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See: Mine Manhunt for a detailed synopsis.


On 21st May 2006 Kurt entered the Silburn-Griggs mine in pursuit of Miranda. He set up a link between his key and a Mind Candy IRC server allowing us to help him with puzzles littered throughout the mine. These are the logs of those conversations.

There were three main chatlog channels:

  • #kurtmod where kurt spoke to 8 chosen moderators and told us what he was doing.
  • #kurtchat where everyone else made helpless and not-so-helpful suggestions to be passed on to Kurt by the moderators.
  • #kurtsuggest where people who got sick of the #kurtchat spam and commentary went.


(16:06:28) : The topic for #kurtchat is: Anyone can talk in this room; please give advice and make suggestions here. If you want to read what Kurt is saying and the suggestions being relayed to him, see #kurtmod

(16:06:33) damien7579: dear god this is nuts

(16:06:34) justdig: Hey, does Kurt even know Violet's coming?

(16:06:40) Nick: Nope

(16:06:41) Hawkeblu: Maybe tell Kurt Violet is on the way!

(16:06:41) ManicSpider: Hi everyone! This is insane :-)

(16:06:42) Juxta: No, no word, there are just dozens of people'll be a bit hectic while everyone does - DON'T PANIC

(16:06:43) Mindez: A mod needs to tell him.

(16:06:43) Munchkin: hi all

(16:06:47) kizzers: theres a low moan

(16:06:47) fyerman: Hi there!!!

(16:06:47) Darkflame: Greatings

(16:06:48) Riiick: is it best to use the java client or a seperate IRC client?

(16:06:48) eeeqz: some people have emailed him i think

(16:06:53) Tristo: hello all

(16:06:54) trevorjarvis: how can I display both channels at once_

(16:06:54) Ruthless: This is better

(16:06:57) GasparLewis: Well, now I know why he wants filtration...

(16:06:59) chundleburry: aaah back to MIRC

(16:07:01) Mindez: I hear no moan.

(16:07:06) Unicron: ok so we all just need to chill up till we get a heads up

(16:07:08) MagikGuy: Can one also access this chat via MIRC then too?

(16:07:10) Poozle: To get both separate try a separate IRC client

(16:07:21) Ollie: you can access this through your own clients

(16:07:25) Redrum: any ideas what gong to be going down

(16:07:34) Falling_Link: one can get access to this chat through mIRC as it's, well an IRC chat room....

(16:07:35) chundleburry: dude, I'm well stoked about this

(16:07:40) locqust: well know when he tells us

(16:07:40) Tristo: wheres Kurt?

(16:07:41) ***chundleburry is caffienated and ready to rock!

(16:07:49) Poozle: And glad you could make it cassandra :)

(16:07:49) Mindez: <MagikGuy> Can one also access this chat via MIRC then too? <-- Yes. #kurtchat and #kurtmod

(16:07:50) tesseract: guys there seems to be 2 kurtchats?

(16:07:50) Tristo: Hello Kurt

(16:07:53) UselessPwn: Tristo don't use yellow.

(16:07:53) rlp6028: Tristo, that is hideous

(16:07:58) magic01: yo turn down the yellowness

(16:07:59) #kurtchat: mode (+o Kurt ) by KeyBot

(16:08:00) GasparLewis: You need to make sure everyone knows THIS is the public room.

(16:08:01) chundleburry: mmm yellow

(16:08:01) spugmeistress: tristo we cant read you

(16:08:02) MagikGuy: Thanks Mindez :)

(16:08:04) Tristo: yeah sorry, yellow is bad

(16:08:07) skenmy: egads people use regular colours

(16:08:09) Mindez: Welcome =D

(16:08:12) justdig: :D

(16:08:12) wombatgirl: blue is nice

(16:08:14) Hawkeblu: Who are the volunteers?

(16:08:14) Okita: Hey, it's kurt!

(16:08:15) chundleburry: i hope this is going to be a regular thing

(16:08:16) Juxta: Please - for the sake of everyone's eyes, stick to plain colours, and no shouting

(16:08:17) Mindez: This is going to be insane.

(16:08:19) arieh: Im I supposed to see anything other than a black screen at the no-java page?

(16:08:20) pineapple: black is nice :D

(16:08:24) Tristo: i'll stick to black ;)

(16:08:29) bigmaddrongo: YEAH, NO SHOUTING!

(16:08:30) jojojojo: MOLE!!!! LOOK! OVER THERE!!!

(16:08:30) GregT: *bow* Welcome aboard, Kurt!

(16:08:30) Mindez: <arieh> Im I supposed to see anything other than a black screen at the no-java page? <-- It's not started yet!

(16:08:33) ***jojojojo points

(16:08:33) Ruthless: Whats the command to chnage my name agian?

(16:08:33) bigmaddrongo: ;)

(16:08:34) nightingale: Hi all, how many of us are there?

(16:08:38) Mindez: Kurt's not reading in here.

(16:08:39) ulrik: hello

(16:08:40) arieh: 183

(16:08:40) Darkflame: many

(16:08:41) Mindez: 187...

(16:08:43) arieh: 185

(16:08:45) GregT: Ruthless... /nick

(16:08:45) bigmaddrongo: 185

(16:08:46) chundleburry: you reckon that blank space is for upladed pics?

(16:08:48) Poozle: This is insane

(16:08:51) Mindez: chundle: Yes.

(16:08:53) ircleuser is now known as Hituro

(16:08:54) chundleburry: awesome

(16:08:55) Croll: yea chundle

(16:08:57) bigmaddrongo: ach, too much scrolling

(16:08:58) GasparLewis: Please, can we settle down? Keep side conversations and trivial posts to PM and yourselves.

(16:08:58) Hituro: Oh finally!

(16:08:59) surbz: i dont care what colours you use just stop my eyes from burning

(16:09:02) chundleburry: is it gonna work with mirc?

(16:09:03) DPS05-2 is now known as DPS05

(16:09:12) Poozle: Yeah chundle

(16:09:12) surbz: this s

(16:09:12) Okita: It does work with Mirc.

(16:09:13) Onionring: Good day!

(16:09:14) _izzy_: why is everyone typing 185?

(16:09:17) Mindez: It will if you go to the java-less key page.

(16:09:21) Juxta: Yes - this room is where *everyone* is, except Kurt - bear in mind that the mods are going to have to sort through what *everyone* is saying, in order to relay instructions to Kurt

(16:09:23) jojojojo: he speaks!!!

(16:09:23) husdoktorn: hi, im new to this!

(16:09:25) kizzers: hes talkin now

(16:09:27) arieh: kurt says: ""Hi everyone, I'm just doing the last few minutes of climbing up to the mine entrance""

(16:09:28) Batgirl: he's talking at last!

(16:09:30) Riiick: Hi Kurt - good luck

(16:09:30) saskia: 185

(16:09:33) ManicSpider: Why do all Perplex City things have to take place after midnight Australian time :-)

(16:09:35) skenmy: oh for gods sake people

(16:09:37) bigmaddrongo: lets keep non mine chat to #syzygy, mine chat here

(16:09:37) Ozisim: *nods* good luck

(16:09:44) Unicron: kurts in kurt mod now

(16:09:46) skenmy: Please dont flood this room

(16:09:46) GregT: Manic - hi, it's me!

(16:09:50) Ollie is now known as oliverkeers13

(16:09:51) Juxta: So, the less noise = more information getting through :o)

(16:09:54) skenmy: Or you will make it difficult for *everyone*

(16:09:54) UselessPwn: He's almost there.

(16:09:54) Ruthless is now known as RuthlessX

(16:10:07) Crescent: assuming everyone here been to the main mine website (where they're raising funds) and downloaded the two pics

(16:10:07) RuthlessX is now known as Ruthless

(16:10:07) justdig: If you can't handle the spammyness, you should just go. There's no way we're going to be able to stop it.

(16:10:18) GasparLewis: Keep person-to-person talk in Private; right-click a name and Private them; we have enough scrolling as it is already.

(16:10:20) Hawkeblu: I'd suggest taht everyone keep quiet and monitor Kurtmod and only chat in here for suggestions

(16:10:26) tesseract: there are 2 kurtchat rooms <<<<<<<<<<<<

(16:10:32) Juxta: JustDig - there is EVERY way of stopping it. People simply need to behave sensibly :o)

(16:10:34) oliverkeers13 is now known as Ollie

(16:10:38) skenmy: justdig -> No - This room is for discussion of plans, not stupid comments.

(16:10:40) Ruthless: The kurtmod channel stole my voice :'(

(16:10:51) Mindez: <Juxta> JustDig - there is EVERY way of stopping it. People simply need to behave sensibly :o) <-- You want to try to get 191 people behaving sensibly, be my guest.

(16:10:54) Futuro: ok for people new to the room, you say there are 2 photos?

(16:10:55) perplexed: those damn demigods

(16:10:56) ulrik: wot is there to look 4?

(16:10:56) spugmeistress: can one of the mods suggest that kurt wait for violet - or ask if she is there yet?

(16:11:03) Ruthless is now known as RuthlessX

(16:11:06) justdig: Especially when every quit and login is shown

(16:11:06) Crescent: q: has violet arrived with the f...graph?

(16:11:07) justdig: And name change

(16:11:09) Juxta: Yes Mindez - it's called ""asking nicely"".

(16:11:12) Juxta: ;o)

(16:11:18) Hituro: anyone know how to use ircle?

(16:11:31) GasparLewis: OK, better. Better by a longshot.

(16:11:34) Croll: whats the other room names?

(16:11:44) Okita: Hey, maybe we can restrict all puzzling to #kurtchat and all non-puzzling talk to @syzygy.

(16:11:57) Darkflame: good idea

(16:11:59) spugmeistress: we said that okita

(16:12:02) justdig: Maybe we can try...

(16:12:04) bigmaddrongo: I think the initial excitment is dying down now

(16:12:16) macmonkey: can we not repeat what kurt says in here please

(16:12:20) hellyrabbit: just arrived - anything happening?

(16:12:25) GasparLewis: My God, order and civility!

(16:12:29) justdig: Huh, he knew she's coming

(16:12:36) skenmy: Is Kurt going to wait for Violet?

(16:12:37) bigmaddrongo: she may have messaged him?

(16:12:38) Unicron: just check mod for his updates

(16:12:40) Kythen: she must have contacted him

(16:12:42) locqust: question is how long till she does?

(16:12:43) ChrisUK: Is Kurt just on his own now?

(16:12:44) Croll: i dont think he will wait

(16:12:47) spugmeistress: he should wait for her with the ferrowhatsit

(16:12:49) theboyjenkins: violet not arrived yet

(16:12:58) GasparLewis: She'll catch up to help; it'll be OK.

(16:12:59) Lily: he is on his own atm

(16:13:02) Crescent: has kurt got good footwear -apparently an employee died of poor footwear

(16:13:02) Hawkeblu: ferrogramatograph

(16:13:04) perplexed: tell Kurt to wait for the ferrothing

(16:13:08) spugmeistress: can we just assume everyone can read #kurtmod by themselves?

(16:13:14) _izzy_: should we force him to wait?

(16:13:18) devonlad: will violet be able to find him?

(16:13:20) isca: Ask what Kurt see, smells, feels etc

(16:13:20) Batgirl: oh he's mad, he should wait for the ferragraph thingy!

(16:13:20) rlp6028: When the light turns red by the channel, they have updates, just check and read people, no need to flood this board

(16:13:23) alicat: kurt wait for back up, only a fool goes it alone

(16:13:26) GasparLewis: He's not even there yet; we'll cross those bridges whe we come to them.

(16:13:26) Futuro: can someone tell me about the 2 images mentioned above?

(16:13:27) locqust: he wont hes gone obsseive again

(16:13:29) ChrisUK: Can Kurt still see Miranda?

(16:13:29) Croll: tell him he needs good boots, and not to wear red, green, or blue

(16:13:35) tesseract: he doesn't have a fermatothingy

(16:13:42) saskia: does miranda have any weapons

(16:13:47) Okita: It might be a good idea for Kurt to leave a sort of warning as in what path he's chosen to go inside the mine.

(16:13:52) Darkflame: indeed

(16:13:58) RuthlessX: Get Kurt to collect some rocks or something before he goes in, or a stick or something that can be used as a weapon in anyway

(16:14:00) Tintintin: Are there multiple exits from the mines? The map wasn't clear

(16:14:03) perplexed: Kurt = foolishly brave idiot

(16:14:04) chundleburry: maybe some breadcrumbs?

(16:14:08) justdig: Ask kurt if there's any way to get his key to track his route.

(16:14:10) Envoy: Where's the map?

(16:14:11) Crescent: we have to assume that miranda KNONW these mines -she has done a lot of research on them - KURT - wait for violets and the f..graph

(16:14:17) Ozisim: can't Miranda track his Ki?

(16:14:19) saskia: what about a flashlight and a map

(16:14:19) perplexed: its pecced that the mines continue to the south

(16:14:20) Judderman: like Arne Sacknussem in Journey to the Centre of the Earth

(16:14:26) GasparLewis: There's no waiting; it

(16:14:30) GasparLewis: d be an hour.

(16:14:35) justdig: He's a bit of a comp/key wiz, so he should be able to... and we don't want him getting lost

(16:14:36) perplexed: by the number 7

(16:14:39) locqust: hes being obssesive again

(16:14:46) nightingale: How does kurt plan on tracking her thru the mines?

(16:15:01) Juxta: He's not being obsessive, he's just not going to let her get away - subtle difference

(16:15:01) Hituro: can kurt use his key as a stun weapon?

(16:15:02) Weefz: footprints?

(16:15:02) RuthlessX: essplode lol

(16:15:03) Shoit: does he have any way of marking his route

(16:15:14) Hituro: because that would be handy

(16:15:15) Okita: Perhaps Kurt could find a nice rock to mark his route for Violet.

(16:15:19) RuthlessX: Get Kurt to atleast get a tree branch or something lol

(16:15:20) Darkflame: Is there any sign of OTHER people using the mine recently? no hints there could be more down there?

(16:15:22) GasparLewis: Keep banter to a minimum.

(16:15:23) tesseract: am I in here correctly? can you hear me?

(16:15:25) justdig: I'm not entirely sure that that pem should be taken too literally

(16:15:26) Juxta: Obsessive would be to charge in headlong with no help --> We're the ""help"". Gods help him.

(16:15:29) skenmy: no we cant hear you

(16:15:29) isca: Be careful Kurt, what can you see smell?

(16:15:30) perplexed: Kurt is an idiot

(16:15:30) Falling_Link: Let's hope kurt knows a little hand to hand combat, should he be attacked!

(16:15:34) rlp6028: Tell Kurt to use reason, she is out of meds and cannot travel quickly anyhow

(16:15:35) RuthlessX: Chalk or anything like that would also be usful

(16:15:35) Hituro: he could surely use it as a sonic

(16:15:36) GasparLewis: Sken...

(16:15:36) bigmaddrongo: is there any way I can stop joins and quits showing in channels in mirc?

(16:15:49) macmonkey: what if the sneaky 3p are in the cave

(16:15:49) FluffyFlummox: is there anything in the room past the first shaft?

(16:15:51) locqust: yeah good point Jux...why rely on us lol

(16:15:52) Crescent: tell him to leave a trail for violet - if he's going in without ferrograph then at least leave a terail for violet to find him

(16:16:00) MagikGuy: Good idea! :)

(16:16:04) Crescent: magnetic resonance may interefere with key

(16:16:10) isca: is it dark?

(16:16:13) Pufferfish: bigmaddrongo: it's in preference somewhere, I think.

(16:16:14) Futuro: trail is a good idea

(16:16:15) Okita: A physical trail sounds like a good idea.

(16:16:15) Hawkeblu: Please tell him he may be watched electronically from the mine control room

(16:16:21) trevorjarvis: -can kurt see anything at the entraNCE TO THE MINE-?

(16:16:23) perplexed: use string

(16:16:28) RuthlessX: Kick in the boards

(16:16:30) Envoy: gnusto?

(16:16:31) perplexed: ask if he has any breadcrumbs!

(16:16:32) EG: ask him to describe what he sees along the way

(16:16:33) Falling_Link: any words on the boards?

(16:16:36) Darkflame: yeah...any sign of recent activity?

(16:16:40) Mindez: Tell him, if it's covered up, how did Miranda get in?

(16:16:40) Croll: is there anything on them?

(16:16:40) piddy77: how did miranda get into the mine then?

(16:16:41) Redrum: if there are board how did she get through

(16:16:43) _izzy_: remove the boards carefully

(16:16:44) saskia: is there sign of a booby trap

(16:16:48) locqust: just wondering that myself

(16:16:48) Lysithea: any coloured paint or symbols on the boards?

(16:16:51) GasparLewis: Different suits, different weaknesses; blue suffocation, red electrocution, dark green loss of breath

(16:16:52) RuthlessX: Tell him to see if there any writing on them lol

(16:16:55) Unicron: Everyone just needs to chill, Kurt needs to keep his wits about him keep his eyes,ears and mind open.

(16:16:55) Merus_: Which side are the boards nailed on?

(16:16:55) _izzy_: miranda may have rigged something

(16:16:56) devonlad: is there more than one entrance?

(16:17:00) FluffyFlummox: take a board as a weapon or somesuch!

(16:17:00) GasparLewis: Need helmet and boots.

(16:17:11) Hituro: she doesn't have time for a bomb, but it could be a 3P base

(16:17:13) justdig: Get him to make a search check on the door

(16:17:14) surbz: Hard hat will be required

(16:17:16) ***justdig readies d20

(16:17:16) duk79: how does he know mirranda went in that way?

(16:17:16) Okita: be sensible, kurt won't be able to fight miranda.

(16:17:18) GasparLewis: At least when you get to the entrance.

(16:17:19) Ozisim: might be more than one entrance

(16:17:20) Sugarcubed: how did miranda get in if he needs to open the boards up?

(16:17:20) Xironi: I think now we know why Kurt's only watching the other channel...

(16:17:21) Batgirl: there was only one entrance on the map but it was labelled E1 so I daresay there are more

(16:17:23) trevorjarvis: did miranda possibly take a different way in_

(16:17:23) Falling_Link: any signs that it could be a diversion tactic... set you off the wrong way

(16:17:24) TedInCanada: can we assume he is at E1 on the mine map?


(16:17:30) Hituro: then why follow her?

(16:17:38) trevorjarvis: do you have a torch?

(16:17:46) Futuro: Ollie - thats only available to mirc users tho

(16:17:55) Jon79: I hope u brought a torch

(16:17:59) locqust: E1 is the mine entrance yeah

(16:18:00) justdig: Futuro- Nope, works with Java

(16:18:02) Hituro: he can use his key as a torch

(16:18:03) kameleon: any smells

(16:18:13) Braxis: I wonder what he's wearing

(16:18:15) ***chundleburry farted

(16:18:21) Futuro: how do i access that tho, without losing kurtmod/kurtchat

(16:18:24) kameleon: lol

(16:18:25) patrick: If Miranda went in that entrance, who could have boarded it up behind her?

(16:18:25) Pufferfish: Can people get in to #kurtsuggest who are using the web interafce?

(16:18:30) devonlad: he souns a bit unprepared

(16:18:30) Hituro: can he tell what shaft he is in?

(16:18:35) justdig: Puffer: yeah

(16:18:35) Tandia: Where can we view the mine map?

(16:18:39) Okita: I really don't think we should encourage Kurt to physical violence. Miranda is most likely trained, Kurt is not.

(16:18:41) Hituro: Is there a shaft number perhaps, on the boards or inside?

(16:18:47) TedInCanada: someone tell him to be careful as there may be a shaft directly ahead of him (assuming he entered at E1)

(16:18:47) kizzers: click the name of the room

(16:18:47) locqust: tell him not to put the light on it would alert her

(16:18:51) Lily: Pufferfish - yes i can

(16:18:51) Futuro: map :

(16:18:55) sylvastriker: don't turn on a switch

(16:18:55) Hituro: tell him to leave the power off!

(16:19:00) isca: Smell for gases

(16:19:04) locqust: it'll alert her

(16:19:06) Hituro: and what if there is a methane build up

(16:19:08) x2k: agreed!

(16:19:21) trevorjarvis: I thnk miranda knows hes following.

(16:19:24) Hituro: an exposed wire could trigger an explosion

(16:19:26) trevorjarvis: light is a good idea

(16:19:28) Batgirl: agreed he def shouldn't put the power on

(16:19:36) Okita: Right, that's entracne 1

(16:19:36) Croll: careful of red switches!!!

(16:19:38) Okita: everyone mark your map

(16:19:49) xena: does he have the map??

(16:19:55) Riiick: It would be mean if they kill him off straight away

(16:19:57) isca: use ferra thingy to go south

(16:20:01) ManicSpider: Sorry, where can I get a copy of the map?

(16:20:02) Tintintin: Being able to see - and not breaking ankes, falling down holes etc - is more important than alerting Miranda at this stage, I think

(16:20:06) Tintintin: *ankles

(16:20:08) justdig: Somehow think that if he could smell gas, he wouldn't turn on the switch

(16:20:14) spugmeistress: isca - he doesnt have the ferra thing

(16:20:19) chundleburry: mine gas doesnt smell thogh

(16:20:22) chundleburry: he needs a canary

(16:20:28) Riiick: Where is Violet - shouldn't he wait

(16:20:29) Ozisim: or a key...

(16:20:37) spugmeistress: riick we tried telling him to

(16:20:39) bigmaddrongo: he can detect gases with his key

(16:20:40) Vashka: for the map

(16:20:40) Okita: He's not waiting for violet. And I don't think we can convince him to.

(16:20:47) Pufferfish: this is why we are suggesting he leaves a trail for him

(16:20:49) Juxta: He's going in without Violet, the ferra-thing, and his key can detect gases. Move on.

(16:20:56) ManicSpider: Vashka - Ta :-)

(16:20:57) GasparLewis: Good to see Cassie made it

(16:20:59) Riiick: Did anyone explain the perpose of the ferra-thing properly

(16:21:03) Riiick: his key might stop working

(16:21:04) locqust: nope

(16:21:06) trevorjarvis: go in the lift then

(16:21:08) Weefz: but they need the ferramatograph because the mine affects keys.

(16:21:17) rlp6028: ask if the switch was halfway the hall, that could be what the squareson the map are

(16:21:19) Weefz: EM radiation, etc

(16:21:19) trevorjarvis: and check for puzzles - trps

(16:21:25) isca: Yes weefz

(16:21:49) Volunteer23019: is the lift up or down?

(16:21:53) x2k: has anyone been working on the warnings in the poem??

(16:21:53) chundleburry: down

(16:21:54) Batgirl: we need to know what those squares on the map are

(16:21:56) nightingale: miranda should know he's arrived as the lights may have come on for her too

(16:21:57) CCrane: What's going on down there?

(16:21:59) chundleburry: looks lije shat 1 lift

(16:22:00) bigmaddrongo: duckie: I think Kurts gonna check that sort of thing without our prompting

(16:22:01) Batgirl: before he heads down he should check it out

(16:22:02) piddy77: tell him to get in lift and go to lowest point, then head west out of the lift

(16:22:06) tesseract: why didn't Miranda need light? plus she now knows Kurt's behind her

(16:22:07) Nick: Surely Miranda didn't go that way and board up the entrance BEHIND HER?

(16:22:08) Okita: To check the map:

(16:22:12) Croll: whats the line about halfway down between E1 and L1?

(16:22:20) bigmaddrongo: Kirand may have been better prepared with a portable light source such as a torch

(16:22:24) patrick: it looks like some kind of vent.

(16:22:32) bigmaddrongo: plus, there may be a lightswitch elsewhere that sheswitched off afterwads

(16:22:34) kameleon: are the tunnels narrow

(16:22:39) trevorjarvis: has kurt got any way to subdue miranda if he finds her?

(16:22:43) xena: any idea where he's meant to be heading?

(16:22:45) Volunteer23019: wait until the lift is called?

(16:22:49) Pufferfish: I think he's hoping she'll be too tired.

(16:22:54) bigmaddrongo: trvoer: kurt has no weapons

(16:22:55) Okita: I think we should remember that Kurt is a human being and has some common sense.

(16:22:57) chundleburry: stand on something rubber in case theres a short!

(16:23:02) xena: what does th 17 mean on the map?

(16:23:02) eeeqz: i hope its not a RED button in the lift.... eek

(16:23:07) Hawkeblu: Remind him to tell us of any strange colors he comes across in the mines!

(16:23:12) Weefz: he could hit her with his magic tent ;)

(16:23:17) trevorjarvis: no weapons but how about rope etc? something to restrain her?

(16:23:18) Okita: I also don't think there is enough time to leave a message for violet

(16:23:22) isca: Can you hear anything?

(16:23:23) Riiick: i get the feeling we'll probably be asked for help when he needs it

(16:23:26) bigmaddrongo: I am of the opinion that the colours wre used as simple rhymes to remember the dangers

(16:23:27) Batgirl: I think he's found the first puzzle!

(16:23:34) skenmy: He's telling a story atm

(16:23:36) ChrisUK: Is there any information around the buttons??

(16:23:39) jojojojo: hmm, not all the mods turned up then, they'll be kicking themselves when they get the emails later

(16:23:58) chundleburry: as kurt if he has any tape at all

(16:24:01) SteveC: gotta wait for violet then :)

(16:24:04) Poozle: Only one mod is missing

(16:24:05) Riiick: :)

(16:24:07) ChrisUK: Can he press one button with his foot??

(16:24:10) skenmy: two are missing

(16:24:14) chundleburry: Tape the button down

(16:24:16) x2k: can he reach out with anything laying around to press the other button

(16:24:17) antdos: surely miranda couldn't have used the lift if two people are needed?

(16:24:17) SteveC: Mod ask him if he can contact Violet to get an update on when she'll arrive?

(16:24:19) locqust: if you need two people to enter the lift then its possible miranda isnt alone

(16:24:20) TopGun2: if it takes two people how can Miranda have used it?

(16:24:21) isca: I think we need Violet

(16:24:21) nightingale: can he use his collaspable tent?

(16:24:28) CrazyGoon: use the walking stick if u still have it

(16:24:32) Batgirl: he won't wait for violet

(16:24:33) TedInCanada: could he go back and grab a board to use and press the two buttons perhaps?

(16:24:36) bigmaddrongo: if the mines are a bse then there would be peple around to help miranda

(16:24:39) skenmy: I think he needs to wait for Violet if he cant activate it

(16:24:41) duckiemonster: Steve C: Violet had an ETA of an hour.

(16:24:41) ensor: What if you use a board from the entrance to the mine?

(16:24:43) SteveC: locqust: Good point, mods - did you get that - tell him miranda can't be down the lift shaft, or isn't alone.

(16:24:46) ChalcoDoror: maybe lean something against the switch?

(16:24:48) jojojojo: he needs a large rock, something heavy

(16:24:48) Redrum: where did everybody get the map

(16:24:49) Riiick: I really hope he waits for Violet...

(16:24:49) ChrisUK: How did Miranda get down there on her own then?

(16:24:51) sylvastriker: press the flashing button

(16:24:55) bigmaddrongo:

(16:24:56) kameleon: are you holding anything

(16:25:06) Jon79: Can u climb down the lift shaft?

(16:25:07) Juxta: Miranda clearly used a different entrance

(16:25:08) bigmaddrongo: has kurt still got his crutches

(16:25:09) bigmaddrongo: ?

(16:25:15) Juxta: He had to remove boards to get in this way

(16:25:15) trevorjarvis: does he have a ruler in his pocket?

(16:25:28) Lysithea: How do we know that Miranda is inside the mine?

(16:25:31) chundleburry: this could be a trap, did she definitely go into the mine?

(16:25:31) EG: how far does he have to reach?

(16:25:34) nightingale: Can he use the expandable rods in his tent?

(16:25:35) Croll: he's getting a board

(16:25:37) TedInCanada: maybe grab 2 boards incase one isnt long enough?

(16:25:45) Rodric: If the board were still in place at the entrance, how did Miranda get in?

(16:25:53) skenmy: he can't have gone in that way

(16:25:53) macmonkey: i have a serious suggestion that there may be a whole secret base down there

(16:25:54) locqust: possible she has help then switched all the power off after getting in

(16:25:55) Xironi: This is like one of those old-school text adventure games, only better. X3

(16:25:57) jojojojo: good boy ollie

(16:25:57) skenmy: *She can't

(16:25:57) psyche: She may well know another way in.

(16:25:59) Okita: Kurt's inventory: board, tent, camping supplies, key

(16:26:01) CrazyGoon: different entrance?

(16:26:09) Riiick: Why to I get the feeling that in an hour Violet is going to have to rescue him

(16:26:10) Weefz: the map doesn't show a diff entrance.

(16:26:10) Envoy: is there a map site for this area I can look at?

(16:26:12) GregT: I have some people on Syzygy who are complaining the server is full. They'd like someone to advise Kurt.

(16:26:25) brat-sampson: ...

(16:26:25) bigmaddrongo: mods: there are people who can't connect to the chats, can kurt boost the bandwidth or antyhing?

(16:26:28) Volunteer23019: are the buttons on the lift coloured?

(16:26:29) brat-sampson: advise him to do what?

(16:26:30) duckiemonster: GREG: suggest that one of you pass things over to us in here.

(16:26:31) Ozisim: it just took me 5 mins to log back on

(16:26:36) Scrofula: why not try pressing the second button first and the the first button

(16:26:45) duckiemonster: I'ts hideously busy and the server is totally full.

(16:26:46) ahdok: if miranda knew about the lift system, she could have easily had something to get past it, the same way kurt is about to.

(16:26:49) duckiemonster: Can you please relay.

(16:26:51) Okita: According to kurt it looks like he has to press both at the same time.

(16:26:55) chundleburry: whats in that space behind the lift on the map?

(16:27:05) locqust: lift power unit?

(16:27:08) sylvastriker: is there a hatch in the lift

(16:27:09) kameleon: feel the walls, can you feel any holes

(16:27:11) Cabbage: Can Kurt go back out of the lift and find something to use?

(16:27:16) Hawkeblu: See if he can go out the other side of the lift

(16:27:17) SteveC: Thinking about it - is there any other reason to have a double switch? Why prevent people from getting down the mine? Surely that would be a hindrance in an emergency - maybe it's simply a puzzle?

(16:27:18) brat-sampson: any response from teh board atempt yet?

(16:29:02) DJCherryPie: wow that sucked i got disconnected

(16:29:06) ChrisUK: He's gone to fetch the board

(16:29:08) MagikGuy: Everyone did :)

(16:29:08) SteveC: skenmy: True, possibly, but presumably they'd have proper security - not just needing someone with long arms ;)

(16:29:11) rlp6028: everyone did, mods channel screwed

(16:29:11) Gaspar: Kurt lost mod. cap.

(16:29:20) Unicron: Now if M is on her own can Kurt check for other clues/entrances?

(16:29:21) skenmy: SteveC -> Or needing two people.

(16:29:25) TedInCanada: ok.. why are people trying to chat in the mod room?

(16:29:27) jojojojo|away is now known as jojojojo

(16:29:29) Hituro: join #kurtmod

(16:29:32) justdig: Somebody post a clickable thing to the suggestions room

(16:29:36) Carda: Because they're dense, I guess.

(16:29:36) hellyrabbitt is now known as hellyrabbit

(16:29:37) Unicron: as she cant have used the lift if on her own

(16:29:46) Sugarcubed: whats the suggest channel please?

(16:29:48) Cabbage: Okay, as I was saying, can Kurt go back out of lift and try to find something to use on 2nd button?

(16:29:48) Riiick: It's all gone wrong...

(16:29:51) Poozle: Everyone stop talking in the kurtmod chat!

(16:29:53) SteveC: heh, is topgun2 around then?  :)

(16:29:55) ChrisUK: Kurt reckons the board will work and has gone back to fetch one

(16:29:59) TedInCanada: maybe that kickoff was a warning for people to stop pissing about?

(16:30:00) Mindez: It's all gone really wrong, yeah.

(16:30:01) Croll: DONT TALK IN KURTMOD

(16:30:01) Arc: naha

(16:30:03) TopGun2: yeah I'm here lol

(16:30:04) Jon79: I thought that was just me!

(16:30:14) Hituro: so what did we miss?

(16:30:20) Batgirl: nothing yet

(16:30:22) bigmaddrongo: I think Kurt reset to kick inactives and maybe increase the limits

(16:30:22) AnotherUselessPw: A server reset...

(16:30:23) locqust: nothing really

(16:30:25) SteveC: Topgun2 : /mode #kurtmod +o Kurt

(16:30:25) justdig: What's the name of the suggestions board?

(16:30:25) chundleburry: i think they needed to up the max number of conenctiosn on the irc

(16:30:25) Gaspar: A system reset.

(16:30:26) chundleburry: server

(16:30:28) ChrisUK: Kurt's gone back to the mine entrance to fetch a board for the 2nd lift button

(16:30:28) sylvastriker: Is there a hatch he can climb through in the lift

(16:30:29) Juxta: I think it's pretty clear that Kurt's key is having technical difficulties, #kurtchat is for everyone to speak. #kurtmod should be MODS only. If you are not one, please keep it quiet in there. Thank'ee

(16:30:34) kameleon: so where are we at

(16:30:35) Gaspar: Atta boy, Top!

(16:30:35) Cabbage: Kurt has gone for a board to press 2nd button

(16:30:38) kameleon: has kurt got the board

(16:30:46) Hituro: what second button?

(16:30:46) ChrisUK: He's gone to fetch it

(16:30:51) TopGun2: who should the mods be?

(16:30:51) kameleon: thanks

(16:30:51) ChrisUK: In the lift

(16:30:52) bigmaddrongo: can everyone leave kurtmod

(16:30:52) Tristo: what board?

(16:30:55) kameleon: lost plot then

(16:30:57) ChrisUK: At the mine entrance

(16:30:58) x2k: he was carrying a board

(16:30:59) Gaspar: Ollie, and Kurt

(16:30:59) trevorjarvis: can anyone tell me where the map is_

(16:31:00) MagikGuy: From the entrance to the mine

(16:31:00) Hituro: I accidentally turned off my router and missed a fair bit

(16:31:04) Crescent: kurt has chosen people t be mods

(16:31:04) TedInCanada: non-moderators REALLY need to leave the other room or this is all gonna go tits up

(16:31:05) Gaspar: and Cassandra, and duckie

(16:31:06) TomErritt: can anyone tell me the url where i can get the map?

(16:31:08) pelrun: everyone should leave kurtmod NOW so kurt can sort it out.

(16:31:10) skenmy: TopGun2 - op Kurt

(16:31:12) Tristo: a board for what/

(16:31:13) Tristo: ?

(16:31:14) Croll: make kurt mod he'll sort it out

(16:31:15) SteveC: Topgun2 : /mode #kurtmod +o Kurt

(16:31:22) ManicSpider: Map is

(16:31:24) Tintintin: Map:

(16:31:25) amliag: a board to press the button he can'[t reach

(16:31:26) x2k: lift has 2 bottuons - both need pressing at once

(16:31:31) SteveC: Topgun2 : /mode #kurtmod +oo Kurt Kurtbot

(16:31:33) Cabbage: for map

(16:31:35) amliag: his arms aren't ong enough to press both at the same time

(16:31:36) SteveC: or keybot..

(16:31:37) Weefz: Hituro: you just missed a server reset

(16:31:39) Gaspar: OK, order's comg back online.

(16:31:39) ChrisUK: The 2nd lift button

(16:31:42) Gaspar: *coming

(16:31:44) Flynn_ is now known as Flynn

(16:31:49) bigmaddrongo: is kurtmod safw to reenter?

(16:31:49) SteveC: so, when can we get back into kurtmod then?

(16:31:49) Volunteer23019: what color are the buitons?

(16:31:49) Tristo: map, what map?

(16:31:53) EvilGenius: tell him to get longer arms

(16:31:57) Tandia: Can someone catch those of us who struggled to get back in up - what are these buttons?

(16:32:01) Oryctolagus: Eeek

(16:32:01) Hituro: I guess it's a safety thing

(16:32:04) ulrik: where on the map is the lift?

(16:32:06) Unicron: mods, how is Kurt doing?

(16:32:06) bigmaddrongo: there's a power button by the lift

(16:32:07) violet: so whats happening?

(16:32:09) bigmaddrongo: and a second one

(16:32:09) pelrun: E0

(16:32:09) Braxis:

(16:32:13) krazykat_nz: what happened? I got booted

(16:32:13) Hituro: does he know what shaft he is in?

(16:32:14) kameleon: how far are buttons apart, can kurt use leg for one and hand for other

(16:32:15) Croll: MAKE KURT MOD

(16:32:15) wombatgirl: the board is to puch both switches at the same itme

(16:32:15) SteveC: well done TopGun2 :)

(16:32:17) bigmaddrongo: looks like both need to be pressed to switch the lift back on

(16:32:21) Tristo: help

(16:32:22) ahdok: ah wonderful.

(16:32:23) TopGun2: lol got there in the end

(16:32:23) SteveC: Croll: It's already done in #kurtmod

(16:32:25) ChrisUK: Kurt reached the mine, found a sign that said 'E1', removed board to get into the mine, found a lightswitch and found a lift....

(16:32:26) Gaspar: Still need back duckie and zaeil!

(16:32:26) chundleburry: if you look at the map theres a little button shape near the lift shaft

(16:32:26) Juxta: Kurt is just sorting out his key problems - give him a moment to do so, then we'll be back on the trail

(16:32:28) Carda: A ""bit"" expperimental?

(16:32:34) Volunteer23019: no worries you ok kurt

(16:32:35) FluffyFlummox: Leave as in 'close #kurtmod' or as in watch this one?

(16:32:35) TjmVolunteer0235: I knew it would end in tears....

(16:32:36) bigmaddrongo: Juxta: is it OK to reent er kurtmod?

(16:32:39) x2k: board worked

(16:32:39) ChrisUK: He pressed the butotn in the lift and another one on the opposite side began to flash

(16:32:41) Batgirl: what floor has he pressed?

(16:32:47) skenmy: Nicely done TopGun2

(16:32:49) ChrisUK: He's gone back for a board to that he can press both buttons at the same tiem

(16:32:50) TopGun2: ta

(16:32:53) Bobbyjoejackson: the board is to push the other lift button

(16:33:01) brat-sampson: right

(16:33:01) Rodric: It has all gone a bit quiet

(16:33:03) ChrisUK: (...and relax)

(16:33:05) brat-sampson: are we better now?

(16:33:05) Envoy: hello?

(16:33:06) Riiick: oooh

(16:33:09) Hituro: yes can we join kurtmod again?

(16:33:09) Crescent: although wanted to just watch kurtmod - have closed -hope this helps

(16:33:10) justdig: What happened to the suggestions chat room?

(16:33:11) Volunteer23019: what level are you traveling to?

(16:33:15) tanner: hi

(16:33:16) flan: ?

  • Note: Around this point Kurt posts a picture of a floorplan.

(16:33:16) Riiick: floorplan...

(16:33:17) Mindez: This is ridiculous ._.

(16:33:18) Croll: we have a picture

(16:33:18) ChrisUK: The floorplan has just appeared above

(16:33:18) Poozle: Look at the pingouts

(16:33:19) Futuro: ooh

(16:33:19) Crane: What's actually going on in the mines?

(16:33:20) pineapple: there's a picture up

(16:33:22) brat-sampson: good

(16:33:22) gahlaktus8: The maps are here:

(16:33:25) ahdok: probably want to wait a moment for all th econnections to go through...

