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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth

See: Mine Manhunt for a detailed synopsis.


On 21st May 2006 Kurt entered the Silburn-Griggs mine in pursuit of Miranda. He set up a link between his key and a Mind Candy IRC server allowing us to help him with puzzles littered throughout the mine. These are the logs of those conversations.

There were three main chatlog channels:

  • #kurtmod where kurt spoke to 8 chosen moderators and told us what he was doing.
  • #kurtchat where everyone else made helpless and not-so-helpful suggestions to be passed on to Kurt by the moderators.
  • #kurtsuggest where people who got sick of the #kurtchat spam and commentary went.


(16:06:40) : The topic for #kurtmod is: Only moderators and Kurt can talk in this room. If you want to discuss what's going on and make suggestions, see #kurtchat

(16:08:06) #kurtmod: mode (+o Kurt ) by KeyBot

(16:09:08) Kurt: Hi everyone, I'm just doing the last few minutes of climbing up to the mine entrance

(16:10:03) duckiemonster: Hi everyone. We're the friendly voiced volunteers. Can we please ask that you keep chatter in the main room to a minimum. Talk amongst yourselves in PMs only.

(16:10:51) #kurtmod: mode (+v Ollie ) by KeyBot

(16:10:58) #kurtmod: mode (+v Six ) by KeyBot

(16:11:05) Kurt: I'm a bit out of breath, so I'm not going to be very talkative until I get to the mines...

(16:11:07) #kurtmod: mode (+v Mima ) by KeyBot

(16:12:04) duckiemonster: Is Violet with you, Kurt?

(16:12:21) Kurt: No, she's not here yet

(16:12:38) duckiemonster: Any idea of an ETA for her? We don't want you going in there on your own.

(16:12:55) Kurt: I'm not going to wait for her, I don't want Miranda to get away

(16:13:09) Ollie: Will you be able to contact her once you're underground?

(16:13:20) Kurt: I don't know how long she'll take, at least another hour. I think she's having problems with the marshes.

(16:13:38) Kurt: Maybe, depends how the signal holds up

(16:13:54) Ollie: Do you have any weapons?

(16:14:10) Kurt: Who do you think I am? No, I don't have any weapons.

(16:14:20) duckiemonster: To the #kurtchat room: we will relay your questions the best that we can. Please do not all shout at once. PMing voiced volunteers will lead to you being /ignored. Let's play nice, people.

(16:14:33) Ollie: Are you not worried that she may be armed? She has tried to essplode you once already.

(16:14:39) Mima: She is bringing you a ferrogramatograph, you will need this

(16:15:05) duckiemonster: There are a lot of people who are interested in what colour you're wearing... and how heavy your boots are.

(16:15:12) Kurt: I'm at the mine now. I'm not going to wait, I'm going to head in now.

(16:15:22) Ollie: good luck!

(16:15:24) Kurt: I'm not wearing coloured boots, what are you talking about?

(16:15:41) Mima: We think there may be hot spots

(16:15:42) duckiemonster: Just a poem we read...

(16:16:17) Kurt: I've just reached the entrance of the mine, it's covered with some wooden boards

(16:16:27) Kurt: Shouldn't be difficult to open up

(16:16:45) duckiemonster: We'd like you to leave a trail behind you for Violet... and is there any sign that Miranda went that way?

(16:17:02) Kurt: No signs of Miranda

(16:17:29) Kurt: Heading inside... very dark in here

(16:17:37) duckiemonster: Got a light?

(16:18:10) Kurt: Yeah, I have a small light on my key, but it's not great

(16:18:22) duckiemonster: Can you see anything?

(16:18:25) Kurt: Seems like the power is off here, I'm going to look for a switch somewhere

(16:18:51) duckiemonster: Do you know which shaft your in?

(16:19:01) Mima: Can you tell us as you change direction please

(16:19:27) Kurt: There was a sign outside, said E1 on it

(16:19:39) Kurt: Look, give me a minute, OK? I'm looking for the power switch

(16:19:41) Mima: Before you put the switch on, can you smell gas?

(16:19:52) duckiemonster: To #kurtchat - I will be seriously unimpressed if anyone else tries to PM me or any of the other voices

(16:20:01) Kurt: There's no gas, according to my key

(16:20:40) duckiemonster: Any luck finding the switch?

(16:20:45) Mima: Did someone send you a copy of the maps from the website?

(16:20:58) Kurt: Okay, I've found the switch, lights have just come on. There's a lift down the corridor here, not much else.

(16:21:30) duckiemonster: Does the lift look safe? Check it before you get in it.

(16:21:52) Six: the lift should have 4 floors it can go down to

(16:21:57) Kurt: Give me a break, I'm not stupid

(16:22:35) Kurt: I've opened the door to the lift, but the power is off here; none of the buttons work. There's a power button on one side, I'm going to try that.

(16:23:12) Kurt: I've pressed the button, but the only thing that's happened is another power button has started flashing on the opposite wall.

(16:23:34) duckiemonster: [16:23] <isca> Can you hear anything?

(16:23:46) Kurt: Must be a safety feature so you need two people to activate the lift, pretty annoying

(16:23:50) Kurt: Can't hear a thing

(16:24:02) Ollie: Can you press the second button with your foot?

(16:24:14) Mima: Could you use one of the boards to push against it?

(16:24:31) Kurt: No, I can't use my foot, it's too far away - I can't press both buttons at the same time.

(16:24:43) Six: how far out do expect Violet is? you may need to wait for her now

(16:24:55) Kurt: Foot, sheesh

(16:25:00) duckiemonster: [16:24] <ensor> What if you use a board from the entrance to the mine?

(16:25:13) Kurt: I already said she's at least an hour out, and no, I am not waiting for her

(16:25:23) Kurt: Okay, I'm going to get a board...

(16:25:31) Ollie: If you can't operate the lift on your own, Miranda couldn't either. She'll either still be up there, or will be with teammate, watch out

(16:27:07) Kurt: OK, my key is having connection problems, I'm going to have to reset this system

(16:27:17) duckiemonster: Okay.

(16:28:59) brat-sampson: nobody missed anything

(16:29:01) buzman: Please can we talk in the *other* channel

(16:29:03) brat-sampson: the server was basically reset

(16:29:10) jojojojo|away: this won't be the proper room

(16:29:11) perplexed: YAY

(16:29:13) RuthlessX: It's becuase kurt died

(16:29:14) Rodric: Steal MY voice would you channel demigods!!!

(16:29:15) brat-sampson: ah, whoops

(16:29:17) brat-sampson: didn't see

(16:29:18) jojojojo|away: we all have voices

(16:29:20) chundleburry: whats going on ehre then/

(16:29:21) brat-sampson: heh

(16:29:27) jojojojo|away is now known as jojojojo

(16:29:29) RuthlessX: Okay, which one of you mods killed the server./

(16:29:30) monker-boy: what happened

(16:29:31) Gaspar: Well, that doesn't work.

(16:29:33) Oryctolagus: hey I missed the txt saying this was open

(16:29:36) hellyrabbitt is now known as hellyrabbit

(16:29:37) kameleon: has kurt got the board

(16:29:40) peasmellers: what are the names of the other rooms?

(16:29:41) Gaspar: Kurt needed a reset.

(16:29:41) chundleburry: what was te other chabel called?

(16:29:42) brat-sampson: Shhhh!

(16:29:45) brat-sampson: Shhh

(16:29:49) Snowball: #kurtchat for chat

(16:29:52) Snowball: dont talk in mod room

(16:29:58) Crescent: LEAVE THIS ROOM - save for moderators

(16:30:03) brat-sampson: well no

(16:30:05) brat-sampson: don't leave

(16:30:10) brat-sampson: just stay quiet :P

(16:30:11) skenmy: Just Don't talk in here.

(16:30:23) monker-boy: where is kurt

(16:30:25) jojojojo: EVERYONE OUT

(16:30:37) jojojojo: MOD'S CAN'T GET IN

(16:30:40) #kurtmod: mode (+m ) by TopGun2

(16:31:15) #kurtmod: mode (+v Cassandra ) by TopGun2

(16:31:26) #kurtmod: mode (+v Ollie ) by TopGun2

(16:31:42) #kurtmod: mode (+v duckiemonster ) by TopGun2

(16:31:53) #kurtmod: mode (+o Kurt ) by TopGun2

(16:32:08) Kurt: Sorry about that, guys

(16:32:15) Kurt: Let's just say that this text system is a bit experimental

(16:32:28) Kurt: I'm back in the lift, and the board thing worked... I guess that's low tech for you

(16:32:30) TopGun2: `deop

(16:32:31) Cassandra: We're all still here.

