel publishers do it really .. but I'm sure he's behind it!)
  • Then of all things, my one big chance to get some E3 goodies, and what does that jerk do? he goes and KILLS HitsHerMark!
  • And he didn't publish my "View fFrom Earth" Article Either!! (Er, ok, that was more like, Michiko Clark's doing .. but I'm pretty willing to blame Sente!)
    • As an update, an article did eventually get published. But I think that's more because Michiko is a nice person, and can be influenced by evil only so much.
  •  !!!

Honestly ya big jerk. What did I ever do to you?

-- Scott