(16:33:25) Gaspar: Remake Suggestions?

(16:33:26) brat-sampson: so teh pics thing works

(16:33:29) SteveC: Right, can a mod ask for an update on what's happening?

(16:33:29) Tally: are we winning?

(16:33:39) TopGun2: what's the web address for the mine map?

(16:33:39) brat-sampson: right

(16:33:44) brat-sampson: so when we last elft him

(16:33:45) Hituro: yes can we watch the kurtmod again yet?

(16:33:48) brat-sampson: he was fetching a board

(16:33:48) Gaspar: They bumped like half of their ops.

(16:33:51) Crescent: tell Kurt to go to level 2 - CC=central control???

(16:33:52) bigmaddrongo: kurt mod is ok to enter

(16:33:54) Juxta: Can we just have a weeee bit of patience ;o) Experimental stuff this key/text interface technology

(16:33:57) brat-sampson: to press both lift buttons at once

(16:33:57) locqust: HR - human resources?

(16:34:02) Tandia: Have there been any pictures / sounds yet?

(16:34:10) Batgirl: the board worked, he's in the lift working now

(16:34:12) brat-sampson: did he have any luck with that do we know?

(16:34:12) jojojojo: kurtmod is not modded

(16:34:13) Crane: Anyone?

(16:34:13) pineapple: Tandia: yes, there's one up now

(16:34:15) Juxta: Take deep breaths, relax, maybe sing a happy little song for a minute or three

(16:34:18) jojojojo: so its not alright

(16:34:20) KJtaylor: anyone else see that, why it go so quiet

(16:34:22) AnotherUselessPw: I've got a picture.

(16:34:31) brat-sampson: oh, ok

(16:34:31) TjmVolunteer0235: oooo - pictures!

(16:34:31) Crescent: tell him to breathe on buttons

(16:34:32) #kurtchat: mode (+o KeyBot ) by TopGun2

(16:34:33) brat-sampson: lots of buttons

(16:34:36) Crescent: BEFORE pressing buttons

(16:34:36) Batgirl: how do you get the picture?

(16:34:42) Unicron: intresting I wonder the significance of the letters

(16:34:44) Batgirl: nevermind

(16:34:48) brat-sampson: um, am I borked?

(16:34:49) Tesseract: ?

(16:34:52) Mindez: I got no picture..

(16:34:53) ChrisUK: hello again

(16:34:53) jojojojo: no brat

(16:34:54) x2k: picture?

(16:34:55) brat-sampson: everyone else borked?

(16:34:59) Oryctolagus: Yeah breathing on them will show which one has been used

(16:34:59) Tristo: press them, press them all

(16:35:00) Crescent: most recent pressed buttons will have fingerprints/marks/indents?

(16:35:01) #kurtchat: mode (+o Kurt ) by TopGun2

(16:35:02) Rodric: Am I the only one still here? And what is with these pictures?

(16:35:09) Futuro: i had to dc there - but 2 pics in total yeh?

(16:35:15) jojojojo: everyone needs to be out, as this is not the right room

(16:35:16) AnotherUselessPw: Yea

(16:35:17) beglee: i dont see the pics

(16:35:17) SteveC: I think he should head down to L1 and head over to S3

(16:35:17) Gaspar: I see no pictures.

(16:35:19) Volunteer23019: a sistamic search 1 first floor first,

(16:35:21) justdig: Get him to check somehow if any of them have recently been used

(16:35:21) Croll: can we see both pictures?

(16:35:21) ChrisUK: Did Miranda use the same entrance? I thought Kurt had to remove boards to get in

(16:35:22) TomErritt: start at thge top and work down

(16:35:31) MagikGuy: is there a fingerprint analyser on Kurt's key by any chance? lol To see if Miranda used the same entrance and used the lift?

(16:35:32) bigmaddrongo: mods: we can't all see the image

(16:35:38) Braxis: What pictures? Where can you see them?

(16:35:40) Crane: Hello?

(16:35:43) #kurtchat: mode (-o TopGun2 ) by KeyBot

(16:35:45) realrebus: is it possible for someone to do a recap for those who have only just managed to get in?

(16:35:45) rjw76: they'll be showing up in the web client

(16:35:49) CrazyGoon: what is going on?

(16:35:55) trevorjarvis: hmm all gone terribly wrong

(16:35:55) Gaspar: Fingerprint checking on buttons confirmed.

(16:36:00) Violet: whats going on?

(16:36:01) Batgirl: start at the top and work down so start at level 1?

(16:36:03) chundleburry: the pic thing has gotstuck

(16:36:08) AlterEgo: What's going on?

(16:36:10) RuthlessX: your all dying

(16:36:11) ChrisUK: Hello?

(16:36:16) SteveC: where are the pictures then?

(16:36:21) Riiick: is there any significance between the letters and the floorplan?

(16:36:24) sentinel: the pictures are above the chat

(16:36:25) chundleburry:

(16:36:31) Kiz: no fingerprints etc

(16:36:34) Crescent: tell him to mark in the ground or leave a note for violet which level he is going to -

(16:36:35) Kiz: he thinks they wore gloves

(16:36:37) ulrik: wots happening now?

(16:36:40) Oryctolagus! Oryctolagus has changed the topic to: Hey

(16:36:42) nerd: where do u go to see the pics

(16:36:42) Juxta: The images are only visible through the web client

(16:36:43) RuthlessX: You all need to go

(16:36:46) aulrian: how do i get the pictures?

(16:36:47) SteveC: I think he should head down to L1 and head over to S3

(16:36:52) kameleon: can you describe the pictures

(16:36:53) trevorjarvis: anyone else got the pic

(16:36:54) isca: Letters relate to the poem

(16:37:00) Croll: can we get rid of all the joins and quits in mirc?

(16:37:03) FinalSpin: I'd like him to check out the D/S so we can see if it's something useful

(16:37:03) Gaspar: I'm on the web client, and I see nada.

(16:37:09) ahdok: if someone can save the pictures they can put them on the net statically.

(16:37:12) devonlad: WHAT PICTURE!!!

(16:37:13) Riiick: Maybe the pics need flash 8?

(16:37:13) Crane: Hello?

(16:37:15) piddy77: could kurt show the first picture again please

(16:37:15) perplexed: help

(16:37:21) eeeqz: I'm having lots of problems...

(16:37:24) amliag: yeah it is flash 8

(16:37:26) rjw76: devonlad: if you are using the web interafce there will be pictures

(16:37:26) spugmeistress: yeah does anyone know how to get rid of joins and quits in mirc?

(16:37:28) Lum-ox: whats happening??? it looks like I got disconnected & now I can see a picture of a pannel

(16:37:29) x2k: still cant see the pics

(16:37:43) Kiz: does kurt have a heat signiture tester on his key?

(16:37:47) rjw76: if someone can see the pictures, can they get screenshots and put them online somewhere?

(16:37:51) Hituro: I am trying to hide the joins and quits too

(16:37:52) RuthlessX is now known as ruthless

(16:37:52) kakashi: so whats hapning at the moment then?

(16:37:53) Kiz: test the buttons via that

(16:37:56) chundleburry: has kurt got any superglue???

(16:37:57) pelrun: he's putting up static links

(16:37:57) Gaspar: Ollie, remake suggestions; same problem as before.

(16:38:00) Gibbet: right click and go to events

(16:38:01) antdos: [1]

(16:38:03) Crescent: sorry - typed into wrong room

(16:38:04) Gibbet: can hide from there

(16:38:05) darkflamer: tools, options, IRC, Look for ""show in active"" and ""messages"" untick all and hide all

(16:38:06) Kiz: coldest first

(16:38:07) sentinel: look in #kurtmod for links to the pics

(16:38:10) Kiz: hottest last

(16:38:12) Carda: Does anyone know if there's a function or command to filter out system messages? All these entrances and exits are getting annoying.

(16:38:16) Gaspar: Key needed?

(16:38:18) ruthless is now known as Ruthless

(16:38:19) justdig: My client keeps freezing up

(16:38:21) Gaspar: Passcode?

(16:38:28) Gaspar: Try the circuits?

(16:38:29) Unicron: try the number button followed by a letter button

(16:38:36) Gaspar: Coordinates!

(16:38:51) Geofortean: the letters are the initials of the people from the poems...

(16:38:53) Futuro: perhaps the bottom row relate to the order the top row have to be pushed

(16:38:58) Kiz: thats right

(16:39:00) Coxtin: Is this borked?

(16:39:00) Kiz: poems

(16:39:13) Guest32203: right

(16:39:15) peasmellers: could the lettered buttons shift gears?

(16:39:22) Philly: i keep getting kicked off. what buttons/letters etc? should i be seeing a pic?

(16:39:22) topsywright: what poem you all talking about?

(16:39:24) Crane: ?

(16:39:28) x2k: on the mine website

(16:39:29) Okita: The initial buttons correspodn to the poems on the silburn-griggs website

(16:39:31) MagikGuy: the one of the mining website

(16:39:32) amliag: maybe ,match the numbers with the verse in the poem?

(16:39:34) Crescent: [check website mentionned earlier for maps and poem]

(16:39:34) jojojojo: in the mine! o in the mine!

(16:39:36) Gaspar: I'm still blind on the web client.

(16:39:39) Batgirl: for the poem

(16:39:40) bigmaddrongo: [2]

(16:39:42) SteveC: so, press MS, CG, CD, BG, GH ,then the level

(16:39:43) surbz: they are the names of the people in th epoem

(16:39:50) justdig: Press MS, CG, CD, BG, GH

(16:39:55) Volunteer61124: can kurt take the panel off to expose the wires behind it?

(16:39:56) Okita: However, maybe they're not buttons. Maybe they're signals as to whether an area has that problem

(16:40:01) Hituro: Received CTCP 'PING 1148226003' (to #kurtchat) from Hituro

(16:40:04) justdig: Er, JH even

(16:40:05) Batgirl: ollie summarise it for kurt

(16:40:07) Hituro: Received CTCP 'PING 1148226006' (to #kurtchat) from Hituro

(16:40:09) Unicron: which would indicate that ms would be blocked as he was in a cave in

(16:40:14) SteveC: so, press MS, CG, CD, BG, GH ,then the level

(16:40:19) Mico: Press the buttons in the same order as in teh poem

(16:40:19) Crane: Aha!

(16:40:22) justdig: Seve, that's JH.

(16:40:22) Tesseract: names and order in the poem indicate levels??

(16:40:25) Futuro: is there a hatch exit on the ceiling of the lift?

(16:40:30) bigmaddrongo: MS: cave in

(16:40:33) SteveC: sorry, JH at the end.

(16:40:36) Batgirl: summarise it ollie!

(16:40:36) brat-sampson: right

(16:40:39) bigmaddrongo: CG: asphyxition

(16:40:40) brat-sampson: all fixed now?

(16:40:41) justdig: Hey, was that suggestions chat room re-made?

(16:40:41) brat-sampson: good

(16:40:44) Tesseract: press MS and 1

(16:40:48) Crane: Can anyone else hear me? I've had a hell of a time getting this to work...

(16:40:51) bigmaddrongo: CD: elecrocution

(16:40:53) SteveC: tell ollie to shut up ;)

(16:40:58) Futuro: crane - can read you fine

(16:41:00) Gaspar: OK, each button goes somewhere with a specidic danger; make sure that Kurt is prepared for whatever danger is associated with whatever buttons he chooses.

(16:41:02) Ruthless: no

(16:41:05) Gaspar: *specific

(16:41:14) groovygirl20: press them all at once

(16:41:27) justdig: The danger bit may be irrelevant at the moment

(16:41:36) Crescent: enquiry - the check for heat/prints on buttons - what was result?

(16:41:36) SteveC: I think he should head down to L1 and head over to S3

(16:41:36) Riiick: Woo

(16:41:38) Kiz: lift working!

(16:41:39) justdig: Soembody re-make the suggestions thing!

(16:41:43) Crane: That poem may be complete rubbish anyway...

(16:41:44) Batgirl: i'd say level 1 as well

(16:41:44) Gaspar: Wherever is least likely to casue trouble.

(16:41:44) brat-sampson: what sort of a mine has a lift with buttons labelled after people who *died* on their designated level?

(16:41:45) trevorjarvis: does kurt have a hard hat_

(16:41:48) Hawkeblu: Head for the control room

(16:41:54) SteveC: look for footprints on L1

(16:41:54) Gaspar: Suffocation, cave-ins...

(16:41:58) KeyBot!~keybot@gateway.key: KeyBot has changed the topic to: Anyone can talk in this room; please give advice and make suggestions here. If you want to read what Kurt is saying and the suggestions being relayed to him, see #kurtmod

(16:41:59) #kurtchat: mode (+t ) by KeyBot

(16:41:59) kakashi: but is that up or down?

(16:42:01) justdig: Get him to check for recently pressed buttons

(16:42:01) TedInCanada: what level are we intending to send him to?

(16:42:02) perplexed: he should go to the lowest level

(16:42:02) arieh: (control room)++

(16:42:03) groovygirl20: maybe they did something great

(16:42:07) pelrun: brat-sampson: it's not necessarily true that they died; it's just gallows humour.

(16:42:11) Okita: Lvl 4 is the only lvl that doesn't have the [A] thing.

(16:42:12) antdos: justdig: tried that alrdeay

(16:42:15) Crane: Exactly. It makes no sense for the buttons in the mines to be named after guys who probably died AFTER it was made.

(16:42:16) Gaspar: What was picked; I jumped odd.

(16:42:17) locqust: lowest ans work up?

(16:42:18) _izzy_: i think he should start on the top level and work down

(16:42:19) groovygirl20: they died because they did something great

(16:42:22) justdig: Oh, sorry, I was having problems then

(16:42:24) Weefz: It's a poem - maybe they made the names ot match the buttons

(16:42:29) trevorjarvis: if hes going to lvl one deos he have head protection?

(16:42:29) groovygirl20: and died doing it

(16:42:31) Hituro: that's something at least

(16:42:32) Weefz: so you remember

(16:42:33) kakashi: so whats been happning?

(16:42:34) Cabbage: Sorry if someone said this I got cut off, the order of the verses is 1 MS 2 CG, 2 CD 4 BG 5 JH

(16:42:36) Kiz: when he hits level one, ask him if he can tell us what D/S means !!

(16:42:38) brat-sampson: that would make more sense :P

(16:42:43) TedInCanada: the maps suggest that the lift only opens to the north side

(16:42:45) Weefz: yeah, tell him to look out for rockfalls!

(16:42:46) Kiz: its just down a bit from the L1 lift

(16:42:47) justdig: Okay, the puzzle's solved already.

(16:42:47) chundleburry: what are those A's on the map/

(16:42:53) Hituro: is there dust on the panel or not?

(16:42:54) Croll: do we think the A thing is an airlock?

(16:42:56) Croll: maybe...

(16:42:56) chundleburry: theres one on the 3 top floors

(16:42:59) SteveC: Make sure he checks for footprints leaving the lift?

(16:43:02) ahdok: an airlock in a mine?

(16:43:08) pelrun: crud

(16:43:10) justdig: Can't get out? Tell him to try opening the door.

(16:43:10) Hituro: Clean is supiscious as well

(16:43:10) pelrun: was worried about this

(16:43:11) brat-sampson: Ask why

(16:43:11) chundleburry: i dont think he can get out at 1

(16:43:15) chundleburry: Kurt go to the bottom

(16:43:16) Gaspar: Can't get out, as in what? Jammed door?

(16:43:16) arieh: why can't he?

(16:43:18) Phoenix77: probably a airshatt

(16:43:18) Volunteer23019: level 2

(16:43:18) Riiick: Level 4 then!

(16:43:18) pineapple: Try 2 then?

(16:43:19) Shoit: guess we keep going down then

(16:43:21) isca: Check for footprints

(16:43:21) pingofirst: look at the map, he can only get out on level 4

(16:43:21) brat-sampson: Any signs of a keyhole?

(16:43:21) locqust: sealed

(16:43:22) Hituro: does sound like an airlock then

(16:43:23) justdig: Different level.

(16:43:23) chundleburry: look at the shaft on the map

(16:43:23) Batgirl: try the next level?

(16:43:24) pelrun: the map has lines on all the levels at the shaft except for l4

(16:43:25) ManicSpider: You can only get out on the bottom level

(16:43:25) surbz: think level 4 is the only one with an exit

(16:43:27) Rodric: what does CH in the shaded parts of the map mean?

(16:43:27) Kiz: DS must mean u cant get out there

(16:43:28) ahdok: might not want to force it if it'll break it.

(16:43:30) pelrun: he probably can only get out on 4

(16:43:31) Volunteer23019: leve 1 is bolked

(16:43:33) perplexed: ask if he brought a bazooka

(16:43:36) Weefz: i think it might be L4 as well

(16:43:37) SteveC: maybe press CG - Carrie Gates did take her leave

(16:43:38) Gaspar: -_-

(16:43:38) Crescent: ld/s = ? ch = ?

(16:43:38) chundleburry: Level 4 has an exit

(16:43:39) EvilGenius: maybe he has to match up the floor with a person from the poem to get access

(16:43:43) patrick: What about that ventilation shaft, up in the lift shaft?

(16:43:46) justdig: yeah, level 4

(16:43:49) beglee: only level seems to have an exit from the lift


(16:43:49) Hituro: a blast door in a mine?

(16:43:57) kakashi: hes going to tyr leval four

(16:43:58) locqust: makes sense

(16:44:10) groovygirl20: where can you see the map?

(16:44:11) Crane: Neat.

(16:44:13) arieh: the use explosives in mines. So blast dfoors. Why now?

(16:44:15) kakashi: also where is the map or was that sent a while ago?

(16:44:18) psyche: Though level 4 looks like a dead end, once you get down the corridor

(16:44:19) Crane:

(16:44:21) pelrun: NOW he complains about the waste of his sunday? XD

(16:44:27) SteveC: ask him if he's any guesses what CH could be?

(16:44:32) perplexed: what kind of mine is this?

(16:44:32) Riiick: There is another lift shaft at the end

(16:44:34) brat-sampson: Stfu Ollie :p

(16:44:36) x2k: level 4 has another lift at the other end

(16:44:36) trevorjarvis: do any of the lettered buttons light up when you press a number

(16:44:36) bigmaddrongo: copper

(16:44:40) chundleburry: Whats that CH bit?

(16:44:41) Shoit: could be that level 4 is a dead end and a trap?

(16:44:42) ***macmonkey disagrees with duckie...i spend all my sundays down a mine

(16:44:43) justdig: Could be that as each level of the mine was mined out, they closed it off and moved down.

(16:44:43) Volunteer23019: there might be a barrier of some kind at the ned of level 4

(16:44:44) Ahzozah: lol, ask him what he would usually be doing, keep his mind activre

(16:44:52) Gaspar: The man's life is on the line; no funy business.

(16:44:57) Rodric: the blast doors could also be airlocks. Gas?!

(16:44:57) Hituro: do we have pictures yet?

(16:44:58) kakashi: well mac you have a very odd sunday

(16:44:59) perplexed: i had a gd satruday nite :)

(16:45:00) Kiz: the lift map only goes up to level 2 doesnt it?

(16:45:02) isca: Any pics?

(16:45:03) groovygirl20: why arent you there macmonkey

(16:45:12) justdig: Crap

(16:45:15) SteveC: maybe press CG - Carrie Gates did take her leave

(16:45:16) Gaspar: Cut down on the jibber-jabber.

(16:45:17) pelrun: guess we need to try them all

(16:45:17) arieh: ah

(16:45:18) trevorjarvis: do any of the lettered buttons light up when you press a number_

(16:45:21) ahdok: looks to me like level 4 will be open, but it'll have a puzzle door.

(16:45:22) spugmeistress: please shut up if you dont have anything important to say

(16:45:26) TedInCanada: suggest level 2 - looks to be a smaller shaft that could lead through to another level

(16:45:27) pelrun: level 2.

(16:45:27) Riiick: try all of the others I gues..

(16:45:29) Batgirl: get him to try the other 2 levels as well

(16:45:30) Weefz: maybe got to get the right combo of buttons ot pen the door

(16:45:33) Snowball: halfway down the shaft between L0 & L1 is a small shaft

(16:45:35) Weefz: to open

(16:45:39) pelrun: there's shafts to the other levels from it

(16:45:41) patrick: There's a ventilation shaft or something between E1 and L1. Could he get through there?

(16:45:42) ManleyM: maybe a code is needed to open the blast door in the lift?

(16:45:42) Unicron: is there any thing on the door? marks etc

(16:45:46) ManicSpider: Is there an exit on the other side of the lift? Or the roof?

(16:45:46) bigmaddrongo: mods - he's gonna have to try each level in turn

(16:45:47) nightingale: level two looks like it has a passage up into level 1

(16:45:53) brat-sampson: OI, Redtext: no :p

(16:45:55) Kiz: E1?

(16:45:58) duk79: try the ventilation shaft at the top

(16:45:59) Riiick: Violet will be here soon...

(16:46:01) peasmellers: could the lettered buttons be used to unlock the blast doors?

(16:46:02) Mindez: Try going back up to level 1 and seeing if he can get in the vents?

(16:46:03) Redrum: there are ways out of bothsides of the lift

(16:46:06) Crescent: blast doors imply either - security override (central office?) OR a manually created switch/mechanism

(16:46:08) ahdok: about halfway between floors 0 and 1 there appears to be some sort of service shaft? maybe that's accessable?

(16:46:10) isca: Level turn N

(16:46:11) Crane: Tell him to try pressing a level button, then the button which corresponds to it in the poem, e.g. 1 and MS, since MS is in the first verse of the poem.

(16:46:16) perplexed: try going through the side vent before level 1

(16:46:17) EvilGenius: he needs to go around to theo ther elevator to access level 1

(16:46:20) justdig: Crane- why?

(16:46:20) Devonlad: How is violet going to get down the lift???

(16:46:22) trevorjarvis: try a lettered nbutton but be prepaired

(16:46:23) macmonkey: watch out for pirates

(16:46:29) Snowball: looks like a crawl space of sorts - is it possible to stop the lift between levels?

(16:46:31) Okita: We might have been wrong about the letter buttons. The letter buttons could have signified possible danger and thus closed the blast doors when he went down to a certain level.

(16:46:40) justdig: Any way to jam the lift mechanism to stop it between the floors?

(16:46:42) Crane: Yes.

(16:46:42) groovygirl20: where theres pirates theres ninjas

(16:46:43) chundleburry: Lifts only have hatches in movies!

(16:46:44) Carda: The buttons in the lift aren't important anymore.

(16:46:51) Hituro: or he can try another shaft?

(16:46:57) ahdok: probably best to stop at 1, and look out the top yeah.

(16:46:59) Crescent: carda - don't be so sure...?!

(16:47:03) Futuro: what does the D/S on the map mean? (and no, some lifts have hatches - ive been thru one!)

(16:47:10) Crane: Yeah, but tell him NOT to fall to his death.

(16:47:15) Riiick: This sounds promising

(16:47:17) Batgirl: we think D/S might be drive shaft

(16:47:19) bigmaddrongo: like he needs to be told

(16:47:19) groovygirl20: dog s

(16:47:23) x2k: make way to shaft 3????

(16:47:27) groovygirl20: dog s

(16:47:28) groovygirl20: lol

(16:47:35) Gaspar: We need to start instituting kicks; this madness isn't exactly being helped by some of you.

(16:47:41) LillyMiller: so are there actualy 3 lifts ofr am i reading the map wrong

(16:47:42) brat-sampson: We Are

(16:47:43) Weefz: IS anyone logging #kurtmod?

(16:47:44) spugmeistress: no one has kick powers

(16:47:45) Okita: poor guy

(16:47:49) Crane: He's going out the top of the lift.

(16:47:53) SteveC: no-one has any powers other than kurt :)

(16:47:57) psyche: The second 'map' doesn't show any shaft between 0 and 1

(16:48:07) ahdok: ah, for people using IRSSI I have a nice revelation for you.

(16:48:08) Gibbet: should be to the north

(16:48:09) justdig: Seriously, somebody should re-make the suggestion channel. That way voices could watch that.

(16:48:11) trevorjarvis: anyone got any idea what the ds is on the map_

(16:48:11) nightingale: He could use different shafts to get him to level 3

(16:48:13) Crescent: ok - kurt - can you use key to monitor local electric/computer usage?

(16:48:14) Okita: Definitely up

(16:48:15) ahdok: /ignore * PARTS JOINS QUITS

(16:48:22) ahdok: ^this will ignore all the server messages.

(16:48:25) pchmtszq is now known as newnickname

(16:48:26) newnickname is now known as myf

(16:48:26) Crane: Yeesh, this is the first live event I've ever been in time for! :-)

(16:48:28) arieh: The small shaft should be due North of the lift

(16:48:31) justdig: Thanks ahdok

(16:48:39) ***ahdok grins.

(16:48:42) brat-sampson: Hah, excellent work

(16:48:44) brat-sampson: :)

(16:48:44) Hituro: thanks

(16:48:51) ***brat-sampson throws marshmallows to Ahdok

(16:48:52) Mindez: <ahdok> ^this will ignore all the server messages. <-- I love you.

(16:48:59) Crane: He's climbing up the shaft.

(16:49:01) bigmaddrongo: anyone using mirc, you can right-click the channel tab and show/hide events usingthe events option

(16:49:02) duckiemonster: Ahdok, I love you.

(16:49:03) Poozle: I got no such command :(

(16:49:03) spugmeistress: thank you ahdok

(16:49:05) ahdok: I asked a friend.

(16:49:05) ***Juxta proposes Ahdok for King

(16:49:09) Envoy: I had to duck into an internet cafe off of Bond Street to make this. Hah!

(16:49:18) Crescent: right click on name and click ignore

(16:49:19) pineapple: much ahdok love

(16:49:25) Crane: Whee! Kurt-Duct-Fun!

(16:49:26) pelrun: Kurt needs to go back towards the lift shaft after dropping onto l1. Make sure he doesn't go the other way!

(16:49:35) Unicron: warn kurt of the drop if its a standard vent shaft hes not going to have much room

(16:49:40) SteveC: Give him the heads up that he's gonna get to something marked ""D/S"" - possibly a drop shaft? Some way down without a lift..?

(16:49:41) isca: Check for smells, footprints etc

(16:49:51) Hituro: Any non-java way to see the images I can't see a thing on the non-java page

(16:49:59) perplexed: its a disused mine.. what the fuck does he expect

(16:50:00) FluffyFlummox: Check out D/S to the south after. Link down to L2 then to L3 - Drop Shaft for materials?

(16:50:01) justdig: Tell him to brace himself in the shaft (i.e. press against both walls so he doesn't fall) and climb down slowly.

(16:50:01) Futuro: are there any tracks/trails to indicate that miranda went the same way?

(16:50:02) Hituro: dust is good

(16:50:05) Okita: That's encouraging. The dust signifies that no one has gone down that route. Ie. no miranda?

(16:50:09) TomErritt: that could mean miranda had a different way

(16:50:09) justdig: Stop that Fluffy.

(16:50:09) GasparLewis: Be sure to feel with your foot so the drop isn't unexpected; common sense, but still.

(16:50:10) Crane: Yeah. ""This is so dusty!""

(16:50:11) brat-sampson: NO COLOURED TEXT PLEASE

(16:50:12) Crane: Duh.

(16:50:12) Hituro: it argues against loads of 3P people

(16:50:13) Juxta: Use PLAIN colours please

(16:50:15) Riiick: I'm guessing Miranda used the back door which skips all of this stuff

(16:50:18) pelrun: I don't think he should investigate the D/S

(16:50:18) spugmeistress: please stop using stupid colours

(16:50:21) topsywright: if theres dust everywhere, surely that means its not the way mirandas gone

(16:50:22) Volunteer61124: is it normal dust or copper dust?

(16:50:25) bigmaddrongo: I don't think we need to tell Kurt to be careful, can we just speak when we have something to actually contribute!

(16:50:25) patrick: Maybe Miranda was the one who closed off the doors to the lift shaft exits?

(16:50:27) brat-sampson: Ze *burnsss* us

(16:50:32) pelrun: avoiding anything interesting is probably the safest option

(16:50:35) Kiz: she must have done

(16:50:36) justdig: Maybe not

(16:50:39) Kiz: otherwise where did she go

(16:50:43) Crane: How could she?

(16:50:44) FluffyFlummox: Apologies, system froze for a while so probably missed the colours request

(16:50:45) alicat: map anyone??

(16:50:46) Hituro: to the control room?

(16:50:47) Crescent: kurt - before you leave - go back into the lift, go up and get another board or two - you are going to have to cross lift shafts to explore all shafts

(16:50:47) GasparLewis: Goin' down.

(16:50:50) Croll: where is that security monitoring room?

(16:50:51) justdig: Kiz, she probably got in another entrance

(16:50:54) Crane: I doubt she knows much more about the mines than us.

(16:50:54) ahdok: the drop should be about the same as the entrance of the shaft to the lift floor, so he knows what to expect.

(16:50:56) justdig: After all, she's bee reading up on the place.

(16:50:59) antdos: alicat:

(16:50:59) gherkin85: the map seems to suggest that the shafts were clsoed anyway

(16:50:59) trevorjarvis: before he moves can we have a room discription?

(16:51:04) Hituro: been there before I suspect

(16:51:04) GasparLewis: I sees it!

(16:51:05) gherkin85: nothing mirandad has done

(16:51:08) Rodric: he will soon be near to D/S. What is it?

(16:51:10) Crane: Kurt's on level one!

(16:51:13) isca: Yes Level 1

(16:51:14) Batgirl: It wasn't D/S it was D/5!

(16:51:15) bigmaddrongo: I guess we'll find out

(16:51:15) perplexed: excellenty, level one :)

(16:51:17) FluffyFlummox: head South

(16:51:18) locqust: it d/5

(16:51:18) duk79: he needs to go south to the other duct

(16:51:25) ahdok: sadly, he didn't pick up any extra lives.

(16:51:28) jojojojo: can someone who can see the pictures post them on UF? Thank you

(16:51:29) groovygirl20: have u read what kurt just put ""i doubt anyone has cleaned this for decades""

(16:51:30) Hawkeblu: His key wont be able to do directions properly!

(16:51:31) ahdok: they're kinda hard in real life.

(16:51:31) pelrun: he needs to head back the way of the duct towards the shaft

(16:51:36) x2k: Look north to determine what D/S means!!!

(16:51:40) trevorjarvis: tell kurt to wath out for the lift shaft as he moves back that way

(16:51:42) Unicron: can kurt give a rough size of the shaft ? anything of intrest visble?

(16:51:47) Tesseract: he;ll need to getto the next shaft to reach l2

(16:51:47) Braxis: Does this get Kurt anywhere? Except behind a locked blast door on L3?

(16:51:48) Crescent: looknig at the alternative routes on the map, kurt is gong to have to go across the shaft without the lift being there - Or keep climbing in abd out of lift - a board will be useful anyway to drop down holes etc to check for damaged shafts

(16:51:51) SteveC: Ollie - umm.. That's beyond the lift shaft...?

(16:51:52) Okita: Also, he should check the blast door to the south to see if he can open all of the blast doors (or at least open one manually)

(16:51:53) spugmeistress: duckie, we think its d/5

(16:51:57) Kiz: duckie, it could be D5

(16:51:58) AD: Go north first to D/S

(16:52:06) Devonlad: Couldn't his key detect foortprints (if everything is covered in dust???)

(16:52:10) ulrik: hello

(16:52:11) psyche: A must be those complexes on the plan

(16:52:16) Hituro: if he is on d5, isn't he near CR?

(16:52:17) beglee: yeah, d/5 according to the new pic

(16:52:17) psyche: A1 A2 and A3

(16:52:19) bigmaddrongo: if everything is covered in duct he could see footprints

(16:52:19) Rodric: looking at the map again - it is D5

(16:52:23) bigmaddrongo: as there would be no duct

(16:52:26) Crane: So... D5?

(16:52:27) ahdok: presumably kurt has this map as well?

(16:52:27) Jereth: whers the map at

(16:52:29) Mindez: Picture!

(16:52:30) Crane: What could that stand for?

(16:52:32) bigmaddrongo: dust*

(16:52:33) FluffyFlummox: Violet should be just above him now - it's nearly 5 gmt!

(16:52:34) Crescent: [question - is there any pictures above - can we click something to view them?]

(16:52:34) Volunteer23019: can your key pick up acustic signatures?

(16:52:38) kakashi: then what does the d mean

(16:52:39) ahdok: MAPS

(16:52:50) justdig: I just saw a quit message!

(16:52:51) bigmaddrongo: can we stop asking what things mean, we all have the same info here

(16:52:53) Six: direct link to picture please?

(16:52:54) Tesseract: he;ll need to getto the next shaft to reach l2

(16:52:57) bigmaddrongo: kurt will tell us what he sees

(16:53:03) Rodric: tell Kurt it is D5 not DS

(16:53:08) SteveC: check the ground? Any signs of hatches?

(16:53:18) Jereth: ok

(16:53:19) Riiick: Could the small squares on the plan we have be buttons?

(16:53:22) pelrun: it's an empty area anyway, d5, ds, does it matter?

(16:53:24) ahdok: oh it might be a 5 I suppose.

(16:53:26) Kiz: on our map theres little squares in the corridors

(16:53:29) Crescent: sorry - typed in wrong room again!

(16:53:29) Batgirl: they could be where directions are?

(16:53:30) kakashi: it might mnatter

(16:53:32) Kiz: on L1 its after the A

(16:53:36) trevorjarvis: tell kurt to say'* direction or *location

(16:53:37) GasparLewis: D/5 it is

(16:53:39) Kiz: L2 after the lift

(16:53:42) Crane: That makes sense... ""Direction/Signs""

(16:53:42) gahlaktus: it's d/s not d/5 look at the other ""S"" on the map

(16:53:52) nightingale: the poster has a date of 216 - that's 50 odd years ago

(16:53:54) Kiz: L3 and 4 its near the other end

(16:53:57) ahdok: aaah.

(16:53:59) Kiz: see if he can tell us what they r

(16:54:00) ManicSpider: If it

(16:54:04) groovygirl20: or due south

(16:54:05) ahdok: okay, this is a cross section map?

(16:54:08) Juxta: The link that Ahdok just posted is the map that we have of the mines, the D/5, L/2 stuff is all on there

(16:54:13) Crescent: tell kurt - LEFT HAND RULE - always go left - that way we can find/direct violet etc...

(16:54:14) trevorjarvis: ask kurt to use his voice.. or key to check magnetism cahnages

(16:54:16) ManicSpider: So you can go down to L2?

(16:54:17) Crane: So D/5 is a cross corridor.

(16:54:28) Volunteer23019: Dentination five?

(16:54:29) Crane: We only have maps of the inside area though.

(16:54:34) _izzy_: whats a cross corridor?

(16:54:43) Riiick: So I guess the control center is CC on L2 then

(16:54:44) Unicron: sorry

(16:54:45) nightingale: There's another shaft leading to level 2

(16:54:47) SteveC: more likely he can have an effect on the blast doors from this side than from within the lift

(16:54:47) kakashi: is there a way to move the blast doors

(16:54:48) pelrun: izzy: there's a corridor at right angles.

(16:54:48) Okita: Right so according to the shaft floor plan, A stands for the complex?

(16:54:50) Jereth: intesection 4 way id guess

(16:54:51) FluffyFlummox: Are the doors manual or electronic?

(16:54:56) kakashi: or even over ride them

(16:54:59) Crane: I don't think he can tell.

(16:55:01) GasparLewis: There might be an override somewhere,

(16:55:04) Weefz: can he post the floorplan somewhere?

(16:55:09) bigmaddrongo: duckie: there's a thought that the buttons in the lift may have activated the blast doors

(16:55:09) Crane: I think they're basically just massive slabs of metal.

(16:55:10) ManleyM: Has there been any sign of a security system?

(16:55:11) Crescent: kurt is seeing floorplans - can we see them -are they being shown and i'm, not able or link soemwhere?

(16:55:11) trevorjarvis: tell kurt corridors are voice activated and magnetism can distinguish direction

(16:55:12) GasparLewis: Maybe in the cross corridor?

(16:55:13) groovygirl20: or it could be ""downward spiral""

(16:55:14) Hawkeblu: The dors may look different or have controls ont he outside of the lift, he was inside before

(16:55:17) TopGun2: Ask about the floor plan

(16:55:19) Rodric: it is D%. Look at the picture above this chatscreen

(16:55:19) amliag: is there a keypad we can use on the doors?

(16:55:20) locqust: easiest way would be a crowbar, any scrap metal lying around?

(16:55:21) ManicSpider: The CR MR AO on the map may be buttons..

(16:55:23) isca: Can blast doors be slid rather than opened?

(16:55:26) Crane: No.

(16:55:29) Juxta: Plan texts colour - please

(16:55:30) Crane: Blast doors are HUGE.

(16:55:32) Rodric: I meant D5

(16:55:32) Juxta: *Plain

(16:55:34) pelrun: I think he needs to head to S2 if he can rather than get back into the lift in S1

(16:55:36) Crane: Really large slabs of metal.

(16:55:40) sentinel: can kurts key detect magnetic differences

(16:55:42) Crane: No way you could move one by hand.

(16:55:50) fyerman: do lift numbers represent floors and initials doors???

(16:55:50) macmonkey: can kurt hotwire it

(16:55:51) flan: any dynamite?

(16:55:57) Jereth: doors open

(16:55:57) Unicron: brill

(16:55:59) macmonkey: or reprogram with his key?

(16:56:03) GasparLewis: It's opened... by a button.

(16:56:04) justdig: To level 2?

(16:56:07) Volunteer23019: I am CR is control room?

(16:56:08) bigmaddrongo: can we all stick to black text please

(16:56:08) kakashi: that would be far too much fun with explasives

(16:56:08) Jereth: hes opend the doors

(16:56:10) Shoit: he should go back to the lift

(16:56:11) Crane: Nice.

(16:56:11) Batgirl: that was too easy!!

(16:56:13) trevorjarvis: can he call the lift to his location?

(16:56:16) Volunteer23019: assume

(16:56:17) nightingale: Can he use the other duct to get down to level 2?

(16:56:17) arieh: control room?

(16:56:18) ahdok: could I ask someone with pictures from earlier to PM me all of the links to them?

(16:56:21) Batgirl: he shoudl go to level 4

(16:56:22) Weefz: to the lift!

(16:56:24) justdig: CC = Control Centre?

(16:56:28) arieh: To the Control Room!

(16:56:29) ManicSpider: Keep going, find out what the A symbol is"

(16:56:30) Crescent: tell kurt to be careful - there may be gas now released

(16:56:32) patrick: Perhaps we should explore the rest of L1?

(16:56:38) bigmaddrongo: mods: take D5 to CC?

(16:56:41) isca: You may want to close the doors after passing thru them

(16:56:41) Unicron: I think exploration is in order just to see if there is any clues

(16:56:42) monker-boy: try level 3

(16:56:45) Jereth: too the lift floor level 2 cc

(16:56:45) Weefz: do we know what the space behind the lift on L0 is?

(16:56:49) Geofortean: stay and explore L1

(16:56:53) LillyMiller: do you all think the OH and CH shaded areas are the places affected by hazzerdouse gasses?