(16:32:37) #kurtmod: mode (-o TopGun2 ) by TopGun2

(16:32:41) Ollie: :D, even highly advanced societies have problems with tech

(16:33:26) duckiemonster: Kurt: it's all a bit bonkers on this end. Just bear with us for a bit.

(16:33:30) duckiemonster: What do you want us to do?

(16:33:38) #kurtmod: mode (+o KeyBot ) by Kurt

  • Note: Around this point Kurt posts a picture of a floorplan.

(16:34:02) Kurt: Okay, that's the floorplan in the lift

(16:34:12) Kurt: Here's the lift panel

(16:34:43) Kurt: Where should I check out first?

(16:34:46) duckiemonster: to #kurtchat: The pictures are the floor plan in the lift and the lift panel.

(16:34:54) duckiemonster: Where would you like kurt to check out first?

(16:35:16) duckiemonster: [16:34] <Crescent> most recent pressed buttons will have fingerprints/marks/indents?

(16:35:22) Kurt: Nice idea

(16:35:57) Kurt: Can't see anything on the buttons, either no-one's used them, or they used gloves or something

(16:36:03) #kurtmod: mode (+v Juxta ) by KeyBot

(16:36:09) duckiemonster: A lot of people can't see the pictures, Kurt.

(16:36:10) #kurtmod: mode (+v Mima ) by KeyBot

(16:36:15) duckiemonster: Can you put them somewhere static?

(16:36:23) #kurtmod: mode (+v Six ) by KeyBot

(16:36:37) Ollie: I'm using the nojava page, and they haven't come up

(16:36:38) #kurtmod: mode (+v zaeil ) by KeyBot

(16:37:32) Kurt: Okay, this is the lift panel: [1]

(16:38:04) duckiemonster: to #kurt chat: the pictures are being put on a static page for us.

(16:38:04) Kurt: I've tried pressing the level buttons, but they just light on or off, nothing actually happens

(16:38:18) Kurt: The second row of buttons

(16:38:32) Kurt: When I press any of them, I just hear metallic clunkings

(16:38:37) Cassandra: Kurt - it looks as if each button with letters may indicate names

(16:38:49) Kurt: Maybe some mechanical locking system, I don't know

(16:38:59) Cassandra: We have a little poem that gives mine dangers associated with each of those initials

(16:39:08) Kurt: Right?

(16:39:30) Ollie: do you want me to copy it here?

(16:39:45) Kurt: Not if it's long

(16:40:00) Ollie: well, it's up here: [2] , if you can access it

(16:40:05) Kurt: I can't get external pages

(16:40:12) Ollie: ok

(16:40:30) Ollie: well Marchmont Smith died in a cave in

(16:40:38) Kurt: Don't you guys have any suggestions about what I'm supposed to do with these?

(16:40:39) Cassandra: Can you press them in this order? MS CG CD BG JH

(16:40:43) Ollie: Carrie Gaits wore dark green and suffocated

(16:41:04) Kurt: Right, I'm trying them in that order

(16:41:09) Ollie: Clem Devine dressed in red and got electrocuted

(16:41:11) Cassandra: And then the level you would like to access

(16:41:26) Kurt: Yep, it's worked - the lift seems ready to move

(16:41:29) Kurt: So, where to go?

(16:41:35) KeyBot!~keybot@gateway.key: KeyBot has changed the topic to: Only moderators and Kurt can talk in this room. If you want to discuss what's going on and make suggestions, see #kurtchat

(16:41:35) #kurtmod: mode (+t ) by KeyBot

(16:41:52) Cassandra: Level 1?

(16:42:08) Kurt: Seems as good a choice as any

(16:42:15) duckiemonster: to #kurtchat: a check for recently pressed buttons was negative.

(16:42:15) Kurt: The lift's moving...

(16:42:29) duckiemonster: Whoever pressed them must have worn gloves or wiped the pannel.

(16:42:52) Kurt: At level 1 now

(16:42:57) Kurt: I can't get out

(16:43:09) Kurt: There's an outer door attached to the corridor that's closed

(16:43:16) Ollie: can you force it open?

(16:43:26) duckiemonster: Any locks you can see?

(16:43:26) Kurt: I can't get it open, it's sealed shut, like a blast door.

(16:43:29) Mima: Try level 4, from the map it seems to be open

(16:43:40) Kurt: Okay, level 4 then

(16:43:48) duckiemonster: [16:43] <pelrun> the map has lines on all the levels at the shaft except for l4

(16:43:56) Kurt: Ah well

(16:44:03) Kurt: Let's say this isn't the way I normally spend a Sunday

(16:44:09) duckiemonster: Nor us.

(16:44:25) Kurt: Although recently I suppose they've been more exciting, if you can call it that

(16:44:26) Ollie: we did spend saturday in a stranger manner, would you believe

(16:44:53) duckiemonster: to #kurtchat the room is moving too quickly for us to follow. Please restrict to suggestions and questions at the appropriate time only.

(16:45:01) Kurt: Finally, level 4

(16:45:06) Kurt: Same news - closed blast door

(16:45:24) duckiemonster: Any locking mechanisms visible?

(16:45:24) Kurt: This isn't very promising

(16:45:37) Kurt: Nope, completely sealed shut

(16:45:50) duckiemonster: [16:45] <Snowball> halfway down the shaft between L0 & L1 is a small shaft

(16:46:08) Kurt: Yeah?

(16:46:19) duckiemonster: Feeling athletic?

(16:46:22) Kurt: I'll head back up to L1 then

(16:46:25) Ollie: can you take the lift to l1, then climb out a hatch in the roof or something?

(16:46:52) Kurt: I suppose that a bit of climbing won't hurt more than the running

(16:46:59) Six: that should drop you into Level 1

(16:47:14) Kurt: Right, I'm back at L1

(16:47:32) Kurt: You'd better be right about this... climbing around in lift shafts isn't fun

(16:47:39) Kurt: Climbing out of the top panel

(16:47:52) duckiemonster: Hey, if I could do it for you, I would...

(16:48:04) Kurt: So I'm heading up, right?

(16:48:19) #kurtmod: mode (+v zaeil ) by KeyBot

(16:48:20) Ollie: yep

(16:48:23) Six: yeah, should be on the same side the enterance was

(16:48:44) Kurt: On my way up

(16:48:54) Kurt: Yeah, I can see a service duct or something

(16:49:14) Ollie: can you get into it?

(16:49:20) Kurt: Yep, hold on

(16:49:27) Ollie: Watch out, there'll be a drop

(16:49:43) Kurt: Man, this is disgusting, there's dust everywhere, I doubt anyone cleaned this for decades

(16:49:59) Kurt: Heading down the duct

(16:50:14) duckiemonster: Don't land on that ankle of yours.

(16:50:15) Kurt: Thanks for the warning, there's a turn here

(16:50:38) Kurt: I'm heading down

(16:51:03) Kurt: Right, I'm on Level 1

(16:51:09) Six: are you amble to distinguish north or south on his key?

(16:51:14) Kurt: Completely deserted, unsurprisingly

(16:51:15) Six: *your

(16:51:31) Ollie: on our map, there's a block, marked A, it might be a hazard, mind your step

(16:51:35) Ollie: it's about halfway along

(16:51:39) duckiemonster: We've got something on the map marked D/S... any idea what it is?

(16:51:51) Kurt: Yeah, there are direction posters on the wall

(16:52:03) duckiemonster: People would also like a rough description of what you're seeing.

(16:52:04) Kurt: I'm heading down to D/S

(16:52:07) Kurt: Okay

(16:52:47) Kurt: It's basically a wide corridor, bare concrete walls, lighting strips on top. Seems like most of the stuff that used to be here has been removed now.

(16:53:29) Kurt: D/S - it's actually D/5

(16:53:39) duckiemonster: We'd also like to know what your key can do. are you able to monitor electricity usage, acoustic 'blips', that sort of thing?

(16:53:40) Kurt: It's a cross corridor

(16:53:57) Kurt: No, and yes

(16:54:06) Kurt: Nothing much here

(16:54:15) Kurt: I'm heading back to the lift shaft, see if I can do anything about these blast doors

(16:54:40) duckiemonster: to #kurtchat: any ideas on the blast doors?

(16:54:45) Kurt: There's that floorplan again

(16:55:08) duckiemonster: [16:54] <FluffyFlummox> Are the doors manual or electronic?

(16:55:16) Kurt: It's at [3] if you can't see it

(16:55:22) Kurt: Electronic

(16:55:27) Kurt: There's a switch box here by the shaft

(16:55:46) Ollie: press it?

(16:55:47) Kurt: Right, I just opened up all the blast doors, by the sounds of things

(16:55:56) Ollie: good work

(16:56:03) Kurt: Hopefully everything else will be as easy

(16:56:12) Kurt: Where next?

(16:56:31) duckiemonster: [16:56] <arieh> control room?