(16:56:55) Geofortean: do each level systematically

(16:56:56) Braxis: level 1

(16:57:02) Geofortean: rather than up and down all the time

(16:57:05) GasparLewis: Across the shaft of L1; another duct goes down to L2.

(16:57:09) x2k: cc level 2

(16:57:09) Batgirl: i think the control room is CR on l1?

(16:57:09) TopGun2: CR level 1 - control room?

(16:57:12) GasparLewis: Or just take the lift down.

(16:57:12) arieh: CR. Level 1

(16:57:13) locqust: control room, level one

(16:57:14) sylvastriker: put some rocks in your boots

(16:57:20) psyche: Thew control room (CC?) may have cameras or other monitoring system that we can use to find Miranda

(16:57:26) Okita: Either control room on lvl 1 (CR) or CC on lvl 2 (control center)

(16:57:29) Riiick: CR - Control room, or CC - Control Centre... which is it?

(16:57:31) pineapple: or OP for OPerations

(16:57:35) _izzy_: control room is good as from the mines site i got the impression you could see the mines

(16:57:37) ahdok: also, did we find out what the small square on level 0 was?

(16:57:39) Volunteer23019: L1 should take you to Service lift 2 but watch your feet

(16:57:42) locqust: cc - closed circuit

(16:57:47) Mindez: Where's CC?

(16:57:52) Mindez: I don't see it on the map o.o

(16:58:00) SteveC: what map is this?

(16:58:01) Weefz: On the floor plan, not the map

(16:58:03) Crane: Me neither.

(16:58:05) GasparLewis: CC is L2...

(16:58:05) Kiz: i dont see CC either

(16:58:09) isca: We are we now?

(16:58:09) piddy77: tell kurt to go to cc instead to see if he can find miranda on cams

(16:58:09) pelrun: it's on the picture he just sent

(16:58:11) Weefz: the one he's posted

(16:58:12) FluffyFlummox: There are a series of small squares on our map from the griggs site. Does one of these match up to the switch kurt pressed to open the blast door?

(16:58:12) pineapple: CC is on the floor plan

(16:58:14) Crescent: mods: has kurt explored the cross-cporridors or just sticking with the main corridors for now?

(16:58:15) Crane: Ah.

(16:58:16) Crane: Cr.

(16:58:18) GasparLewis: CR is where he's going, L1.

(16:58:21) Okita: CR might stand for Crusher <-- Chimera25

(16:58:22) Jereth: cc then

(16:58:24) groovygirl20: [3]

(16:58:26) Batgirl: anything useful in the common room?

(16:58:28) arieh: (Common Room)--

(16:58:31) ahdok: there isn't a CR

(16:58:37) Jereth: level 2 (cc), d5

(16:58:42) psyche: OK, A=annex

(16:58:43) TedInCanada: cc is level 2 part of complex a2 perhaps?

(16:58:44) spug: CC = central control?

(16:58:46) bigmaddrongo: CR on level 1

(16:58:48) _izzy_: ""Others worked far off in the control room, monitoring the maze of shafts and passages electrically from afar"" - from the mines site

(16:58:50) x2k: yup CC

(16:58:53) ahdok: oh on that pic.

(16:58:54) kakashi: its a common room

(16:58:55) ahdok: muh.

(16:58:57) Hawkeblu: Level 3 (OP) could be the control room (Operations)

(16:58:57) patrick: CR = Common Roowm, apparently. Perhaps he should take a look anyway - might be some useful old gear still in there.

(16:59:03) Crane: Doubt it.

(16:59:05) Gibbet: ""Others worked far off in the control room""

(16:59:06) bigmaddrongo: why?

(16:59:06) Snowball: There's another duct connecting L1 to L2

(16:59:09) bigmaddrongo: maybe a coffe cup?

(16:59:12) Jereth: sorry you have to do all the running around kurt

(16:59:14) Crane: They wouldn't have kept equipment in the common room.

(16:59:15) nightingale: He can go down another duct!!!

(16:59:22) Crane: That's the place they'd have taken their breaks.

(16:59:24) Ahzozah: Also guessing MR= Medical Room

(16:59:26) Carda: Can't Kurt get to the other lift further south?

(16:59:31) locqust: thisd place has been striped by the poeple wanting to make a museum remember

(16:59:31) Kiz: find out what the small squares are duckie !

(16:59:37) Tintintin: Presumably, common sense would suggest a control room would be close to the surface

(16:59:43) Volunteer45069: complex A3 (OP)

(16:59:44) Crane: Yeah.

(16:59:49) Kiz: on our map, as soon as he hits level 2 it shud b there

(16:59:49) GasparLewis: Going to L2; either try the duct on L1, or take the elevator.

(16:59:52) Kiz: maybe its a room?

(16:59:57) GasparLewis: I'd duct it; less expected.

(17:00:07) ahdok: surely the lift is stopped on floor 1, he won't need to climb back to it?

(17:00:12) GasparLewis: Elevator it is.

(17:00:12) Jereth: cr common room cc ? next best bet

(17:00:19) Weefz: he climbs quickly.

(17:00:20) Crane: Yeah.

(17:00:26) Juxta: We also have ""OP"" - Operations Post?

(17:00:29) FluffyFlummox: south

(17:00:29) Kiz: south

(17:00:32) chundleburry: south south!!

(17:00:32) monker-boy: north

(17:00:37) Crane: North.

(17:00:37) Philly: south

(17:00:37) Carda: South.

(17:00:39) psyche: South, to A

(17:00:40) piddy77: south please

(17:00:42) nightingale: north

(17:00:42) The_First_Speake: South

(17:00:44) duk79: north look at the other d5

(17:00:44) Weefz: north to D5

(17:00:44) Mico: south

(17:00:45) locqust: south

(17:00:45) SteveC: there's something really close by north - can check south after if that's not it..

(17:00:46) ahdok: can I ask what the small square on the Silburn map in floor 0 was?

(17:00:47) LillyMiller: im still worried those crosed off areas are places affected by gas

(17:00:49) Batgirl: try north

(17:00:55) locqust: go to toher lift shafts

(17:00:55) MonkeysDad: South

(17:00:55) Snowball: there's another power switch North

(17:00:57) x2k: id say north

(17:00:57) ahdok: there's quite a few of them, so I'm wondering before we encounter them.

(17:01:00) chundleburry: lillymiller - > or gas?

(17:01:04) chundleburry: water even

(17:01:09) Juxta: Uh, shouting North or South really isn't a lot of use - maybe some reasons for choosing one or t'other?

(17:01:09) austin: north

(17:01:10) TopGun2: looking for complex A2

(17:01:17) ahdok: anyone?

(17:01:29) LillyMiller: he shoild avoid s3 and be carefull in s2

(17:01:30) Crane: He's at D/5.

(17:01:31) nightingale: WS Level 3 Weapons store?

(17:01:32) Takeru: Juxta: Coin flip.

(17:01:33) asynkrobotics: there are things labeled A on levels 1 2 &3 to the south

(17:01:35) x2k: look at the order of rooms on the map, CC is just before D5

(17:01:37) SteveC: umm, that was north Kurt :)

(17:01:37) psyche: Hangon, he's gone north

(17:01:38) Crane: Weapons Store!?

(17:01:39) psyche: Instead of south

(17:01:41) bigmaddrongo: weapons? ina mine?

(17:01:42) Crane: It's a mine FFS!

(17:01:45) Weefz: um

(17:01:45) asynkrobotics: which matches the poster a1, a2 a3

(17:01:48) GasparLewis: AT CC!

(17:01:48) Futuro: isnt the d/5 noth?

(17:01:51) Weefz: south to D5??

(17:01:52) Crescent: mods: was it determined what the little sqraes was? also - how was it determined cr=common room - was there anything in tehre?

(17:01:55) bigmaddrongo: let's all speak only when we've thought twice

(17:01:56) GasparLewis: Passkey?

(17:01:57) Batgirl: watch out miranda might be in there!!

(17:01:57) ***Riiick is confused

(17:01:59) SteveC: anything to see around it?

(17:02:00) Juxta: Takeru - as excited as we all undoubtedly are, Kurt *actually* is in danger here.

(17:02:02) GasparLewis: Take a photo.

(17:02:03) _izzy_: any clues jurt?

(17:02:04) Okita: Is it an electronic or a physical lock?

(17:02:05) sylvastriker: A's are the complex's

(17:02:07) GasparLewis: Let us look at the lock.

(17:02:08) Weefz: maybe tell him his navigation is confused

(17:02:13) Crane: Oh, password cracking time!

(17:02:13) pelrun: obviously Kurt doesn't want us to waste time sending him to all the wrong places

(17:02:16) bigmaddrongo: somone hit Ollie

(17:02:18) Poozle: lol

(17:02:19) amliag: can he show us a picture of the keypad?

(17:02:19) FluffyFlummox: How's Kurt's ASCII?

(17:02:20) pelrun: he found the room

(17:02:20) monker-boy: try yistia

(17:02:21) aulrian: 'They would sleep in small shacks or large makeshift barracks before heading back to work the next day again and again'

(17:02:21) SteveC: check for fingerprints on the control panel again - or worn down letters..

(17:02:21) locqust: kurt did

(17:02:23) darkflamer: SgS1(D/5 S1FP7) - (date) is at the bottom of that diagram. Any significancy?

(17:02:24) Jereth: tell kurt to look at the keys see wich have been touched recently

(17:02:25) darkflamer: SgS1(D/5 S1FP7) - (date) is at the bottom of that diagram. Any significancy?

(17:02:26) isca: Use a Doctor Who sonic key to open it

(17:02:26) Batgirl: could the poem give us the passcode?

(17:02:32) Takeru: Well, are we at the mine? We don't know which way for Kurt to go, and there's no real way to tell?

(17:02:34) Mindez: S1FP7, try that?

(17:02:34) MagikGuy: Ask is his key can decrypt the password?

(17:02:34) macmonkey: YIISTIA

(17:02:40) GasparLewis: Har har, no.

(17:02:41) Okita: He might try the fingerprints bit again as well.

(17:02:45) Futuro: tell him to press the buttons until it says error or something - so we know how many digits it is

(17:02:47) ***macmonkey kidding

(17:02:48) SteveC: check for fingerprints on the control panel again - or worn down letters..

(17:02:49) aulrian: wouldnt miranda be there?

(17:02:51) Crescent: can we see apic of the keypad?

(17:02:55) skenmy: Try S1FP7

(17:02:59) bigmaddrongo: mods: can Kurt get us a pic

(17:02:59) Crane: Get him to give us a picture.

(17:03:02) Crane: BEFORE he touches it.

(17:03:03) TedInCanada: oops posted in wrong forum

(17:03:05) sylvastriker: FP7

(17:03:11) x2k: need to see keypad

(17:03:15) nightingale: Possibly that's just the file name of the document?

(17:03:16) Juxta: Take a look around the walls

(17:03:17) Weefz: looks like just standard government doc reference codes rather than password

(17:03:18) TopGun2: is it pureley numeric keypad ?

(17:03:26) Hituro: we don't know yet

(17:03:27) ahdok: he said alphanumeric I think.

(17:03:28) Weefz: alphanumeric

(17:03:30) Braxis: alphanumeric

(17:03:31) Crane: He says alphanumeric.

(17:03:33) SteveC: otherwise type ""password"" :)

(17:03:34) psyche: It's 5 - Violet should be here soon

(17:03:35) justdig: We can't get hem to check every single sequence of letters/numbers we see.

(17:03:35) Crane: So numbers and letters,.

(17:03:37) ManleyM: Maybe the code is in the common room?

(17:03:41) Kiz: is there any clean keys on the pad? indicating what has been pressed if anything

(17:03:44) isca: GRIGGS upside down is 599189

(17:03:55) Crescent: isca - how?

(17:03:55) Hituro: alphanumeric though

(17:03:57) Crane: That's a reach.

(17:03:57) Juxta: ""Secret codes voice activated switchs and ideosyncratic m,achines were used as the miners developed thier own language and ways of working.""

(17:03:59) Jereth: MAYBE but also see which ones have been touched then anagrams

(17:04:04) sim: standard default security password is ften 1100#

(17:04:07) macmonkey: can kurt connect the keypad to his key somehow so we can bruteforce the password?

(17:04:07) Crane: Aha!

(17:04:08) macmonkey: lol

(17:04:11) Croll: some kind of horse?

(17:04:14) Kiz: no mac

(17:04:14) Futuro: o..k...

(17:04:15) Hituro: no macmonkey

(17:04:15) Riiick: a goat?

(17:04:16) Crane: A goat?

(17:04:17) bigmaddrongo: OLLIE BE QUIET

(17:04:18) Crane: ^^

(17:04:19) Kiz: locks too old, cant conect

(17:04:19) chundleburry: a golden donkey?

(17:04:19) nightingale: Looks like a weird goat

(17:04:22) psyche: Donkey?

(17:04:23) Geofortean: snowy from tin tin lol

(17:04:24) EvilGenius: thats a billy goat

(17:04:25) AlterEgo: Donkey!

(17:04:25) ***macmonkey was still kidding

(17:04:27) Lysithea: looks like a cross between a goat and a donkey

(17:04:28) bigmaddrongo: ELEPHANT!

(17:04:28) Rodric: yellow donkey?

(17:04:28) Philly: id say donkey

(17:04:28) Tandia: Looks like a game of pin the tail on the donkey

(17:04:30) krazykat_nz: looks like a donkey

(17:04:30) pelrun: it's a goat?

(17:04:32) patrick: ...#how many is a pony in cockney slang again?

(17:04:35) isca: Crescent see map and turn it upside down

(17:04:35) TomErritt: anything 2 do with 3rd power?

(17:04:37) Volunteer45069: donkey

(17:04:38) Riiick: mmm. donkey...

(17:04:40) justdig: Okay gold... goat... donkey... could that be slang for something?

(17:04:43) kakashi: its a donkey

(17:04:44) Crane: What are the PXC Star Signs again?

(17:04:48) x2k: try ""A55""

(17:04:50) Crane: Could it be related?

(17:04:51) amliag: d0nk3y?

(17:04:53) rlp6028: or 455

(17:04:53) monker-boy: wonkey donkey?

(17:04:53) amliag: :)

(17:04:53) sylvastriker: touch the tail

(17:04:56) kameleon: or ass

(17:05:01) Ciaran: Hi.

(17:05:02) bigmaddrongo: mods: can kurt try to find out how long a code we need?

(17:05:02) Jereth: legless donkey anyidea

(17:05:07) macmonkey: pin the tail

(17:05:07) sylvastriker: pin the tail on the donkey?

(17:05:08) Okita: Looks painted on, but maybe he can move it?

(17:05:10) Hituro: is that teeth or a moustache?

(17:05:19) Crane: Wonkey donkey!

(17:05:23) Jereth: mustaches im already moving it to photo

(17:05:23) Crane: What was the rest of the song?

(17:05:25) Hituro: nickname for a miner or mine term?

(17:05:25) Rodric: it is a picture puzzle. you have to rearrange the parts of the donkey

(17:05:30) pelrun: don-key

(17:05:35) Crane: It's drawn on the walls.

(17:05:35) psyche: Does really look like ajigsaw

(17:05:39) asynkrobotics: the tail looks like a hand

(17:05:40) Crane: He can't rearrange it.

(17:05:41) TopGun2: we may need to take the limbs and rearrange them into letters

(17:05:41) psyche: But why is the head so big?

(17:05:45) Crescent: what is the layout of keypad? donkey has two legs raised - perhaps telling us some buttons pressed, others aren't?

(17:05:47) Hawkeblu: try just DON

(17:05:50) FluffyFlummox: what about DON? as in the key code is DON

(17:05:55) Hituro: more like a stencil

(17:06:01) Rodric: it is. i've seen it in a book.

(17:06:02) Jereth: heald almost in proportion for a healdric immage

(17:06:05) Gaspar: Packmule

(17:06:08) bigmaddrongo: MODS: is there any way for kurt to find out what length code is needed?

(17:06:10) nightingale: I think we've to do something with the legs

(17:06:13) Gaspar: Check the input length

(17:06:19) Okita: Maybe while we try to figure the donkey out, we should have him look for equipment at D/5?

(17:06:22) Crane: The tails and the two back legs are disconnected.

(17:06:23) Croll: the face looks weird

(17:06:23) sim: it's got 4 legs and 4 tassles on it's tail

(17:06:24) Hituro: still think its a memonic reminder

(17:06:30) Hituro: a nickname or something like that

(17:06:37) TopGun2: tail looks a bit like a hand

(17:06:38) Crane: Huh.

(17:06:39) justdig: Yeah

(17:06:39) buzman: Looks like a tap if you remove the legs

(17:06:42) Devonlad: the donkey isn't pointing to anything else perhaps?

(17:06:42) Gaspar: 49er is Earth miners

(17:06:47) ahdok: we could try cutting the picture up and rearranging the bits.

(17:06:48) surbz: how about pin the tail on the donkey?

(17:06:50) Crane: Doubt it...

(17:06:53) ahdok: I don't have a printer though :(

(17:06:55) bigmaddrongo: somebody get to work in Photoshop

(17:06:59) Crane: Handtail? Missinglegs?

(17:07:01) Gaspar: key: don

(17:07:02) Jereth: i mon it im on it

(17:07:07) Gaspar: D-O-N

(17:07:13) Crescent: WHERE is the donkey picture?

(17:07:14) Weefz: sounds ogod

(17:07:14) macmonkey: count the number of squares that make up the donkey?

(17:07:16) Hituro: don't think the legs make anything

(17:07:18) Volunteer15833: It's a billy goat

(17:07:19) Weefz: ogod=good

(17:07:23) x2k: The Golden Ass - try ""Lucius"" or ""Apuleius""

(17:07:28) Gaspar: The ""key"" itself, to the puzzle, is Don.

(17:07:29) Crane: No...

(17:07:33) xena: does the yellow colour mean anhything - from the poem??

(17:07:33) Kiz: back leg looks like it lines up with the back part of body undereath

(17:07:37) Crane: Too earth specific.

(17:07:37) Hituro: is the outline morse?

(17:07:38) Kiz: perfect size

(17:07:48) Hituro: There are dots and dashes in the blank line

(17:07:56) Crane: Yeah, but that's not a sruprise.

(17:07:59) bigmaddrongo: MODS: somebody is working on rearranging this in Photoshop

(17:08:00) Hituro: can't tell if they are coherent

(17:08:01) Weefz: I think Don is worth a try

(17:08:03) AnotherUselessPw: I'm getting it into photoshop to see if I can work anything out.

(17:08:05) Jereth: i am

(17:08:07) darkflamer: paintshop actualy :p

(17:08:14) Cabbage: Ok old Victorian puzzles turned one animal into another through dissection

(17:08:14) Jereth: and pohoto

(17:08:18) rlp6028: Metamorphoses?

(17:08:25) EvilGenius: it's not one of the star signs

(17:08:31) Hituro: they just looked quite regular crane

(17:08:38) Crane: Pity.

(17:08:38) Gaspar: Perhaps the donky is half of hte picture, and it could also look like something else.

(17:08:40) arieh: ""barrel"": The horizontal portion of a centaur's torso. (Also, the torso of a quadruped, particularly in the area of the rib cage

(17:08:41) arieh: ?

(17:08:44) Rodric: cabbage has got it spot on. but how does that give us a password

(17:08:51) Crescent: ask kurt what the star signs are in perplexcity -

(17:08:57) Crane: You know, the donkey's head looks almost like a human torso.

(17:09:00) Crescent: any donkey related?

(17:09:00) Six: what does it rearrange to?

(17:09:04) duckiemonster: Crescent: we get those in the futures.

(17:09:07) arieh: we know what the star signs are in PxC

(17:09:14) realrebus: what about minotaur? hence labyrinth?

(17:09:14) Tintintin: Perhaps the clue is the type of running the donkey is doing - trot, canter, gallop etc?

(17:09:15) bigmaddrongo: a couple of guys are working on it in photoshop

(17:09:17) TopGun2: back legs and tail makes an A shape

(17:09:26) Braxis: We're printing now - scissors at the ready

(17:09:40) Kiz: did u try ass?

(17:09:41) sim: maybe the dots are where you attatch the limbs to once you cut them out

(17:09:46) Crescent: duckiemonster: relatively new - where is the futures?

(17:09:48) asynkrobotics: klotski? the famous donkey puzzle?

(17:09:48) sim: like fold lines in oragami

(17:09:49) Envoy: We must be on the right track otherwise they wouldn't have the pictures to show us.

(17:09:50) Juxta: Kiz: He's already talking to us

(17:09:56) chundleburry: DAMMIT GIMP CRASHED!

(17:09:59) Okita: I don't think it's anything earth referenced because the mine was constructed before they discovered earth.

(17:10:00) Cabbage: Found a puzzle - a little white horse hidden inside an ass

(17:10:01) pineapple: crescent: sentinal

(17:10:04) Crane: Exactly.

(17:10:06) Juxta: Crescent:

(17:10:11) pelrun: hey, it really does look like a person

(17:10:17) Crane: Tell people to stop suggesting Earth-related stuff.

(17:10:24) Gaspar: Little white horse... palomino?

(17:10:25) macmonkey: any news from violet?

(17:10:34) cecilbdemented: There's something about the eye and mouth of the donkey that bothers me.

(17:10:34) bigmaddrongo: Cabbage: where did you find that?

(17:10:35) AlterEgo: WHERE'S VIOLET??

(17:10:36) Hituro: I don't see anything from cutting off the legs in photoshop

(17:10:43) cecilbdemented: think it's a clue?

(17:10:45) skenmy: Explain that an ass is a donkey

(17:10:47) skenmy: :P

(17:10:49) Crane: The crescent thing is just the donkey's eye.

(17:10:50) SteveC: How about Tretretre?

(17:10:57) Juxta: AlterEgo - please don't use all capitals. Violet will be here ""soon""

(17:10:58) Crane: Oh for the love of god no.

(17:10:59) Rodric: the legs, etc rearrange to form the outline of another animal

(17:11:03) SteveC: We don't know what one looks like - could be a recombination of that shape :)

(17:11:03) Crane: I HATE those things.

(17:11:08) Crane: :-P

(17:11:11) Crane: They get everywhere.

(17:11:13) Crescent: let kurt know: put in the dates for the hand: January 11 - February 10

(17:11:14) Futuro: ive tried in photoshop and cant see anything

(17:11:16) Jereth: neither do i im running filters

(17:11:25) Hituro: btw ... anyone know an OSX irc client that won't close on me every 30 minutes because i've not paid for it ...

(17:11:27) Cabbage: Yes ass is a donkey (dont worry) White horse of Uffington hidden inbetween legs of ass.

(17:11:30) duckiemonster: Rodric : if you can suggest which animal, that woyuld be helpful.

(17:11:35) Unicron: can any parts of the shape be applied to the map (maybe for hidden passages)?

(17:11:44) Okita: Nice job Cababge

(17:11:45) macmonkey: Hituro:Conversation irc

(17:11:45) torchwood: solved horse

(17:11:46) Devonlad: horse

(17:11:46) Carda: ...Wait, WHAT?

(17:11:46) Weefz: huh??

(17:11:50) kakashi: the doors open

(17:11:52) Rodric: cabbage is right. if you rearrange them you find a little white horse

(17:11:52) Six: well done Cabbage

(17:11:52) Gaspar: Cabbage, well done!

(17:11:55) Cabbage: Cheers

(17:11:56) MagikGuy: Well done!

(17:11:57) arieh: we're in

(17:11:59) rlp6028: Good job!

(17:12:00) Crane: Nice.

(17:12:00) Weefz: nice job, Cabbage but where's it from?

(17:12:01) macmonkey: wd cabbage

(17:12:08) x2k: nice one :)

(17:12:10) Cabbage: The Pony Puzzle

(17:12:11) Crane: What did you do?

(17:12:11) Gaspar: Send the elevator up to get Violet.

(17:12:11) kameleon: good stuff cabbage

(17:12:12) locqust: nice!

(17:12:13) Crane: To get it?

(17:12:22) bigmaddrongo: right, puzzles done, can we pay attention now

(17:12:29) Gaspar: Find the elevator controls and fetch Violet.

(17:12:33) macmonkey: be careful it might be booby trapped

(17:12:33) Cabbage: A|ndrew G Curtinn Governor of Pennsylvania C19

(17:12:35) Weefz: Thx *off to google*

(17:12:39) SteveC: how is that a horse?!?

(17:12:40) monker-boy: check dust to see which buttons top press

(17:12:42) Volunteer13056: get him to check for any areas suspiciously without dust

(17:12:49) piddy77: can we ask kurt to take a sample of the dust for analysis please mods

(17:12:53) beglee: what are the chances that he finds anothe ""clean room"" somewhere down here, hes going on about the dust a lot

(17:12:59) Crane: Yeah.

(17:13:01) Crane: Nice connection.

(17:13:07) Volunteer45069: ITS A TRAP

(17:13:09) Crane: Heyyy...

(17:13:14) xena: are there any fingerprint/foot prints?

(17:13:16) Croll: so what is miranda doing?...

(17:13:21) Gaspar: The only things you've activated were the elevator and doors; it's one of the two, I would assume.

(17:13:23) Crane: If it's so dusty, how come Miranda isn't choking to death?

(17:13:26) Hituro: where is miranda

(17:13:30) saskia: howw do I get pictures

(17:13:32) macmonkey: beware a booby trap

(17:13:33) Kiz: juxta what ya mean hes already talkin to uss. i meant try ass as a password

(17:13:35) Crane: With the asthma and all...

(17:13:39) Rodric: miranda isn't in the mine

(17:13:41) Jereth: the chances are 100% he will or he wont

(17:13:42) justdig: Crane: Perhaps she is

(17:13:43) bigmaddrongo: KIz: we're in now

(17:13:47) Okita: Miranda has an asthma like syndrome but it's not caused by the same thing as asthma

(17:13:52) Crane: Ah.

(17:14:00) Crane: Pity.

(17:14:03) Crane: ^ ^

(17:14:04) Carda: Perhaps there's a secondary control center elsewhere that we haven't found yet?

(17:14:06) FluffyFlummox: Miranda working solo? Set up a second auxiliary control centre further down?

(17:14:07) Batgirl: i think miranda only found ouot about these mines and hasn't been here before

(17:14:07) monker-boy: any breathing equipment down there

(17:14:10) Gaspar: CAn you monitor the effect you're having?

(17:14:20) Hituro: or she went to a different part of the mine

(17:14:23) FluffyFlummox: is it linux :)

(17:14:26) Crane: ^ ^

(17:14:29) locqust: nah basic

(17:14:30) chundleburry: nah, win95 :P

(17:14:31) Ahzozah: any chance of a pic of the console

(17:14:34) Ollie: DOS

(17:14:35) sim: fortran!

(17:14:35) Juxta: I'm guessing that she came in via a different entrance maybe

(17:14:36) SteveC: DR DOS

(17:14:36) Crane: He says it's ""Archaic"".

(17:14:38) jojojojo: Is Kurt fairly certain that Miranda is part of the third power?

(17:14:39) Crane: :-P

(17:14:40) kameleon: any indication of make of console kurt?

(17:14:42) bigmaddrongo: PUZZLE CHAT OHLY PLEASE

(17:14:45) chundleburry: lol @ duckie

(17:14:46) Okita: I really hope he secured the Control Center in case Miranda shows up.

(17:14:48) TopGun2: if kurt finds a menu can we have a picture please

(17:14:50) Crescent: mods: anyhting on the walls of the console room? ceiling/f;oor???

(17:14:52) ahdok: horse was a pretty weak solution, was there something behind it?

(17:14:54) Takeru: Ask what it looks like.

(17:14:54) macmonkey: any version of windows?

(17:14:56) Okita: As in close and lock the door.

(17:15:06) x2k: Surely it'd be Windows 258?

(17:15:07) Gaspar: Elevator to meet Vi.

(17:15:12) ulrik: any pictures available?

(17:15:13) Crane: He's accessed a bunch of systems.

(17:15:13) FluffyFlummox: Camera systems? Surveillance files?

(17:15:13) Rodric: more like ZX81

(17:15:14) kakashi: what systems can he use

(17:15:21) bigmaddrongo: when V arrives Kurt can go meet her

(17:15:22) _izzy_: can kurt see any signs of miranda?

(17:15:22) amliag: are there any survelillance cameras to help locate Miranda?

(17:15:27) Hawkeblu: See if he can shut down the lifts and/or turn on the cameras in the mine, maybe find Miranda

(17:15:27) SteveC: Yeah, Vi should have arrived by now - any chance he can recombine with her?

(17:15:31) amliag: any signs of recent disturbances?

(17:15:32) FoleyJames: can Kurt monitor the gas levels from there?

(17:15:34) Crescent: mods: get him to close all doors and lock them.

(17:15:38) Carda: ""Recombine""? O_o

(17:15:45) realrebus: flood mine?

(17:15:47) Crescent: THEN he can monitor for people's presence knowing they can't escape

(17:15:48) Batgirl: check out the electtical systems

(17:15:48) rlp6028: VI can run the controles while he looks. She can set traps or whatnot for the evildoer

(17:15:49) monker-boy: check for personnel

(17:15:49) brat-sampson: anything useful?

(17:15:51) _izzy_: is electricity being used anywhere odd?

(17:15:53) chundleburry: ar there any water pumps to clear the flodded parts?

(17:15:54) mattyskin: any cameras?

(17:15:55) Jereth: hmmm personeell see if he can pull up login data

(17:15:55) Kiz: can he drain water?

(17:15:55) SteveC: pictures pctures pictures?

(17:15:57) FluffyFlummox: Check personnel for poem people and mirandas aliases

(17:15:57) Juxta: The ""senior"" miners monitored the mines from a control room (probably like this one) - can he activate the cameras?

(17:15:59) brat-sampson: Howabout a big Security Override switch?

(17:16:02) x2k: any surges?

(17:16:02) pineapple: See what electrical systams have been activated recently

(17:16:07) Kiz: any pump access system? might be what the cross hatch was

(17:16:08) Shoit: can he close off specific routes to make sure people have to exit the mine a certain way

(17:16:09) brat-sampson: or a themo-map?

(17:16:11) eeeqz: Remember the poem, could still be useful (electricals etc)

(17:16:11) DJCherryPie: i got disconnected have we figured out the weird donkey?

(17:16:13) sylvastriker: any funny use of electrical systerm?

(17:16:15) ahdok: doesn't sound like they're any use as of yet,

(17:16:17) fyerman: What about camera access???

(17:16:17) bigmaddrongo: dnkey: yes

(17:16:17) Juxta: Anything on surveillance or safetey systems at all?

(17:16:21) Gaspar: Personnel tracking?

(17:16:22) Braxis: What about cameras?

(17:16:25) jojojojo: MODS: Does it show where electricty and water are being USED?

(17:16:25) Hituro: sob .... keep posting in wrong channel

(17:16:25) TedInCanada: open blast doors to other levels/close off certain parts?

(17:16:29) ahdok: although it might be that the personnel files are useful, can he get them off?

(17:16:37) ahdok: we might need them for puzzles the miners set.

(17:16:38) monker-boy: vent poisionous gases

(17:16:41) magic01: yes cherry we have

(17:16:45) SteveC: ""monitoring the maze of shafts and passages electrically from afar"" - so turn on the elctrical systems?

(17:16:48) TedInCanada: can we see the plan?

(17:16:52) Hituro: he need to turn all ventialtion on

(17:16:53) Jereth: CHECK ventalation

(17:16:56) MagikGuy: can he download the personel files to his key for analysis later on, if needed?

(17:16:57) Crane: Tell him to be careful opening stuff up. We don't want Miranda to sneak back to the surface while he's still pissing around with the blast doors.

(17:16:57) SteveC: shut down all the ventilation for 10 mins?

(17:17:09) ahdok: ooh nasty.

(17:17:12) Weefz: heehee...

(17:17:13) Riiick: Nothing touched... it could be a trick. Miranda using Kurt and us as her resources to get into the mine.

(17:17:13) Jereth: its a mine it needs vents if anything odd like areas not being ventalted

(17:17:14) Crescent: good thinkiing

(17:17:14) SteveC: S3 is at the far south L1

(17:17:15) Carda: Booyah. That's gotta be where she's holed up.

(17:17:15) Gaspar: Far south, L1, ho; stop for Violet at 0 on the way?

(17:17:16) pelrun: figured as much about L1

(17:17:17) Snowball: far south L1 is where the S2 & S3 lift shafts are

(17:17:19) NickLeP: There's another shaft over there

(17:17:19) Batgirl: head to the far south level 1 then!!

(17:17:25) Kiz: is there any water pumps??

(17:17:27) Gibbet: far south is other lifts

(17:17:33) Snowball: Far south L1 is where the S2 & S3 lift shafts are

(17:17:33) Kiz: that he can activate

(17:17:38) Kiz: to drain possible obstacles

(17:17:38) DJCherryPie: im LillyMiller BTW i had multiple names going to try to get reconnected

(17:17:41) TedInCanada: our maps of level one show two more lift shafts

(17:17:49) kakashi: can we have a pic of the systems and the mine from the computor

(17:17:49) Rodric: someone ask Kurt if the layout shows what CH is

(17:17:50) x2k: level 1 south = CR, MR, A0

(17:17:51) Batgirl: there's a weird box on the map there

(17:17:55) SteveC: could be that extra bit at the top of S2?

(17:17:59) NickLeP: The ac tivity is between the two lift shafts

(17:17:59) VisionMan: Miranda?

(17:18:00) Hituro: is there a way to get to those shafts from where he is?

(17:18:00) Weefz: another lift?

(17:18:00) Kiz: between S2 and S3= water???

(17:18:02) rlp6028: yeah, another control room?

(17:18:04) patrick: It might be Violet?

(17:18:04) FluffyFlummox: Could CH be some way relted to flooded sections? Use water system to drain? Avoid opening l4 blast doors in case level floods?

(17:18:07) Gaspar: Then cross L1 again and pass over Shaft 2 using the elevator.

(17:18:09) Okita: That weird box probably stores the equipment for the lift to work.

(17:18:09) sylvastriker: go to S3 and then up

(17:18:09) ahdok: if kurt can interface with the personnel files, and store them in a big file, we can possibly use them if the miners set puzzles about each other.

(17:18:12) SteveC: Has he any extra control or views of That area from the CC?

(17:18:13) TopGun2: check the rest of this console before rushing off to check it out

(17:18:22) Crane: Yeah.

(17:18:22) TedInCanada: there is an area above level one between the two shafts

(17:18:23) pelrun: FluffyFlummox: it's thought that CH is a gas problem

(17:18:26) bigmaddrongo: MODS: before Kurt goes any furhte, how about he heads up to see if Vi has arrived?

(17:18:26) sylvastriker: s3 and then up to the little room

(17:18:26) Carda: Lift shaft 2 looks to have a small room or corridor just above andto the south of level 1. Maybe Miranda's there?

(17:18:27) buzman: Any idication of what the CH means?

(17:18:29) Gaspar: And stop for Violet on the way; she's up by now.

(17:18:33) Crane: Make sure he get's the miner personell files.

(17:18:33) arieh: Ok. it looks like we need to get Kurt to the powered area.

(17:18:33) Jereth: chlorine

(17:18:36) Hituro: he shouldn't be so hasty!

(17:18:39) Kiz: dammit he mentioned water systems first so ask about pumps!

(17:18:40) FoleyJames: I'd have thought OH was flooded

(17:18:40) Hawkeblu: See if he can look at electrical usage over the past few months

(17:18:40) _izzy_: any files storred on the compter

(17:18:43) Gaspar: Violet first, first; 2 > 1

(17:18:43) xena: is that complex a1?

(17:18:44) Okita: Makes sure he locks the room if he leaves!

(17:18:46) DJCherryPie: un less the CH is based on the periotic table

(17:18:47) Crescent: tell kurt to stop - what else is in control room?

(17:18:47) Kiz: its CH and so do i !

(17:18:52) Volunteer45069: check on violet

(17:18:55) bigmaddrongo: DUCKIE: can Kurt check to see if V has arrived before he goes any furhter?

(17:18:56) Hituro: he needs to meet up with Violet first

(17:18:57) Snowball: will need to go to L2 as L1 appears blocked half way

(17:18:58) FluffyFlummox: Use water to neutralise/force out/diffuse gas?

(17:19:01) MagikGuy: Shouldn't he go to check for Violet?

(17:19:02) arieh: It's NOT south on 'L1 - there's a blockage in the corridor

(17:19:04) alicat: there is another level marked just above level 1 between s1 and s2, access form the lift shaft??

(17:19:07) Gaspar: Violet on L0...

(17:19:12) kakashi: can i have a pic of the mine from the computor

(17:19:18) SteveC: Yeah - Quick - tell him not to go South on L!

(17:19:22) NickLeP: There must be abother entrance somewhere, given the lack of dust disturbance so far. It would make sense that it must be at the top of another shaft, so it seems likely that Miranda went in that way, surely?

(17:19:22) amliag: any cupboards full of useful equipment?

(17:19:25) SteveC: go down to L2 and head across then up the second shaft.

(17:19:28) bigmaddrongo: MODS: looks like L1 is blocked

(17:19:32) Crescent: duckiemonster - tell him to put all lights on and leave elctric runnig - also - can he hook up his key to the computers so he can acces while travelling in the mines?

(17:19:32) Hituro: he needs mine gear

(17:19:37) Juxta: Kakashi: <--- Mine Map

(17:19:38) Kiz: god damn it ASK about the water pump !

(17:19:39) bigmaddrongo: Kurt will have to go south on L2 and head back up

(17:19:43) pelrun: the control room has been unused for ages, no need to lock it

(17:19:45) skenmy: Kiz calm down

(17:19:45) SteveC: MODS: looks like L1 is blocked

(17:19:47) Kiz: dont want him to get there and say ""its flooded""

(17:19:48) FoleyJames: Is CH a chemical formula for a gas of some kind like Methane?

(17:19:50) TopGun2: can't we check the water & personnel options on the console

(17:19:50) Juxta: Kiz - Manners please

(17:19:52) eeeqz: If he's going where theres electrical activity, watch out for anything RED!

(17:19:53) ahdok: kurt did say he saw miranda enter.

(17:19:56) SteveC: MODS: looks like L1 is blocked

(17:19:57) pelrun: FoleyJames: methane is CH4.

(17:20:00) x2k: take duct down to L2 then south

(17:20:05) SteveC: MODS: looks like L1 is blocked

(17:20:09) Kiz: its bein completely ignored tho lol, have mentioend it....5 times now

(17:20:11) bigmaddrongo: MODS: L1 looks to be blocked

(17:20:12) pelrun: CH isn't directly possible, but it could be shorthand.

(17:20:12) Gaspar: Away he goes...

(17:20:16) SteveC: MODS: looks like L1 is blocked

(17:20:16) SteveC: MODS: looks like L1 is blocked

(17:20:16) SteveC: MODS: looks like L1 is blocked

(17:20:22) SteveC: geez, wake up mods!

(17:20:22) Hituro: he'll find out the hard way then

(17:20:27) brat-sampson: hah

(17:20:27) Batgirl: he's a fast mover!

(17:20:28) Ollie: we know

(17:20:29) lightside: what can you see kurt?

(17:20:31) skenmy: jesus christ SteveC

(17:20:32) bigmaddrongo: he needs to go along L2 and head back up

(17:20:38) ahdok: can you ask him about the small square on the wall?

(17:20:40) _izzy_: blocked by what>

(17:20:44) psyche: There's a vent down to L2

(17:20:45) bigmaddrongo: rockfall

(17:20:47) brat-sampson: rockfall

(17:20:48) DJCherryPie: rockfall

(17:20:49) brat-sampson: :P

(17:20:51) bigmaddrongo: :)

(17:20:52) Crane: The vent.

(17:20:53) Riiick: he can take the lift

(17:20:58) lightside: there should be a vent to L"" kurt

(17:20:58) patrick: There's another vent on L1 that goes down to L2...?

(17:20:59) duk79: just take the lift down

(17:21:01) Gaspar: Wait, how did I do that?

(17:21:01) Crane: Tell him to climb up the vent from L2 to L1.

(17:21:04) Gaspar: Sorry, guys!

(17:21:05) asynkrobotics: what about the other lift at the other end?

(17:21:05) SteveC: can the control room move the lift down to L2 ?

(17:21:05) Crane: He's on L2 right now.

(17:21:06) SteveC: (the S2 lift)

(17:21:08) Kiz: go down to L2 then up theshaft at the end to L1

(17:21:08) Gaspar: Fluke.

(17:21:09) arieh: Waht is labelled ""A"" on the map- can Kurt find out?

(17:21:09) EvilGenius: theres a vent just behind him

(17:21:09) x2k: go down the duct/vent

(17:21:10) Crane: He's on L2.

(17:21:13) NickLeP: This mine must be tiny, if he's got halfway along it in about thuirty seconds

(17:21:14) ahdok: it should be about 1/3 of the way from the shaft to the rockfall.

(17:21:17) Crane: He's ON L2.

(17:21:18) rlp6028: can he control the lifts from the room? send S2 down to l2 and then take it back up to L1

(17:21:19) DJCherryPie: wonder if thats marchmont smith from the poem

(17:21:23) austin: can we mail violet to go down shaft 3?

(17:21:24) SteveC: can the control room move the S2 lift down to L2 ?

(17:21:28) Crane: No, wait, I'm wrong.

(17:21:29) Jereth: whered you get the map

(17:21:30) eeeqz: He needs to watch his pate too

(17:21:35) ***ahdok hugs mima

(17:21:38) Gaspar: On L1.

(17:21:42) bigmaddrongo: MODS: can we figure out what the A relates to also?

(17:21:48) trevorj: can we swee the junction box?

(17:21:50) Batgirl: at least we know what the squares are now!

(17:21:52) duk79: why use the vents when the lift is there?

(17:21:59) Crane: I think he needs to take the lift down to L2, then climb back up the vent to L1 to get around the blockage.

(17:22:01) bigmaddrongo: MODS: we have a hard time knowing if you have seen what we have writtned

(17:22:03) bigmaddrongo: written*

(17:22:09) skenmy: They have seen it.

(17:22:10) TedInCanada: A is to do with the complex... one on each of levels 1 2 3 from the lift floorplan

(17:22:10) Carda: See? At least Kurt has common sense.

(17:22:10) ahdok: kurt is sensible :)

(17:22:11) Gaspar: Might be something unexpected that way on L2.

(17:22:16) macmonkey: the lift is dangerous

(17:22:19) Gaspar: Something you;d rather get the jump on,

(17:22:22) amliag: this moves too fast to see if someone else has writte what u want to say

(17:22:25) brat-sampson: also, it moves fast, and this room's clearly full of great minds thinking alike ;)

(17:22:33) xena: he's been in over an hour - where's miranda?

(17:22:35) Hawkeblu: If the cavein is on L! there may be gas somewhere on L@

(17:22:35) Crane: Ah, I can read it all easily. ^ ^

(17:22:35) lightside: a case of too many cooks

(17:22:37) Gaspar: South in L2.

(17:22:39) Crescent: ok - quick recheck - miranda hasn't used control centre or lift by herself (no boards) impioes she has used a differetn entrance - question1 - where is she? 2 - how has she moved about?

(17:22:54) Hituro: escpecially with the doors closed

(17:22:54) arieh: If he can see the shaft, it doesn't go around the blockage

(17:22:56) Jereth: Can someon dcc me a photo of the map

(17:22:57) Poozle: We don't know Crescent

(17:22:58) bigmaddrongo: Miranda may have assistance though

(17:23:00) Carda: Except that that vent is on THIS side of the blockage.

(17:23:05) Hituro: Maybe there is a new network?

(17:23:08) trevorj: shes prolly in the area with power usage..

(17:23:11) Snowball: the vent is before the blockage on L1 - no point going back up the vent

(17:23:12) ahdok: Jereth: can you not just get it from the web address?

(17:23:14) bigmaddrongo: Jereth:

(17:23:19) Hituro: then how did she get to there?

(17:23:23) monker-boy: wild goose chase

(17:23:26) Batgirl: she obviously went in another entrace to get to where she is now at the south of L1

(17:23:27) Crescent: poozle - i know - just things to keep considering while kurt moves about

(17:23:30) Volunteer45069: It may be a trap...

(17:23:31) Crane: Oh, those tiny squares are the blockages?

(17:23:32) Crane: My bad.

(17:23:37) Poozle: Ok :)

(17:23:38) Hituro: that must be deliberate

(17:23:42) Hituro: two in the same place

(17:23:42) skenmy: Down to L3

(17:23:43) ahdok: <-- Jereth

(17:23:44) Kiz: L2 blocked

(17:23:45) bigmaddrongo: the squares are junstion boxes

(17:23:46) peasmellers: can kurt unlock all of the blast doors from the control center?

(17:23:47) Volunteer31922: it's a trap!

(17:23:51) TedInCanada: how is kurt going to get back up to L2 anyone?

(17:23:52) FinalSpin: should kurt be covering his tracks in the dust?

(17:23:52) Jereth: thanks

(17:23:52) Kiz: thats not ont he map is it?

(17:23:54) x2k: head north - theres a vent from L2 down to L3

(17:23:54) Rodric: it is like someone else said. Miranda is using Kurt to access the mine. She isn't in there

(17:23:55) justdig: Ooh, recent

(17:23:56) duk79: down to l4 then

(17:23:59) Riiick: The A on the map might be the rockfall

(17:23:59) ahdok: Crane: the tiny squares seem to be junction boxes.

(17:24:00) bigmaddrongo: MODS: can we find out what the ""A"" on the map is referring to

(17:24:02) _izzy_: how long does it look like the rockfall has been there - is it from when the mines were shut - or more recent

(17:24:02) Batgirl: looks like L3 is the only way

(17:24:04) duk79: go to l4

(17:24:05) Snowball: if the A on the map is rockfall - then the only one without one is L4

(17:24:06) Batgirl: L4 has a blockage too

(17:24:07) arieh: L? blocked too - 50p says

(17:24:07) Okita: i'm pretty sure the dotted line on the map means the blockage goes all the way down.

(17:24:16) Crane: Then how do we know the vent is before the blockage?

(17:24:20) Braxis: L4

(17:24:21) Weefz: peasmellser: already done

(17:24:26) chundleburry: okita, think that just shows which side (north/south) the map is

(17:24:26) Gaspar: Worth a go, anyway.

(17:24:27) Tintintin: The blockage is, I think, the line drawn in the middle, Crane

(17:24:28) Carda: The A's refer to complexes within the mine, not rockfalls.

(17:24:29) Crane: Ah.

(17:24:30) Crane: I see.

(17:24:31) pelrun: the blockage he found is recent, it won't be on the map

(17:24:32) Kiz: tell him to be careful, if its recent then miranda might be basicly MAKING him go exactly where she wants

(17:24:35) Gaspar: A is for Annex.

(17:24:36) Vashka: A = annex doesn't it?

(17:24:41) ManleyM: did kurt not say he saw miranda climbing the mountian maybe she is in a different mine area?

(17:24:43) pelrun: and if all the passages are blocked, what's the point? he's stuffed.

(17:24:51) Crane: Yeah, ask him if it looks like the rockfall was caused deliberately.

(17:24:52) ahdok: the rockfalls aren't on th emap.

(17:24:56) Hituro: there must be a way around surely

(17:25:00) bigmaddrongo: the maps are old, the fall is new

(17:25:03) Jereth: kurt we follow cause we care about your world

(17:25:04) macmonkey: tell kurt not to die

(17:25:10) Gaspar: 1 was old, 2 recent, 3... not there?

(17:25:17) Batgirl: the l2 rockfall is too recent to be on the map

(17:25:18) ahdok: macmonkey: we are all aware you're concerned for kurt's safety :)

(17:25:22) DPS05: Rockfalls related to the lift position maybe?

(17:25:23) justdig: Kurt, now's not the time to get contemplative.

(17:25:24) Weefz: our lives are wretched and dull by comparison

(17:25:25) Crane: Awww. Young love.

(17:25:30) Crescent: duckiemonster: ask kurt to go back to control room and access recent computer usage in mine - might be more than one mine control centre? or perhaps rcently opened and closed blast doors

(17:25:30) lightside: we have what we call the force kurt

(17:25:35) Carda: Well, they've been keeping close tabs on our culture for uears now. It's our turn. X3

(17:25:43) bigmaddrongo: its getting noisy here agin

(17:25:44) pelrun: I'm pretty sure Kurt doesn't need to be told not to die XD

(17:25:44) ahdok: wow, there are 180 people on this channel.

(17:25:49) DPS05: lift to L2 then up the access shaft maybe?

(17:25:50) bigmaddrongo: can we keep chatter down to mines stuff only

(17:25:53) Juxta: Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, Not Dead.

(17:25:55) TopGun2: recent again?

(17:25:58) ahdok: is the rockfall before the annex or after?

(17:26:00) Okita: Again, that dotted line on the map signifies that the blockage goes down all the lvls

(17:26:02) ahdok: no, newermind.

(17:26:04) Crane: Kurt's making flip remarks about not wanting to die... :-)

(17:26:06) justdig: ""Die? That's the last thing I'll do!""

(17:26:07) ahdok: the rockfalls aren't on the map.

(17:26:09) Gaspar: To L4!

(17:26:20) Okita: Or maybe not, because it's recent.

(17:26:20) Juxta: It's a recent rockfall

(17:26:21) Okita: My apologies

(17:26:22) TopGun2: level 4 looks to have a blockage further along

(17:26:22) Batgirl: has miranda caused these recent rockfalls?

(17:26:22) skenmy: Won't he need the lift to get up to L1?

(17:26:23) bigmaddrongo: the line can't be the rockfall as the map is old and the rockfalls are new

(17:26:25) Kiz: so basicly, L 1 2 and 3 are all blocked yeh?

(17:26:26) FluffyFlummox: If Kurt dies or is captured can he set up his key to tell us which? Or set a beacon for inactivity that Violet can trace?

(17:26:27) skenmy: He needs to bring S2 down to L4

(17:26:27) Hituro: I think the dotted like is just the N/S division

(17:26:27) Snowball: L4 leads to the area marked CH - which we specced may be methane gas (CH4)

(17:26:28) _izzy_: obviously someone is trying to stop us getting there

(17:26:29) pelrun: Okita: there's no point to all this if every level is blocked, duh

(17:26:35) xena: kurt came in thru site 1, maybe M used site 2?

(17:26:36) lightside: you think

(17:26:42) x2k: isnt there a blockage on L4?

(17:26:42) trevorj: what is the dotted line down the centre of the shafts?

(17:26:43) Crescent: enquiry: junction boxes - as in fuses? electrical? or spomething else?

(17:26:47) Juxta: Children play nice....

(17:26:52) Crane: Tell him to keep his nose open for gas...

(17:26:55) Jereth: whats kurts curent floor and location

(17:26:57) Weefz: trevorj: we think it marks the rockfalls

(17:26:59) Kiz: miranda is making him go there i think. duckie say this to kurt, tell him he might be playing into mirandas hands

(17:27:00) bigmaddrongo: his key can detect gas

(17:27:00) sylvastriker: chamber of horrors?

(17:27:07) Kiz: remote spot, only one route...

(17:27:08) ahdok: also, the possible gas area has some nasty spikes at the bottom.

(17:27:09) Rodric: i am still worried about CH. If it is gas then by going to L4 Kurt is walking into a trap!

(17:27:09) Hituro: no dotted like can't be rockfalls weefz

(17:27:11) Riiick: Level 4 - LR WW EG S2/M7 - I wonder what those could all be...

(17:27:11) Gaspar: Har har, Ollie.

(17:27:12) justdig: Ollie, TINAG

(17:27:13) Hawkeblu: Kurt has been warned that it might be a trap

(17:27:19) xena: what does the 17 mean?

(17:27:20) Crane: Never mind the fourth wall, eh?

(17:27:21) Cronogenesis: CH = Choking Hazard?

(17:27:21) rlp6028: Wait for Vi and the machine!

(17:27:24) _izzy_: be careful - as someone has forced him to go that route only

(17:27:26) lightside: can his key detect accustic signatures?

(17:27:26) Croll: warn him to check for gas

(17:27:26) Hituro: WW ... something water related?

(17:27:27) rlp6028: she should be there

(17:27:32) Poozle: He won't wait rlp

(17:27:32) TopGun2: if we run up against blockages in south tunnels, there are parts of north side we haven't checked

(17:27:36) EvilGenius: are the tiny aquares switches of some kind?

(17:27:38) Muffin: Central Hall??

(17:27:42) spugmeistress: tell kurt he should encounter a door or something before anything worrying

(17:27:43) Rodric: puppet mistress - Miranda!

(17:27:47) kameleon: can someone give me quick up date had to pop away to start the roast lol

(17:27:49) bigmaddrongo: MODS: we feel that Kurt should wait for the f-graph from V before going too much further

(17:27:49) Crane: Tiny squares are junction boxes.

(17:27:50) trevorj: can curt call out to see if accustic mapping works

(17:27:52) pelrun: EvilGenius: I think he said they were junction boxes.

(17:27:54) Jereth: ch is likely to be a gas probobly one that can kill

(17:28:00) anitalula: if there's gas in the lowest levels, would messing with the water controls be helpful?

(17:28:02) trevorj: or check on key for magnetic directiopns_

(17:28:11) Riiick: We shouldn't joke. Kurt is in danger here.

(17:28:12) EvilGenius: jujnction boxes meaning what?

(17:28:16) brat-sampson: Ackbar: It's a trap!

(17:28:17) Crane: No he isn't!""

(17:28:17) Hituro: miranda cannot have set up the rockfalls

(17:28:18) Juxta: Has Kurt heard any word from Violet yet?

(17:28:20) Jereth: l4 lowerright water works egress

(17:28:20) Kiz: theres a small criss cross line on L4

(17:28:21) Kiz: door maybe?

(17:28:22) eeeqz: Has anyone got the link to the floorplan pic??

(17:28:25) Okita: If he hasn't checked already, he might want to look at the D/5 on Lvl 2 for some equipment.

(17:28:26) bigmaddrongo: boxes at junctions - probably electrical systems as this is the ususal purpose

(17:28:32) Batgirl: can he not leave the mine and look for another entrance that miranda used???

(17:28:32) ahdok: kameleon: we're currently on level 4, most routes are blocked, we have access to a control room on level 1, which has personnel profiles, and some electrical monitoring.

(17:28:33) Six: [4]

(17:28:33) Jereth: yea im on it

(17:28:33) darkflamer: Violet will appear when she is needed, i am sure ;)

(17:28:36) bigmaddrongo: maps are at

(17:28:40) macmonkey: kurts ignoring the violet questions ;)

(17:28:41) spugmeistress: can someone ask if he can see a door along the shaft?

(17:28:42) Crane: We all know that Kurt is perfectly safe, since Miranda is up above murdering Violet.

(17:28:45) lightside: kurt if you dectect gas shouldnt you have to turn you key off?

(17:28:46) Gaspar: Rcokfall?

(17:28:48) FluffyFlummox: north first

(17:28:50) Kiz: dammit, crediting izzy with my spec lol

(17:28:53) Gaspar: *Rockfall?

(17:29:02) Mindez: Can we get a picture?

(17:29:05) Mindez: Of level 4?

(17:29:10) Judderman: where is Kurt ATM?

(17:29:12) bigmaddrongo: level 4

(17:29:13) x2k: level 4

(17:29:13) _izzy_: it was mine kiz! and looks different how kurt - cleaner?

(17:29:16) pelrun: hey, I thought the control room was on L2...

(17:29:20) jojojojo: Stop it with the joking guys, TINAG, Kurt is in trouble and we need to help him, NO POST NONSENSE

(17:29:20) Crescent: tell him to urinate on a piece of cloth and hold to face - natural filter for methane gas - while disgusting might save life!

(17:29:22) Jereth: i think all floors are the same layout it would make sense

(17:29:23) Judderman: np - caught up

(17:29:33) rlp6028: clean room ahead?

(17:29:34) spugmeistress: can we ask if there is a door?

(17:29:36) Crane: [tinag] Don't forget that Kurt can;t give pictures of everything, since Mind Candy needed to make them beforehand. [/tinag]

(17:29:38) macmonkey: yes crescent!

(17:29:39) chillpad: where is he now?

(17:29:40) Gaspar: Or mining that was unfinished.

(17:29:51) justdig: Yay, enclosed and floodable

(17:29:52) trevorj: fresh cut - repoened maybe?

(17:29:52) lightside: it ant surprising since its lower

(17:29:53) _izzy_: newer - was never meant for mining?

(17:30:00) spugmeistress: at the end of the shaft, it looks like there is one on the map

(17:30:02) Batgirl: there's a blockage on the map further along the south of L4

(17:30:06) Kiz: i mentioned AGES ago that kurt was being guided into miranda, but ok, u have it lol

(17:30:18) brat-sampson: It's blatently a sekrit base of operations ;)

(17:30:19) TedInCanada: WW on floorplan = water works?

(17:30:20) Crane: LIGHTS WENT OUT!

(17:30:21) _izzy_: sorry kiz :) - great minds

(17:30:22) Gaspar: Back up, now.

(17:30:28) Snowball: should be a power switch back North of L4

(17:30:30) sylvastriker: carrots man

(17:30:32) Crescent: what?

(17:30:32) pelrun: Crane: we heard.

(17:30:32) flan: its a trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(17:30:32) Gaspar: Back up, to the elevator.

(17:30:40) TopGun2: we may need to head back to the control room and make some use of the water system

(17:30:44) realrebus: is the song in the dangers list relevant?

(17:30:44) spugmeistress: <Snowball> should be a power switch back North of L4

(17:30:46) ahdok: possible that miranda has access to the control room we opened.

(17:30:46) Riiick: if the lift even works now...

(17:30:47) pineapple: elevator won't work if the lights have gone out

(17:30:48) Jereth: retreat to controll center

(17:30:50) brat-sampson: Engage operation: Run!

(17:30:51) Crescent: why is kurt not moving?

(17:30:52) Ryan: Did kurt close the control room door behind him?

(17:30:57) Kiz: oh NOw u listen to ""its a trap"" lol

(17:31:01) Crane: I bet he didn't.

(17:31:02) trevorj: does he have matches in his camp set?

(17:31:10) flan: cant his key make light tho?

(17:31:14) trevorj: as long as key says no gass light match

(17:31:14) pelrun: stay clear of the junction boxes with the water around!

(17:31:14) brat-sampson: does his key not have a torchlight?

(17:31:14) anitalula: around the methane, is fire a good idea?

(17:31:14) perplexed: ask if he has rubber soled shoes on

(17:31:14) Tintintin: Matches = very bad idea

(17:31:15) Gaspar: Try to get off the floor safely.

(17:31:17) kameleon: what are you carrying

(17:31:19) FinalSpin: If he puts his ear to the pipe he could hear something in other areas.

(17:31:20) DJCherryPie: clem devine

(17:31:20) Gaspar: SOUNd!

(17:31:21) Hawkeblu: Feel along the wall for a junction box he might be able to turn the power back on

(17:31:22) Kurt: I can hear something...

(17:31:23) Mindez: Woah

(17:31:23) skenmy: ooh

(17:31:23) Kiz: i TOLD you to check the water controls lol !

(17:31:24) trevorj: wow sound

(17:31:24) TedInCanada: the floor looks to be blocked futher down

(17:31:25) lightside: what was that

(17:31:26) Crane: Morse code!

(17:31:26) Riiick: wtf?

(17:31:27) Cabbage: Is matches Are matches a good idea in a mine full of possible gas?

(17:31:28) eeeqz: eeek! morse?!

(17:31:28) DJCherryPie: morse code?

(17:31:28) Kurt: Maybe some alarm system

(17:31:28) Crane: Morse!

(17:31:28) lightside: sos?

(17:31:32) Gaspar: THAT was morse.

(17:31:33) beglee: what was that!!

(17:31:35) cecilbdemented: He needs to keep his back against a wall to prevent someone from coming up behind him

(17:31:35) nightingale: can he stand on something rubber?

(17:31:38) skenmy: its morse

(17:31:39) pineapple: miners acoustic system

(17:31:41) brat-sampson: KURT: you're in the wrong room:P

(17:31:46) Crane: Someone get that!]

(17:31:46) sentinel: ok is anyone recording that?

(17:31:47) eeeqz: is it SOS in morse?

(17:31:51) Jereth: whats the morse sequence

(17:31:52) realrebus: check out the picture of the soundwave

(17:31:52) brat-sampson: hah

(17:31:54) trevorj: not sos

(17:31:54) Crane: Not SOS.

(17:31:54) krazykat_nz: morse

(17:31:55) sylvastriker: tap on the wall

(17:31:57) Crane: Something else.

(17:31:58) Gaspar: Not SOS: SOS = ... - - - ...

(17:32:03) chillpad: sound?

(17:32:04) DJCherryPie: yeah its to fast

(17:32:05) Jereth: oso

(17:32:06) kameleon: whats the noise

(17:32:10) trevorj: tell curt to trap on wall - pipes?

(17:32:11) Batgirl: what sound?

(17:32:13) Hawkeblu: Where is the audio link?

(17:32:17) macmonkey: thats hard to hear

(17:32:18) eeeqz: Can you ask him to send it again?

(17:32:20) ahdok: presumably it's in the java client.

(17:32:22) Poozle: Sound? I can't hear anything

(17:32:22) Crane: This is bad...

(17:32:22) Rodric: it is morse

(17:32:26) trevorj: follow the noise its miners direction finder

(17:32:26) Jereth: tell kurt to replay a sound file through his key if he can

(17:32:27) TomErritt: too fast for morse, i think

(17:32:28) Poozle: and I'm on the java client

(17:32:29) kameleon: which direction

(17:32:33) Kiz: can he link the sound to a page?

(17:32:36) Crescent: does kurt still have plank with him?

(17:32:38) macmonkey: can his key decode morse audio?

(17:32:40) sentinel: do we know where the sound is coming from?

(17:32:43) Gaspar: Could someone get a male/male cablew and record that?

(17:32:44) Riiick: - - - . - - - . - - - ?

(17:32:48) Crescent: mods: wooden plank - if so - stand on it

(17:32:49) trevorj: can his key slow down and decode_

(17:32:54) Crane: He has a link.

(17:32:54) brat-sampson: far too fast to get easily

(17:32:59) Rodric: not too fast if you're an expert. unfortunately I'm not!

(17:33:00) brat-sampson: need to slow it down

(17:33:01) lightside: can you you use you key to record

(17:33:08) bigmaddrongo:

(17:33:08) Crane: Get link in #kurtmod

(17:33:10) x2k: sounds like two messages played at once

(17:33:10) Hituro: I'm no good with morse

(17:33:13) justdig: Slow it, and seperate it... sounds like three things on top of each

(17:33:13) Gaspar: Edit the sound life.

(17:33:14) ahdok: that is not a good noise.

(17:33:15) bigmaddrongo: anyone with the right software want to slow it down

(17:33:15) justdig: other

(17:33:16) trevorj: should be miner direction thingy

(17:33:21) DJCherryPie: if you look at the audio wave immage we may be able to see something

(17:33:22) Crescent: that is defintely morse

(17:33:22) Carda: Oh great. Any amateur radio users here?

(17:33:23) Braxis: It's not sos

(17:33:23) Jereth: sound from south get the coppler guys who cracked elucidate

(17:33:26) Daffy: there's a left and right channel there

(17:33:29) Shoit: are there 2 messages

(17:33:31) Rodric: tell kurt to record it

(17:33:31) Gaspar: Ge Audacity or something; try to log the Morse.

(17:33:31) nightingale: Query or comma?#

(17:33:40) kameleon: sounds like morse code

(17:33:44) sylvastriker: see if it is triggered by movement up and dwon the shaft

(17:33:46) Shoit: seems to be 2 messages side by side

(17:33:47) Kiz: sounds like crackling electricity to me...

(17:33:48) Mindez: .--. .-- .-- ..--

(17:33:50) sentinel: so its 2 separate sounds then

(17:33:50) TedInCanada: there is morse in both channels from what i can tell - left and right speaker

(17:33:55) bigmaddrongo: can someone confirm if they are working on the morse?

(17:33:55) Gaspar: Try overlay.

(17:33:56) trevorj: does it go in deraction away from where he came in?

(17:33:58) xena: echo?

(17:34:00) Jereth: i need the sounf

(17:34:01) darkflamer: stero split?

(17:34:06) Crescent: kurt not moving

(17:34:07) bigmaddrongo:

(17:34:08) darkflamer: I'll load in cool edit

(17:34:10) Ciaran: Okay, I'm not on Windows, but for anybody who is, get CwGet - . It can help us.

(17:34:15) Ciaran: Perhaps.

(17:34:16) anitalula: one is from one end of hte tunnel and the other is from the other end

(17:34:17) Jereth: snores

(17:34:18) DJCherryPie: well it looked like multiple signals we need to isolate the white from the blue if possible

(17:34:25) macmonkey: wd drongo

(17:34:27) Crescent: MODS: does kurt have wooden plank with him still?

(17:34:43) justdig: Hey, if you look at it in goldwave, it's really obvious looking

(17:34:44) DJCherryPie: one mite be morse but the other may be distorting it

(17:34:48) trevorj: can kurts key split trransmission?

(17:34:49) darkflamer: certainly..left and right is very different

(17:34:53) Gaspar: Why is he facing a wall?

(17:34:55) Daffy: left channel: POWER

(17:34:58) Carda: It IS two separate morse signatures!

(17:35:00) Crescent: HOW does kurt know he is facing east?

(17:35:01) thewebhermit: stereo sound

(17:35:06) krazykat_nz: he's facing east maybe he should face a different direction

(17:35:13) justdig: Using o for dot, and -- for dash:

(17:35:14) brat-sampson: It's balence shifted

(17:35:15) Crane: Key-compass, I imagine.

(17:35:15) Hituro: an error with the power system?

(17:35:16) brat-sampson: definately

(17:35:18) Six: Right daffy?

(17:35:20) Mindez: If it's morse, it says pwwf.

(17:35:20) ahdok: okay, there's a beeping noise and a clicking noise.

(17:35:22) isca: 3p

(17:35:23) krazykat_nz: see if it changes depending on direction

(17:35:27) Gibbet: cake

(17:35:28) Takeru: East - left channel - North

(17:35:29) Jereth: i heard snores

(17:35:32) ahdok: if it's morse the first letter is C

(17:35:38) Daffy: right channel: DEADEND

(17:35:42) Crane: Left channel is ""POWER.

(17:35:48) Gaspar: Third; is that the implication?

(17:35:50) bigmaddrongo: good work

(17:35:54) Gaspar: Power at the dead end of the corridor.

(17:35:57) flan: woot

(17:35:58) _izzy_: well done everyone

(17:35:59) kameleon: turn west

(17:36:04) Crane: Nice.

(17:36:07) Okita: Nice job everyone.

(17:36:09) tesseract: yay back in

(17:36:11) arieh: that was some quick morseing: Well done!

(17:36:14) Batgirl: fast work guys well done!

(17:36:17) Crane: Though, if there's no power, what's making the beeping?

(17:36:17) brat-sampson: wow

(17:36:18) macmonkey: who could be sending the morse and why

(17:36:19) isca: yes

(17:36:19) brat-sampson: Good work!

(17:36:21) Crane: And it was all daffy.

(17:36:22) Carda: That's a clever system.

(17:36:22) Gaspar: Oh yeah.

(17:36:22) perplexed: how much of a trap is this?

(17:36:23) Ruthless: Nice one guys

(17:36:26) justdig: Nicely done

(17:36:26) Hituro: an automated system maybe?

(17:36:29) Crane: I just copied his from #kurtmod

(17:36:33) Takeru: perplexed: Hm, around a 9.6/10

(17:36:34) rlp6028: yeah, automated

(17:36:36) beglee: safety system of some sort

(17:36:40) Cabbage: Well done - so fast!

(17:36:40) Crescent: ASKING AGAIN - how does kurt know east adn west - thought compasses/magnetic directional not working???

(17:36:41) Jereth: so power and dead end tell him to reverse them

(17:36:44) brat-sampson: of course, that's assuming they're morsing us the truth ;)

(17:36:45) pelrun: bah, pain in the but automated system

(17:36:46) eeeqz: i can't stop thinking about the poem, "" He dressed in red and got a shock""

(17:36:58) ahdok: there was something about warning systems on the silburn griggs site?

(17:36:59) Hituro: if the power fails how does the system work ... and what's wrong with voice warnings?

(17:37:02) pelrun: remind me never to be stuck in the academy during a blackout

(17:37:02) Laurwren: tell him to watch out for red symbols

(17:37:08) kameleon: what colour are your wearing

(17:37:11) bigmaddrongo: Hituro: back up power

(17:37:11) bigmaddrongo: ?

(17:37:11) spugmeistress: crescent - the map tells us north and south

(17:37:13) macmonkey: i think they are the opposite way round

(17:37:14) Okita: so we still haven't encountered a magnetif field puzzle and an idiosyncratic machine puzzle

(17:37:16) Weefz: no light

(17:37:18) Crane: Actually, ask him what colour clothes he's wearing.

(17:37:21) Hituro: shouldn't he go back to the power box?

(17:37:23) _izzy_: be wary kurt we don't know what caused the powerfailer

(17:37:27) bigmaddrongo: he's heading that way now

(17:37:28) Carda: I think we've gotten all the use we'll get out of that poem, people.

(17:37:29) pelrun: Crane: no, don't

(17:37:29) macmonkey: if he goes to the dead end and it is a dead end we know its the truth

(17:37:30) justdig: Crane: I really doubt it's as literal as that

(17:37:30) pineapple: we've been through the coloured clothes thing

(17:37:32) Gaspar: He's going towards ""POWER""

(17:37:34) bigmaddrongo: that'ws what the morse was for

(17:37:34) Batgirl: i think its legit, we're just being paranoid about miranda

(17:37:34) pineapple: he didnt want to answer

(17:37:35) trevorj: can we see power source_

(17:37:39) Gibbet: i suspect the poem was purely for the lift order

(17:37:41) macmonkey: head towards DEAD END

(17:37:44) sas: how do I get vision i.e. pictures?

(17:37:53) Crane: Yeah, but I just want to know.

(17:37:55) bigmaddrongo: I think the colours was just to make a nice poem

(17:37:57) Jereth: man this is intense

(17:37:57) x2k: perhaps someone else is at the entrance?

(17:37:58) Gaspar: Hm?

(17:38:01) Jereth: right new immage

(17:38:04) beglee: new pic

(17:38:08) Crane: Oh great.

(17:38:14) rlp6028: darts?

(17:38:15) austin: if he was facing east, wouldnt left take him to the dead end?

(17:38:15) Gaspar: What's the input format?

(17:38:18) ahdok: yeah, the silburn griggs stie says they used acoustic systems for navivating in th edark.

(17:38:19) spugmeistress: looks kinda like runes

(17:38:20) DJCherryPie: what is that on the 3rd button

(17:38:21) kameleon: what colour clothes are you wearing

(17:38:23) Carda: Teh heq?

(17:38:24) Crane: Levers.

(17:38:26) Jereth: no looks like jap

(17:38:27) Hituro: are those nails?

(17:38:30) justdig: VSW?

(17:38:32) flan: looks like gearsticks

(17:38:32) Crane: Levers.

(17:38:34) buzman: That's 6 in morse

(17:38:36) Jereth: its a 3d puzzle

(17:38:43) Crane: They're the pattern you must move some levers in, I think.


(17:38:48) beglee: construc A from b and C?

(17:38:53) DJCherryPie: do the symbles match pathwats

(17:39:01) spugmeistress: theres VSOL around the bits

(17:39:03) Crescent: lashed up? - tied?

(17:39:06) duckiemonster: Jereth: explain further.

(17:39:07) pelrun: beglee: they're levers, not pieces of metal

(17:39:10) sas: it looks like its the same thing from different angles for most of them

(17:39:10) tesseract: A is the only one with other letters...?

(17:39:11) Weefz: move C and see what happens

(17:39:12) lightside: L = Level

(17:39:12) Okita: are the black things sticking out of the pieces levers?

(17:39:14) Davermouse: are the lamps constant?

(17:39:15) Hituro: third light mean a failure in C?

(17:39:20) Kiz: do D up and left

(17:39:23) Crane: Are those PICTURES of levers, or the levers themselves?

(17:39:26) beglee: ahhhhh, doh, levers :)

(17:39:28) lightside: L = Level

(17:39:30) Hawkeblu: Move the ""C"" lever, it's unlit

(17:39:31) brat-sampson: they're the levers on the box

(17:39:33) ahdok: please don't make random suggestions.

(17:39:33) Jereth: i saw one of these on an iq test arange them do the spire is in the same place

(17:39:35) nightingale: pull one and see what happens?

(17:39:41) Cassandra: is this Shaft 2 on the map?

(17:39:43) Juxta: Lashup - Heath Robinson/Shonky/Bit rubbish/Bodge job

(17:39:44) ahdok: I'm sure if kurt wants to randomly pull teh levels he can do so himself.

(17:39:48) buzman: Or a smudge from a finger

(17:39:48) Kiz: i emant C

(17:39:59) hannah: 4th red button from the left, is that a dirty fingerprint on it?

(17:40:01) Crescent: thanks

(17:40:04) pelrun: tell kurt to not touch the levers with his bare hands - they could be live?

(17:40:04) Crane: Ask him if that is a PICTURE of some levers, or the levers themselves.

(17:40:06) Kiz: dok, it wasnt random

(17:40:07) Hituro: I wonder if they are connections?

(17:40:16) DJCherryPie: wait i think the leavers are atached to the immages og the paths they affect

(17:40:17) Gaspar: Give a closer look at the thing in D?

(17:40:18) Davermouse: can he remove the thing stuck the D lever?

(17:40:19) bigmaddrongo: they are the levers, we have a picture of the levers

(17:40:19) Kiz: push C level up

(17:40:19) Hituro: each shape could be something to move gearing

(17:40:20) pelrun: Crane: they're levers.

(17:40:20) Judderman: any guesses as to what V W L & S stand for on lever A?

(17:40:20) Riiick: C looks promising

(17:40:27) chillpad: how do the levers move?

(17:40:31) brat-sampson: Are those red things lights or Buttons?

(17:40:35) bigmaddrongo: brat: lamps

(17:40:36) Mindez: B = VW? C = LS? D = LW?


(17:40:37) Six: lights brat

(17:40:43) Hituro: Yes do the levers move in dark grooves or just on and of?

(17:40:52) Kiz: i imagine small lights corrispond to levels, big one is right/wrong indicator

(17:40:54) brat-sampson: ok

(17:40:56) Juxta: Please don't use all caps

(17:41:06) Hituro: Are the dark patterns slots for the levers to move in?

(17:41:07) Jereth: i still think it references a 3d map of somesort

(17:41:09) Ahzozah: the only way we will know what they do is to try them

(17:41:09) Weefz: Hituro: Grooves I think

(17:41:12) asynkrobotics: it looks like the left part of the map is made of these shapes

(17:41:18) asynkrobotics: cross at the bottom

(17:41:19) Riiick: Bzzzt!

(17:41:19) Takeru: The ""thing"" in D only looks like a lens flare.

(17:41:20) sentinel: is that a letter 'v' above the first lever?

(17:41:22) Hawkeblu: Don't move D check the groove first!

(17:41:23) asynkrobotics: L above that

(17:41:26) Crescent: sorry for CAPS - was typing elsewhere adn forgot!

(17:41:30) asynkrobotics: then a short line above

(17:41:33) asynkrobotics: and a long line below

(17:41:40) Gaspar: Flip back, try C up.

(17:41:43) krazykat_nz: blast door on L! perhaphs?

(17:41:47) lightside: L = Levels, V = Vents, S = service lifts, W = Water : B and C and D could be water areas to apply said power

(17:41:48) bigmaddrongo: I think the blob on D is lens flare

(17:41:49) flan: need the lights 2 go green

(17:41:50) Kiz: try C

(17:41:52) piddy77: it looks like it should be joined DCAB perhaps with some sort of wire?

(17:41:54) Gaspar: C

(17:41:55) Juxta: So, we have to get the correct order, and greenlight them in sequence

(17:41:57) Laurwren: does the lever reset to original position?

(17:41:57) hannah: why is the 4th light darker? is it out or just dirty?

(17:42:04) bigmaddrongo: wire? they're levers

(17:42:05) brat-sampson: did the lever reset?

(17:42:09) Crane: Ask him if the leaver flickered back, or the light?

(17:42:13) DJCherryPie: the 3rd small litht loocs affected i think it may be linked to lever c

(17:42:13) Crane: *lever

(17:42:16) pelrun: the light did

(17:42:17) Hituro: light I think

(17:42:20) Gaspar: Sugar?!

(17:42:22) justdig: Ask him if the lever reset as the light flickered back.

(17:42:27) bigmaddrongo: MODS: can Kurt move lever C please

(17:42:27) DJCherryPie: its dark that may be where the powers out?

(17:42:30) AnotherUselessPw: Hahah

(17:42:32) Jereth: ok if im right and its an overlyay far right rotate90degacw middle 90acw then last as it makes the cross

(17:42:32) Crescent: ok - tell kuirt to try each switch and retrun to original position, letting us know what hapens with the lights

(17:42:37) Gaspar: Yes Try C.

(17:42:38) arieh: OK: The black lines are grooves. The black sticky-out things are levers

(17:42:40) Crescent: tha was we have info to solve this task

(17:42:48) Gaspar: Stuffy as in...

(17:42:49) Batgirl: oh no, not gas?

(17:42:52) Tesseract: gas

(17:42:52) Jereth: air promblems

(17:42:54) Crane: Kurt says it's getting stuffy, perhaps lack of oxygen?

(17:42:54) pelrun: crap, he's in a bad air zone

(17:42:54) ahdok: likely gas.

(17:42:54) Juxta: Kurt - check your key for any anomalous gas readings?

(17:42:54) Weefz: no ventilation?

(17:42:55) Hawkeblu: L=lights, W=Water, V=Ventilation, S=something ??

(17:42:55) Hituro: so do we want levers in the same positions jereth?

(17:42:57) Gaspar: ...warm? Humid?

(17:42:58) ahdok: or no ventilation.

(17:42:58) bigmaddrongo: no power = no ventilation

(17:42:58) chillpad: try v then!

(17:42:58) Riiick: oh dear...

(17:43:01) Jereth: ventalations has been cut off

(17:43:03) justdig: Not ""yet""?

(17:43:06) Gaspar: Try the vents, then.

(17:43:07) skenmy: Move A to V

(17:43:07) Crane: Oh this is fun!