(16:56:49) Kurt: This place is huge... I don't know how I'm going to find where Miranda is in the mines

(16:56:51) Kurt: OK

(16:56:55) Kurt: Any ideas where that is?

(16:57:04) duckiemonster: We've got a CC on the map...

(16:57:18) duckiemonster: Or a CR on level 1.

(16:57:34) Kurt: I'll check out CR

(16:58:10) Kurt: Yeah, the CR is actually a Common Room south of the shaft

(16:58:20) Kurt: It was on the annex

(16:58:28) Kurt: Where's CC?

(16:58:39) Six: level 2

(16:58:42) Cassandra: On your floorplan - level 2

(16:58:44) Ollie: level 2

(16:58:46) Kurt: Great

(16:58:53) Kurt: I'll have to climb back to the lift then

(16:59:04) Ollie: enjoy

(16:59:07) duckiemonster: This looks promising though: [16:58] <_izzy_> Others worked far off in the control room, monitoring the maze of shafts and passages electrically from afar - from the mines site

(16:59:21) Six: it should be on floor 1, thats where you stopped it

(16:59:26) Kurt: Yeah, sounds like a promising place

(16:59:37) Kurt: I know where the lift is, thank you

(16:59:55) Kurt: Heading down

(17:00:04) Kurt: Level 2

(17:00:08) duckiemonster: ding!

(17:00:11) Kurt: Looks just like Level 1

(17:00:20) Kurt: North or South?

(17:00:45) Cassandra: South

(17:00:46) duckiemonster: Majority vote for south.

(17:00:50) Kurt: OK

(17:01:04) Mima: From Juxta, we also have an OP - Operations Post possibly

(17:01:23) Kurt: I'm at the D/5 cross corridor, checking all the rooms in turn

(17:01:42) Kurt: Here we are, Control Centre

(17:01:48) Kurt: What a surprise, it's locked

(17:01:57) Ollie: BREAK THE DOOR DOWN!

(17:02:02) Kurt: Dead end. There's a pair of doors here and a keypad. It's alphanumeric. Looks like we need a password.

(17:02:10) Kurt: Hey, if you're not going to make any useful suggestions, be quiet

(17:02:17) Kurt: If I could just break doors down, I would

(17:02:30) Kurt: I'm going to try and interface it with my key

(17:02:34) duckiemonster: [17:02] <darkflamer> SgS1(D/5 S1FP7) - (date) is at the bottom of that diagram. Any significancy?

(17:02:52) Kurt: I don't know...

(17:02:59) Kurt: Damn, this thing is just too old, my key can't connect

(17:03:02) duckiemonster: [17:02] <skenmy> Try S1FP7

(17:03:08) Mima: SteveC - check for fingerprints or worn down keys

(17:03:13) Kurt: S1FP7 doesn't work

(17:03:14) duckiemonster: We'd like a picture, if possibly.

(17:03:17) duckiemonster: *possible

(17:03:27) Kurt: It's just a keyboard

(17:03:28) Kurt: Wait

(17:03:29) Six: <TopGun2> is it pureley numeric keypad ?

(17:03:36) Kurt: Alphanumeric

(17:03:39) duckiemonster: [17:03] <Juxta> Take a look around the walls

(17:03:44) Kurt: OK...

(17:03:51) Kurt: There's something here

(17:03:56) Kurt: I'll show it to you

(17:04:10) Ollie: Linkage?

(17:04:12) Kurt: [4]

(17:04:25) Cassandra: Is that a goat?

(17:04:30) Kurt: Okay. Oddest thing in here is this donkey image. Well, it's something like a donkey - but the limbs aren't attached to the body.

(17:04:43) Kurt: Bloody miners and their puzzles...

(17:05:03) duckiemonster: a wonky?

(17:05:11) Kurt: And no, typing in 'donkey' doesn't work

(17:05:24) Ollie: what about: d0nk3y ?

(17:05:49) Kurt: Nope

(17:06:42) duckiemonster: Some are thinking it's a picture puzzle.

(17:06:44) Kurt: I'm looking around for other stuff here, but there's nothing obviouslky helpful

(17:06:49) Kurt: Well, I'd think so

(17:06:53) duckiemonster: Rearrange the legs to get letters/numbers.

(17:07:24) Kurt: Can't you do that? It's not like I brought any paper down here

(17:07:36) duckiemonster: For the recently joined: link is here [5]

(17:07:53) duckiemonster: [17:07] <x2k> The Golden Ass - try Lucius or Apuleius

(17:08:04) Kurt: Hmm

(17:08:08) duckiemonster: [17:07] <Hituro> There are dots and dashes in the blank line... maybe morse?

(17:08:12) Kurt: Nope, neither work

(17:08:14) Six: <Kiz> back leg looks like it lines up with the back part of body undereath

(17:08:23) duckiemonster: People are working on the graphical aspect over here.

(17:08:29) Kurt: Great

(17:09:14) Mima: <Chimera245> Did you try Sirius?

(17:09:28) Kurt: No

(17:09:32) Kurt: But that doesn't work either

(17:09:34) Ollie: Try Drake (Earth explorer, sailed the golden hinde)

(17:09:43) Kurt: Nope

(17:09:54) duckiemonster: [17:09] <asynkrobotics> klotski? the famous donkey puzzle?

(17:09:55) Six: <Braxis> We're printing now - scissors at the ready

(17:09:55) Kurt: I'm going to have a walk around to see if I can find anything else here

(17:10:11) Six: <Cabbage> Found a puzzle - a little white horse hidden inside an ass

(17:10:19) Kurt: A what?

(17:11:02) duckiemonster: ass = donkey

(17:11:20) Kurt: Yeah, we call it that here as well

(17:11:28) Kurt: ...

(17:11:32) Kurt: Yep, horse worked

(17:11:33) Kurt: Nice

(17:11:37) Kurt: Door's opening

(17:11:58) Kurt: Looks like this is the Control Centre - there are a few consoles, some chairs... hope one of these things is working

(17:12:08) Kurt: So much dust here

(17:12:31) Kurt: Found one that's active

(17:12:36) duckiemonster: Any sign of Violet?

(17:12:36) Mima: Is there anything that is dust free - suggesting that it has been used?

(17:12:41) Ollie: What does it do?

(17:12:56) Kurt: No signs of anyone here recently... very odd

(17:13:10) duckiemonster: Odd in what way?

(17:13:13) Kurt: OK, I'm turning on the console

(17:13:33) Kurt: Odd in that I would've thought Miranda or the Third Power might have used this centre to control the mines

(17:13:34) Kurt: Anyway

(17:13:38) Kurt: No password required - that's good, at least...

(17:14:07) Kurt: Just checking through the systems... this console is archaic

(17:14:37) duckiemonster: windows95?

(17:14:45) Kurt: I don't know what you mean

(17:14:55) Kurt: OK, I have access to a bunch of the mine's systems

(17:15:13) duckiemonster: What have you got?

(17:15:35) Kurt: Water, personnel, electrical systems, that sort of thing

(17:16:12) duckiemonster: [17:15] <Juxta> The senior miners monitored the mines from a control room (probably like this one) - can he activate the cameras?

(17:16:19) duckiemonster: [17:15] <brat-sampson> Howabout a big Security Override switch?

(17:16:31) duckiemonster: [17:16] <pineapple> See what electrical systams have been activated recently

(17:16:39) Kurt: I've got a layout plan here... shows electrical activity across the mine. There's all the usual stuff, like lights and ventilation.

(17:16:49) Kurt: Not much except in the far south, level 1.

(17:17:07) Ollie: What's over there?

(17:17:11) Kurt: Doesn't say

(17:17:19) Six: more elevators?

(17:17:32) duckiemonster: [17:17] <Snowball> far south L1 is where the S2 & S3 lift shafts are

(17:17:32) Kurt: Well, it's between S2 and S3

(17:18:02) Kurt: Apart from that, the mines seem dead

(17:18:25) Kurt: I'm going to head over there

(17:18:32) Kurt: Should just be south on L1

(17:18:57) Ollie: Lock the room behind you

(17:18:58) duckiemonster: Is there anything else in the control room?

(17:19:05) duckiemonster: And any sign of violet?

(17:19:28) Kurt: There wasn't much else in the control centre

(17:19:36) Cassandra: The suggestion was made that it's possible Miranda hasn't actually entered yet and is using you to help her enter the mine.

(17:19:38) Kurt: I'll let you know if Violet gets in contact

(17:19:49) duckiemonster: Is there any way that you can hook your key up to the control system computer?

(17:19:50) Kurt: I suppose it's possible but I've got to look anywa

(17:19:58) Kurt: Not unless I leave it there, which I won't

(17:20:02) Kurt: Okay, I'm on L1

(17:20:12) Kurt: Heading south

(17:20:23) Cassandra: L1 looks to be blocked?