(17:43:07) Snowball: V = Ventilation

(17:43:09) Judderman: guess push lever A to V then

(17:43:10) trevorj: move d lever and hold behind notch_

(17:43:11) bigmaddrongo: MODS: can Kurt try lever C please

(17:43:15) macmonkey: turn the vents on then

(17:43:19) Kiz: Let's try and do that, then, sugar

(17:43:20) bigmaddrongo: this corresponds to light 3

(17:43:20) justdig: Just try moving stuff around and see what happens.

(17:43:20) Kiz: <Kurt> Don't call me sugar if you want to keep on talking in this room

(17:43:26) hannah: Ventilation, Light, Water?

(17:43:30) aulrian: tell him to switch it to V

(17:43:36) Crescent: mods - build up of gas? get him to urinate on scrap of cloth adn tie to face - will be a filter -

(17:43:45) DJCherryPie: v- ventilaton l - lifts b- blast doors

(17:43:51) Crane: ^ ^

(17:44:00) macmonkey: try a combo of leaavers

(17:44:02) Gaspar: There's no fast solve if we don't know what each lever does.

(17:44:03) DJCherryPie: or l - lights?

(17:44:04) justdig: Ask him to try moving all levers in all possible directions and report what happens each time. Much simpler than this slow nonsense.

(17:44:04) brat-sampson: we need mroe info

(17:44:05) macmonkey: v&d

(17:44:06) Hituro: the main switch won't stay put it we can't get them all in place

(17:44:08) macmonkey: together

(17:44:10) skenmy: Has he tried all the others?

(17:44:12) brat-sampson: can't just get a solve from what we have atm

(17:44:19) isca: duckie with all respect - the chat is moving too quick to give full suggestions

(17:44:19) kameleon: try v l d

(17:44:19) lightside: A = Shift lever up to V, D to all the way right

(17:44:21) juanpablo: can you hold D and press another level too?

(17:44:26) duckiemonster: CrescenT: you have a urination obsession.

(17:44:31) cecilbdemented: move A to ""L"" while moving D

(17:44:33) duckiemonster: I'm not saying that to Kurt.

(17:44:36) Crane: Yeah, I hate to think how Kurt would react.

(17:44:37) justdig: duckie, we don't KNOW the full solution, we need him to experiment

(17:44:40) aulrian: maybe abcd relate to levels 1234

(17:44:41) Crane: It WOULD be funny though.

(17:44:45) bigmaddrongo: yeah, we need more info

(17:44:50) duckiemonster: Working on it.

(17:44:57) Laurwren: i think the cross is the location and the other three are the activate trying c and together gives no location

(17:44:57) Tintintin: OK, I suggest moving A to V, then B up, then C up, then D up.

(17:45:01) duckiemonster: We can olny go as fast as he lets us.

(17:45:03) DJCherryPie: lets just hope if it is that WR itsnt like Water Resivwor lol

(17:45:06) skenmy: Hold it at Orange, move A to V, then move D the whole way

(17:45:13) Gaspar: ABCD seems simple; ACBD?

(17:45:14) arieh: orange, green, red..... We know a poem about colours, no?

(17:45:15) Jereth: arghh next time kurt goes caveing have him pring smytex

(17:45:17) Hituro: Can he get D to stay at the corner?

(17:45:20) cecilbdemented: if L=lights, then move A to L while moving D

(17:45:22) trevorj: can kurt lock the d lever behind the blockage inthe groove?

(17:45:24) justdig: Why A to V in particular?

(17:45:26) Crescent: duckiemonster - no... just stuffiness is first symptoms of lack of air -

(17:45:31) skenmy: Switch on Vents

(17:45:32) ahdok: I'm guessing A is a control lever for four systems, as suggested Lights, Ventilation, Water and something else. whereas the other three change the status of those things.

(17:45:36) anitalula: if the A section is about different systems, what about moving that to V and then moving one of hte other levers to see if it affects that system on that level?

(17:45:43) Jereth: can the grooves be rotated

(17:45:44) Riiick: dark green - couldn't breath - oh dear

(17:45:46) ahdok: so you probably want to hold A in position and move the other levels to have useful effect.

(17:45:49) Hituro: because A won't stay on V

(17:45:52) Lum-ox: try moving b back down & d all way on

(17:45:55) Gaspar: A + B up?

(17:45:56) Hituro: it just snaps back again

(17:45:57) Crescent: duckiemonster - anyhow, if he has this cloth it will work for ages - and best to do such while he can breathee normally and act calmly

(17:45:57) justdig: Just try moving levers around and see what happens. We don't know enough about what each one does to get a solution yet!

(17:46:05) TedInCanada: dont use the water one!

(17:46:06) lightside: B and C down, hold D up

(17:46:08) bigmaddrongo: Right: A controls systems, the puzzle is how to arrange BCD to get power

(17:46:09) skenmy: By george hes got it

(17:46:17) sim: L is lifts?

(17:46:22) Juxta: Crescent: It's not getting proposed, be sensible, work on the problem at hand. :o)

(17:46:27) Crane: Yeah, tell him whatever happens, NOT to move to ""W"".

(17:46:28) ahdok: S could be the acoustic system.

(17:46:30) ahdok: Sound.

(17:46:33) ahdok: can't think of much else.

(17:46:39) DJCherryPie: would water nutralize the gasses in the lower lvls?

(17:46:41) Hituro: why B and C down?

(17:46:47) Gaspar: A to V for system, power as... C up, B down, D dogleg?

(17:46:56) Crescent: juxta - am thinking about puzzle, but without each lever's response, we are solving based on letters which could mean anything

(17:46:58) Weefz: i thought W would be good - mines need to drain water, after all.

(17:47:01) bigmaddrongo: MODS: and that wasn't tried when I aksed before because...

(17:47:05) TedInCanada: s could be Shaft (ie lift shaft power?)

(17:47:11) justdig: Exactly, crescent

(17:47:11) Jereth: whats the status

(17:47:26) Okita: Might as well try B then if we're going to try all levers

(17:47:28) bigmaddrongo: moving C on its own does nothing

(17:47:28) Cabbage: Just a thought - could these be partial letters? Lateral thinking>

(17:47:32) Hituro: well if we want the others to be in a cross we still need D at the corner

(17:47:37) Gaspar: A to V to control the vents, B-D control power.

(17:47:41) Weefz: yep - what does B do, try up and then down.

(17:47:43) trevorj: MODS could they be like accel brake n clutch in a car_ a_B_C I mean

(17:47:51) Gaspar: Flip C up, B down, and D up and across.

(17:47:54) chillpad: TRY AND GET ALL ORANGE

(17:48:01) Hituro: for a motor systsem gaspar?

(17:48:05) chillpad: sorry 4 caps

(17:48:10) Hituro: yayyyyy!

(17:48:13) ahdok: why is it that as soon as there's a level puzzle, everyone wants to pull all the levers at once?

(17:48:18) Jereth: wheres the lever immage i only have the painted thing with red

(17:48:22) bigmaddrongo: MODS: picture of the new state?

(17:48:23) pineapple: find the orange patch for C lever and do the same with B

(17:48:24) Crane: Aha!

(17:48:26) Crane: He's managed it!

(17:48:28) ahdok: slow down people and think, rather than just suggesting bajillions of random things.

(17:48:34) bigmaddrongo: [5]

(17:48:37) Hituro: got D on the corner, knew that would work

(17:48:43) Snowball: see if B or C now goes orange part way and repeat the action with the other lever

(17:48:56) Hawkeblu: The lights are going to be the most obvious indicator if this method works, move A to L and then hit lever B

(17:48:56) macmonkey: what snowball said

(17:48:57) Ahzozah: try b to active system choic

(17:48:58) Gaspar: Well, my random assumption did something.

(17:49:01) Gaspar: C before D.

(17:49:02) arieh: move A to V and then pull b

(17:49:09) Typhin: Can the lights be puhed, like buttons?

(17:49:13) bigmaddrongo: So C is up, D is left, B remains as the picture as does A

(17:49:13) Gaspar: C stops blcoking if done before D.

(17:49:16) Sugarcubed: if c is a circuit breaker the b could be power/speed

(17:49:21) buzman: Can Kurt move B up?

(17:49:24) TopGun2: B must be an ""on/off"" switch now we have power

(17:49:25) justdig: I thnik we need to work on B now, right?

(17:49:25) pelrun: Typhin: it's a lever puzzle, buttons would make it insane.

(17:49:27) perplexed: try holding B up and then moving A to L

(17:49:28) Hituro: so if the power is on do we still need to jump it with B?

(17:49:48) Croll: move A to V and B up at the same time

(17:49:48) Hituro: He has reset D, now needs to reset B?

(17:49:53) perplexed: HOLD B UP THEN MOVE A

(17:49:55) sentinel: how about, b up and a to ther right?

(17:49:59) AlterEgo: move b down

(17:50:02) Tandia: Looks like b might go up and down - has he tried both?

(17:50:17) justdig: Just chill out about A, I think we need to sort everything else out before we can do any 'controlling' with A

(17:50:19) jojojojo: its based on a circuit, so, it either in series or in parallel. need to make everything connect in order for all the lights to go on, we need to try and visulise a circuit diagram

(17:50:21) Crescent: which lights are on - what levers are in which position - could kurt tell us update in lever position and light details

(17:50:24) Hituro: He needs to move D again I think

(17:50:29) DJCherryPie: i think we should slow down im not sure its a good idea to keep randomly moving them so chaoticly

(17:50:30) Jereth: does he have air back

(17:50:42) aulrian: is b just up and down or does it have positions inbetween?

(17:50:46) Crescent: duckiemonster: thank you

(17:50:48) Gaspar: Is it still stuffy, getting better, or worse?

(17:50:48) Hituro: He should hold B up and then move D again

(17:50:50) perplexed: TO L

(17:51:00) bigmaddrongo: I think D is dealt with, no?

(17:51:00) pelrun: Move A to V - he needs air!

(17:51:07) ahdok: justdig: on the flipside, I'd guess that A tells the other levers what to do when you move them.

(17:51:09) sentinel: I think the only thing we haven't tried is moving A to the RIGHT

(17:51:15) Hituro: No I thought he used D to reset C

(17:51:17) kameleon: why u stopping

(17:51:23) bigmaddrongo: MODS: any chance of a new picture with the curren positions of the levers and lights?

(17:51:23) Hituro: Now he needs to use D to reset B

(17:51:28) lightside: is the gray part above the lights a speaker?

(17:51:28) Jereth: the immage doesnt help we need to see the box with levers

(17:51:29) macmonkey: because we're rubbish

(17:51:29) Okita: C was circuitbreaker. Thus he reset C in order to activate D.

(17:51:32) eeeqz: He's getting annoyed, calm him down mods

(17:51:32) piddy77: i think mods are confusing him :)

(17:51:33) Crane: He says it's getting crazy.

(17:51:37) Mindez: Can he go north to the other switch panel thing?

(17:51:38) jojojojo: becuase we are not hitting on the right answers

(17:51:40) isca: Does anyone notice that upside down it spells....Lilt!

(17:51:44) justdig: ahdok: I thought that too, but moving A hasn't changed the lights, which seem to indicate ""status"", so it doesn't seem that the other levers have affected the status of any one particular function

(17:51:56) Lily: there is no coordination to these attempts

(17:51:59) bigmaddrongo: MODS: any chance of a new picture with the curren positions of the levers and lights?

(17:52:00) Gaspar: The F is dubious at best.

(17:52:05) Carda: How's the air down there now, Kurt?

(17:52:06) Crane: Heh. He's basically solving it for us.

(17:52:10) Batgirl: oh god he handed us that one!

(17:52:15) ahdok: you probably want to hold A in position, and do the right thing, however, it may need some setup before that's possible.

(17:52:17) Juxta: BMD: I would doubt it, Kurt's got his hands full

(17:52:19) justdig: Crane: Yeah... he must have known this was going to happen, though >_<

(17:52:20) Crane: Because we're all so hopeless.

(17:52:21) lightside: it might be voice activated?

(17:52:21) Gaspar: Vents are on!

(17:52:24) Hawkeblu: B is the activator and A is the system, so Move A to L and THEn B

(17:52:24) Jereth: the image isnt the most helpful

(17:52:24) Hituro: wait a sec .... didn't he do that already?

(17:52:27) ahdok: thank-you kurt.

(17:52:28) trevorj: b up then c up locks green on_

(17:52:32) Croll: do the same for L

(17:52:33) perplexed: how would he no if ventillation was working?

(17:52:36) ahdok: he seems psychic to me at least :)

(17:52:38) Okita: W first

(17:52:39) AlterEgo: how many lights are on now?

(17:52:39) justdig: Try L now.

(17:52:40) Poozle: Water next

(17:52:41) bigmaddrongo: Five lamps at bottom: Status, Vents, L.., S..,W.. ?

(17:52:42) Carda: Lights would be a good thing.

(17:52:42) ahdok: lights next.

(17:52:45) Jereth: lights

(17:52:46) Riiick: This makes no sense - Does anyone have any clue why doing these things do what they do?

(17:52:49) Takeru: perplexed: Would make a distinctive sound.

(17:52:50) Gaspar: Keep A off V from now on, so you don't close them again.

(17:52:53) Jereth: then water and be ready to run

(17:52:53) psyche: Lights next, or he won't be able to see if the water's going ot be a problem

(17:52:55) buzman: I reckon W is to *drain* the water

(17:52:57) buzman: So W next

(17:52:58) Crescent: push A to 'L' then push B up

(17:52:58) juanpablo: yeah what is our aim??

(17:53:00) Laurwren: no water before lights

(17:53:02) Gaspar: Power's granted!

(17:53:06) Gaspar: Give S!

(17:53:06) Poozle: Water now

(17:53:09) Hituro: w could be to flood though ...

(17:53:09) Poozle: so w

(17:53:10) Gaspar: Water bad!

(17:53:12) Croll: whats S?

(17:53:13) Gaspar: Water bad,

(17:53:14) Ruthless: NO WATER

(17:53:14) cecilbdemented: I'm ofthe opinion that breathing is overrated. Digesting's where it's at.

(17:53:17) Jereth: hence the be ready to run

(17:53:17) Gaspar: S = Service.

(17:53:18) ahdok: we don't know what S is.

(17:53:20) Hawkeblu: Keep the water off! Don't want to be electrocuted, S could mean security

(17:53:21) Okita: Yeah, I think B switch represents a check of some sort for whatever action you use for A.

(17:53:22) DJCherryPie: but is watter bad?

(17:53:23) bigmaddrongo: right, D was used to rest C (circuit breaker) then B is used in conjunction with A to restore power to slected finctions

(17:53:23) TedInCanada: Shaft?

(17:53:24) justdig: Why would there be controls that flood the area that the controls are in?

(17:53:24) sim: what can he see now?

(17:53:30) chillpad: what you see?

(17:53:31) justdig: Who the heck would be operating them?

(17:53:32) buzman: Why would there be a lever to *flood* the level the lever's on?

(17:53:37) TopGun2: B goes down as well, I'd guess down decrease water level

(17:53:41) EvilGenius: surely we can't manage to drown him

(17:53:46) spugmeistress: water = taps?

(17:53:47) justdig: Buzman, don't steal my thoughts!

(17:53:48) bigmaddrongo: no, B going down would switch power off

(17:53:49) ManleyM: maybe d= drain?

(17:53:49) Hituro: no B down to turn a system off

(17:53:52) DJCherryPie: but it may be drainage?

(17:53:53) psyche: Perhpas S next, then - for systems?

(17:53:53) ahdok: EvilGenius: operate off TINAG?

(17:53:54) ***justdig grabs at thoughts protectively

(17:54:00) bigmaddrongo: I think all we have here is a complicated lightswitch, no more no less

(17:54:05) x2k: The morse said POWER so all these controls will be power related

(17:54:07) bigmaddrongo: lets not iverthing EVERYTHING!

(17:54:11) Gaspar: I would say S; vote?

(17:54:14) sas: would the water be hydro power for the mine lifts?

(17:54:17) ahdok: and we don't know what S does.

(17:54:17) pineapple: We've only got S left

(17:54:17) Jereth: yea bet the power is hydro electric

(17:54:19) trevorj: now get the sound on

(17:54:20) Laurwren: all systems a go?

(17:54:21) Riiick: S?

(17:54:22) Hituro: so just S

(17:54:23) justdig: S?

(17:54:25) Hawkeblu: I think S is security

(17:54:26) Weefz: sas: mines need to drain groundwater

(17:54:27) kameleon: so now water level is down can you see anything

(17:54:27) spugmeistress: s = sensors/security?

(17:54:28) bigmaddrongo: W would be waterm for drinking and stuff

(17:54:29) Hituro: do we want the sound systems on?

(17:54:30) Davermouse: ignore S as it could be security?

(17:54:34) Jereth: hence water will open the slucegates and recharge batterys

(17:54:36) brat-sampson: Well nothing else has achieved anything really

(17:54:38) TedInCanada: SHAFTS?

(17:54:39) EvilGenius: i'm with sensors

(17:54:39) Ryan: S=security or sound?

(17:54:41) Crescent: we can always turn s off again

(17:54:41) eeeqz: *revises kurt is dead poems, just in case...*

(17:54:45) ahdok: presumably he means no light as opposed to no noticeable effect.

(17:54:46) brat-sampson: and he';s basically reached the end of where he can get to now

(17:54:49) brat-sampson: I say Go S!

(17:54:50) Gaspar: Though maybe shaft or service.

(17:54:56) justdig: Okay, done everything needed. Time to get the Hell somewhere useful

(17:54:56) hannah: it probably turns the cameras on then, might be a good idea to do that

(17:54:57) perplexed: can kurt fix it?

(17:54:58) Croll: leave it off or miranda might see you

(17:55:00) austin: he already said S is service lifts

(17:55:01) Batgirl: don't do S

(17:55:04) Hituro: if s is security we might want it off if miranda can use it

(17:55:04) Gaspar: OK, S is pretty surely security.

(17:55:05) trevorj: kurt could go back to control room and check cameras?

(17:55:05) ahdok: are we sure we want cameras on?

(17:55:07) justdig: Where was he headed before all this nonsense started?

(17:55:07) TedInCanada: maybe best to leave s off if it is security as miranda could be wathcing?

(17:55:09) Tandia: which lights are on now?

(17:55:10) Crescent: mods - can kurt access security cams feed with key?

(17:55:10) rlp6028: Wit hthe cameras he could see miranda in the control room or VI could monitor for him?

(17:55:13) bigmaddrongo: OK, so levers are solved. D was used to reset C (circuit breaker) then B is a power switch used in conjunction with A to turn on/off power to systmes

(17:55:13) Six: S didn't do anything

(17:55:13) spugmeistress: please ask if he can see the door?

(17:55:13) Gaspar: Down L4 we go!

(17:55:15) Batgirl: we don't want miranda seeing him

(17:55:15) Jereth: s=system smantics or service

(17:55:16) ahdok: there's a lot of people who might find kurt with them, and only one person he wants to find.

(17:55:17) buzman: Gonna hit what looks like a door soon

(17:55:18) justdig: An area where there was electric activity on floor 2 or 1 or something?

(17:55:19) Gaspar: NO ROCKFALL!

(17:55:25) lightside: if we have no feedback to what s does should we leave it?

(17:55:26) Mindez: A door, then gas...

(17:55:26) skenmy: too soon

(17:55:28) Ryan: Can he turn on the security cams, then use the control room to observe?

(17:55:30) perplexed: ROCKFALL

(17:55:30) Juxta: Tease

(17:55:34) Gaspar: S as security, south down L4, no bostruction!

(17:55:36) trevorj: squeze through :)

(17:55:37) AnotherUselessPw: '=P

(17:55:38) EvilGenius: good idea ryan

(17:55:39) bigmaddrongo: he's already said S does nothing

(17:55:40) bigmaddrongo: puzzle solved

(17:55:41) kameleon: push

(17:55:41) perplexed: NO ROCKFALL

(17:55:44) eeeqz: Tell him to watch his pate!

(17:55:44) bigmaddrongo: he's moving on through L4

(17:55:47) buzman: Can we remind him of the mysterious CH markings now?

(17:55:47) Okita: Warn Kurt that he's heading into the CH area

(17:55:50) Hituro: be careful, she could be on the other side!

(17:55:59) kameleon: any new smells or sounds

(17:56:00) isca: Any footprints?

(17:56:01) Crescent: s APPEARS to do nothing - but we don't know if affects other area?

(17:56:01) Jereth: hold your breath kurt

(17:56:10) Ruthless: Tell Kurt to lose some weight

(17:56:14) Rodric: there appears to be an airlock up ahead with another junction box inside

(17:56:21) Gaspar: We still don't know what it is; and he does have gas sensors.

(17:56:24) chillpad: lol

(17:56:25) justdig: Check lockers.

(17:56:26) _izzy_: are all the lockers locked?

(17:56:27) Shoit: anything usefull in the lockers

(17:56:30) Snowball: LR = Locker room on the map then

(17:56:31) buzman: Biosuit?

(17:56:34) Croll: check the lockers

(17:56:35) justdig: Possibly gas suit

(17:56:36) Crescent: locker room - open every locker going from left to right - order of importance in most changing rooms

(17:56:37) pelrun: check for respiratory gear

(17:56:37) Gaspar: Check the lockers.

(17:56:38) Okita: Lockeroom will have a hazmat suit of some sort to get past the CH area I bet.

(17:56:39) Lily: check it

(17:56:41) trevorj: check locker room thenb

(17:56:41) beglee: CH cud just indiczate areas of copper

(17:56:41) DJCherryPie: gas mask

(17:56:41) perplexed: see if he can find an oxygen supply

(17:56:41) Gaspar: For gear to use.

(17:56:42) Laurwren: anyone else notice the little spikey things at the bottom of s2?

(17:56:42) skenmy: Look for a gas mask

(17:56:42) Jereth: look for a gasmask or filter

(17:56:43) TopGun2: other rooms on level 4 WW & EG

(17:56:46) macmonkey: miranda likes lockers

(17:56:49) trevorj: pic plz

(17:56:50) brat-sampson: are the mining-looking lockers, or perhaps...Somethingelse...

(17:56:50) macmonkey: watch out

(17:56:52) brat-sampson: *they

(17:56:54) Gaspar: Check the lockers?

(17:56:57) justdig: Check walls

(17:56:57) Juxta: Breathing apparatus - Kurt should be on the lookout for anything like that

(17:56:57) Riiick: puzzle!

(17:56:57) EvilGenius: look for another lcue

(17:56:58) chillpad: changing house?

(17:56:58) arieh: keypad - here we go

(17:57:00) x2k: any wall markings again?

(17:57:00) trevorj: check wal?

(17:57:01) Tandia: any images for clues to password?

(17:57:02) buzman: Any piccy hints around?

(17:57:02) Crane: Oh great.

(17:57:03) ahdok: check the lockers before opening the door.

(17:57:06) Crescent: look around for pictures - try typing in horse again

(17:57:11) lightside: kind of lock is it?

(17:57:16) isca: What wa the clue to the donkey last time?

(17:57:16) pelrun: keypad

(17:57:16) Okita: Before he tries any buttons, check for fingerprints!

(17:57:17) justdig: Keypad lock

(17:57:21) Gaspar: Or whatever might be needed to cross that point.

(17:57:28) justdig: Oh God

(17:57:29) Weefz: eek!

(17:57:30) Crane: Oh shit.

(17:57:31) lightside: nightmare

(17:57:32) sentinel: oh great

(17:57:33) Takeru: not good.

(17:57:35) bigmaddrongo: SSH!

(17:57:35) Crane: A failed one locks it down for an hour.

(17:57:38) Carda: Crap.

(17:57:38) Jereth: look with his key as a light sorce see if any have been disturbed

(17:57:39) EvilGenius: show us the keypad

(17:57:41) AnotherUselessPw: Fun...

(17:57:43) AlterEgo: check 4 clues...

(17:57:43) pineapple: then find a clue

(17:57:46) Lysithea: there must be something pretty important in that 'locker room'

(17:57:48) perplexed: he needs canariesw

(17:57:51) justdig: Plaque. :D

(17:57:51) Gaspar: Look in lockers for remnants of belongings, like notes to the passsword.

(17:57:52) DJCherryPie: and lets take our time here

(17:57:57) Jereth: new image

(17:57:58) chillpad: is there a picture#

(17:58:00) EvilGenius: show the plaque

(17:58:01) kameleon: what does plaque say

  • Note: Kurt posts a picture of the plaque

(17:58:02) Crane: The door stops him getting in.

(17:58:07) pelrun: Gaspar: he can't get to the lockers, they're behind the door.

(17:58:08) trevorj: star map?

(17:58:08) sentinel: that looks fun!

(17:58:11) beglee: constellations?

(17:58:13) Cassandra: kinda looks like orion..

(17:58:14) Crescent: ok - locker room more secure than control centre (allowed us to enter random stuff) - so - would password from donkey allowus entrance here?

(17:58:14) Unicron: constelations?

(17:58:14) perplexed: yeh star map

(17:58:15) Croll: yea star map...

(17:58:16) krazykat_nz: connect the dot?

(17:58:20) Crane: Oh GREAT.

(17:58:21) Ruthless: Yaya dot to dot

(17:58:23) perplexed: but it would be PXC stars

(17:58:24) Takeru: Starcharts for the loss :/

(17:58:25) Mindez: Is the keypad alphanumeric or numeric or what?

(17:58:25) Mattyg: looks like braile

(17:58:26) isca: I see a unicorn

(17:58:28) Jereth: starmaps or molecule?

(17:58:30) kameleon: are the dots raised like braille

(17:58:35) bigmaddrongo: MODS: what kind of keypad do we have here?

(17:58:36) arieh: hmm... linkw as from Pxc website, not polt

(17:58:36) Crane: Unicorn?

(17:58:42) justdig: I see the unicorn too, actually

(17:58:44) Judderman: do the dots move when pushed?

(17:58:44) Gaspar: Constellation.

(17:58:45) Snowball: possible star map?

(17:58:46) Hawkeblu: Is that a starmap?

(17:58:47) Crane: Unicorn.

(17:58:48) sas: looks liekthe satellite puzzle on one of the cards

(17:58:50) Hawkeblu: Casseopeia?

(17:58:50) Hituro: I see a face

(17:58:51) skenmy: Don't just guess, people.

(17:58:51) perplexed: they siad on the website there was brail

(17:58:52) macmonkey: i think its an elephant

(17:58:55) DJCherryPie: the o is usualy a starting point on connect the dot but it also may ne a major star if its a star chart

(17:58:57) TomErritt: what about the hollow 1 on the far left?

(17:58:58) Crane: Hmmm.

(17:59:03) Shoit: light and dark must have significance

(17:59:04) macmonkey: seriously i bet its a phant

(17:59:05) Gaspar: Check star charts for similar groupings.

(17:59:08) ahdok: constellations.

(17:59:10) chillpad: there's the letter n

(17:59:10) Jereth: anyone got a starmappeing program

(17:59:13) chillpad: on the left

(17:59:15) justdig: Ooh, weird, I can see unicorn in both directions

(17:59:19) perplexed: BUT PXC HAS DIFFERENT STARS

(17:59:21) Kythen: there's two of them chillpad

(17:59:24) justdig: Remember, stars from perplex city looks different.

(17:59:26) Jereth: true

(17:59:27) Unicron: if its a star chart then maybe were after the highlighted stars

(17:59:34) Juxta: Perplexed - Please don't use all Caps, thank you

(17:59:37) Gaspar: Right.

(17:59:40) spugmeistress: <Ryan> Is that Scorpio?

(17:59:41) isca: Drunken gouard? puzzle card?

(17:59:41) Jereth: we need a map of pxc sky

(17:59:42) kameleon: touch the three circled ones at the same time

(17:59:45) pineapple: ask Kurt if he has any PXC starmaps

(17:59:46) lightside: worked down to right

(17:59:47) Hituro: different constellations but same stars surely?

(17:59:48) sylvastriker: press all the stars at once

(17:59:52) Gaspar: Maybe it's not; they do have access to Earth knowledge.

(17:59:56) Crescent: does the 'dots' correlate to the keypad?

(17:59:59) Crane: I don't think the starmap is the keypad.

(18:00:04) sentinel: the circled stars look like they're in the constellation scorpio

(18:00:12) ahdok: on another planet, if it's nearby, constellation data will be the same.

(18:00:13) Ryan: Casseopia looks like a W.

(18:00:19) hannah: ok earth constellation then

(18:00:20) Crane: It's not a picture of the keypad, it's a picture of a plaque NEAR the keypad.

(18:00:21) Ciaran: I think I see an N near the top-left of that plaque, but have no clue if it's anything to do with it.

(18:00:22) trevorj: anyone else see the N or sideways y ?

(18:00:23) Gaspar: Earth stars, liek I've been saying?

(18:00:25) DJCherryPie: but the o dod means something

(18:00:28) Kythen: it doesn't look like any constellation i know of

(18:00:31) Lily: i see the N

(18:00:34) Jereth: um hang on last time was an image with lever locations mayhaps this is a key patern

(18:00:35) Hituro: how deep is the hole?

(18:00:38) anitalula: it looks like canis major

(18:00:38) trevorj: and an X ove rthe dot

(18:00:39) Jereth: how many keys kurt

(18:00:39) Crescent: BEFORE pressing keypad, can the 'dots' be interacted with in anyway - turned/pressed, touched, moved?

(18:00:40) jojojojo: becuase we are not hitting on the right answers

(18:00:43) tesla: I see 2 Ns. Or they could be Zs sideways? Plural Z alpha?

(18:00:44) Riiick: Perplexcity?

(18:00:46) Takeru: He's giving us a hint.

(18:00:46) macmonkey: its an elephant

(18:00:47) Hawkeblu: If they're Earth stars this panel was added in after the mine closed

(18:00:48) Juxta: It's the clue that the miners left in order to work out the puzzle - probably an aide memoire - it's *not* an interface

(18:00:49) isca: Superimpose donkey clue underneath this

(18:00:50) jojojojo: it's an elephant!!!

(18:00:55) trogdor: is it brail?

(18:01:00) anitalula:

(18:01:02) Tintintin: PXC street locations?

(18:01:02) Cabbage: Is it a dot to dot?

(18:01:03) Unicron: unless there cities on a map with no geography

(18:01:04) Juxta: The dots aren't raised

(18:01:06) bigmaddrongo: MODS: the kyapd on the left of what?

(18:01:07) duckiemonster: Please tell me that the elephant wasn't a serious suggestion?

(18:01:07) Ruthless: Smile :)

(18:01:08) Hituro: can we join them up?

(18:01:09) macmonkey: its an elephant!

(18:01:12) ahdok: there's a different mark on the left.

(18:01:13) surbz: there's more than just an n there's something written on the plaque

(18:01:13) macmonkey: it is serious

(18:01:22) Ahzozah: arrangement of pieces in counterpoint??

(18:01:22) ahdok: it's a different circle. presumably it's some sort of start point.

(18:01:24) pelrun: macmonkey: can you stop with the elephant?

(18:01:25) aulrian: the one on the left which is a depression, not raised like the other could be the key

(18:01:25) kameleon: a perplexcity card

(18:01:26) Hituro: or subway stations?

(18:01:28) pjm1974: how about the tube?

(18:01:32) buzman: As Tintin says - maybe it's to be superimposed on the street map

(18:01:33) Jereth: not an interface

(18:01:36) NickLeP: It looks just like one of the cards

(18:01:37) Jereth: but its familier

(18:01:41) DJCherryPie: train stops?

(18:01:42) justdig: Am I the only one who sees ""NX"" on the plaque?

(18:01:44) spugmeistress: maybe ask him if he thinks it could be earth constellations?

(18:01:47) trevorj: its maybe the horse again?

(18:01:47) Gibbet: keypad in ""lift"" bmd

(18:01:50) xena: differently lethal??

(18:01:51) ahdok: it's not pxc tube I don't think.

(18:01:51) sim: can anyone else see the 'n' top left?

(18:01:53) Hituro: it looks like picto-dot, but that needs a number order

(18:01:54) Crane: There's nothing written there, it's just a trick of the light.

(18:01:55) Gaspar: Did anyone check the ""Canis Major"" link?

(18:01:55) Crescent: i se the nx too - x has a dot in cntre

(18:01:56) Tally: subway stations?

(18:01:57) bigmaddrongo: ah

(18:01:59) willow_phoenix: yeah i see N

(18:02:03) kameleon: wasnt there any elephant in a card

(18:02:03) Jereth: some get thier molcule card out

(18:02:03) Gaspar: I like the subway idea.

(18:02:08) Weefz: local area map?

(18:02:09) Gaspar: Familiarity.

(18:02:10) NickLeP: Three. The base thee thing

(18:02:14) sylvastriker: #183?

(18:02:23) eeeqz: what about #172 Freefall? Kurt wrote that one

(18:02:29) Crane: Nah.

(18:02:34) Batgirl: are they closed subway stations?

(18:02:37) NickLeP: 199: Three

(18:02:38) bigmaddrongo: these puzzles predate the puzzle cards though

(18:02:38) Crane: I doubt it's on a card.

(18:02:42) x2k: What about the map that violet found on him?

(18:02:50) FluffyFlummox: #248 too

(18:02:50) Hituro: its not the pattern from drinking gourd

(18:02:51) Gaspar: Mirror trail of global search>

(18:02:51) Jereth: yes

(18:02:56) trogdor: something at mirandas apartment?

(18:03:04) Gaspar: The path he's been on this whole time, mirrored?

(18:03:05) Riiick: Counterpoint?

(18:03:06) Juxta: That map was of locations in PerplexCity itself, not related to this

(18:03:11) Ahzozah: Remind him of counterpoint, looks like positions of pieces

(18:03:18) Jereth: crstailine matrices ?

(18:03:22) bigmaddrongo: why are we trying to link this puzzle to recent events? The puzzle is part of the mine and so is older than the things we're been doing rececntly, surely?

(18:03:27) Tintintin: A map of the towns outside PXC?

(18:03:37) Gaspar: Your search for Miranda in a mirro image?

(18:03:38) pineapple: How about the Recda Resorts page with the 26 hotspots?

(18:03:39) justdig: Exactly, drongo

(18:03:39) Hituro: that's what I thought tintintin

(18:03:47) Takeru: big: Because Kurt said it looks like something he saw recently.

(18:03:52) FluffyFlummox: Reind him of 248, differently lethal. Circled dots match up with it when rotated 90 degreesa

(18:03:53) ahdok: it appears to match the train stations on the PxC rail site reasonably.

(18:03:55) sentinel: nice idea pineapple

(18:03:55) Mima: Can someone please check against PPC street map

(18:03:56) Weefz: how about the places violet sent him?

(18:04:09) justdig: Takeru Yeah, but probably something that actually... um... EXISTED when this mine was in use

(18:04:09) AlterEgo: Counterpoint?

(18:04:15) Gaspar: Sorry I talk so disjointedly.

(18:04:16) Weefz: Silburn griggs, coram caves, dedant ridge and... uh.. Perplex city?

(18:04:24) chillpad: well i've no idea

(18:04:27) macmonkey: counterpoint yes!

(18:04:30) Weefz: or stone mills

(18:04:30) Hituro: yes, counterpoint was not a recent invention

(18:04:32) Laurwren: I agree with Just dig these are puzzles the miners made a while ago

(18:04:34) Snowball: it looks like the map we have with the semi circle place being the ampitheatre

(18:04:38) Ahzozah: yes man counterpoint pieces

(18:04:39) trogdor: maybe something he saw at miranda's

(18:04:52) Gaspar: I was wrong! ^_^

(18:04:56) justdig: ^_^

(18:05:02) Takeru: justdig: Why do recent things have to influence old events...maybe old events influence recent events. :P

(18:05:06) Hituro: which map snowball?

(18:05:14) x2k: the top left resembles the PXC rail map

(18:05:16) Snowball: the standard PXC map

(18:05:26) justdig: Takeru: Possible, but unlikely in the map interpretation

(18:05:30) Crescent: #crescent -opened a room for people to dicsuss maps

(18:05:34) anitalula: not to belabor the point, but did we abandon contellations?

(18:05:34) Hawkeblu: There's a hollow dot too along with the circled ones

(18:05:34) Snowball: cant we overlay it to the real map and see whats circled?

(18:05:35) bigmaddrongo: Takeru: but the miners were very isolated, I doub thtese puzzles would be affecting the current puzzle landscape

(18:05:43) Gaspar: What's the material the plaque is made of? Maybe that has significance.

(18:05:53) Hituro: was the station plan the same then?

(18:05:59) Crane: Here, this is what you get if you join them as an outline... [6]

(18:06:00) hannah: is that a 'NK' at the top left of the plaque?

(18:06:01) justdig: Link to station plan?

(18:06:05) Hituro: Did they close small stations like they did here?

(18:06:09) Davermouse: is that shadow on the left, or is it actually darker?

(18:06:13) Gaspar: Fetch the mean a railroad link!

(18:06:15) Crane: It's shadow, I think.

(18:06:17) Gaspar: *Man

(18:06:27) Davermouse: because if it's darker it matches the pxc coast

(18:06:30) perplexed: i was about to say it was ther rail map :(

(18:06:31) Tintintin: Rotate the plate using the 'hollow' one as the axis, then see if the pattern looks familiar?

(18:06:34) sentinel: just an idea on the constellation path, miners would only see the sky at night, so maybe stars would be rellevant?

(18:06:36) kameleon: can you slide the panel

(18:06:44) arieh: is the railmap

(18:06:53) bigmaddrongo: [7]

(18:06:53) Cassandra: which is the light blue again?

(18:07:00) hannah: is that a 'NK' at the top left of the plaque?

(18:07:04) ahdok: I think the rightmost circled dot is stone mills.

(18:07:05) Crescent: MODS - can kurt cross refernce what he saw in the console room when accessing the databases with these dots - water pipes? vents?

(18:07:09) Gaspar: Gah, that's what I was saying; as a mirror image, the circle go PXC, Drowsington, Stone Mills.

(18:07:12) anitalula: if you use the hollow circle and the circled dots, it does look at a lot like canis major

(18:07:14) Hituro: but that map is schematic no?

(18:07:28) Gaspar: Just don't fall alseep!

(18:07:37) jojojojo: MODS: Topmost is Foreman Station... I think

(18:07:45) buzman: It's not the map from here is it? :

(18:07:56) ManleyM: Is violet ever going to show up?

(18:07:56) splik: I was thinking the subway. Polygon North, Auger Park and Varenne

(18:07:58) ahdok: [8]

(18:08:09) Okita: Why would miners care about the subway...?

(18:08:14) Okita: it wouldn't have even been built yet

(18:08:15) splik: three circles

(18:08:22) ahdok: I don't think the miners 100 years ago had a map of perplex city subway.

(18:08:22) splik: its underground

(18:08:27) justdig: Perhaps they mined out the route =D

(18:08:33) kameleon: its the subway system of perplex city

(18:08:35) ahdok: since most of those stations are a bit newer.

(18:08:37) chillpad: could be there next job ;o)

(18:08:38) macmonkey: what form is the keypad in? alphanumeric?

(18:08:42) Takeru: ahdok: Again, old events influence newer events.

(18:08:43) Weefz: yep

(18:08:44) ahdok: could always be a newer puzzle though.

(18:08:45) Jereth: yea

(18:08:51) Breadmower: Maybe it's a plan view of the mountains around the mines. The hollow circle could be the mine entrance, and the circles could be named mountains or towns?

(18:08:56) Batgirl: this is the overland train, not the subway

(18:08:57) hellyrabbit: perhaps the current underground used old mine tunnels

(18:08:58) jojojojo: its the underground upsidedown

(18:09:06) bigmaddrongo: there looks to be some correlation between the plaque and the rail map

(18:09:08) justdig: Takeru: They build a subway system based on a random lock puzzle?

(18:09:14) bigmaddrongo: the acutal rail, not the subway

(18:09:19) Flynn: hmm, I can get an exact match to rail map out of it

(18:09:26) Takeru: No, but the dots have to represent SOMETHING

(18:09:31) eeeqz: looks like the blue route on reversed to me

(18:09:36) Ryan: Any news on Violet yet? She was meant to be an hour away 2 hours ago...She can't be stuck in traffic!

(18:09:43) x2k: Im pretty sure its PXC rail

(18:09:43) Cabbage: It is defingitely the rail map

(18:09:53) x2k: we need the initials of the 4 stations

(18:09:53) justdig: Well, I don't know the timing of the rail being built, so it's quite possible

(18:09:53) Riiick: the right hand one must be Stone mills

(18:09:57) ahdok: I can't see much resemblance to the subway. Resemblance to the overgorund towns is pushing it a little, but I can see some commonalities if you ratate it about 20-30 degrees to the right.

(18:09:59) sim: violet was having problems getting through the swamps

(18:10:00) beglee: looks like Treachery, stone mills, elmness and wooster

(18:10:01) Jereth: what a time to have loaned it out for someone to do mornington cresent

(18:10:08) x2k: WEST

(18:10:08) SteveC: Ascendency, Varenne, Cheverley?

(18:10:10) Crane: I still say Miranda is up aboveground, murdering Violet.

(18:10:17) Juxta: When Kurt gets news of Violet, he'll let us know

(18:10:18) spugmeistress: its the orange train route

(18:10:19) Six: got the overlay, uploading now

(18:10:22) Riiick: The top one could be treachery

(18:10:24) _izzy_: is it worth kurt checking the lockers while we think??

(18:10:28) pjm1974: I think it's both subway and rail laid on top of each other?

(18:10:28) Gaspar: Blue looks to be Route 3.

(18:10:32) rlp6028: Wooster, Elmness, Ryefield from left to right on the circled ones

(18:10:37) Crescent: mods - ask kurt whether, when he was setting up the global search, he used the sewer network or anything underground?

(18:10:40) ahdok: ooh, that's pretty clever.

(18:10:47) Crane: Kurt can't check the lockers, the door is in the way.

(18:10:48) meme: west

(18:10:54) Crane: Apologies for the colours.

(18:10:56) Kiz: where is kurt now? (went away for a bit)

(18:11:03) Six: [9]

(18:11:04) bigmaddrongo: waiting for a solve

(18:11:13) macmonkey: eeek

(18:11:13) Rodric: ask Kurt how the keypad is laid out

(18:11:14) Gaspar: ""West"" is...

(18:11:15) justdig: Nice pic

(18:11:18) Hituro: so did we get it?

(18:11:20) Kiz: yes but WHERe is he?

(18:11:21) bigmaddrongo: yes

(18:11:22) justdig: Woot

(18:11:22) x2k: Woohoo !!!

(18:11:22) Riiick: Woop

(18:11:23) Crane: Dum-dum-DUUUMMM!

(18:11:23) Gaspar: CORRECT!

(18:11:24) bigmaddrongo: L4

(18:11:25) _izzy_: yay

(18:11:29) bigmaddrongo: outside lover room

(18:11:30) Tintintin: Score! Good work

(18:11:31) DJCherryPie: woo hoo

(18:11:32) bigmaddrongo: locker

(18:11:34) AlterEgo: result!

(18:11:34) Ahzozah: bingo now what would the answer be

(18:11:34) Takeru: <he wouldn't have put it in if it were wrong, btw.>

(18:11:38) Crane: We all knew he'd not try the wrong answer.

(18:11:42) Gaspar: Open ze lockers!

(18:11:44) chillpad: what;';s happening no0w

(18:11:44) rlp6028: If it is the Orange route, and 3 are circles, perhaps the password is Gladstone, since it is the one unmarked?

(18:11:45) pineapple: ssh takeru

(18:11:45) Kiz: ive been away ! wheres the locker room??

(18:11:48) justdig: Takeru: TINAG!!

(18:11:50) Crane: Haxard suits!

(18:11:51) Crescent: kurt - outside locker room - we're solving the puzzle by door

(18:11:52) bigmaddrongo: L4

(18:11:53) Okita: heh, don't forget the boots eh?

(18:11:53) eeeqz: Hoorah!

(18:12:01) pineapple: hazard suit good

(18:12:02) kameleon: put a suite one

(18:12:04) _izzy_: put a hazzard suit on

(18:12:05) hannah: it'd be a good idea to wear one of the hazard suits

(18:12:06) kameleon: suit

(18:12:06) Gaspar: Wear the suit of the right color and heavy boots; helmet too, if you find one.

(18:12:07) Rodric: put on a suit

(18:12:08) bigmaddrongo: SSH!

(18:12:08) justdig: XD Mima

(18:12:10) xena: make sure he gets the right color suit

(18:12:10) Riiick: Suit up then!

(18:12:13) bigmaddrongo: pleae check before you type

(18:12:15) DJCherryPie: look for a mask

(18:12:17) chillpad: put all on

(18:12:22) bigmaddrongo: we're all thinking the same, we don't all need to say it

(18:12:26) TedInCanada: CH chemical hazard?

(18:12:28) DJCherryPie: i am still convinced hes heading into gas

(18:12:28) Gaspar: What color suits, if any, are there?

(18:12:34) Crescent: check each suit first - make sure suit hasn't degraded and has full tank of air

(18:12:40) bigmaddrongo: and Kurt is pretty smart, we don't need to tell him obvious stuff like ""don't die

(18:12:42) Gaspar: It's the peom is what it is.

(18:12:43) Crane: Ah, CH, chemical hazard! GOOD! Nice one Ted.

(18:12:44) Hituro: knew they had closed stations

(18:12:45) arieh: just got the overlay done when kurt inputted the solve

(18:12:46) perplexed: CH = Chemical Haricot

(18:12:53) Kiz: someone tell me where the locker room is so i can get back up to date

(18:12:57) perplexed: CL = Chemical Leeks

(18:13:01) perplexed: :)

(18:13:04) DJCherryPie: did he find a mask

(18:13:05) justdig: Colours!

(18:13:07) Kiz: *leaks

(18:13:08) chillpad: l4

(18:13:12) Croll: yellow is safe

(18:13:12) rlp6028: wear yellow =)

(18:13:14) DJCherryPie: not green

(18:13:15) chillpad: L4 on the left

(18:13:16) Riiick: suits

(18:13:16) Kiz: hehe chemical vegetables

(18:13:17) Crane: Oh dear.

(18:13:17) ahdok: he's going to give the door puzzle before suiting up, so we have thinking time.

(18:13:19) Gaspar: Static link, or yelloow.

(18:13:20) Crescent: duckiemonster - tell kurt to examine lockers thoroughly - also - do suits have names on? and is there a suit missing?

(18:13:22) perplexed: kiz - you don't get it

(18:13:23) eeeqz: We knew it would be relevant somehow

(18:13:23) Crane: Red blue green and yellow.

(18:13:23) Tjm: YELLOW!

(18:13:27) x2k: could CH be any of these?

(18:13:27) Mindez: Yellow onr, with heavy boots.

(18:13:29) Gaspar: YELLOW!

(18:13:29) Snowball: link

(18:13:30) psyche: Blue for gas?

(18:13:36) Gaspar: Yellow, heavy boots, helmet.

(18:13:37) rjw76: there are still people having trouble connecting

(18:13:40) Mindez: Bertie Gangue died dressed in blue

(18:13:41) rjw76: is there anything we can do about it?

(18:13:45) rlp6028: he wore blue and GOT GASSED

(18:13:49) Jereth: the poam

(18:13:50) Hawkeblu: It is very definately a city map, I just superimposed the PXC rail map over the plaque and it's dead on if you rotate it a little

(18:13:50) Hituro: so not blue then

(18:13:51) justdig: Yellow not mentioned in poem

(18:13:51) Kiz: was that meant to be a joke then perplexed? leaks?

(18:13:53) Crane: Yellow, boots.

(18:13:53) DJCherryPie: yellow was heat

(18:13:56) Crane: No,.

(18:13:57) kameleon: red im feeling

(18:13:59) Crane: Nothing about heat.

(18:13:59) Mindez: And tell him to wear heavy boots!

(18:14:03) Juxta: RJW: I doubt it, the link between Kurt's key, deep in the mines and here is pretty stretched

(18:14:07) chillpad: yellow for kurt eyes

(18:14:07) Crane: O Bertie Gangue died dressed in blue

(18:14:09) perplexed: why are they suits for midgets?

(18:14:14) Croll: red, you die electrocuted, blue from gas, and green, suffocata

(18:14:14) Crane: He dressed in red and got a shock

(18:14:16) Cabbage: its leeks on the Mines website, that's what it says

(18:14:17) Crane: He dressed in red and got a shock

(18:14:18) justdig: Oh yeah, yellow may well be light

(18:14:23) DJCherryPie: the light collor boots burned by heat

(18:14:25) Crane: She wore dark green and could not breathe

(18:14:27) jojojojo: Call it superstition Kurt, please pick yellow!!!

(18:14:27) Laurwren: and heavy boots not light :)

(18:14:32) Crane: So yellow, and heavy boots.

(18:14:38) justdig: Light may mean light colour!

(18:14:40) justdig: I.e. yellow

(18:14:41) Geofortean: CH could be choking hazard

(18:14:42) Jereth: put em all on

(18:14:47) Rodric: green-suffocated, red-electric shock, blue-gassed, light boots?!- burnt

(18:14:48) Jereth: yes

(18:14:50) Gaspar: N?

(18:14:52) TedInCanada: er yellow suit is only one facing WEST??

(18:14:53) Six: could be each colour is for a particular situation

(18:14:53) Kiz: ah ok crane. better answer than ""you dont get it""

(18:14:57) aulrian: might mean a light colour, so not yellow boots

(18:14:58) Crescent: check lockers for anything else first before opening doors - also - is the suit intact - any tears?

(18:14:58) Gaspar: Nitrogen concentration?

(18:14:59) Cabbage: Had to make a cup of tea what are we trying to solve now?

(18:15:02) sentinel: thes gas ratio's dont sound too good

(18:15:04) Okita: isn't R like radiation?

(18:15:06) eeeqz: Science people, go!

(18:15:07) Kythen: yes

(18:15:07) Tintintin: R: Roentgens...?!

(18:15:10) rjw76: wow, that CO2 conc is evil

(18:15:10) arieh: yet

(18:15:12) ahdok: too much CO2 by far.

(18:15:18) Crane: Millirads.

(18:15:23) Braxis: We have to work out the biggest danger??

(18:15:28) Crane: Or milliRoentgens.

(18:15:30) justdig: Very creepy photo, BTW

(18:15:35) Gaspar: 10% CO2 is deadly; BAD!

(18:15:38) Braxis: and have him suit up appropriately

(18:15:39) rjw76: yup

(18:15:39) ahdok: CO2 is like usually like 0.25%?

(18:15:39) perplexed: mR could be miliRads

(18:15:40) kameleon: have you got mask on

(18:15:44) Jereth: r radfiatyion

(18:15:45) Okita: R?ntgen equivalent = rem

(18:15:47) Okita: tis radiation

(18:15:48) Hituro: millirads per hour

(18:15:49) Crane: Make sure he wears yellow.

(18:15:50) Crescent: are the dials interactive - any levers beside them?

(18:15:52) perplexed: Rads is a measure of radioacxticity

(18:15:52) Okita:

(18:15:54) ahdok: on the flipside kurt is a natsci, he will know this too.

(18:15:58) chillpad: do there breath the same as on earth?

(18:16:03) kameleon: can someone send me link to map again pls

(18:16:07) rjw76: ahdok: even less than that I think, but 9.1% CO2 = evilbadandwrong

(18:16:08) Crane: Yes.

(18:16:09) Gaspar: You check all the lockers?

(18:16:09) Crane: They're humans.

(18:16:14) DJCherryPie: i vote red

(18:16:14) chillpad: [10]

(18:16:17) Poozle: anyone else starting to wonder where violet is? she was meant to be an hour away and its well over 2 hours now

(18:16:26) Gaspar: Oh yeah, what?

(18:16:30) chillpad: so yes then

(18:16:30) justdig: Poozle: More difficult with the marshes than expected?

(18:16:31) kameleon: thank you

(18:16:31) ahdok: maybe the car broke down.

(18:16:32) justdig: Poozle: More difficult with the marshes than expected?

(18:16:33) arieh: 9.1% CO2 isn't a huge problem: 12% O2 is low tho

(18:16:33) Kiz: i have no idea so i vote yellow

(18:16:35) Snowball: heavy boots

(18:16:35) Croll: heavy boots

(18:16:35) Gaspar: HEAVY BOOTS

(18:16:36) Takeru: We will find out when Violets gets there. STOP ASKING.

(18:16:36) Crane: Radiation levels are safe, I THINK. But don't blame me if Kurt dies.

(18:16:37) eeeqz: don't forget the heavy boots

(18:16:38) xena: dont forget the heavy boots

(18:16:38) brat-sampson: I'm still working on the basis that when she's there, we'll know

(18:16:39) hannah: are some boots heavier than others?

(18:16:40) Crane: Radiation levels are safe, I THINK. But don't blame me if Kurt dies.

(18:16:40) Takeru: - an s :/

(18:16:41) aulrian: dont wear yellow boots

(18:16:47) TedInCanada: can mods tell kurt that its perhaps odd that the Yellow suit is facing West and the password was west?

(18:16:51) aulrian: their light coloured

(18:16:56) Crescent: mods - looked at map again - where are levels 5 and 6?

(18:16:56) justdig: Boots: heave/dark

(18:16:57) rjw76: 12% oxygen is ok

(18:16:58) jojojojo: MODS: Not yellow boots

(18:17:03) DJCherryPie: yellow is probibly thin and may have been burned by radiation gream couldnt breath and blue was gassed

(18:17:05) rjw76: it's not great but it'll do

(18:17:05) TedInCanada: if we go by light = yellow then all suits are unsafe

(18:17:06) ahdok: TedInCanada: I think you're reading too much into things.

(18:17:16) Mindez: O John of Harve was burned by heat He wore light boots and lost his feet

(18:17:18) SteveC: Isn't it red suit? that's the only one that didn't drop dead from the gas/air?

(18:17:19) ahdok: with the west thing.

(18:17:20) justdig: Ted: Different suits for different situations.

(18:17:25) DJCherryPie: red was electicuted but were past the electrical issue rite?

(18:17:26) Poozle: Take some of the tools for weapons

(18:17:27) willow_phoenix: tools?

(18:17:27) brat-sampson: heh, hammer might be useful

(18:17:28) Hituro: well red isn't mentioned

(18:17:30) Okita: Spanners are always useful to take along

(18:17:31) badbarry: what about a hat so his pate isn't caved in?

(18:17:32) FluffyFlummox: Get a weapon for cavemaning miranda!

(18:17:33) Crane: Green couldn't breath, Red got a shock, and Blue couldn't breath either.

(18:17:34) kameleon: is there anything else around

(18:17:35) Crescent: mods - tell him to take a spanner

(18:17:38) Snowball: any hard hats?

(18:17:39) TedInCanada: ""dressed in red and got a shock""?

(18:17:44) Snowball: dont wanna cave in his pate :)

(18:17:45) hannah: tools could be useful later on

(18:17:48) justdig: More relevant problem: No breathing aparatus

(18:17:51) Cabbage: Sorry posted on wrong thread again

(18:17:53) Kythen: 7mR/hour = same radiation as a chest x-ray

(18:17:55) ahdok: Kurt isn't a wrench wielding maniac...

(18:17:55) eeeqz: take something with him, spanner, could be vital

(18:17:56) Hituro: but if red is bad for shocks it might be good for heat

(18:17:58) Crane: Yellow is the only colour there that wasn't mentioned in the poem.

(18:18:00) EvilGenius: green could breathe, that was the problem

(18:18:04) Crescent: anything in pockets of work clothes?

(18:18:06) SteveC: so, red won't give him electrical protection - just air.

(18:18:09) Okita: Yellow sounds like the all around color.

(18:18:10) Crane: All the other colours there died.

(18:18:11) spugmeistress: has he got a hard hat?

(18:18:13) ahdok: well put duckie :)

(18:18:17) brat-sampson: \o/

(18:18:18) Laurwren: can we get to the other ch without going through the safety doors?

(18:18:22) isca: It's teletubbie suits

(18:18:22) Crane: He's taking a spanner.

(18:18:22) Ryan: Miranda can;t have gone that way. Why is he bothering?

(18:18:25) Crane: ^^

(18:18:30) Jereth: put them all on

(18:18:32) Crane: To bash heads and the like.

(18:18:32) Gaspar: Be ready to turn tail if we were wrong!!!!

(18:18:32) Cabbage: That suit is light green not dark green

(18:18:33) Batgirl: cos she's on the other side!

(18:18:34) Hituro: because she got in another way

(18:18:34) DJCherryPie: no yellow wasnt mentioned but lite color was and if theres radiation thats bad

(18:18:34) kameleon: what colour

(18:18:35) Crescent: ^^

(18:18:36) bigmaddrongo: Ryan: because its the only way we can see to go

(18:18:40) pineapple: Because we saw electrical activity that way

(18:18:42) justdig: Tell him to immediately turn around if he feels like he's heating up

(18:18:42) DJCherryPie: radiation burns

(18:18:42) ***Juxta thinks we got enough spanners already

(18:18:43) FluffyFlummox: what's his potential of carrying the other suits with him, or using them ahead of him somehow as bait?

(18:18:43) Weefz: to find the entrance she used

(18:18:47) Hituro: yes it does mention dark green

(18:18:49) justdig: Due to uncertain interpretation of poem

(18:18:50) macmonkey: violet was supposed to be there over an hour ago

(18:18:51) EvilGenius: he can't wear them all

(18:18:57) DJCherryPie: lite color was burned

(18:18:58) Crane: He'll be a couple of minutes.

(18:19:05) Hituro: he could ... one on top of another

(18:19:07) Takeru: Light BOOTS were burned, not suit color.

(18:19:10) Mindez: Light -BOOTS- were burned ._.

(18:19:10) Enigmaster: right, so where is he in relation to the map?

(18:19:12) justdig: i.e. Light = not heavy or not dark

(18:19:15) Mindez: *twitch*

(18:19:18) willow_phoenix: what was the poem?

(18:19:21) bigmaddrongo: he should be at the ned of L4 just before the CH

(18:19:22) Crescent: mods - ask kurt to check soles of boots - are they insolated? also - check for any damage to suit while putting on

(18:19:23) spugmeistress: hes on level 4 at the south end

(18:19:26) Okita: Can his Key detect radiation?

(18:19:27) Hituro: but we only have one weight of boots

(18:19:27) piddy77: L4 just before CH

(18:19:27) Cabbage: Light as in bright colour

(18:19:32) Crane: Too late, he's getting dressed now.

(18:19:32) Kythen: mods: i think the radiation level is ok

(18:19:32) Takeru:

(18:19:33) Enigmaster: k, cheers

(18:19:37) xena: what's the meaning of ""learn how to behave"" in the poem??

(18:19:40) Crane: *pictures Kurt getting changed*

(18:19:45) AnotherUselessPw: ..

(18:19:45) Batgirl: find out if his key detects radiation

(18:19:45) Takeru: ""He wore light boots and lost his feet""

(18:19:45) ***hopkapi smiles

(18:19:48) bigmaddrongo: no news on about Vi yet

(18:19:48) Hawkeblu: That's just background radiation levels

(18:19:51) Kythen: -> shows 6mR = chest x-ray

(18:19:52) Hituro: if you don't learn the meanings of the suits you die

(18:19:55) _izzy_: i think it was light boots as in not sturdy

(18:19:56) brat-sampson: it should if it's designed for miney stuff

(18:20:08) brat-sampson: could be dangers down there, so tehy'd want people protected as best they can

(18:20:10) Juxta: Learn what equipment and clothing should be worn Xena

(18:20:21) rjw76: Crane: bad :S now I'm thinking of the same thing :P

(18:20:22) perplexed: he needs a radiation badge

(18:20:24) Crescent: ask kurt about boots - are thehy insolated - has suit got any tears?

(18:20:24) Hituro: I think the poem is a memonic

(18:20:25) justdig: Hold your key inside the suit and check for high levels of radiation with it as you get nearer

(18:20:26) Crane: ^ ^

(18:20:29) spugmeistress: and possibly rocks falling on his unprotected head too

(18:20:30) pjm1974: the must be a hat to wear there? ""He felt the rocks cave in his pate""

(18:20:33) perplexed: ask if he has a film strip with him

(18:20:35) Hituro: to tell you what suits *not* to wear in a given situation

(18:20:37) Cabbage: yes Im not talking about the boots

(18:20:40) Crane: Yeah, ask him about hardhars.

(18:20:40) MartinM: shows 6mR = chest x-ray ... but chest xray is for less time?

(18:20:42) Gaspar: If anyhting begins to go wrong, be immediately prepared to turn tail and re-lock the door.

(18:20:43) DJCherryPie: hope he dosent want kids

(18:20:43) nightingale: No labels? What kind of sadistic monsters were these miners?

(18:20:50) Laurwren: siuits have face masks?

(18:20:50) Croll: does his key detect radiation?

(18:20:57) Hituro: so all we need is not blue or dark green

(18:20:57) Riiick: You wouldn't want to be subject to a chest xray for too long a period of time

(18:21:00) ahdok: chest x-ray is fine for a little bit, but it'll fry you after a few minutes.

(18:21:06) Juxta: His key detects radiation and gas levels, yes

(18:21:06) bigmaddrongo: radiation is safe, we need to see if he has a helmet and breathing kit

(18:21:12) Crane: I think he has longer than a few minutes.

(18:21:15) DJCherryPie: thats why i think yellow is a problem

(18:21:17) Crane: I think he has longer than a few minutes.

(18:21:18) beglee: can someone remind what the contraption violet got was for?

(18:21:19) kameleon: are they heat resitant

(18:21:21) Crescent: mods - can kurt check for any update on biolet?

(18:21:22) rjw76: 7mR per hour is ok

(18:21:22) EvilGenius: after he goes on a bit he may need to return for a different suit, depending on what he finds

(18:21:25) Crane: I doubt the radiation will be a problem.

(18:21:28) Hituro: yes because it doesn't tell you what yellow is for

(18:21:29) Gaspar: Masks!

(18:21:32) perplexed: beglee - glorified compass

(18:21:35) rjw76: if a chest xray gives you that in a few minutes, we know he's ok for an hour.

(18:21:37) rjw76: at least

(18:21:38) Okita: man the color coded the masks and gas canisters too?

(18:21:40) bigmaddrongo: I guess he wants the matching mask then

(18:21:42) kameleon: lost the poem if anyone can help

(18:21:42) Gaspar: Color match it?

(18:21:45) jojojojo: right, which could he breathe with? Gree was it?

(18:21:46) beglee: thx perp

(18:21:46) Takeru: Not the green mask. :/

(18:21:47) Croll: what colour are the masks?

(18:21:47) Crane: Tell him to make SURE to take yellow.

(18:21:52) Hituro: poem

(18:22:00) Crane: Green couldn't breath, and blue got gassed.

(18:22:10) kameleon: thank you

(18:22:11) Gaspar: Can he close them quickly if he needs to?!

(18:22:11) Hituro: so again not blue or green

(18:22:14) pjm1974: has kurt anything to check magnetic fields they might be important

(18:22:16) Crescent: check canisters for levels of emptiness - go for O2 if labelled and correspond with colourcode on dial if any?

(18:22:16) perplexed: whats the point of th other suits then

(18:22:20) Hituro: green for no air in tank?

(18:22:27) Gaspar: Full?

(18:22:29) Laurwren: can he see or hear anything through the doors?

(18:22:30) Okita: Moment of truth....

(18:22:32) Crane: He's closing the airlock!

(18:22:32) SteveC: bye bye kurt - was nice knowing you.

(18:22:38) brat-sampson: see ya

(18:22:42) justdig: Oh dear

(18:22:45) Crane: Oh well. I'm sure violet can find another sexy geek lover...

(18:22:46) Croll: ...

(18:22:47) DJCherryPie: god i hope im wrong hes useing yellow

(18:22:54) pjm1974: I can't stand the tension

(18:22:55) Weefz: uh-oh

(18:22:55) ahdok: this is the deepest bit...

(18:22:56) ***pelrun crosses fingers and all other crossable appendages

(18:22:57) Kythen: it would so suck right now if he gets fried by radiation after i told him it's ok :P

(18:22:57) splik: burnt feet huh?

(18:22:57) isca: So Kurt's in yellow - Miranda will see him coming

(18:22:59) brat-sampson: hellow will be fiine

(18:23:03) Riiick: Good luck Kurt

(18:23:06) splik: how did the suit gte back then?

(18:23:08) brat-sampson: nobody's died wearing yellow...yet

(18:23:15) macmonkey: dont die...and dont commit murder!

(18:23:17) Crane: Good question.

(18:23:21) bigmaddrongo: splik: multiple suits for multiple miners

(18:23:23) TedInCanada: ok, can a mod tell kurt to be careful at the bottom of the shaft? not sure what the wavy floor on the map means

(18:23:29) Hituro: yes, all of the suits are back

(18:23:30) Crane: How did the suits whose wearers died get back.

(18:23:31) Crescent: tell kurt that we will only talk to him when needed and repeat everything twice - that way, any mesage that is sparsed can be confirmed

(18:23:32) pelrun: let's just hope Kurt isn't ith us in spirit from now on

(18:23:33) kameleon: where are you now, what can you see

(18:23:36) brat-sampson: Wish him Good Luck from the Earth CRT!

(18:23:41) Riiick: Kurt is feeling quite sarcastic I see...

(18:23:41) FluffyFlummox: four puzzles, three and a half hours and now the thought of intermittent information..... Can he rig a relay from where he is now at all?

(18:23:44) Weefz: the people who wrote the poem brought them back?

(18:23:51) DJCherryPie: waves are electricity

(18:23:54) DJCherryPie: !!!

(18:23:59) ***ahdok grins at Six

(18:24:04) bigmaddrongo: enough about the suits now, letsm ove on

(18:24:08) perplexed: presumably there were more than 4 suits

(18:24:10) kameleon: it will do

(18:24:10) Braxis: Are problems the yet

(18:24:14) Weefz: does he know there's a drop??

(18:24:16) Hituro: poem probably taught to new miners, to make sure they use the right suit

(18:24:17) Crane: He's going to shaft two.

(18:24:17) Gaspar: He's at shaft 2!

(18:24:18) Tjm: Waves could be water...

(18:24:24) Jereth: heading to shaft 2

(18:24:25) Crescent: mods - ask kurt to keep checking his key every minute for changes in levels of gas/radioactivity etc

(18:24:32) _izzy_: mining recently - kurt keep your eyes peeled for other people

(18:24:36) kameleon: what can you see

(18:24:37) pjm1974: careful he doesn't fall down!

(18:24:38) kameleon: smell etc

(18:24:41) ahdok: and spikes.

(18:24:42) bigmaddrongo: Kurt is a msart guy, he's going to make sure that he won't die

(18:24:46) Weefz: or prince of persia style spikes.

(18:24:48) Crane: That doesn't make any sense! If the poem was taught to new miners to make sure they used the right suit, why keep the faulty ones there at all?

(18:24:48) Juxta: I'm assuming that Kurt knows a ""shaft"" might involve a drop, it being a bloody great hole in the floor/ceiling ;o)

(18:24:49) pelrun: look for the lift call key.

(18:24:49) ahdok: don't forget the spikes.

(18:24:52) TopGun2: where are we directing Kurt to? Presumably we're trying to find that electrical activity, maybe shaft 3?

(18:25:01) TedInCanada: any way to call the lift?

(18:25:02) brat-sampson: Should be a lift coming up

(18:25:07) Juxta: Different suits for different conditions

(18:25:08) kameleon: can you breathe ok

(18:25:15) hannah: be careful about standing on the grate, could be fragile

(18:25:15) Gibbet: to stop people stealing the copper Crane

(18:25:15) brat-sampson: same cross-hatched symbol as the other lift

(18:25:20) Riiick: Ladder?

(18:25:21) Hituro: yes, different suits for differnt jobs

(18:25:22) Gaspar: Up Shaft 2, if possible, to L1, to halfqay between Shafts 2 and 3

(18:25:23) Crescent: can kurt ehar everything as before - can use spanner to measure drop of shaft if he can hear it land

(18:25:24) Envoy: Can someone link me a map with where he is?

(18:25:25) brat-sampson: head down

(18:25:27) beglee: be careful that the s2 lift doesnt crush him!!

(18:25:28) kameleon: steps

(18:25:33) brat-sampson: the lift calling will be at the bottom

(18:25:35) bigmaddrongo: he's at the bottom of the shat

(18:25:38) hopkapi: can he see how far the drop s?

(18:25:38) bigmaddrongo: shaft

(18:25:39) hopkapi: is*

(18:25:40) Croll: hmm only way is down

(18:25:41) Crane: The latter has been removed.

(18:25:41) Riiick: markings?

(18:25:44) Hituro: no he has to go below the grating

(18:25:45) kameleon: push the wall markings

(18:25:46) brat-sampson: how deep does it look?

(18:25:47) arieh: on to S3?

(18:25:48) Gaspar: Makriungs! Show us!

(18:25:48) Weefz: Crane: not faulty - just protect against different things, maybe

(18:25:49) Lily: maybe miranda used the lift

(18:25:58) Crescent: mods - what are the markings

(18:26:01) kameleon: can you show us

(18:26:03) splik: are there cables where the lift should be?

(18:26:03) Snowball: there looks to be a sealed part to hte lift shaft just above him - may have only recently been added?

(18:26:04) Weefz: can he jump the shaft?

(18:26:09) Crane: They're the markings left by the ladder.

(18:26:11) Crane: No meaning.

(18:26:12) Sugarcubed: maybe only the bottom part of the ladder was removed

(18:26:14) buzman: Were there any tools that would help with climbing? Or rope?

(18:26:15) Carda: There is no way we could have gone this far just to hit a dead end...

(18:26:16) brat-sampson: Should be a path the other side of the shaft

(18:26:18) xena: without a suit she couldnt use the lift

(18:26:19) Tjm: is the gap too wide to jump across?

(18:26:20) bigmaddrongo: MODS: if he can't go up, theo nly other way is down and through to the section amrked 17 on the map

(18:26:21) Weefz: or swing across the grating?

(18:26:23) ahdok: the chemical hazard will get safer the higher he goes, since CO2 is more dense than O2, so if he climbs some way, it'd get less bad.

(18:26:30) ahdok: however, if he can't climb, then there's not much to do.

(18:26:30) Gaspar: His light is gone?

(18:26:32) trogdor: he dosent have a flashlight???

(18:26:33) Hituro: 17 could go anywhere

(18:26:36) brat-sampson: or across the shaft to the passage on the other side

(18:26:37) Hituro: off the map for sure

(18:26:42) Crane: This is fun!

(18:26:42) kameleon: feel the ladder

(18:26:43) Okita: his key produces light but not enough to see with

(18:26:46) Gaspar: Is there a way down?

(18:26:46) bigmaddrongo: yep, but it may be the only option

(18:26:48) pineapple: could the grating be used to bridge the shaft?

(18:26:50) FluffyFlummox: a switch in the area?

(18:26:53) brat-sampson: Passage on the other side

(18:26:56) pelrun: his key only has a weak light on it (fool didn't buy a torch with his camping gear?)

(18:26:58) bigmaddrongo: the grating is bridging the chaft is it not?

(18:27:00) EvilGenius: go back to get the flying suit

(18:27:02) Gaspar: Maybe controls or alternative means are on L5.

(18:27:04) Cabbage: Is it not just a dead end on other side?

(18:27:06) Snowball: down option will take us off the map - not advisable

(18:27:07) ahdok: SPIKES, down = nasty spiky death.

(18:27:15) Crane: We don't know those are spikes.

(18:27:16) rlp6028: There are arrows a the bottom of the S2 shaft, that mean it keeps going like the ones for 17 do?

(18:27:18) kameleon: and

(18:27:18) FluffyFlummox: can he use the spanner to bash away and make hand holds al the way up or down?

(18:27:19) Croll: plop

(18:27:23) Crane: Why would they have spikes at the bottom anyway?

(18:27:23) Weefz: might be a ladder down on the other side

(18:27:26) Takeru: Take way too long.

(18:27:29) Gaspar: Agua.

(18:27:30) Hituro: I assume so rip

(18:27:31) Crane: There was a splash.

(18:27:32) kameleon: you wanna go that way

(18:27:33) buzman: Jetpacks?

(18:27:34) Crane: Water at the bottom.

(18:27:34) brat-sampson: Passege on the other side of the shaaft

(18:27:36) spugmeistress: spikes = water

(18:27:39) Tjm: water at the bottom - I thank you

(18:27:39) Riiick: A deep sounding splash?

(18:27:40) Snowball: down goes off the map - not advisable!

(18:27:42) Kythen: ask if there is any rope around

(18:27:43) pelrun: the corridor continues past the shaft; can he get across somehow?

(18:27:43) Hituro: or boreholes?

(18:27:46) Crescent: duckiemonster - tell kurt to get other suits and drop down shaft

(18:27:47) ahdok: Jetpacks in a gaseous chemical hazard. Great idea.

(18:27:48) Kythen: unless he has some already

(18:27:49) beglee: kurt tumbles over nad breaks his neck -- GAME OVER -- you have 2 lives left, start again?

(18:27:50) bigmaddrongo: Fluffy - would you want to gouge suitable hand holds up a smooth lift chaft using only a spanner?

(18:27:51) TopGun2: he's got breathing gear, what's his swimming skills like?

(18:27:51) Laurwren: shine light across

(18:27:52) Judderman: there may be something useful in the dead end

(18:27:53) ahdok: FOOMF

(18:27:53) kameleon: feel the walls

(18:27:53) Riiick: Jets?

(18:27:57) Hituro: wouldn't 17 be underwater then?

(18:27:58) DJCherryPie: is thewre a lader down?

(18:28:01) eeeqz: Definitly no switches or buttons or anything like that on the walls?

(18:28:04) kameleon: push the walls

(18:28:08) Riiick: Is there a Jet around?

(18:28:12) Okita: It might be a good idea to continue going down the pathway to see if there's anything around there.

(18:28:14) Crescent: jet?

(18:28:17) brat-sampson: Says there's a Passege on the other side of the lift shaft

(18:28:18) pjm1974: there should be another passage beyond the grill?

(18:28:23) brat-sampson: passage

(18:28:26) FluffyFlummox: Is that a swithc at the end of this tunnel on the map, a sly small rectangle?

(18:28:28) EvilGenius: could he call an elevator from the control room?

(18:28:28) jojojojo: ah well, the swimming will be good physio for his ankle

(18:28:37) Batgirl: we really don't want him to go down

(18:28:37) Hituro: power source is on L1, but he can't go up

(18:28:41) sim: flood the shaft and float up?

(18:28:43) Batgirl: we have no idea what 17 is!

(18:28:52) brat-sampson: has anyone actually asked about the passage yet?

(18:28:52) Riiick: Do Jets allow you to fly or something?

(18:28:53) Crane: He CAN go up, but there are rockfalls blocking all those shafts.

(18:28:58) Cabbage: Has Kurt still got that plank from the beginning?

(18:28:58) Weefz: we think down leads to another section of the mine, right?

(18:29:02) kameleon: is it locked

(18:29:02) Snowball: anything now active in the L1 D/5 area maybe?

(18:29:07) Crane: No, he means water jets, I think.

(18:29:11) hopkapi: hmm

(18:29:13) Phant: keep going South

(18:29:14) Juxta: ""SOme would work with simple tools, hacking at the face by hand. While others would operate large blasting equipment with water jets.""

(18:29:17) TopGun2: can he traverse the shaft into the small area on the south side?

(18:29:17) kameleon: or is the grate just stuck

(18:29:20) Mindez: He's got a spanner.

(18:29:20) Crane: 'Xactly.

(18:29:21) Riiick: Anything beyond the grill

(18:29:21) Juxta: ^^Mining methods

(18:29:22) hopkapi: flooding it somehow makes sense, but also a hugely bad idea

(18:29:24) Crescent: thank you juxta

(18:29:26) Crane: Yeah.

(18:29:26) Hawkeblu: What does the south wall look like?

(18:29:32) Crane: Don't flood it.

(18:29:36) buzman: sim : nice idea - Is flooding to float up an option?

(18:29:37) ahdok: not a bad idea, but electricty + water = bad.

(18:29:38) Ruthless: Flood it

(18:29:39) Hituro: no flooding would be bad!

(18:29:40) Six: sounds dangerious

(18:29:40) Braxis: He's got to get out again...

(18:29:43) spugmeistress: haha it works in castlevania

(18:29:44) hopkapi: wouldn't he drown?

(18:29:45) Laurwren: What about the duct between l1 and l2 to get to the power source?

(18:29:48) Sugarcubed: maybe only the bottom part of the ladder was removed so look for a boost up

(18:29:48) Mindez: Whack them with the spanner!

(18:29:48) aulrian: are there any of the old water jets around? he could carve hand holds in the wall

(18:29:50) Ruthless: Turn off lights and flood

(18:29:52) _izzy_: worked in prision break!

(18:29:56) eeeqz: If he's going in search of electrical activity, water = not good!

(18:29:57) kameleon: can u pull the water pipes to move or break them

(18:30:00) Hituro: now that he has got the power on to S, maybe he can do more in the control room?

(18:30:01) hopkapi: are the pipes big enough to get through or along?

(18:30:08) Mindez: Break the water pipes with spanner

(18:30:10) isca: Flood it

(18:30:13) pelrun: heh, sly jab from duckie

(18:30:14) Jereth: see if he can find hose to blast the grate open

(18:30:19) spugmeistress: can he check the south passage past the grate?

(18:30:22) austin: What about ""voice activated switches"" mentioned in the website

(18:30:23) MartinM: is there another way out if we flood the shaft?

(18:30:24) Okita: Mods? Perhaps there is more in the area he can check out? Ie. Past the grate?

(18:30:24) Weefz: or just go back to the levers and power down the drainage, Ollie.

(18:30:26) Crane: Tell him not to be thick, flooding it is a dumb idea.

(18:30:26) Kythen: high pressure water pipes = too think to break with a spanner

(18:30:32) hopkapi: hmm, try yelling at it

(18:30:32) ahdok: he could go back to the control panel, turn the water systems off, then sprint back to here and close th eblast door.

(18:30:34) hannah: flooding the shaft may be the only option

(18:30:35) hopkapi: OPEN!

(18:30:36) Hituro: maybe he can call for the lift by shouting?

(18:30:38) ahdok: it'd be pretty one way though.

(18:30:39) nightingale: can he use the spanner to regulate the pressure?

(18:30:40) ahdok: no coming back.

(18:30:42) hopkapi: or it might drown him

(18:30:43) Crescent: mods - get kurt to consider flooding as an option - to go up - is he up to swimming/floating - would suit weigh him down too much?