(17:20:24) duckiemonster: The map shows a blockage

(17:20:33) Kurt: Yeah, it's blocked

(17:20:37) Kurt: Some kind of rockfall

(17:21:05) Ollie: It looks like there's another small shaft between the lift and the blockage

(17:21:09) Cassandra: There's another small vent on our map

(17:21:10) Mima: There is a small square showing on the map in this part of the tunnel, have you spotted anything that this could relate too?

(17:21:11) Ollie: It SHOULD go down to L2

(17:21:35) Kurt: Just looks like some junction box

(17:21:44) duckiemonster: to #kurtchat: if you all yell the same things, we get confused. If someone has posted what you are trying to say, don't say it. Kapeesh?

(17:21:50) Kurt: I'm not going to bother with that vent if I can just take the lift

(17:22:25) Ollie: Can we see the junction box?

(17:22:27) duckiemonster: [17:21] <Crane> I think he needs to take the lift down to L2, then climb back up the vent to L1 to get around the blockage.

(17:22:28) Kurt: L2, again

(17:23:02) duckiemonster: We're getting a little concerned that there's no sign of Miranda.

(17:23:13) Kurt: I suppose she must have come in another way, maybe

(17:23:25) Kurt: L2 is blocked as well, another rockfall in the same place

(17:23:46) Kurt: Looks relatively recent actually

(17:23:50) Ollie: try L3, then

(17:23:51) Kurt: I'm going to try L3

(17:24:20) duckiemonster: [17:23] <bigmaddrongo> can we find out what the A on the map is referring to?

(17:24:25) Kurt: It's Annex

(17:24:31) duckiemonster: thanks.

(17:24:47) Kurt: It always amazes me how many people on Earth are following what's going on here

(17:25:24) Six: <macmonkey> tell kurt not to die

(17:25:27) duckiemonster: [17:25] <macmonkey> tell kurt not to die <-- seconded, thirded and three-thousand and thirty-fourthed.

(17:25:36) Kurt: Yeah, I wouldn't like to die either

(17:25:41) Kurt: Not on my list of things to do

(17:25:46) Kurt: L3 - another rockfall

(17:26:00) duckiemonster: Is it recent?

(17:26:03) Mima: Guess its level 4 then

(17:26:09) Kurt: It is

(17:26:18) Kurt: Level 4

(17:26:19) Six: it cuts down our options at least

(17:26:33) duckiemonster: Recent as in 'suspiciously' recent?

(17:26:34) Six: <Snowball> L4 leads to the area marked CH - which we specced may be methane gas (CH4)

(17:26:37) Ollie: Almost as if there's some mystical puppet master guiding our hands

(17:27:56) Mima: Izzy thinks the rockfalls may be to force you through level 4

(17:28:35) Kurt: Right, I'm in Level 4 now

(17:28:44) Kurt: Looks very different to the other levels

(17:28:46) duckiemonster: to #kurtchat: Kurt has promised to tell us when he hears from Violet.

(17:28:49) Ollie: how so?

(17:29:00) Kurt: Give me a second, OK?

(17:29:23) Kurt: It's much rougher than the other levels, seems newer, almost

(17:29:28) Kurt: I guess this is where they did a lot of the mining

(17:29:40) Kurt: Lots of water pipes down here as well

(17:29:43) duckiemonster: [17:29] <spugmeistress> can we ask if there is a door?

(17:29:49) Kurt: A door where?

(17:30:05) Kurt: Damn

(17:30:07) Six: looks to be one further south

(17:30:09) Ollie: At the south end of the corridor

(17:30:11) Kurt: Lights went out

(17:30:12) duckiemonster: Damn is not a good word.

(17:30:23) duckiemonster: That is also not on my list of good things.

(17:30:25) Kurt: Okay, I'm not moving

(17:30:29) duckiemonster: How are you for light?

(17:30:48) Mima: Snowball say there should be a power switch back North of L4

(17:30:49) Ollie: Is there a switchbox near you?

(17:30:50) Kurt: Not great... lots of water around, lots of electricity

(17:31:45) Kurt: I'm hearing something

(17:31:47) Cassandra: Are you wearing rubber boots?

(17:31:47) Kurt: Maybe some alarm system

(17:31:52) Kurt: Sending again

(17:31:55) duckiemonster: We think it's morse.

(17:32:13) Kurt: Seems to be coming from a particular direction

(17:32:17) Kurt: No, I am not wearing rubber boots

(17:32:30) duckiemonster: Can you put a link to the sound? Some of us can't hear.

(17:32:32) Ollie: which direction?

(17:32:36) Kurt: [6]

(17:32:41) Kurt: Coming from the south

(17:32:51) Ollie: Is it loud?

(17:32:56) Kurt: I don't know whether it's a warning or a direction or what

(17:33:30) Kurt: Actually, it's coming from both directions

(17:33:45) duckiemonster: There seem to be two messages, one in each direction.

(17:33:58) duckiemonster: Can you separate them out with your key?

(17:34:06) Kurt: No, I can't see anything

(17:34:24) duckiemonster: For newcomers: here is the link: [7]

(17:34:36) Kurt: I'm facing east right now, if that helps

(17:35:02) Six: <Daffy> left channel: POWER

(17:35:17) Kurt: What's the other channel

(17:35:21) Kurt: Not 'DEATH' I hope

(17:35:23) Six: working on it

(17:35:36) duckiemonster: Yeah, we're kind of hoping that too...

(17:35:44) Six: <Daffy> right channel: DEADEND

(17:35:49) Kurt: OK

(17:35:55) Kurt: I think I'll follow POWER then...

(17:36:08) Kurt: I'm moving slowly...

(17:36:17) duckiemonster: Please be careful.

(17:36:19) Ollie: Beware, it may be electrified/the 3rd Power

(17:36:27) Kurt: Nice system these miners had, acoustical warning systems in case of power failure

(17:36:32) Kurt: I might get the Academy to use it

(17:36:41) duckiemonster: You think it's automated then?

(17:36:46) duckiemonster: Not set off by anyone?

(17:36:48) Kurt: Yeah

(17:36:55) Kurt: Well, it might be Miranda

(17:37:10) Kurt: Then again, it happened instantly after the power failure

(17:37:16) Kurt: So I'm inclined to think it's legit

(17:37:23) Ollie: Yeah, but she could have cut the power, too

(17:37:24) Kurt: OK, I'm at the power source

(17:37:24) duckiemonster: Any ideas why the power failed though?

(17:37:33) Kurt: Turning on the light on my key

(17:37:40) Kurt: No idea... it's just an old system I guess

(17:37:47) Kurt: Sending the junction box

(17:37:56) Kurt: [8]

(17:38:12) Kurt: Looks completely lashed up

(17:38:24) Kurt: Bunch of levers

(17:38:35) Kurt: Some lamps on the bottom right

(17:39:15) duckiemonster: Any ideas?

(17:39:25) Ollie: It looks like there's something in the D lever

(17:39:30) duckiemonster: [17:39] <Hituro> third light mean a failure in C?

(17:39:37) Kurt: Could be

(17:39:54) Kurt: Weird shapes

(17:40:19) Ollie: darkflamer is it a 3d map of the mine? kinda..

(17:40:36) duckiemonster: Is there something stuck in lever D?

(17:40:44) Kurt: I don't know

(17:40:51) Kurt: I'm going to try moving D

(17:41:19) Kurt: Okay, the big left light flickered green, then flipped back into original position

(17:41:43) duckiemonster: So we've got to turn them all green?

(17:41:48) Kurt: I don't know

(17:41:59) Kurt: Green is normally better than red, so I suppose so

(17:42:01) duckiemonster: [17:41] <lightside> L = Levels, V = Vents, S = service lifts, W = Water : B and C and D could be water areas to apply said power

(17:42:03) Ollie: Let's try and do that, then, sugar

(17:42:20) Kurt: Don't call me sugar if you want to keep on talking in this room

(17:42:22) duckiemonster: [17:42] <Crane> Ask him if the leaver flickered back, or the light?

(17:42:38) Kurt: It's getting a bit stuffy here...

(17:42:48) Mima: Is you key indicating gas?

(17:42:54) Kurt: Lever flicked back, and light

(17:42:57) Kurt: Not yet, no

(17:43:03) Kurt: Maybe it's the vents being off

(17:43:04) duckiemonster: Got air supply readings?

(17:43:16) Mima: skenmy - Move a to V

(17:43:26) Kurt: OK

(17:43:34) Kurt: Nothing happens, it just flips straight back to the middle

(17:43:36) duckiemonster: #kurtchat: please don't post partial solutions.

(17:43:39) duckiemonster: We need a fast, whole solve.

(17:43:56) Kurt: I guess it has something to do with D, that's the only thing that's shown a partial light when I move it

(17:44:07) duckiemonster: Try C and D at once.

(17:44:11) Ollie: hold D up, then move a

(17:44:18) Kurt: OK

(17:44:52) Kurt: I just noticed that when I moved D slowly, it went orange halfway round the corner

(17:45:07) duckiemonster: [17:44] <Tintintin> OK, I suggest moving A to V, then B up, then C up, then D up.

(17:45:23) Ollie: skenmy Hold it at Orange, move A to V, then move D the whole way

(17:45:31) Kurt: Nope

(17:45:48) Kurt: I think the A lever is for specific systems

(17:45:58) Kurt: If that V means vents and W means water...

(17:46:06) duckiemonster: Stay away from w?

(17:46:09) Ollie: L = Lights

(17:46:12) Kurt: Probably

(17:46:14) duckiemonster: [17:46] <lightside> B and C down, hold D up

(17:46:29) Kurt: C is already down

(17:46:42) duckiemonster: Can you move C?

(17:47:00) Kurt: Yeah, I can

(17:47:02) Kurt: It goes up

(17:47:04) duckiemonster: [17:46] <Gaspar> A to V for system, power as... C up, B down, D dogleg?

(17:47:09) Kurt: Doesn't seem to do anything on its own

(17:47:21) Kurt: OK, what you said makes no sense

(17:47:40) Kurt: Alright

(17:47:54) Kurt: I just moved D halfway up on orange, then moved C up

(17:48:02) Kurt: The light went green, and moved D to the left, where it's stay

(17:48:10) Kurt: Big light on the panel is staying green

(17:48:15) Ollie: Try moving A to V

(17:48:32) Kurt: I suspect C was a circuit breaker

(17:48:38) Kurt: I just did, nothing happened

(17:48:56) Ollie: A to L?

(17:49:06) Kurt: Nope

(17:49:16) duckiemonster: [17:48] <Snowball> see if B or C now goes orange part way and repeat the action with the other lever

(17:49:16) Kurt: I'm moving the A lever around and nothing's doing

(17:49:27) Six: <buzman> Can Kurt move B up?

(17:49:52) Kurt: I just moved B up

(17:50:06) Ollie: Any change?

(17:50:11) Kurt: Lever A was on W - its light flickered green, then went dark

(17:50:17) duckiemonster: We've lost track of the lever positions. Can you give it to us again?

(17:50:19) Mima: prplexed - Hold b up then move A

(17:50:40) Kurt: To where?

(17:50:49) Kurt: OK

(17:50:54) Kurt: I'm stopping for a sec

(17:50:56) duckiemonster: Anywhere that isn't W?

(17:50:56) Kurt: This is just crazy

(17:50:57) Mima: per - to L

(17:51:33) Ollie: How's your air?

(17:51:48) Kurt: OK, pushing A to V and then B up turns on the second light on the panel

(17:52:10) duckiemonster: Is it a green light?

(17:52:12) Kurt: Ventilation seems to be working now

(17:52:13) Kurt: Yeah

(17:52:23) duckiemonster: Breathing is a good thing.

(17:52:31) Kurt: What order should I do the rest in?

(17:52:44) Ollie: Try pushing A to L, light's good too

(17:52:49) Kurt: OK

(17:52:55) Kurt: Yeah, lights just came back on

(17:53:01) Kurt: Nice relief

(17:53:17) duckiemonster: [17:52] <buzman> I reckon W is to *drain* the water

(17:53:19) Ollie: We aren't sure if W will raise or lower the waterlevel, do you want to chance it?

(17:53:34) Kurt: I suspect it just provides power to the water systems, like everything else

(17:53:47) Ollie: Well, might as well try it then

(17:53:52) duckiemonster: Working on the idea that mines need draining, W should be safe.

(17:54:03) Kurt: Yeah, that works, stuff seems to be flowing through the pipes now

(17:54:16) duckiemonster: That leaves S then.

(17:54:23) Kurt: Yeah...

(17:54:26) Kurt: Nothing happens

(17:54:29) Mima: S is possibly systems

(17:54:29) Kurt: Seems like it's busted

(17:54:32) duckiemonster: [17:54] <Hawkeblu> I think S is security

(17:54:37) Kurt: Could be, yeah

(17:54:42) Kurt: There are some security cams around

(17:54:57) Kurt: I'm heading south down L4 now

(17:55:14) Kurt: Hah... no rockfall here

(17:55:18) Kurt: Actually, wait, there is

(17:55:25) Kurt: But it's only partial, I think I can get through

(17:55:42) Kurt: Okay...

(17:55:46) duckiemonster: We're hoping that you're no gas alert.

(17:55:48) duckiemonster: *on

(17:56:04) Six: there is a section marked CH coming up on the map

(17:56:15) Kurt: Just passed the rockfall, there's a locker room here

(17:56:24) Kurt: Seems to be just before that CH area

(17:56:40) Kurt: Locked door again

(17:56:48) Kurt: There's a keypad like before

(17:56:58) Six: any donkeys?

(17:57:01) Kurt: No

(17:57:04) Mima: It might be worth checking the lockers for gas masks

(17:57:22) Kurt: But it says that a failed password input will lock the system down for an hour

(17:57:30) duckiemonster: Oh. Yay.

(17:57:34) Kurt: So I guess I don't want to be putting in random stuff

(17:57:42) Kurt: There's a plaque on the wall

  • Note: Kurt posts a picture of the plaque

(17:57:58) Kurt: [9]

(17:58:31) Kurt: Scattered dots...

(17:58:37) Kurt: Not sure what it means

(17:58:42) duckiemonster: [17:58] <kameleon> are the dots raised like braille

(17:58:48) Mima: What sort of keypad is it?

(17:59:03) Kurt: Looks like there's a hollow circle on the left

(17:59:06) Kurt: And four circled dots

(17:59:11) Kurt: They're not raised

(17:59:14) Kurt: It's the same keypad as on the left

(18:00:00) duckiemonster: We are wondering if they might represent stars.

(18:00:07) Mima: kameleon suggests that you touch the three circled ones at the same time

(18:00:10) Kurt: Maybe... but they're not the stars here

(18:00:18) Kurt: Touching it doesn't do anything, it's not an interface

(18:00:32) Kurt: The arrangement does seem a bit familiar though

(18:00:38) Kurt: I feel like I've seen it before somewhere

(18:00:46) duckiemonster: Any idea where?

(18:01:47) Kurt: I'm thinking

(18:01:51) duckiemonster: [18:01] <Hituro> or subway stations?

(18:01:52) Kurt: Pretty recently actually

(18:01:58) duckiemonster: Train stops?

(18:02:01) Kurt: But it didn't look quite like this, this looks more complex

(18:02:29) Mima: How about PPC landmarks?

(18:02:47) Kurt: Yeah, could be a map of some kind

(18:03:06) duckiemonster: [18:02] <Gaspar> Mirror trail of global search>

(18:03:20) Kurt: What?

(18:03:23) duckiemonster: [18:03] <Gaspar> The path he's been on this whole time, mirrored?

(18:03:35) Six: <Tintintin> A map of the towns outside PXC?

(18:04:36) duckiemonster: [18:04] <AlterEgo> Counterpoint?

(18:04:44) Kurt: Not counterpoint

(18:05:36) duckiemonster: [18:05] <x2k> the top left resembles the PXC rail

(18:05:42) Kurt: Yeah... rotated, it looks a bit like PXC rail

(18:05:53) Kurt: From what I remember, anyway - I don't have the map on me

(18:06:49) #kurtmod: mode (+v lhall ) by KeyBot

(18:07:07) Kurt: I'm going to have a sit down and think about this

(18:07:31) Mima: ahdok - I think the rightmost circled dot is stone mills

(18:07:47) duckiemonster: [18:07] <jojojojo> MODS: Topmost is Foreman Station... I think

(18:07:58) Kurt: You can't both be right

(18:09:20) Mima: jojo - its the underground upsidedown

(18:09:27) duckiemonster: We're not sure if it's the above-ground or subway system.

(18:09:43) Kurt: That is not the underground upsidedown

(18:10:06) duckiemonster: [18:09] <eeeqz> looks like the blue route on [10] reversed to me

(18:10:09) Mima: Cassandra - Wooster, Elmness, Stone Mills, Treachery?

(18:10:10) Six: it's the towns

(18:10:18) duckiemonster: initials = west

(18:10:18) Kurt: Yeah?

(18:10:27) Kurt: So those are the circled towns?

(18:10:37) Kurt: Yeah, actually, it does look like the rail map

(18:10:46) Kurt: Although with more dots added... must be closed now

(18:11:05) Kurt: OK, I'm trying west

(18:11:19) Kurt: Yes!