(18:30:45) sim: if he turns off power to the pumps, it might raise the water level

(18:30:49) kameleon: what did you pick up earlier in the locker rooms

(18:30:53) ***ahdok grins at sim

(18:31:04) Braxis: Gan he use the jets to dig through to shaft 3?

(18:31:04) Gaspar: OK, total inventory; what things do you have, at all?

(18:31:04) Juxta: Crane: Bear in mind that from the mind of Kurt came such puzzles as ""The 13th Labour"" - him ""being thick"" isn't really what we need to be worried about here

(18:31:06) spugmeistress: can he check out the southern passage past the grate?

(18:31:06) bigmaddrongo: sim: what pumps?

(18:31:08) ahdok: you could raise the water level by doing that and closing the door, yes."

(18:31:11) ahdok: but no way back.

(18:31:11) pjm1974: can he use the spanner?

(18:31:12) eeeqz: Can we ask Kurt for an inventory of what he has with him?

(18:31:13) Jereth: hazard suit 30 kilos

(18:31:14) Phant: If he keeps going south maybe there is a way to S3

(18:31:14) Crane: Oh dear.

(18:31:17) kameleon: is there any joins in the pipes

(18:31:19) Crane: He's thinking of flooding it.

(18:31:25) hopkapi: uh oh

(18:31:26) brat-sampson: there's a passage beyond the liftshaft

(18:31:28) Kythen: oh geez

(18:31:29) DJCherryPie: i hope hes a good swimmer

(18:31:30) Batgirl: omg its suicide!

(18:31:32) FluffyFlummox: Hot pipes/cold pipes?

(18:31:32) hopkapi: near suicidal

(18:31:33) sim: the lever puzzle... he turned the power on, just turn them off

(18:31:36) bigmaddrongo: brat: is that not a dead-end?

(18:31:36) hopkapi: good point

(18:31:38) Kythen: we've been playing waaay too many video games :P

(18:31:39) Crane: This is just silly.

(18:31:40) kameleon: can you block the pipes

(18:31:44) nightingale: Use the spanner to adjust any adjustable bits (forgot what they're called)!

(18:31:44) Hituro: which kind of suit makes you die?

(18:31:45) Crane: Tell him not to be a fool!

(18:31:48) hopkapi: methinks flooding it isn't going to be a good idea

(18:31:48) psyche: If he's flooding the tunnel, I'm concerned about his heavy boots...

(18:31:48) Juxta: Nuts

(18:31:53) Crescent: MODS - this is NOT worth it - can we not first go back to control room and examine computers for other entrances?

(18:31:55) pjm1974: nuts to u too

(18:31:58) bigmaddrongo: he's not wearing heavy boots

(18:32:11) bigmaddrongo: he couldn't find heavy boots

(18:32:11) arieh: If he can't see our passage, why not? Could it be hidden?

(18:32:12) pjm1974: he IS wearing heavy boots

(18:32:12) ahdok: yeah, can't swim in the heavy boots.

(18:32:17) Cabbage: Can someone confirm what level Kurt is one (sorry, I am being Mr Thicky here)

(18:32:20) bigmaddrongo: L4

(18:32:21) pelrun: Crescent: ALL other levels have rockfalls.

(18:32:21) ahdok: 4

(18:32:21) rlp6028: 4

(18:32:22) Crane: Level four,.

(18:32:22) kameleon: tell us exactly what you can see

(18:32:25) eeeqz: Can we ask Kurt for an inventory of what he has with him??

(18:32:26) Cabbage: That's what I thought

(18:32:27) brat-sampson: flooding a mine while wearinga heavy suit and looking for electrical activity doesn't seem like a great idea

(18:32:30) Crescent: also - kurt is weighed down

(18:32:40) ahdok: eeeqz: his key, the radiation suit and bits, and a spanner.

(18:32:43) EvilGenius: it appears an elevator exists in that shaft - call it from somewhere?

(18:32:44) duckiemonster: Brat: please elaborate.

(18:32:46) Okita: Our maps show an area that's past his location that he could check.

(18:32:47) Hituro: if he floods it he will end up on L3 for a while

(18:32:49) DJCherryPie: and its hrd to move in the sute

(18:32:50) kameleon: look for joins

(18:32:51) pelrun: EvilGenius: no call button.

(18:32:52) bigmaddrongo: EG: no way of doing so

(18:32:52) Crescent: perhaps use another suit to inflate and act as a buoyant??

(18:32:55) AnotherUselessPw: Yeah, not too easy to swim with a heavy suit on.

(18:32:57) Crane: Nice idea!

(18:32:58) EvilGenius: control room?

(18:32:59) buzman: Use spanner to release a valve?

(18:33:10) Crane: Seal another suit and inflate it as a bouyancy aid.

(18:33:11) Hituro: tell kurt not *under* the grate, on the other side

(18:33:12) sim: there is a grate over the shaft

(18:33:12) Cabbage: Flooding just to the height of level 4 tunnel could be an option just to get across, but regulating water the problem

(18:33:14) ahdok: kurt: you can flood the shaft by turning the power off the water systems like earlier.

(18:33:17) skenmy: Tell him that there is a passge south of the lift shaft

(18:33:18) Carda: Correct me if I'm wrong, but if he's wearing the heaviest boots he can find, wouldn't flooding the shaft be, you know, a problem rather than a solution?

(18:33:20) isca: Please state where you are

(18:33:20) spugmeistress: is kurt confident he could float in those boots?

(18:33:21) psyche: How about if he jumps down into the water at the bototm of the shaft, then swims over to the tunnel which leads to '17'

(18:33:28) hopkapi: carda has a point

(18:33:30) kameleon: remove your heavy boots

(18:33:30) brat-sampson: well, from the map, he looks like he's standing at a 2-D crossroads

(18:33:30) Batgirl: but what is 17?!

(18:33:33) SteveC: once teh water is high enough, doesn't it then fill the entirety of L4?

(18:33:35) bigmaddrongo: he cou;dn't find heavy boots, so that's not a problem

(18:33:39) brat-sampson: behind him is the locker room

(18:33:39) Laurwren: excuse me if he floods it how is he going to make it stop up higher?

(18:33:40) ahdok: but it's a no turning back option. You may well get trapped in the mine unless you find another exit.

(18:33:41) Croll: you will need to change boots if you're going to flood the shaft

(18:33:44) x2k: Is it definitely 17?

(18:33:45) brat-sampson: and above and below go the liftshaft

(18:33:52) hopkapi: and we no want a dead kurt

(18:33:53) Ryan: Please tell me he isnt going to try and float up while wearing a hazard suit and boots?

(18:33:54) brat-sampson: but it also shows an extention directly opposite

(18:33:59) Croll: and you'll have to go back to the control panel to turn off the water pumps

(18:33:59) Juxta: Ok: Recap. Kurt is on L4 in the mine. He has on a yellow hazard suit, and *heavy* boots. He is at the shaded ""cross"" section, which has a grate underneath him, which he cannot open.

(18:34:03) Hituro: okay nothing there then

(18:34:05) hopkapi: ollie: gah

(18:34:06) nightingale: Mr spanner meet mr valve?

(18:34:15) kameleon: but remove boots before flooding

(18:34:17) Ruthless: LOL Ollie

(18:34:17) Crane: Ollie is a 3P agent, trying to get Kurt killed.

(18:34:20) Weefz: i thought the grate was above him.. ICBW

(18:34:22) skenmy: wrong

(18:34:25) brat-sampson: exactly, the cross section, my suggestion was the path opposite him

(18:34:26) hopkapi: yeah, evil bastard

(18:34:26) skenmy: its not off the bottom

(18:34:27) Hituro: if he floods at high pressure then any obstacle above will get him killed

(18:34:27) Carda: We're trying to go UP, not down.

(18:34:32) Sugarcubed: is there anything he could use as a float to hold onto?

(18:34:33) kameleon: why]

(18:34:34) skenmy: that shaft goes down further than that

(18:34:42) aulrian: if he waited for violet she would be able to turn off the water

(18:34:42) ahdok: MODS, please point out to kurt that he can flood the shaft by turning off the power to the water.

(18:34:42) Riiick: Flooding with no way of escape seems like a really bad idea

(18:34:43) Hawkeblu: I think that below this passage is probably the water source for the mine

(18:34:49) Crane: Heh, he's getting testy.

(18:34:49) MartinM: is there another way out if he cant go back?

(18:35:02) Batgirl: i'd be testy of I was stuck down there!

(18:35:06) Crescent: ok - so tall shaft, grate eblow him, we need to go up, walls somooth - he is weighed down, we can flood posisbly - any other way - can we use the gas concentrations to our advantage?

(18:35:08) Crane: MODS: Ask him if his suit would let him breath underwater.

(18:35:10) beglee: is it possble that the 2 ch areas were being connected to one another, and maybe they are connected and that map is slightly outdates

(18:35:11) DJCherryPie: poor kurt sounds like hes frustrated

(18:35:15) Gaspar: No colors!

(18:35:20) Hituro: turning off the power to water would not be enough surely

(18:35:22) DJCherryPie: wish i could hug him

(18:35:22) Takeru: Crane: Wouldn't you, if you had to deal with stupid suggestions while potentially walking into your own death?

(18:35:24) Carda: I think Kurt is feeling the pain every D&D GM feels when the party hits a roadblock.

(18:35:31) Hituro: there has to be a source of pressure to push the water in

(18:35:33) kameleon: calm down we trying to help

(18:35:36) Carda: Only a million times worse.

(18:35:39) Crane: Errr>

(18:35:39) hopkapi: kurt is angry

(18:35:39) ***ahdok sighs.

(18:35:40) _izzy_: is kurt a good swimmer?, before we implament this plan

(18:35:40) Batgirl: oooooo touchy!

(18:35:43) Crane: Wouldn't I what?

(18:35:45) hopkapi: ask him about the suit though

(18:35:56) psyche: I'm not clear whether the grate is sitting flat over the hole, or vertically blocking the shaft opposite.

(18:35:58) Juxta: Could Kurt discard the boots at this juncture?

(18:36:02) Hituro: normally the pumps would combat water level flooding or rain percolating in, it's not going to be quick if that is all

(18:36:02) isca: Go back

(18:36:03) aulrian: wait for violet to turn off the water

(18:36:07) pjm1974: slightly confused WHERE IS THIS GRATE infront or belwo him?

(18:36:10) hopkapi: wouldn't he then freeze?

(18:36:10) eeeqz: Not forgetting the electricty situation of course

(18:36:12) ahdok: can probably swim without the boots once it gets deep enough.

(18:36:13) Juxta: He's wearing them to avoid burning his tootsies off on ""hot spots""

(18:36:15) Hituro: under his feet

(18:36:17) Okita: Could Kurt use his tools to remove the grate? as in the spanner?

(18:36:21) Croll: tell him to just keep the air mask

(18:36:21) Riiick: Violet is taking her time

(18:36:22) kameleon: try calling for help

(18:36:23) pineapple: There is a GRATE in front of him and a GRILLE on the floor

(18:36:23) Weefz: yeah, si tthis grate on the floor, ceiling, far ""wall"" or where? I dont' understand

(18:36:27) Crane: Oh dear...

(18:36:28) EvilGenius: about time

(18:36:28) Juxta: I assume that he was wearing shoes on his umpteen mile hike....

(18:36:28) DJCherryPie: he cant leve it if its a chemical hazard

(18:36:30) Gaspar: Just let him flood it; it's our only option.

(18:36:32) jojojojo: THE GRATE IS TOO SMALL!

(18:36:36) Crescent: mods: tell kurt:: are there any more gas canisters - does he have any flammable device? could he create a 'jet-pack' type of device using a suit as base and spare canister with pressure to go up WITHOUT floodung chamber?

(18:36:37) Riiick: how is the f-thingy supposed to help

(18:36:40) beglee: can he see anything above him?

(18:36:43) Crane: Grate is on far wall.

(18:36:52) kameleon: take it you have tried to push or pull the grate or even slide it

(18:36:52) Batgirl: he's going for it with no plan on how to stop the water!!!

(18:36:55) Carda: Jetpack? Are you TRYING to get him blown up?

(18:36:55) sim: above him is a smooth shaft

(18:36:56) eeeqz: Can he discard the suit but keep the mask/canisters?

(18:36:56) isca: Suit will protect from gas

(18:36:56) ***hopkapi thinks cresent has been watching too much McGuiver

(18:36:56) ahdok: the mask should protect against the gas for long eonugh for him to get past the hazard. The gas is only so high.

(18:37:04) Crane: Yeah

(18:37:07) Hituro: crescent just not physically possible, jetpacks need much more pressure than just compressed gas

(18:37:07) Crane: Yeah.

(18:37:09) jojojojo: MODS: Tell Kurt to flood it

(18:37:15) Laurwren: a ""jet packl is much more dangersous than flooding please do not suggest it

(18:37:19) Crane: It looks like the only option.

(18:37:20) hopkapi: how do we know what is above him?

(18:37:21) EvilGenius: flood it

(18:37:22) Crane: It looks like the only option.

(18:37:27) _izzy_: if he's going for it, go for it - flood it like jojojo saud

(18:37:27) Croll: tell him to open the valve

(18:37:28) isca: Go back

(18:37:28) Jereth: open it slowly

(18:37:32) kameleon: hope you can hold your breath

(18:37:33) Cabbage: Is plan just to flood partially to get across to supposed dead end? Cos he has found a controllable valve

(18:37:33) hopkapi: if you kill my kurt I won't be happy

(18:37:37) Crescent: mods - tell kurt to use canisters to act as a pressure pusher in water when floded

(18:37:38) MartinM: check feet?

(18:37:39) eeeqz: *closes eyes and waits for doom...*

(18:37:39) Crane: God, I'm going to have nightmares about this for years.

(18:37:40) buzman: What is he going to do once he gets to the top? (to get away from the rising water)

(18:37:40) Enigmaster: if there was oxygen tanks, he should take a few for bouancy

(18:37:42) Juxta: Is there anything buoyant about? Planks of wood used to shore up the tunnels?

(18:37:46) hopkapi: can we work out a plan for what happens when this all goes wrong?

(18:37:47) Flynn: has anyone mentioned that there looks to be another airlock above him?

(18:37:50) isca: Come on Violet!!

(18:37:50) Weefz: i hope power is off above.

(18:37:50) ahdok: WE DON'T HAVE A JET PACK why do people keep suggesting that magicking up a jetpack and then using it in a chamber full of who knows what other gasses is a good idea?

(18:37:54) Crane: Yeah, so he takes the planks of wood and gets crushed?

(18:37:56) Hituro: I would just have gone back to the surface and tried to find S2

(18:37:58) hopkapi: tell him to throw something up and see

(18:38:00) Laurwren: What level is our goal? will he be able to swim down and turn the valve off?

(18:38:01) ahdok: it's a great plan, with only two minor flaws.

(18:38:04) isca: Is this S2?

(18:38:04) nightingale: Can he use the suit as a bouyancy aid?

(18:38:10) Ruthless: Violet is already there, she turned off the power in the controle room

(18:38:11) DJCherryPie: i hope the lift iisnt at the top blocking him

(18:38:16) asynkrobotics: an empty suit?

(18:38:16) Crane: Has anyone noticed he's stalling a LOT?

(18:38:18) spugmeistress: can he trap some air into the suit?

(18:38:22) Crane: I think we're suppsoed to suggest something better.

(18:38:22) hopkapi: thus, throw a stick or stone or something up

(18:38:22) kameleon: is there anyway back that would help

(18:38:23) Cabbage: Also where does 17 go - might just flood lower levels off map and not the shaft S2

(18:38:24) Enigmaster: tanks of oxygen?

(18:38:28) Juxta: Ruthless: Violet is *not* already there

(18:38:29) hopkapi: we need to see if it'll bounce or whatever

(18:38:30) pjm1974: not an air lock above him but a lift compartment surely...

(18:38:33) Riiick: I don't think he wants to do it

(18:38:34) skenmy: Has anyone noticed that we are stalling him?

(18:38:39) sledge: use one of the other suits as a floataion device?

(18:38:40) Riiick: There must be another way

(18:38:40) skenmy: Not him stalling us

(18:38:41) Crescent: mods -use a spare canister as a jetstream to get to top quickly

(18:38:41) EvilGenius: level - depends where he can get out, the top would be nice but L2 also world

(18:38:42) Hituro: This still seems like a very bad plan, once he does this there is no way back

(18:38:44) isca: Ruthless - Sorry been disconnected for that part!

(18:38:46) Laurwren: make sure the air lock is closed so it stops the water there

(18:38:47) Gaspar: Maybe there's a drainage point somwhere before the top and water level will level off.

(18:38:47) kameleon: everyone thinks you are stalling kurt

(18:38:48) hopkapi: haha, kurtains

(18:38:50) spugmeistress: swim kurt swim!

(18:38:53) Jereth: he thinks he can float let the alain float

(18:38:55) _izzy_: just go for it

(18:38:56) Weefz: There are no lights on up there, right?

(18:38:58) Crane: This is silly. We're going to kill one of the main characters.

(18:38:58) Carda: Okay, someone needs to be PUNished for that.

(18:39:00) kameleon: go for it

(18:39:00) juanpablo: humans with concrete boots dont float

(18:39:01) hopkapi: uh oh

(18:39:01) psyche: Yes, but typically humans dont' wear great big protective suits.

(18:39:06) hopkapi: good luck

(18:39:08) kameleon: do it

(18:39:10) Hituro: and heavy air tanks

(18:39:11) Hawkeblu: If the suit and mask are airtight they'll be watertight, so he doesn't have to worry about drowning until the air cannister gives out. Might want to replace it with a new one or get an extra one before he starts the flood

(18:39:13) hopkapi: kurt is so dead

(18:39:13) EvilGenius: we can't kill him or the story won't play out

(18:39:13) bigmaddrongo: the wwater will probably flood back into L3,2,1 until it hits the rockfall, should be a nice slow ascent

(18:39:15) ahdok: can someone stop Ollie making stupid jokes and start actually taking useful comments from this channel instead?

(18:39:15) kameleon: good

(18:39:17) Crane: Oh dear...

(18:39:20) hopkapi: boots off

(18:39:21) sim: tie boots around neck

(18:39:22) Croll: maybe take off the suit too

(18:39:23) ***Arc can't bear to watch

(18:39:24) SteveC: /mode #kurtmod -v Ollie

(18:39:24) trogdor: will he sink?

(18:39:27) Gaspar: Oh yeah, takr off the HEAVY boots!

(18:39:27) SteveC: ;)

(18:39:28) Riiick: I hope the floor isn't hot...

(18:39:29) Batgirl: oh dear, he might get his feet burned now!

(18:39:31) ***hopkapi wonders how we're meant to wartch

(18:39:31) Ollie: I'll start taking useful comments once they're made

(18:39:32) hopkapi: watch

(18:39:32) psyche: Oh god (covers eyes)

(18:39:34) kameleon: use boots to block pipes

(18:39:36) Snowball: he wore light boots and lost his feet

(18:39:42) Crane: I'm going to regret this for years.

(18:39:45) brat-sampson: yes, PLeeeease be sure to take the boots off :P

(18:39:46) kameleon: or break pipes

(18:39:46) Juxta: Again: Boots are to protect against ""hot spots"" - they will likely lose their ""hotness"" underwater...

(18:39:47) Laurwren: stop making jokes to him - your just making him angry

(18:39:50) Crescent: kurt - throw boots up lift shaft (or is it too tlall?)

(18:39:50) EvilGenius: he can always use the service shaft between l2 and l1

(18:39:52) hopkapi: am I the only person who can't see anything?

(18:39:52) Cabbage: He's opening the valve...

(18:39:55) isca: That's enough!

(18:39:55) Crane: This is baaaad...

(18:39:56) Hituro: then how about telling him to go back to the surface and finding S2 frfom the top ollie

(18:39:57) nightingale: Could he get lighter boots?

(18:40:03) Ruthless: no

(18:40:07) isca: Can u swim?

(18:40:09) Weefz: Hituro: rock fall blocking the way

(18:40:11) kameleon: can you fill your suit up with water

(18:40:11) hopkapi: he can run

(18:40:13) kameleon: help you float

(18:40:16) hopkapi: kameleon: wha?

(18:40:17) jojojojo: he needs heavy boots!!! Nooooo!

(18:40:20) darkflamer: seems like he is playing zelda now :p

(18:40:23) Crane: Fill your suit with WATER?

(18:40:24) Takeru: Can he find any duct tape or something around?

(18:40:25) AnotherUselessPw: Thow the boots over.

(18:40:26) Crane: To help you float>

(18:40:28) beglee: what are the chances that a body floats up under the grate?

(18:40:29) MartinM: get light boots?

(18:40:30) spugmeistress: castlevania > zelda

(18:40:31) Crane: That's dumb!

(18:40:32) hopkapi: aww, your feet

(18:40:34) bigmaddrongo: please everyone, think twice then speak

(18:40:34) AD: Where about's is he? I got disconnected and have missed loads.

(18:40:34) Takeru: To seal the hole made by no boots.

(18:40:35) hopkapi: get the light boots

(18:40:36) eeeqz: Oh, can't he go back and get some light boots? better than nothing!

(18:40:36) ahdok: you don't need heavy boots when it's full of water, also he can't swim if he takes them.

(18:40:36) Riiick: What is Violets ETA?

(18:40:36) Arc: lmao *has nightmares about the water temple*

(18:40:38) beglee: Miranda/Violet?!

(18:40:41) Carda: That kinda negates the purpose of TAKING THEM OFF.

(18:40:44) hopkapi: he'll float and have feet

(18:40:45) darkflamer: Zelda>> Water puzzles, heavy boots ect ect

(18:40:45) Weefz: isn't the suit kinda worthless if it's not air and watertight?

(18:40:47) pjm1974: slent hill 3 anybody?

(18:40:47) juanpablo: surely he can throw the heavy boots across

(18:40:48) ahdok: Arc: that was a terrible level.

(18:40:49) EvilGenius: what - take the boots off and then carry them?!

(18:40:52) _izzy_: ddon't takw the boots with him - they wil weight him down

(18:40:54) hopkapi: why can't he go get them now?

(18:40:55) Jereth: hazard suit weight 30 kilos +wearer /6 hell flopat but he better be carful

(18:40:56) hopkapi: oh

(18:40:56) brat-sampson: hah

(18:40:56) Gaspar: Forget the dmna boots!

(18:40:57) sledge: use thwe other suit... tie knots in the end of the legs. arms, head ect and use that to float?

(18:40:59) AnotherUselessPw: So he can then pick them up when he is over.

(18:40:59) brat-sampson: Water temple :P

(18:41:01) ahdok: although at least the water levels were reversible.

(18:41:05) hopkapi: he could attach the boots to something floaty

(18:41:06) isca: Fill shaft with rocks

(18:41:07) kameleon: go for it

(18:41:08) Hituro: yes he took the boots off to float, he can't carry them

(18:41:12) Crane: This is really tense.

(18:41:22) bigmaddrongo: humans float, quit worrying

(18:41:22) piddy77: i think he needs to get naked now to be as light as he can be

(18:41:26) hopkapi: ...

(18:41:27) Hituro: he needs balloons!

(18:41:30) kameleon: are you ok

(18:41:31) ***hopkapi agrees with piddy

(18:41:33) hopkapi: in theory ;)

(18:41:34) Crane: Yay, naked Kurt!

(18:41:34) Laurwren: airlock closed?

(18:41:36) rjw76: damn my visual imagination!

(18:41:37) spugmeistress: tell kurt to have fun :)

(18:41:38) AnotherUselessPw: Thow the boots over!!!

(18:41:40) Cabbage: MODS what is happening is shaft filling up or is water draining away through 17 tunnel?

(18:41:42) Gaspar: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crap

(18:41:43) ***Crane drools.

(18:41:44) rjw76: Crane: can we share?

(18:41:44) ahdok: ah, someone made rosie talk.

(18:41:45) hopkapi: duckie: lol

(18:41:46) Arc: make sure he gets a sketch ;)

(18:41:46) macmonkey: dont let his key get wet

(18:41:48) EvilGenius: maybe a helpful dolphin ;-)

(18:41:50) Crane: Yeah, I guess.

(18:41:51) Mindez: XD

(18:41:52) trogdor: how much longer??

(18:41:52) Croll: rofl

(18:41:53) Takeru: Bahahaa.

(18:41:53) Okita: Pwn3d by Kurt!

(18:41:53) DJCherryPie: damn this is giving me an axiety attack lol

(18:41:54) _izzy_: good on kurt

(18:41:56) hopkapi: it is very funny

(18:41:58) Enigmaster: keys are waterproof :)

(18:42:00) Crane: Hehe!

(18:42:00) macmonkey: haha rofl

(18:42:01) Takeru: Thank you, Kurt. <3

(18:42:03) Laurwren: MODS: STop making jokes to him!

(18:42:03) Crane: This is fun.

(18:42:04) Batgirl: damn we nearly had him naked  ;)

(18:42:06) Gaspar: DUCKIE LIES@

(18:42:07) eeeqz: Oh god he's going to die, please don't die kurt....

(18:42:09) Weefz: Kurt clearly doesn't believe in gallows humour...

(18:42:10) brat-sampson: heh, well it's kinda funny

(18:42:11) hopkapi: floating...

(18:42:12) Judderman: can he swim quickly ovet to the extension loof the passage now?

(18:42:13) Crane: He's floating!

(18:42:13) Asa: he'll be fine!

(18:42:14) kameleon: excellent, where you floating to

(18:42:14) Kiz: is it really a good idea to piss urt off?

(18:42:18) Riiick: Don't make fun of someone who could die at any moment...

(18:42:20) Kythen: probably not kiz

(18:42:21) aorians: Is there any chance of electricity in the water coming up?

(18:42:21) Crane: Why not?

(18:42:24) hopkapi: his tosies

(18:42:24) Envoy: *fingers crossed*

(18:42:27) Ruthless: How about a nice warm cup of STFU

(18:42:27) Batgirl: he won't die... i hope!

(18:42:27) rlp6028: Shrinkage!

(18:42:29) Crescent: ollie - tell kurt to keep as slim as posisble and use canister of air as a pressure to push upwards

(18:42:29) pjm1974: try throwing a pair of knotted jeans over his head, trapping air and acting as a balloon, worked for my swimming badge

(18:42:29) Cabbage: Is it a good idea to swim to a dead end when the tunnel is floodiing?

(18:42:32) kameleon: you are a tough man you can deal with cold

(18:42:32) Crane: It's much more entertaining to let him die horribly.

(18:42:33) Hituro: what's he going to do at L3?

(18:42:34) EvilGenius: so far so good . . .

(18:42:37) Arc: I can't believe duckie relayed that

(18:42:38) Snowball: if the lift itself is actually at the top of the shaft whats he going to do?

(18:42:44) kameleon: cold mean surface

(18:42:48) skenmy: too late now

(18:42:49) Crane: It's cold.

(18:42:52) EvilGenius: get off on L2 and use the side sahft

(18:42:54) DJCherryPie: oh dear i hope the one that turn3ed blue in the poem didnt freeze

(18:42:55) trogdor: naturally

(18:42:55) Juxta: Simple answer really: Don't make dopey suggestions :o)

(18:42:58) sim: watch your head!

(18:42:58) Cabbage: hypothermia we never thought about that

(18:42:59) Crescent: mods - not float - swim - hypothermic reaction and gas - tweo bads!

(18:43:02) Hituro: when he gets to L3 the water will spill out and he won't go up again for ages

(18:43:06) Arc: bearable?

(18:43:07) ahdok: there's four levels he might get off at.

(18:43:12) Weefz: What's in his backpack?

(18:43:15) brat-sampson: how about your *body*

(18:43:16) brat-sampson: how's that doing?

(18:43:17) pjm1974: if it's cold he wouldn't appreciate being naked anyway...

(18:43:17) Cabbage: who's idea was this?

(18:43:19) Sugarcubed: whats the deal with the top of the shaft? could he miss his exit?

(18:43:19) eeeqz: ah backpack - something to hold on to

(18:43:20) Asa: floats

(18:43:20) Mindez: <EvilGenius> get off on L2 and use the side sahft <-- That's.. on the wrong side of the rockfall.

(18:43:21) buzman: Yes - but are you *attached* to it Kurt?!

(18:43:24) isca: Where are we? S2?

(18:43:25) ahdok: the water pressure will increase at the bottom of the shaft, so the water level will only rise so much.

(18:43:26) Hituro: MODS can you ask him what the rate of water rise is?

(18:43:27) kameleon: can you breathe ok

(18:43:30) ahdok: hopefully it'll stop before the top.

(18:43:33) Fluffy_Flummox: waterproof key?

(18:43:33) sim: *raises hand* my idea, I'm afraid

(18:43:36) hopkapi: yay!!!!!!

(18:43:37) Hituro: whew .... fast!

(18:43:39) ahdok: but he might want to get off at whichever floors he sees.

(18:43:44) hopkapi: run kurt, run

(18:43:44) Laurwren: great now we're going to short out his personal electronics

(18:43:48) skenmy: MODS: Tell him these should be a southern facing passage

(18:43:49) hopkapi: uh oh

(18:43:49) brat-sampson: ...ah

(18:43:51) Jereth: o2 in pack helping float divers alung bount lift 100lbs so hes going to float well

(18:43:51) skenmy: *there should be

(18:43:52) EvilGenius: ahhh - forgot about that - amybe the flood will dislodge the rocks

(18:43:53) Arc: uh oh

(18:43:54) brat-sampson: and I guess it's still flooding

(18:43:54) Juxta: Keys are waterproof

(18:43:55) Crane: Oh dear.

(18:43:57) trogdor: tell him to break it open?

(18:43:58) Mindez: Uhoh..

(18:43:58) ahdok: I would assume his key is waterproof.

(18:44:00) Carda: My guess is that when the water reaches L2 or L1 the water will have some way to escape.

(18:44:02) Crane: The entrance to L3 is fused shut.

(18:44:03) Ruthless: I'd imagion electronics are all water proof in PXC

(18:44:03) trogdor: kick it?

(18:44:07) Snowball: lets hope one of the levels is open - or he's going to hit the lift at the top

(18:44:07) Juxta: Ahdok: They are

(18:44:07) Hituro: okay ... lets hope its not blocked at the top!

(18:44:11) kameleon: break it open

(18:44:19) beglee: maybe he'll be able to drain the water from the control romm afterwards

(18:44:20) brat-sampson: L1 looks to be the only one easily open at that level

(18:44:20) Riiick: How long can he hold his breath?

(18:44:21) sim: there should be a spillway

(18:44:26) Crane: He's getting cold.

(18:44:26) Arc: yikes

(18:44:27) hopkapi: think warm thoughts kurt

(18:44:28) Croll: he needs some heat...

(18:44:29) Crescent: tell him to swim upwards

(18:44:30) MartinM: move legs about to keep warm...

(18:44:31) Crane: Dying of hypothermia.

(18:44:32) DJCherryPie: i dont like this

(18:44:32) brat-sampson: you could cut across to the half-way point from the south side

(18:44:34) Ruthless: HE's going to die from hypothermia

(18:44:36) pjm1974: shivering helps

(18:44:37) Jereth: his suit has a tank i guess

(18:44:38) bigmaddrongo: riiick: he has a mask and aitr

(18:44:38) kameleon: swim

(18:44:38) aorians: T

(18:44:40) Crane: well, it's too damn late to go back now.

(18:44:41) juanpablo: he will be okay when he steps on the hot floor with no boots

(18:44:42) Jereth: hell be ok

(18:44:43) SteveC: do stars ;)

(18:44:43) hopkapi: think of, errr, miranda?

(18:44:43) Arc: hug chest!

(18:44:44) Crescent: rub core body area - limbs will sort tehmselves out

(18:44:45) justdig: so, um, waht's going on now?

(18:44:46) Asa: only one thing for it and i hope he needds the loo...

(18:44:47) Hawkeblu: foetal position to conserve body heat

(18:44:49) aorians: Tell him to keep treading water too

(18:44:50) Hituro: You think L1 is hot?

(18:44:51) beglee: gonna be afrozen body ina lovely yellow jump suit floating abround the mine

(18:44:52) Poozle: I hate to mention this, but HOW is he going to get back out of the mines?

(18:45:01) SteveC: how is he going to stop the water?

(18:45:02) Ollie: In a box?

(18:45:03) Okita: we'll tackle that problem when it comes Poozle

(18:45:03) Hituro: if he forms a ball he will sink ollie

(18:45:04) pineapple: how miranda got in

(18:45:06) brat-sampson: sekrit 3P entrance :)

(18:45:06) macmonkey: other entrance poozle

(18:45:09) duckiemonster: Poozle: same way Miranda got in.

(18:45:09) hopkapi: by calling Sente

(18:45:09) Poozle: lol

(18:45:10) Cabbage: if miranda in lower level, she be dead now

(18:45:11) brat-sampson: there's bound to be one

(18:45:14) Ruthless: NO Ollie, if he does that he will sink more

(18:45:15) Laurwren: he cqan't form a ball and keep moving

(18:45:15) jojojojo: see what he thinks of letting a bit of water in his suit, like a wetsuit, will provide insulating warmth

(18:45:16) ahdok: the difference a ball will make in the half minute it takes to get to the top is not going to help much. I'd rather have him able to see.

(18:45:16) sledge: Should have gone naked.... Kept his clothes dry in his back pack and put them back on when he reached the top...

(18:45:16) Juxta: We'll burn that bridge when we come to it

(18:45:18) Crane: Yeah, actually.

(18:45:18) Kythen: how exactly did he open the water in the first place?

(18:45:22) brat-sampson: hence how Miranda got in without all this mess

(18:45:25) Kythen: break the valves or just open them?

(18:45:28) Jereth: valve

(18:45:29) Crane: If we're lucky, Miranda is already dead.

(18:45:30) Riiick: if Miranda even went in

(18:45:32) bigmaddrongo: found a valve

(18:45:32) Arc: AIIII!

(18:45:33) rlp6028: L1 it is

(18:45:35) ahdok: I'm guessing the rate of ascent will slow significantly now.

(18:45:38) eeeqz: opened them with trust spanner i believe

(18:45:40) EvilGenius: miranda will be at the very end

(18:45:43) Hituro: I thought he drained the water when he put power to W

(18:45:44) Batgirl: lol he's correcting spelling

(18:45:44) Cabbage: All the doors are stuck

(18:45:45) brat-sampson: it'll be L1

(18:45:47) pelrun: yessir, it's a kurt-popsicle

(18:45:52) brat-sampson: heck the water will stop flooding too

(18:45:57) Crescent: what happens if lift is at top?

(18:45:59) Snowball: L1 is where the lift will be above him surely

(18:45:59) Jereth: hypothermia 3 minites in freezing water

(18:45:59) Kiz: hhm have we possible drowned kurt lol

(18:46:01) brat-sampson: well actually

(18:46:02) Hituro: he hits it

(18:46:04) Crescent: and blokcing exit?

(18:46:05) Laurwren: start thinking how we are going to deal with this water follow ing him

(18:46:06) trogdor: can he try to kick the door opeN?

(18:46:07) Crane: This is bad.

(18:46:09) hopkapi: why doesn't kurt have a torch?

(18:46:09) brat-sampson: by the time he gets to L1 he should be ok

(18:46:12) brat-sampson: 2 door options

(18:46:15) eeeqz: dear god we've done it, we've finally killed him...

(18:46:16) jojojojo: Kiz: It's not funny

(18:46:16) Riiick: ?@#!

(18:46:17) Crane: It's welded shut, I doubt he can kick it open.

(18:46:17) sim: don't go towards the light!

(18:46:18) Sugarcubed: hope theres not a puzzle on the airlock

(18:46:18) Okita: when the water reaches lvl 1, it'll start to fill Shaft 3. That'l lgive time for Kurt ot act.

(18:46:19) Hituro: I hope there is some sort of spillway!

(18:46:20) Takeru: hopkapi: water + fire

(18:46:22) Enigmaster: key = torch hopefully?

(18:46:23) brat-sampson: and if either works that's quite a lot of space for the water to fill

(18:46:27) Juxta: Please, quit the jokes: Kurt is relying upon us to help keep him alive

(18:46:30) hopkapi: err, torches don't need fire

(18:46:33) Batgirl: how's he going to stop the water?!?!?!?!?!

(18:46:33) rlp6028: lift may have been at bottom of shaft

(18:46:34) Hituro: the water is very very fast!

(18:46:36) Riiick: South?

(18:46:37) trogdor: ask him if he can see any light up ahead?

(18:46:37) Okita: He can try to head towards shaft 3

(18:46:38) Takeru: His key has a light on it.

(18:46:40) ***hopkapi wonders if Juxta knows that Kurt isn't real

(18:46:41) Okita: ugh!

(18:46:42) Crane: Oh no.

(18:46:42) psyche: That's good, it's the south we want anyway

(18:46:47) Asa: lol

(18:46:48) Okita: does he still have the spanner? Can he use it?

(18:46:48) beglee: uh oh

(18:46:48) Croll: up?

(18:46:49) Fluffy_Flummox: screwdriver

(18:46:49) ahdok: rats.

(18:46:50) Hituro: oh crap we killed him!

(18:46:51) Gaspar: SPANNER

(18:46:52) rjw76: shit

(18:46:53) piddy77: @hopkapi lol

(18:46:53) Arc: uh oh

(18:46:53) Cabbage: He wants to pay for the grate?

(18:46:53) Jereth: um oops

(18:46:53) Gaspar: SOANNER!

(18:46:54) Crane: North is fused, and he can't budge the grate.

(18:46:54) ahdok: there's a spare room at the top.

(18:46:55) Mindez: There's one more room at the top..

(18:46:55) SteveC: look up ? what's the bit above?

(18:46:55) sim: spanner

(18:46:55) nightingale: spanner!

(18:46:56) AnotherUselessPw: Spanner@

(18:46:56) Fluffy_Flummox: sorry, spanner

(18:46:57) Crane: And he's at the top.

(18:46:57) _izzy_: spanner

(18:47:01) krazykat_nz: use the spanner

(18:47:02) AnotherUselessPw: Use the spanner!


(18:47:03) psyche: No, thre's anothe bit above

(18:47:03) Hituro: he should go up to the surface

(18:47:06) Crescent: use spanner with teh air canister as apressure ram

(18:47:07) Fluffy_Flummox: up and over

(18:47:12) pjm1974: don't panic there's a gap higher up

(18:47:12) _izzy_: anyway to shut of the water

(18:47:12) spugmeistress: is the water going through the grate?

(18:47:17) hopkapi: dive under, heh

(18:47:18) sim: lose the backpack

(18:47:20) skenmy: Crescent -> That idea is not going to be used fgs

(18:47:23) hopkapi: then he'd sink

(18:47:23) Croll: oh god...he's going to die

(18:47:25) brat-sampson: Just go to the top level

(18:47:26) Hituro: he needs the gate open, but it should drain the water

(18:47:27) arieh: oh si*t

(18:47:29) Batgirl: dive under where?! he owuld have seen a gap on the way up....

(18:47:31) hopkapi: everyone is going to die

(18:47:32) psyche: Oh god, please don't let us have killed Kurt

(18:47:33) Weefz: is the ladder intact around here?

(18:47:33) ahdok: Crescent: while that happened in a film, it's provable that it doesn't work.

(18:47:34) brat-sampson: ...