(18:11:25) duckiemonster: *phew*

(18:11:41) Six: check the lockers

(18:11:43) Kurt: Okay - looks like some kind of locker room, as expected. Water pipes running along the walls, under the benches. There are some open lockers here, with hazard suits and boots lying around.

(18:11:43) Mima: That is really good news!

(18:12:00) Mima: Can you find boots in your size?

(18:12:07) duckiemonster: We reckon you might want to suit up.

(18:12:23) Kurt: Yeah, probably a good idea

(18:12:27) Mima: And can you find a mask?

(18:12:29) Kurt: There are blast doors on the other side of the room, I'm going to check them out

(18:12:32) duckiemonster: Everyone's a little obsessed over colour at the moment...

(18:12:39) duckiemonster: So have you got a choice?

(18:12:48) Kurt: Yeah, I'll show you in a sec, hold on

(18:12:51) Kurt: These doors

(18:13:15) Kurt: Those are the suits

(18:13:27) Kurt: [11]

(18:13:31) Cassandra: Yellow we think might be best

(18:13:34) duckiemonster: We're thinking yellow is the in-colour this season.

(18:13:38) Kurt: Some gauges on the doors

(18:13:43) Kurt: Why yellow?

(18:13:52) Mima: From the poem

(18:13:57) duckiemonster: Same reason we got the lift working in the first place.

(18:13:58) Kurt: Yeah?

(18:13:59) Mima: People in the other colours died

(18:14:00) lhall: Bertie Gangue died in blue

(18:14:03) duckiemonster: Seems like kosher info.

(18:14:09) Kurt: What's kosher?

(18:14:11) Kurt: Never mind

(18:14:13) duckiemonster: true.

(18:14:32) Kurt: There are some dials on these safety doors... hold on...

(18:14:38) Kurt: O2: 12.9%...

(18:14:42) Kurt: CO2: 9.1%...

(18:14:49) Kurt: R: 7mR/hr

(18:15:17) Mima: Okita isn't R like radiation?

(18:15:18) Six: <ahdok> too much CO2 by far.

(18:15:23) duckiemonster: We're not liking the gas concentrations.

(18:15:25) Kurt: You tell me

(18:15:40) Kurt: Yeah, CO2 is too high, I'll need some sort of breathing apparatus

(18:15:44) Mima: Crane Millirads - the measure of radiation

(18:16:04) Kurt: Oh yeah

(18:16:22) Kurt: So, the yellow suit

(18:16:25) Kurt: I'll trust you on that one

(18:16:28) Kurt: What about the boots

(18:16:34) duckiemonster: Heavy, we think.

(18:16:34) Cassandra: Heaviest you can find

(18:16:36) lhall: Go with heavy

(18:16:40) Mima: We think there are hot spots on the floor

(18:16:47) Six: <Gaspar> You check all the lockers?

(18:16:56) Kurt: OK

(18:17:11) Kurt: Yeah, lockers are empty except for some work clothes and tools

(18:17:16) Kurt: Spanners, hammers, that sort of thing

(18:17:57) Mima: Chat would like you to take a spanner

(18:18:03) duckiemonster: People would like you to take a heavy spanner, in case of need to bash in heads. However we'll leave that up to you.

(18:18:12) Kurt: Spanner it is then

(18:18:16) Kurt: Right, I'm suiting up

(18:18:40) Kurt: Should be a couple of minutes

(18:19:15) duckiemonster: Any idea if the suit will block radiaiton?

(18:19:42) Kurt: It doesn't say

(18:19:51) Kurt: None of the suits have any sort of information or labels

(18:20:04) duckiemonster: Kythen thinks that the level is okay. It would seem that the gas is going to be your problem.

(18:20:12) Six: <Kythen> 7mR/hour = same radiation as a chest x-ray <-- seems fine

(18:20:46) duckiemonster: Got a helmet with that? [18:20] <pjm1974> the must be a hat to wear there? He felt the rocks cave in his pate

(18:20:52) lhall: Is there a breathing apparatus available?

(18:21:16) Kurt: There are colour-coded masks and gas canisters above the suits

(18:21:36) Kurt: I'm putting those on

(18:21:49) Kurt: Right, I'm opening the safety doors... they're like an airlock

(18:21:51) Mima: Which colour are you putting on?

(18:21:52) duckiemonster: Hope you're not clashing...

(18:21:53) #kurtmod: mode (+v Ollie ) by KeyBot

(18:22:19) Kurt: Yellow, like you asked

(18:22:23) Kurt: Closing the airlock

(18:22:44) Kurt: I think my key connection might start getting intermittant, now that I'm going this far into the mines

(18:22:53) duckiemonster: Oh great.,

(18:22:59) duckiemonster: Does it fire off a signal if you die?!

(18:23:02) Kurt: My key is registering high CO2 levels

(18:23:02) Ollie: We'll be with you in spirit!

(18:23:07) Cassandra: Back later.

(18:23:17) Kurt: Thanks, that makes me feel reassured

(18:23:33) Kurt: Outer door is opening

(18:23:37) Kurt: Okay

(18:23:46) Six: you're not dead?

(18:23:48) Kurt: Lots of rough rock here, clearly this is where they were mining recently

(18:23:50) Mima: Everyone is wishing you luck

(18:24:00) Kurt: The suit is holding up fine

(18:24:07) Six: phew.

(18:24:08) Kurt: I'm going to check out shaft 2

(18:24:22) Kurt: Quite difficult to move fast with all this stuff

(18:24:24) duckiemonster: We can see a drop.

(18:24:26) duckiemonster: Look out for it.

(18:24:33) duckiemonster: There might also be water at the bottom.

(18:24:55) Kurt: Yeah, it's more like a grating above the drop

(18:25:09) Kurt: I'm looking up the shaft

(18:25:12) duckiemonster: Any way to call a lift?

(18:25:15) Kurt: Nope

(18:25:20) Kurt: Odd, there's no lift

(18:25:24) Kurt: And no ladder either

(18:25:32) Kurt: I think there used to be one, there are markings on the wall

(18:25:43) duckiemonster: Where can you go from here?

(18:25:44) Ollie: Climbable?

(18:25:48) Kurt: Nowhere

(18:26:00) Ollie: can you lift the grating?

(18:26:09) duckiemonster: Markings on the wall: anything significant or just ex-ladder?

(18:26:12) Six: can you show us the markings?

(18:26:19) Kurt: It's too dark

(18:26:26) Kurt: Just ex-ladder, I think

(18:26:45) duckiemonster: How is the 'down' option looking?

(18:26:46) Kurt: Too smooth to climb up

(18:26:56) Kurt: Let me check

(18:27:11) Kurt: Just dropped a stone down the shaft

(18:27:22) Kurt: Seems pretty deep - there was a splash

(18:27:40) Ollie: Is there a ladder going down, or some rope, or something?

(18:27:48) Kurt: They were probably doing mining down there using jets

(18:27:54) Kurt: Not that I can see

(18:28:00) Kurt: Exactly why am I supposed to be going down?

(18:28:01) Six: anything at all of interest?

(18:28:01) Ollie: can you go past the shaft, then

(18:28:10) duckiemonster: Nowhere else to go, is there?

(18:28:10) Kurt: I thought the power source was on L1

(18:28:32) Mima: Is it possible to turn the grill and climb up that?

(18:28:38) Kurt: I can't lift the grate

(18:28:44) Kurt: The grill isn't that big

(18:29:12) Ollie: Any markings on it?

(18:29:20) duckiemonster: [18:28] <sim> flood the shaft and float up?

(18:29:29) Mima: Are there any water jets?

(18:29:31) Kurt: Seriously?

(18:29:39) Kurt: Yeah, there are water pipes here

(18:29:43) duckiemonster: Not what I'd want to do.

(18:29:45) Kurt: Feeding through the grating

(18:29:53) Mima: Could you climb the water pipes?

(18:29:56) Ollie: Smash 'em with the spanner

(18:29:59) duckiemonster: But then again, i would'nt be down a mine in the first place.

(18:30:07) Kurt: I don't think so, I think they're pretty high pressure

(18:30:35) Six: nothing else around in that area?

(18:30:35) duckiemonster: Are there any hand/footholds in the wall from the use of the jets?

(18:30:44) Kurt: No

(18:30:50) Kurt: It's very smooth, as I said

(18:31:07) Kurt: I'm starting to think that flooding this shaft, despite being near suicidal, is the only way to go

(18:31:10) Ollie: Are the pipes taking water down or up?

(18:31:18) Kurt: Both directions

(18:31:29) Ollie: go back and turn off the Water Drainage

(18:31:30) Mima: Spugmeistress - can he check out the southern passage past the grate?

(18:31:34) duckiemonster: [18:31] <brat-sampson> there's a passage beyond the liftshaft

(18:32:33) Kurt: What passage?

(18:32:39) Kurt: I'm checking out these pipes

(18:32:44) Six: what is beyond the grate?

(18:32:48) Kurt: There might be a way to slowly flood the shaft

(18:32:52) Kurt: I don't know, it's just a big drop

(18:32:57) Six: will you have any way of stopping the water once it'a high enough?

(18:32:57) Ollie: How?

(18:32:58) Mima: Could you use the pipes to cross over the shaft?

(18:33:08) Kurt: I don't think I could stop the water, no

(18:33:41) duckiemonster: Our map is showing a passage south of the lift shaft.

(18:33:45) duckiemonster: [18:33] <brat-sampson> well, from the map, he looks like he's standing at a 2-D crossroads

(18:33:46) Kurt: Yeah

(18:33:50) Kurt: Nothing interesting there

(18:33:59) Ollie: Looks like you've got to flood it

(18:34:12) Mima: There is another passage that leads off the bottom of the shaft

(18:34:20) lhall: <brat-sampson> but it also shows an extention directly opposite

(18:34:26) Kurt: Yeah, but I can't get to that

(18:34:31) Kurt: I know

(18:34:35) Kurt: Stop asking me

(18:34:41) Kurt: I've already had a look

(18:34:43) duckiemonster: Stupid question: why not?

(18:35:11) Six: we're just trying to think of anything other than flooding it

(18:35:14) Kurt: Because there's a freaking heavy grate in the way that I've been talking about for the last 5 minutes, that's why

(18:35:46) Mima: Everyone is very worried that if you flood the shaft, you may be way to heavy with gear to float

(18:36:03) Kurt: I'd probably have to leave it then

(18:36:15) Kurt: OK, I think there's a valve on the water pipes here, I should be able to open them up slowly

(18:36:20) Mima: What about the gas?

(18:36:51) Kurt: Well, I'd have to keep the mask on

(18:37:21) duckiemonster: Looks like flooding is your only option.

(18:37:26) Kurt: OK

(18:37:28) duckiemonster: Can you see what's above you?

(18:37:49) Kurt: Nope, just a high shaft

(18:38:01) duckiemonster: Will you be able to use the suit as a flotation device?

(18:38:02) Mima: Is there anything boyant around such as wood to hold onto

(18:38:04) Ollie: Is there anything buoyant you can hold onto?

(18:38:14) Kurt: I'm not sure, I should be able to float anyway

(18:38:26) Ollie: you sure?

(18:38:41) Ollie: We'd rather it wasn't Kurtains

(18:38:41) Kurt: Yeah, typically humans float in water

(18:38:45) duckiemonster: Enough stalling, I reckon.

(18:38:55) Kurt: Do you?

(18:38:56) Ollie: OK, flood away

(18:39:10) Kurt: I'm taking these boots off

(18:39:42) Kurt: Opening up the valve

(18:39:47) Mima: Suggestion that an airfilled suit might help you float - is it water tight?

(18:40:01) Kurt: It's going to take a while until the water fills up the shaft below

(18:40:10) Kurt: Not any more, now that I've taken the boots off

(18:40:25) lhall: Is there a way to tie the boots to your person in case you need them later? We're worried for your feet.

(18:40:36) Kurt: Lead boots?

(18:40:39) Kurt: Yeah, I don't think so

(18:40:43) Mima: Could you return for lighter boots?

(18:41:05) Kurt: Can't do it now that I've started flooding the shaft

(18:41:22) Kurt: Water's starting to appear over the grate

(18:41:31) Ollie: good luck!

(18:41:32) Kurt: Seems to be speeding up

(18:41:34) duckiemonster: there are calls for you to get naked.

(18:41:47) Kurt: Shut the hell up

(18:41:50) Kurt: That's not very funny

(18:42:04) Kurt: Starting to float...

(18:42:19) Kurt: It's pretty cold

(18:43:01) Kurt: My backpack's floating, which is good news

(18:43:09) duckiemonster: Excellent.

(18:43:12) Ollie: Are you?

(18:43:14) duckiemonster: How high is the water.

(18:43:15) Kurt: I guess I'll find out whether it's waterproof soon

(18:43:28) Kurt: I'm coming up to where L3 should be...

(18:43:42) Kurt: The entrance from the shaft is fused shut...

(18:43:52) Mima: It looks like L1 is open

(18:43:56) Mima: from the map

(18:43:59) Kurt: Yeah, I hope so

(18:44:00) Six: that'll make your accent quicker at least

(18:44:01) Ollie: Let's hope the higher ones are open, eh?

(18:44:17) Kurt: Really very cold now

(18:44:29) Mima: Keep moving, it will keep you warm

(18:44:40) Kurt: Yeah... will do

(18:44:44) Ollie: Try and form a ball, it'll conserve your bodyheat

(18:45:05) Kurt: L2 is coming up

(18:45:17) Ollie: That fuzed too?

(18:45:20) duckiemonster: Can you see up as far as L1 yet?

(18:45:27) Kurt: Fused

(18:45:39) Mima: OK fingers crossed time

(18:45:57) Kurt: It's too dark here

(18:46:17) Kurt: Coming up to L1

(18:46:28) Kurt: The north entrance is fused shot

(18:46:34) duckiemonster: South?

(18:46:37) Kurt: South entrance has a grate over it, can't budget it

(18:46:46) Kurt: Damn

(18:46:50) Kurt: Water's rising too fast

(18:47:00) duckiemonster: Is the grate not allowing the water to drain off?

(18:47:00) Mima: the map shows another shaft above you

(18:47:06) Kurt: I'm going to try and dive under

(18:47:31) Kurt: Doesn't work

(18:47:38) Kurt: Grate has a sealed door behind it

(18:47:49) Mima: Has the water stopped rising?

(18:47:50) Kurt: Can't go back to L1 any more

(18:47:52) Ollie: Can you go north?

(18:47:55) Kurt: Water's getting too high

(18:47:59) Kurt: I can see the shaft

(18:48:00) Kurt: top

(18:48:08) Mima: There is another shaft to the south above you

(18:48:08) Kurt: There's a door to the south here

(18:48:16) duckiemonster: Can you open it?

(18:48:18) Kurt: It's opening

(18:48:23) Ollie: close it behind you

(18:48:26) Kurt: getting through

(18:48:34) duckiemonster: [18:48] <Snowball> that leads to a dead end

(18:48:37) Kurt: Trying to close it

(18:48:51) Kurt: Okay, it's closed

(18:48:58) Kurt: I need to sit down for a minute

(18:49:00) Ollie: Can you seal it?

(18:49:04) Six: wow, you okay?

(18:49:07) duckiemonster: Warm up first.

(18:49:07) Kurt: Yeah, there isn't any water getting through

(18:49:09) Mima: Fair enough, but keep moving

(18:49:25) Mima: Rub your body core

(18:50:04) Kurt: Yep

(18:50:12) Ollie: Is the room warm?

(18:50:29) Kurt: There's a heater

(18:50:35) Kurt: Seems to be some sort of service room

(18:50:43) duckiemonster: Way out?

(18:50:45) Ollie: Take the wet suit off, it'll keep you cold

(18:51:07) Ollie: Don't want to freeze, now, do you?

(18:51:15) Mima: Are your clothes underneath dry?

(18:51:24) Kurt: Yeah, mostly

(18:51:26) Kurt: I've already taken the suit off

(18:51:35) Kurt: OK, there's not a lot here

(18:51:38) Ollie: Are there any controls in the room?

(18:51:58) Kurt: Some manual tools, some oxygen and gas canisters, some power tools

(18:52:02) Kurt: No controls

(18:52:10) Ollie: What tools?

(18:52:11) Mima: Any doors or openings?

(18:52:50) Mima: Could you use the Oxygen canister to breathe underwater?

(18:52:58) Kurt: Pneumatic drill, saws, hydraulic pumps

(18:53:05) Kurt: Heavy duty stuff

(18:53:09) lhall: Chat suggests you're trying to get to the room directly under you, and wonders if the tools might help

(18:53:28) Kurt: Hmm

(18:53:33) Six: <Phant> Drill through the floor ?

(18:53:35) Kurt: How far do you think I'd have to go?

(18:53:42) Mima: If the door on the floor below was sealed, it should be airtight

(18:53:48) Kurt: True

(18:53:53) duckiemonster: [18:53] <Gaspar> 3-5 ft?

(18:53:57) Ollie: It doesn't look far, about 1m

(18:54:01) Kurt: Okay

(18:54:03) duckiemonster: Although it's hard to estimate from the map.

(18:54:04) lhall: \

(18:54:20) Kurt: I'm going to see if I can figure out how to use this drill

(18:55:19) Mima: Is there any safety equipment for your ears & face?

(18:55:29) Kurt: Yeah

(18:55:33) Kurt: I'm going to use those

(18:55:39) Kurt: Okay, I think I've got this figured out

(18:55:43) Kurt: Connecting it up

(18:55:45) Six: wait, directly below you is where the power readings were coming from

(18:55:51) duckiemonster: to #kurtchat: can we keep the chatter level down, please.

(18:55:51) Kurt: Yeah?

(18:56:10) Six: so you may be dropping in on what ever it is

(18:56:15) Kurt: Isn't that the point?

(18:56:20) duckiemonster: Look before you leap, that's all.

(18:56:27) Kurt: I'm going to do it near the entrance, so at least it won't be too far in

(18:56:29) Ollie: You could drill through a cable, be careful

(18:56:41) Kurt: Yeah, I'll wear some insulating gloves

(18:56:51) Kurt: Okay, I'm starting

(18:56:51) Ollie: Good idea

(18:56:57) Kurt: Should take a few minutes

(18:59:40) duckiemonster: How's it going?

(18:59:57) Kurt: Just broken through

(19:00:02) Kurt: I'm going to widen it a little

(19:00:06) Ollie: See anything?

(19:00:12) Kurt: Some lights, and a metallic floor

(19:00:24) Mima: Metallic? Thats new

(19:00:28) Kurt: It is

(19:00:36) Ollie: Hear anything?

(19:00:41) Kurt: No

(19:00:47) Mima: Can you drop something metal on it before you go down - see if it is electrified?

(19:00:47) Kurt: I'm going to drop down now

(19:00:55) duckiemonster: mind your feet on the floor!

(19:01:02) Kurt: It's fine

(19:01:11) duckiemonster: *phew*

(19:01:16) duckiemonster: I think we worry too much :)

(19:01:29) Kurt: Walls are metal <????> transmission might be <????> so good

(19:01:47) Six: you're braking up a bit it seems Kurt

(19:01:58) Six: we're loosing words

(19:02:11) Kurt: I'm <????> key is doing transcription but might <????> interrupted

(19:02:23) Kurt: Going further in

(19:02:44) Kurt: Another door

(19:02:45) Mima: Can you repeat anything important so we can be sure to get it through the breakups

(19:02:57) Kurt: <????> some activity

(19:03:04) duckiemonster: ? some activity

(19:03:09) Ollie: Repeat, please

(19:03:20) Kurt: Can hear something

(19:03:29) duckiemonster: Voices?

(19:03:31) Kurt: Someone has <????> cam

  • Note: Kurt has linked his key image feed to a security camera pointing inside the door

(19:03:48) duckiemonster: Say again, Kurt.

(19:03:49) Kurt: Moving further in, another door

(19:04:06) Kurt: Going in... <????> someone there

(19:04:16) duckiemonster: Careful.

(19:04:25) Kurt: Looking

(19:05:09) duckiemonster: Kurt, how well can you hear us?

(19:05:26) Kurt: <????> bit

(19:05:56) duckiemonster: Keep talking if you can.

(19:06:05) Kurt: Inside

(19:06:12) duckiemonster: Anyone there?

(19:06:14) Mima: We can see an infrared image of a man at a table

(19:06:17) Ollie: We can see someone bent over a desk in thermal imaging, looks like a woman

(19:06:30) Kurt: Miranda<????>

(19:06:41) Mima: Could be

(19:06:42) Ollie: She stood up

(19:06:52) Mima: There is a second person

(19:07:04) Mima: To the left of the room

(19:07:09) duckiemonster: Careful, Kurt.


(19:07:15) Kurt: 2 You're looking well. Shame. I liked the stick.

(19:07:29) Kurt: 1 You must be tired/tyred<????>.

(19:07:45) Kurt: 2 Not too bad. I've just taken my tablets. Sharp as a knife now.

(19:08:02) Kurt: 1 It's a long way to come for a place<????> like this.

(19:08:18) Kurt: 2 It's quiet/quite<????>... secluded... You didn't have to come.

(19:08:30) Kurt: 1 You knew/new<????> I would.

(19:08:39) Kurt: 2 I told you not to/too<????>.

(19:08:52) Kurt: 1 I tend not to do what I'm told. I had to see you/CU<????>... I had to find out why you/YU<????> - why you/YU<????> would kill. Symbol is tea<????5%>. Or me.

(19:09:08) Kurt: 2 I never tried to hurt you. They wanted me to, but I wouldn't. Your key warned you about the gas, right? And in the pharmacy?<????> I could have taken you out if I'd wanted.

(19:09:20) Kurt: 1 So what stopped you?

(19:09:29) Kurt: 2 What stopped you turning me in?

(19:09:42) Kurt: 1 ...Well, the police... leap to conclusions<????>. If you tell me why you did this I can help make your case. I have friends there.

(19:09:55) Kurt: 2 Kurt/curt<????> ... noble Kurt... there are other ways round this. We don't need the police in the middle, coming between us... This assignment/sign meant<????> ... it wasn't regulation for me, you know. With you... I had fun. More than I deserved. You're smart. And cute - even without the stick. I didn't have to fake things.

(19:10:09) Kurt: 1 How am I supposed to believe that? I can't believe a word you -<inc????>

(19:10:17) Kurt: 2 Kurt -<inc????>

(19:10:25) Kurt: 1 No, I'm not falling for any of -<inc????>

(19:10:38) Kurt: 2 It's not too late. We can still help each other.

(19:10:46) Kurt: 1 I don't need your help!

(19:10:59) Kurt: 2 No, Kurt, listen to me. Listen. We need each other. Do you think we're alone up here? I've called in my position. There are agents on their way to pick me up, right now. If I explain... you could find them very welcoming.

(19:11:05) Kurt: 1 I don't think so.

(19:11:19) Kurt: 2 How long are you going to keep this up? You're a sharp guy. You know the odds are against you. It's time to cut your losses. Cut the baggage<????> loose.

(19:11:28) Kurt: 1 No. None of this was her fault.

(19:11:48) Kurt: 2 Who's was it? Who got you into this mess? What's your excuse? At least I know why I'm doing all this.

(19:11:48) Kurt: 2 Who's was it? Who got you into this mess? What's your excuse? At least I know why I'm doing all this.

(19:11:48) Kurt: 2 Who's was it? Who got you into this mess? What's your excuse? At least I know why I'm doing all this.

(19:12:04) Kurt: 1 So explain it. What's so important you'll kill for it? The grey<????7%> diary?

(19:12:17) Kurt: 2 We had to get it back. It was about the experiments... the early Cube tests. We couldn't let Violet tell Earth what Granier discovered - the kind of damage the Cube could do.

(19:12:26) Kurt: 1 Is that why you tried to steal it? To use it as a weapon?

(19:12:38) Kurt: 2 We're just trying to take back what's rightfully ours. The Academy have fumbled<????> around with it for centuries... they're children. Look where it is now, thanks to kite way. Imagine if someone from Earth finds the Cube and keeps it for themselves. With their record, it could be the end of both worlds.

(19:13:04) Kurt: 1 You really believe that, don't you?

(19:13:18) Kurt: 2 Of course. It's the greater good, the lesser evil... and it's worth a few sacrifices... Give her up, Kurt. I can get you a deal if you let me explain and you hand over violet<????>.

(19:13:31) Kurt: 1 Why...?

(19:13:43) Kurt: 2 There has to be<????unkn>. Someone has to take the fall. We're pretty good at<????> any picture we like for the police. Leave violet<????> behind and the two of us can be in the clear. We can start again somewhere... a little cottage in harbin<????>... a villa in al err done<????>... together.

(19:13:56) Kurt: 1 Why her?

(19:14:06) Kurt: 2 I want to be with you, Kurt. And I want you to be committed to me. I love you. Show me you feel the same way.

(19:14:13) Kurt: 1 I don't even know your name.

(19:14:25) Kurt: 2 You know me.

(19:14:30) duckiemonster: Kurt, don't step backwards.

(19:14:32) Kurt: 1 Tell me the truth.<????> Just once.

(19:14:43) Kurt: 2 Caroline.<????>

(19:14:44) duckiemonster: We can see a hotspot behind you on the floor.

(19:20:11) Ollie: Kurt: confirm your status. Are you alright?

(19:21:41) Mima: Its ok Kurt, you had to do it, she left you no choice

(19:22:20) duckiemonster: Kurt?

(19:22:25) Ollie: Is she...dead?

(19:22:30) Six: are you there Kurt?

(19:22:40) Mima: The room looks as if it is heating up

(19:22:57) Mima: You need to get out

(19:24:45) duckiemonster: to #kurtchat: we're going to stick about for a bit to see what happens.

(19:26:29) duckiemonster: We're guessing it's all over chaps.

(19:27:03) lhall: Take care, lovelies.

(19:28:36) zaeil: Looks like it. Sorry I wasn't much help, but it was fun anyway.  :)