(18:47:36) pjm1974: surely water should be excapping

(18:47:36) Rodric: what about the chamber above lvl1?

(18:47:37) brat-sampson: *under* the graet?

(18:47:38) DJCherryPie: the watter may have moved the rock fall

(18:47:39) Fluffy_Flummox: Up up up

(18:47:39) brat-sampson: *grate

(18:47:48) Hituro: oh help, where's violet when we need her!

(18:47:50) Mindez: Uhoh..

(18:47:50) Cabbage: I can't watch

(18:47:50) ***hopkapi reminds you all that Kurt ISN'T REAL

(18:47:53) eeeqz: Look for puzzles anywhere

(18:47:55) Croll: anything near or on the sealed door?

(18:47:57) macmonkey: cue violet

(18:47:58) Hituro: can he see light above?

(18:47:58) Crescent: skenmy - ok - but don't see why not - grate woud def budge with bioth water and gas presure

(18:48:01) psyche: Violet will kill us

(18:48:02) Weefz: hopkapi: don't be silly.

(18:48:03) Crane: Oh shit...

(18:48:03) Arc: TINAG hopkapi

(18:48:03) isca: Go west

(18:48:04) Hituro: Is the shaft top open?

(18:48:07) brat-sampson: ...

(18:48:09) brat-sampson: too deep?

(18:48:09) hopkapi: come on violet, you stupid wench

(18:48:10) nightingale: Is there something on the roof - GRATE ect?

(18:48:11) Riiick: What is at the top

(18:48:13) Rodric: south

(18:48:13) Fluffy_Flummox: north side

(18:48:14) brat-sampson: don't tell me he can't swim :P

(18:48:15) Crane: We may have just killed a main character.

(18:48:16) Ruthless: Okay, one of you suggested Kurt go to the appartments, he almost died, now all of you have probaly finished him off for good lol

(18:48:17) Carda: There should be that room off to the south.

(18:48:18) Hituro: at least he can get to the surface

(18:48:20) Batgirl: the shat at the top curls round can he not go there?

(18:48:20) EvilGenius: OPEN IT

(18:48:20) Snowball: that leads to a dead end

(18:48:21) Riiick: Get throught doot

(18:48:22) hopkapi: yay!

(18:48:23) SteveC: run down through door , spanner weilded

(18:48:23) Riiick: *door

(18:48:24) brat-sampson: yay door

(18:48:25) Six: phew

(18:48:26) hopkapi: run kurt!

(18:48:27) arieh: whew

(18:48:27) Hituro: That door may trap him though behind the water!

(18:48:28) Enigmaster: yay!#

(18:48:32) Crescent: check floor

(18:48:33) Crescent: !

(18:48:34) EvilGenius: *whew*

(18:48:36) Cabbage: Not dead

(18:48:36) brat-sampson: yes, I heartily suggest closing it afterward

(18:48:38) krazykat_nz: *phew*

(18:48:39) wombatgirl: great door opens

(18:48:40) Jereth: not dead

(18:48:40) rjw76: not dead *yet*

(18:48:41) Fluffy_Flummox: why was it opening at its own accord?

(18:48:41) sledge: seal the dorr afterwards!

(18:48:45) hopkapi: come on kurt, close it baby

(18:48:46) AnotherUselessPw: My week was almost ruined!

(18:48:47) ***Riiick crosses fingers

(18:48:47) pineapple: dead end better than dead

(18:48:48) brat-sampson: no other options though

(18:48:52) pelrun: if he can disable the water flow in that room we could be ok

(18:48:54) hopkapi: yay

(18:48:56) Hituro: was there a surface openeing?

(18:48:57) AnotherUselessPw: If we would have killed him I would have been so sad.

(18:48:57) Crane: Phew?!

(18:48:57) Carda: Phew.

(18:48:57) Batgirl: he'll be trapped there!

(18:49:00) buzman: Phew

(18:49:00) psyche: Oh thank god

(18:49:01) isca: Take deep breath

(18:49:02) SteveC: Kurt survives another few mins then..

(18:49:02) Hituro: Whew!

(18:49:03) _izzy_: MODS whats in the room?

(18:49:04) aorians: What's in the room?

(18:49:06) beglee: now hes trapped in the mine in his yellow suit, well need violet to free him

(18:49:07) eeeqz: Not dead... yet

(18:49:07) Jereth: but alive

(18:49:08) pjm1974: superhuman strength or what

(18:49:10) hopkapi: Kurt, breathe and tell us how you're feeling

(18:49:12) brat-sampson: \o/

(18:49:12) sledge: we need another pump pannel

(18:49:14) brat-sampson: success

(18:49:14) Hituro: Ask him if there was a surface opening to the shaft above the door?

(18:49:14) Crescent: mods: tell him to rub core body and limbs will warm up quicker

(18:49:16) jojojojo: well, we'll just have to wait for violet....

(18:49:21) Tintintin: Get him out of his wet stuff pronto or he's in danger of perishing through hypothermia

(18:49:28) brat-sampson: now he's just trapped in adead-end in a flooded mine.

(18:49:29) pjm1974: jog on the spot

(18:49:29) Fluffy_Flummox: vote 1 for the hokey cokey

(18:49:29) SteveC: /join #violetchat #violetmod

(18:49:32) hopkapi: ask him how warm the room is?

(18:49:35) Gaspar: Now, he's in the alcove above, yes?

(18:49:44) badbarry: hasn't he got a nice thermos flask in his packback?

(18:49:44) AlterEgo: Any sign of Violet?

(18:49:56) pjm1974: what's body core mima?

(18:49:58) brat-sampson: heh, Steve :P

(18:49:59) trogdor: ask him if he can contact violet!

(18:50:01) krazykat_nz: hands under armpits cross arms and pull legs in

(18:50:01) hopkapi: if the room is warm he needs to get naked if his suit is wet

(18:50:04) trogdor: maybe she can help?

(18:50:04) ahdok: Mima: what?

(18:50:06) Crane: *sigh*

(18:50:09) isca: how did Miranda get thru this?

(18:50:10) Jereth: look on the floor see if thiers any panels or anything you can open do get to s3

(18:50:12) Crane: More naked Kurt jokes.

(18:50:12) Kythen: pjm: it's your chest and stomach

(18:50:15) juanpablo: is it me or is he now stuck?

(18:50:17) Cabbage: Try wetting on a cloth and putting it over his face...

(18:50:17) Juxta: Um I'd rather work on keeping Kurt alive, thanks

(18:50:18) _izzy_: ask him to discribe where he is

(18:50:18) Rodric: please tell me there is a way out

(18:50:21) Batgirl: she came in a different entrace

(18:50:26) pjm1974: oh I seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(18:50:26) spugmeistress: is there anthing in the room?

(18:50:29) Crane: According to the map, it's a deadend.

(18:50:32) SteveC: how's the CO2 level in the room?

(18:50:34) Croll: turn it on

(18:50:37) Crane: With a heater!?

(18:50:37) pelrun: or she triggered a rockfall after she passed through L1

(18:50:37) juanpablo: bonus

(18:50:38) Gaspar: Heat gooooooooooooooooood.

(18:50:39) brat-sampson: Describe your location

(18:50:41) Snowball: we're going to need Violet to drain out the water i think

(18:50:42) AnotherUselessPw: Hah score!

(18:50:42) EvilGenius: it puts the lotion in the basket

(18:50:44) Hituro: I think this might have been an operating room for the S2 lift?

(18:50:45) pjm1974: it's trunk where I come from snigger.

(18:50:45) Tintintin: No joke - if he keeps those wet clothes on, he will get hypothermia

(18:50:54) Carda: If no one's here now, someone must have been here recently...

(18:50:57) hopkapi: ask if the clothes are wet on the inside?

(18:50:58) Gaspar: Alcove on map above target point between Shafts 2 and 3

(18:50:58) Weefz: Guess he's gonna have to get out of his wet clothes, then...

(18:51:02) pelrun: he'll need the suit for the bottom of S3

(18:51:02) Snowball: SR from floor plan = Servcie Room then

(18:51:06) Jereth: can wee get a key shot kurt

(18:51:10) Cabbage: So is the whole of the mine now flooded up to L1?

(18:51:13) wombatgirl: ant panels on the walls

(18:51:14) spugmeistress: is there anything else in the room

(18:51:15) Hituro: can he control the doors in the shaft below from here?

(18:51:18) Crescent: once dry can we have a description of room

(18:51:22) trogdor: mods- ask if he can try to contact violet for help

(18:51:22) Juxta: Service Room will have controls for venting the water in event of a flood

(18:51:24) hopkapi: mima: thanks

(18:51:27) Fluffy_Flummox: E, SR - Emergency exit?

(18:51:28) Weefz: boo :(

(18:51:28) Crane: This is disturbing, everyone's obsessing about his clothes.

(18:51:31) bigmaddrongo: Juxta: handy that!

(18:51:36) hopkapi: good, put the suit *near* the heater

(18:51:37) hopkapi: not on it

(18:51:39) hopkapi: we don't want a fire

(18:51:41) Gaspar: Wait a few, then plan th next step.

(18:51:43) SteveC: Description of the room? anything on the walls?

(18:51:44) Juxta: Lets hope so

(18:51:46) Poozle: what good would finding violet do, she chouldn't get anywhere near or anything

(18:51:48) ahdok: Ollie, you're really not helping, or relaying anything actually useful from here.

(18:51:51) brat-sampson: Look Round

(18:51:53) Snowball: E = Entrance at L0 fluffy

(18:51:55) beglee: can we ask if Violet will be able to join Kurts chat room? if she ever gets ther

(18:51:56) ahdok: ah better.

(18:51:58) ***brat-sampson understands the term: Look

(18:52:03) Hituro: so why were all the north entrances from S2 sealed ... anyone?

(18:52:08) bigmaddrongo: examine room, get all, go north

(18:52:08) brat-sampson: no, wait, wrong minigame

(18:52:10) hopkapi: could we have a photo?

(18:52:10) wombatgirl: what tools

(18:52:11) SteveC: Anything on the walls?

(18:52:17) hopkapi: powertools!

(18:52:18) SteveC: Markings, puzzles?

(18:52:18) willow_phoenix: power tools for the grate?

(18:52:20) hopkapi: what tools?

(18:52:20) buzman: Can he dig down to the tunnel below?

(18:52:20) beglee: dig thru to s3?

(18:52:21) Gaspar: Drill down to the floor below; it's where you were going.

(18:52:21) Crane: Ask him if he can take one of the oxygen canisters and dive down.

(18:52:21) hawk: brat: :P

(18:52:21) Takeru: WE WILL KNOW WHEN VIOLET ARRIVES. STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. Sorry for caps. :/

(18:52:22) Hawkeblu: Drill through the floor

(18:52:25) Gaspar: Drill down to the floor below; it's where you were going.

(18:52:27) hopkapi: are they battery?

(18:52:27) trogdor: tell him to take the oxygen canister and maybe use it to bash somethings open

(18:52:27) Asa: any pipes?

(18:52:28) Okita: why would anyone want to use an electric power tool in water?

(18:52:29) Hituro: crap, if he opens the door he floods and drowns ... though the oxygen might get him down

(18:52:30) ahdok: power tools will not work underwater.

(18:52:31) Snowball: can he use the oxygen cannister to swim back?

(18:52:31) krazykat_nz: surely voilet should be there by now!!

(18:52:32) _izzy_: will the tools help with the grate?

(18:52:33) Crescent: what sort of power tools - perhaps - just perhaps -we can get through wall or floor to chamber below?

(18:52:33) Crane: Ask him if he can take one of the oxygen canisters and dive down.

(18:52:33) rlp6028: SCUBA time

(18:52:36) duckiemonster: The floor that's solid rock?

(18:52:38) pelrun: ok, so we either need to wait for violet or macgyver his way out

(18:52:39) hopkapi: are they waterproof?

(18:52:39) Gaspar: He's not uderwater.

(18:52:40) krazykat_nz: it's been more than an hour

(18:52:42) pjm1974: use power tool to drill through ceiling

(18:52:49) Gaspar: Drill down to the floor below; it's where you were going.

(18:52:49) Batgirl: he can't drill through the floor, he'll cause another rockfall

(18:52:49) Snowball: oxygen cannister to help him swim back through

(18:52:50) Rodric: if Kurt were MacGyver he'd have no problems

(18:52:52) Mindez: <krazykat_nz> it's been more than an hour <-- It's been 3.

(18:52:52) SteveC: Ventilation shafts there at all?

(18:52:53) buzman: Dig with one of the power-tools maybe

(18:52:57) TopGun2: specifically what power tools?

(18:53:00) Hituro: he is about a mile in the middle of the mountain pjm

(18:53:05) pelrun: krazykat_nz: kurt doesn't know exactly when Violet will arrive. He guessed that it'd be more than an hour.

(18:53:05) Riiick: Pure oxygen wouldn't be good

(18:53:06) Crane: PUMPS!

(18:53:06) sim: are tools waterproof/?

(18:53:07) Crane: Aha!

(18:53:09) Gaspar: DRILL THROUGH FLOOR

(18:53:09) bigmaddrongo: MODS: are there any heavy mining tools that could be used to cut through to the corridor below?

(18:53:11) Jereth: he dont need macguyver just the guyver

(18:53:11) Phant: Drill through the floor

(18:53:12) AnotherUselessPw: No

(18:53:12) Croll: use the pneumatic drill to get through the floor

(18:53:12) Weefz: Drill!

(18:53:13) Crane: Hydralic pumps!

(18:53:14) Laurwren: tell him to look for a ferromataograph

(18:53:15) Hawkeblu: Use the pneumatic drill on the floor near the south wall

(18:53:15) willow_phoenix: drill thru floor

(18:53:16) lightside: oxyegen to swim, power tools for cage?

(18:53:16) Batgirl: he can saw through the grate breathing with the oxygen

(18:53:20) pjm1974: should take you behind door behind grate level 1

(18:53:20) _izzy_: MODS: can he use the tools to get through the grate

(18:53:29) Weefz: although he's gonna get deafened in a small rock room

(18:53:30) Braxis: Drill through floor - room won't flood due to air pressure.

(18:53:34) Hituro: not in the shaft surely

(18:53:38) Weefz: any ear defenders?

(18:53:39) brat-sampson: whip up some Scuba gear and power out of there

(18:53:40) bigmaddrongo: the corridor below is not flooded

(18:53:43) bigmaddrongo: the entrance was sealed

(18:53:44) Gaspar: 3-5 ft?

(18:53:46) krazykat_nz: opening that door is not really an option is it?

(18:53:47) Crane: Yup.

(18:53:48) Crane: No.

(18:53:49) Batgirl: it doesn't look v far...

(18:53:50) pjm1974: if tgat

(18:53:51) Crane: Yes.

(18:53:53) DJCherryPie: i think its only a couple feet

(18:53:53) ahdok: it's about a foot maybe two, from the map.

(18:53:53) krazykat_nz: lots of water = bad

(18:53:55) AnotherUselessPw: 10ft at most.

(18:53:55) MartinM: Swim down, close valve, swim back up, cut grill, open door

(18:53:55) skenmy: Not very far at all

(18:53:55) Jereth: cut into l1s cieling through your floow swim walk to s3 but beware bottom of s3 shows hazard signs

(18:53:55) Snowball: its not far at all

(18:53:56) pelrun: it's probably less than a metre

(18:53:58) buzman: Must thinner floor than the other tunnels

(18:53:59) Crane: There was a grate, then a sealed door.

(18:54:02) hopkapi: could he possibly use the oxygen with the tools?

(18:54:02) hopkapi: hm

(18:54:04) Lily: i thought it was only a grate over the south entrance below him?

(18:54:06) Crane: So the corridor below is dry.

(18:54:08) hopkapi: if there's a grate then water

(18:54:10) hopkapi: ah

(18:54:12) Crane: Sealed door behind grate.

(18:54:13) AlterEgo: Look out for pipes e.t.c!

(18:54:13) trogdor: maybe use the pressure of the tanks to explode the ground?

(18:54:14) juanpablo: the same distance he floated up

(18:54:14) ahdok: it's about a quarter the height of the room he's in.

(18:54:15) pelrun: 1m is pretty damn deep for a jackhammer :)

(18:54:16) Asa: he should be fine if he gets to the room below then

(18:54:17) Judderman: there was a door behind it

(18:54:19) Crane: So corridor is dry.

(18:54:22) Crescent: what is size of room? Also - using drill - block up ears first as airtight room will become deafene if not looking after eharing

(18:54:23) ahdok: so no more than two foot, unless the rooms are very tall.

(18:54:24) Hituro: what with him in the room trogdor?

(18:54:28) Jereth: hes drilling

(18:54:29) Mattyg: he's going to injure himself going throught the floor, surely>?

(18:54:30) bigmaddrongo: enbough with exploding stuff! We have heavy power tooosl!

(18:54:31) Ruthless: He's gonna kill his foot with the drill

(18:54:33) Riiick: Make sure he drills down on the far side of the room.

(18:54:34) Gaspar: Instruction manual?

(18:54:37) pjm1974: press the red button

(18:54:39) AnotherUselessPw: Be sure to wear goggle when operating any heavy equipment.

(18:54:39) pineapple: maybe PXC drills are quiet :)

(18:54:39) Hawkeblu: He'd have to drill through about as muchr ock as the width of the lift service shaft he was in

(18:54:41) beglee: Violet is sooooo unreliable!

(18:54:43) Gaspar: Instructions?

(18:54:43) AnotherUselessPw: Goggles*

(18:54:45) bigmaddrongo: pah! who reads manuals anymore!

(18:54:46) Riiick: Wouldn't want to drill to where the water is

(18:54:47) Sugarcubed: risk assesment?

(18:54:50) Crescent: mods - kurt: block your ears!

(18:54:50) Gaspar: Safety first!!!!

(18:54:52) Hituro: very bad

(18:54:54) AnotherUselessPw: '=P

(18:54:55) brat-sampson: Kurt: RTFM

(18:54:55) Batgirl: its not violet's fault about the marshes!

(18:54:55) Weefz: Ear Defenders!

(18:54:55) Cabbage: Health and Safety!

(18:54:56) hopkapi: don't aim it are your face

(18:55:00) bigmaddrongo: Riick - thew corridor below is sealed and so assumed to be dry

(18:55:02) Ruthless: or foot

(18:55:03) hopkapi: at*

(18:55:04) Hituro: He is at the top of how much water now?

(18:55:04) Crane: I wonder if this was how we were meant to solve it?

(18:55:04) Cabbage: Mind your bootless feet

(18:55:05) hopkapi: yeah

(18:55:07) Lily: will he need to put the suit back on when he re enters the corridor below?

(18:55:12) pineapple: safety? he just flooded the whole mine, we're past safety

(18:55:13) Jereth: BE careful kurt

(18:55:14) hopkapi: Imagine the floor is Miranda

(18:55:16) Hituro: Do you really think Miranda came this way?

(18:55:18) Gaspar: Safety precautions.

(18:55:21) AlterEgo: Make sure you dnt hit anything!

(18:55:21) skenmy: no, Hituro

(18:55:25) AnotherUselessPw: Heheh

(18:55:26) Phant: It doesn't look more that a foot thick to me

(18:55:27) hawk: are there any more boots in this room??

(18:55:27) pjm1974: oops posted on worng rooom again do I get punished?

(18:55:31) isca: Drill southwards

(18:55:34) bigmaddrongo: everyone, please try to only post when you have something useful to say

(18:55:36) Okita: I hope miranda isn't drowned. and I don't thin Kurt necessarily Hates miranda.

(18:55:40) Gaspar: Wear it, Kurt!

(18:55:41) Hituro: Even if he gets through then what? The S3 section is sealed in the middle of the mountain as well

(18:55:44) Hawkeblu: Use the gas mask! Rock dust is extremely bad for your lungs

(18:55:45) pjm1974: sorrt

(18:55:47) Starry: are there any boots there?

(18:55:49) bigmaddrongo: the mods are trying to read this channel to get info to relay to kurt

(18:55:51) Jereth: see if thiers any poots to save his feet

(18:55:52) Crane: Yeah, but we'll burn that bridge when we get there.

(18:55:58) AlterEgo: Look out for gas pipes!

(18:56:00) Hituro: Maybe better to swim back down the shaft with the extra oxygen

(18:56:06) hopkapi: yes about the mask

(18:56:07) bigmaddrongo: if everyone keeps saying the same things over and over they will not be able to read anything

(18:56:17) Crane: No, swimming back is bad...

(18:56:21) SteveC: does that suit he's discarded offer any electrical protection?

(18:56:22) hopkapi: but the shaft will still be flooded, the grate will still be stuck

(18:56:25) Gaspar: Yes; you're in the service alcove above L1

(18:56:27) ***ahdok heads off (gotta go.) keep kurt safe everyone.

(18:56:34) hopkapi: what kind of floor is it

(18:56:37) Crane: As soon as he opens the door, this last service room will be flooded.

(18:56:41) Rodric: so where exactly in this mine is Kurt trying to get to? the only place I can see in 17 below lvl4

(18:56:41) Crane: Then he'll have nowhere.

(18:56:45) bigmaddrongo: rock floor, rather liek the rock wlals

(18:56:50) hopkapi: we don't want the mine above him to come down

(18:56:50) bigmaddrongo: and the rock everything underground

(18:56:51) Laurwren: I think dig near the door so you don't risk hitting anything in the room

(18:56:57) Sugarcubed: try and drill as far north as possibe, no equipment near the door

(18:56:59) hopkapi: insulating gloves

(18:56:59) Hituro: Well he could open the door on L1 after he's drilled down

(18:57:01) Crane: Tell him not too near the entrance!

(18:57:06) Gaspar: There were locked grates and sealed doors all the way up; only Shaft 2 is flooded

(18:57:07) bigmaddrongo: if he does that he'll flood L1

(18:57:07) Riiick: hopefully not drilling on the wrong side of the locked door...

(18:57:11) Crane: Otherwise he might drill in front of the door.

(18:57:22) ***Arc waits patiently

(18:57:25) lightside: won't they here him before they see him?

(18:57:33) Ruthless: Hopfully he will drill threw the floor into Miranda's skull

(18:57:35) Laurwren: he know the door is right at tyhe edge of the shaft he saw it coming up

(18:57:39) DJCherryPie: he should keep his mask on in case theres gasses in the room below

(18:57:40) Gaspar: Any new pictures since the suits?

(18:57:42) Hituro: No Gaspar, L2 and L3 were sealed behind fused rock, weren't they?

(18:57:45) SteveC: about the time it takes to get a coffee?

(18:57:45) bigmaddrongo: no new pics

(18:58:11) Crescent: duckiemonster: can kurt be prepared to defend himself?

(18:58:12) Gaspar: Right; total seal-off, like on the map.

(18:58:22) Ruthless: HE has a drill

(18:58:28) Ruthless: that will protect him I'm sure

(18:58:29) jojojojo: let him drill for a minute

(18:58:37) willow_phoenix: he can drill her head in

(18:58:38) bigmaddrongo: lets all take a minute to relax

(18:58:38) juanpablo: this is dry

(18:58:40) pjm1974: what does CH on the map mean again I think I missed that?

(18:58:40) Carda: And I think he still has the spanner in case things go awry.

(18:58:42) _izzy_: would just like to take this oppertunity, as we wait, to say thanks to the mods - doing a great job

(18:58:43) brat-sampson: Let the poor guy drill

(18:58:44) DJCherryPie: i wouldnt charge a man with a power drill crazy enough to flood a mine hes in

(18:58:44) Asa: *MAN AT WORK*

(18:58:49) sim: worst case scenario, they will have to go through a drill to get to him!

(18:58:50) Gaspar: Now would be a really bad ime to tell Schrodinger's Kurt jokes, no?

(18:58:52) Crane: Yeah, anyone coming up through the hole will die horribly...

(18:58:56) SteveC: might be useful to have a saw handy..

(18:58:57) Hituro: But L1 was fused off as well, which was very odd

(18:59:01) ***Crane laughs.

(18:59:01) hopkapi: make sure he doesn't fall through the hole he's making

(18:59:02) bigmaddrongo: can we keep chatter down please

(18:59:06) Ruthless: This whole thing is annoying, I should have been Revision Lord of The Flies for My GCSE on Tuesday

(18:59:06) Gaspar: k

(18:59:13) AlterEgo: Remove the rubble as you drill, if you can...

(18:59:18) bigmaddrongo: Kurt doesn't need to be told not to fall through holes, this is quite obvious

(18:59:22) hopkapi: ensure he's ready for the floor to buckle a it

(18:59:31) brat-sampson: I'm sure he can manage

(18:59:34) Crane: Hah, I have A-levels, but you don't hear me complaining about not revising.

(18:59:36) bigmaddrongo: he's a smart guy, our Kurt

(18:59:39) Okita: I don't think we need to control him that much. It's not like we have a Kurt Doll (er action figure) to play with.

(18:59:46) pjm1974: CH on the map what does it mean anyone?

(18:59:46) pineapple: I have Finals, I win

(18:59:47) Hituro: still wondering what happened to the L1 entrance

(18:59:48) hopkapi: that would rock

(18:59:53) Lily: is he going to need to resuit ready for whats at the bottom of shaft 3?

(18:59:56) brat-sampson: meh i have a year one Degree physics exam tomorrow...

(18:59:59) bigmaddrongo: lets just wait for the next uzzle. And be quiet while we do so.

(19:00:01) brat-sampson: and here I am

(19:00:02) sim: he probably won't be able to hear us until he stops drilling...

(19:00:06) hopkapi: broken through

(19:00:07) isca: wHERE ARE WE?

(19:00:08) Jereth: hes through

(19:00:08) Hituro: I mean why build a shaft that goes past all your existing levels and then seal the joins?

(19:00:11) hopkapi: widening

(19:00:11) tedincanada: didn't we establish that CH = chemical hazard already?

(19:00:13) Judderman: I'm supposed to be putting a pub quiz together for tonight

(19:00:17) Judderman: thetre's time yet

(19:00:19) Crane: Metal floor!

(19:00:19) Hituro: isca ... top of S2

(19:00:19) hopkapi: metallic floor, yay

(19:00:21) Crane: Lights!

(19:00:22) Jereth: tell him to open it up and becarefull he might need the suit again

(19:00:27) hopkapi: can he hear anything?

(19:00:28) hawk: any noise?

(19:00:31) EvilGenius: woot!

(19:00:32) juanpablo: hot metallic floor?

(19:00:32) brat-sampson: ooh, action

(19:00:32) isca: Sorry about caps Thanks. Hituro

(19:00:34) Hawkeblu: Boots!

(19:00:35) Hituro: must be another entrance

(19:00:38) bigmaddrongo: metallic walls - good for clean rooms though

(19:00:47) tedincanada: does it look like a clean room ala 3P?

(19:00:48) pelrun: He will need the suit; make sure he doesn't leave it behind.

(19:00:50) hopkapi: I mean, is Miranda saying ""Oh I wonder where Kurt is""?

(19:00:53) beglee: metal floors, good for electrocuting you in the feet

(19:00:54) brat-sampson: Drop something first

(19:00:58) hopkapi: good point mima

(19:00:58) brat-sampson: see if anyone comes

(19:00:58) Lysithea: can he wear the insulating gloves on his feet?

(19:00:59) SteveC: Don't forget he needs that suit!

(19:01:00) Kythen: have him leave something so he can get back up

(19:01:02) brat-sampson: or if floor is dangerous

(19:01:03) Fluffy_Flummox: feel sealed door, is it cold from water orcold in consistency to corridor?

(19:01:03) Takeru: *zap*

(19:01:03) pelrun: Make him take the suit!

(19:01:08) Cronogenesis: Ask about the dust?

(19:01:08) Batgirl: has he got any rubber with him he can stand on?

(19:01:09) Hituro: I am sure they will have heard the drill noise!

(19:01:09) pelrun: ...

(19:01:12) Okita: Dude's fine.

(19:01:15) brat-sampson: ok

(19:01:16) pelrun: uhoh.

(19:01:18) Cabbage: who is they?

(19:01:29) pelrun: he doesn't have the suit now, does he.

(19:01:35) hawk: the people who left the lights on ;)

(19:01:36) Hituro: no he left the suit

(19:01:37) trogdor: what room is he in now?

(19:01:38) Carda: Oh GREAT.

(19:01:41) Takeru: yay XD

(19:01:42) Crane: Brilliant.

(19:01:42) ***brat-sampson has seen Receda's revenge...knows you *can't* be too cautios about this sort of thing

(19:01:44) Jereth: right transmission stregth dropped

(19:01:45) bigmaddrongo: he's not in a CH labeled areas currently

(19:01:47) pjm1974: <????>

(19:01:47) Okita: ""walls are metal too, transmission might be not so good""

(19:01:48) isca: Send pic

(19:01:48) brat-sampson: *cautious

(19:01:49) Hituro: But there is more gas at the bottom of S3, good point!

(19:01:49) hopkapi: uh oh

(19:01:49) ahdok: brilliant time for that to happen.

(19:01:54) Laurwren: get him to send us a picture when ever he can

(19:01:55) Ruthless: Oh <????>

(19:01:56) Hawkeblu: ???? = alloy and not

(19:01:57) SteveC: breaking up too.

(19:02:05) beglee: damn faraday cage effect

(19:02:06) AnotherUselessPw: Not good times...

(19:02:09) bigmaddrongo: CH was at the bottom of S3, it may be clear now if modifcations ahve been done by later groups

(19:02:10) brat-sampson: how do you pronounce <???>

(19:02:11) Crane: Great, we're going to get a whole ""I can ??? see ??? a ??? ??? and I ???""

(19:02:11) Jereth: now hes between s3 and s2

(19:02:12) hopkapi: tell him to repeat each word

(19:02:13) ahdok: you could ask him to repeat things if there's a problem.

(19:02:14) EvilGenius: he should take the ozygen with him ifit's not too late

(19:02:16) Hituro: MOD tell him to go back and get the suit, more gass ahead

(19:02:18) DJCherryPie: mask put on his mask

(19:02:19) ahdok: ask him to repeat everythnig important.

(19:02:20) Laurwren: and keep your transmissions short and to the point so he can understand them

(19:02:32) pjm1974: try double speak speak

(19:02:34) brat-sampson: just get him to say one word at a time

(19:02:38) Crane: ""Miranda? ??? you ??? ????""

(19:02:39) Batgirl: look out for miranda, she'll know he's there!

(19:02:39) isca: Six - did u write mine website - spelling awful!!

(19:02:43) brat-sampson: speak small single words

(19:02:46) pelrun: he dropped down a floor, I don't think he could get back up. Anyway, lets just hope that 3P modified things frmo here on in.

(19:02:48) brat-sampson: then less chance of missing any

(19:02:52) Riiick: repeating things might be a good idea - incase we miss something

(19:03:00) Snowball: door should lead to S3 liftshaft

(19:03:01) Six: heeey isca :P

(19:03:04) skenmy: repeat

(19:03:06) Takeru: See/Hear some activity?

(19:03:07) skenmy: repeat that one

(19:03:08) Hituro: what sort of activity?

(19:03:09) Carda: No guarantees our signals are getting through to him, either.

(19:03:10) Ruthless: HE Hears some activity

(19:03:14) pjm1974: he's not helping much

(19:03:15) Rodric: she's here!!!

(19:03:19) Riiick: somethings coming

(19:03:22) hopkapi: uh oh

  • Note: Kurt has linked his key image feed to a security camera pointing inside the door

(19:03:26) Mindez: Piccy

(19:03:27) bigmaddrongo: OKAY - the mods will work out when Lurt needs to repeat, we don't need ten people saying the same damn thing

(19:03:27) magic01: hes probably saying theres some activity

(19:03:28) pelrun: we can infer some of this, no point repeating everything guys

(19:03:32) bigmaddrongo: Kurt*

(19:03:32) Crane: ROFL!

(19:03:32) DJCherryPie: security cameras

(19:03:32) Riiick: cameras?

(19:03:34) Crane: Nice picture.

(19:03:34) hopkapi: has he got a weapon?

(19:03:34) Fluffy_Flummox: get him to repeat sentences three times a pieces

(19:03:35) Asa: there a person in that pic??

(19:03:37) skenmy: pelrun - inferring is a bad idea

(19:03:44) jojojojo: take a recording kurt...

(19:03:44) Hituro: web cam?

(19:03:45) beglee: throw ur spanner at them!

(19:03:45) brat-sampson: someone has cam?

(19:03:46) hopkapi: omg, miranda is doing porn

(19:03:48) Hituro: security cam?

(19:03:50) AnotherUselessPw: Security

(19:03:50) SteveC: set the key to double transmit each word?

(19:03:52) Six: oooh, cameras

(19:03:57) pjm1974: turned on security cameras

(19:03:57) Juxta: Kurt will do the commentary, please don't repeat everything he says, or shout out things that you can't possibly know...

(19:04:02) Gaspar: ?_?

(19:04:04) Hituro: broken or activated the cameras no doubt

(19:04:04) Laurwren: activated the camera?

(19:04:09) Batgirl: miranda is watching!

(19:04:11) hopkapi: someone

(19:04:13) skenmy: that was a swear word

(19:04:18) Takeru: Juxta: We can attempt to fill in the blanks, though.

(19:04:20) hopkapi: Has kurt got a weapon?

(19:04:20) x2k: ask him to say all thing twice in succession

(19:04:23) isca: We meet again

(19:04:27) bigmaddrongo: just no t all at once!

(19:04:29) Cabbage: Could be Violet

(19:04:30) hopkapi: he might need one

(19:04:34) eeeqz: he has a spanner

(19:04:37) Croll: careful

(19:04:37) eeeqz: ?

(19:04:37) Batgirl: violet would have called

(19:04:40) aorians: Be sneaky about this!

(19:04:41) hopkapi: get the spanner out

(19:04:43) Gaspar: What was the image? Anyone get it? Descramble!

(19:04:44) Hituro: how could violet get there

(19:04:49) Crescent: ask kurt to look where he walks

(19:04:50) brat-sampson: heh, for violet to have gotten this far without us seeing her would be crazy :P

(19:04:50) macmonkey: its V!!!

(19:04:51) Hituro: it's the middle of a mountain!

(19:04:52) Phant: do fall down shaft

(19:04:53) Arc: can kurt hear any of the mods anymore? the transmission is bound to be faulty both ways

(19:04:55) hopkapi: heat

(19:04:56) Crescent: (has no boots on)

(19:04:57) beglee: the pic came up n disappeared pretty fast

(19:05:00) Fluffy_Flummox: got a print screen. Something in middle right

(19:05:00) hopkapi: who's that?

(19:05:01) Phant: don't fall down I mean

(19:05:03) hopkapi: it's there for me

(19:05:03) Cabbage: Be open minded

(19:05:09) AnotherUselessPw: We might not be able to talk to him anymore...

(19:05:10) Hituro: What was the image URL?

(19:05:12) SteveC: set the key to double transmit each word?

(19:05:12) justdig: Ooh

(19:05:15) pjm1974: there is a delay hence the all at once nature of chat soz

(19:05:18) rlp6028: someone play with photoshop filters, looked like a person

(19:05:19) Hituro: I can't get the non-java page to work

(19:05:20) Takeru: disappeared, another thing appeared to be loading, then disappeared

(19:05:21) Fluffy_Flummox: where can i e mail print screen so someone can list it to all?

(19:05:31) Ruthless: Link to image please

(19:05:34) Fluffy_Flummox: pm me if you have an option

(19:05:34) skenmy:

(19:05:36) bigmaddrongo: Fluffy - upload to flickr?

(19:05:36) hawk: new pic

(19:05:37) Gaspar: Incoming.

(19:05:37) Snowball: i cant see the images how frustrating

(19:05:39) Gaspar: AGAIN!

(19:05:40) trogdor: so there must be at least 2 people, he heard voices

(19:05:42) Riiick: ?

(19:05:44) x2k: what image?

(19:05:45) Carda: Oh joy.

(19:05:52) Gaspar: NEW ONE!

(19:05:53) Okita:

(19:06:02) pineapple: M at a keyboard?

(19:06:09) hawk: table

(19:06:11) Batgirl: we have thermal imaging!

(19:06:12) hopkapi:

(19:06:22) locqust: metal floor, same area kurt is in

(19:06:22) Laurwren: get him, to send is an image of possible

(19:06:24) Gaspar: FUZZ.

(19:06:26) Okita: It could be a woman Ollie.

(19:06:28) Hituro: thermal ... cool

(19:06:33) Asa: i thought it was a person too

(19:06:41) hopkapi: Get the spanner!

(19:06:41) hopkapi: standing up

(19:06:41) justdig: Ooh, he/she/it is moving

(19:06:41) Gaspar: !!!!

(19:06:43) Crane: Oh shit!

(19:06:44) beglee: spanner her!

(19:06:45) skenmy: i think he talking to her

(19:06:47) DJCherryPie: she moved

(19:06:49) hopkapi: spanner you dumbass!

(19:06:52) hopkapi: two

(19:06:57) hopkapi: another person

(19:06:59) bigmaddrongo: SSH!

(19:06:59) Batgirl: oh no 2 of them!

(19:06:59) EvilGenius: AHHHHHHH!

(19:06:59) Hituro: still can't see anything

(19:06:59) badbarry: she's got hot legs

(19:07:05) Okita: second one looks like kurt

(19:07:06) beglee: ahhhh

(19:07:06) Gaspar: kURT IN ROOM!

(19:07:07) hopkapi: a man and a woman

(19:07:10) hopkapi: it's so v

(19:07:11) Gaspar: Er, Caps Lock, ugh.

(19:07:11) Juxta: Kurt is watching someone *on* camera?

(19:07:16) trogdor: people from the third power

(19:07:17) Snowball: dammit cant see the images - this is pointless

(19:07:28) hopkapi: sorry

(19:07:32) Gaspar: Ah! It's the showdown.

(19:07:32) juanpablo: same here i have no idea whats happening

(19:07:34) hopkapi: two talking to each other

(19:07:39) bigmaddrongo: now lets watch

(19:07:41) brat-sampson: Miranda and Kurt, surely

(19:07:41) Ruthless: OH crap

(19:07:42) DJCherryPie: are your pop ups blocked?

(19:07:47) Carda: HELLO. I think we're hearing Miranda.

(19:07:49) Asa: yup

(19:07:53) Juxta: Kurt has hooked the infra-red camera into his key

(19:07:55) Hituro: no, I just get nothing from the flash

(19:08:01) Croll: miranda

(19:08:02) beglee: time for an infa-red sex scene!

(19:08:02) justdig: What's that thing on the far left?

(19:08:02) Gaspar: She got more, FUCK!

(19:08:02) Kiz: where is this happening i cant see it :(

(19:08:05) Juxta: His key feed is now relaying what he and Miranda(?) are saying

(19:08:05) Gaspar: (sery)

(19:08:06) AlterEgo: Its Violet!!

(19:08:06) isca: Check for cold and hotspots

(19:08:08) Okita: Hah See! Walking sticks are sexy!

(19:08:14) Okita: It's miranda okay?

(19:08:15) Juxta: Language please

(19:08:18) bigmaddrongo: nothing we can do now

(19:08:18) skenmy: he and miranda are talking

(19:08:21) Hituro: yes she took her oxxypro

(19:08:22) Gaspar: Sorry; excitable.

(19:08:26) bigmaddrongo: Kurt is going to be talking with Miranda, not us

(19:08:33) Okita: kurt is a bit more plump than i expected

(19:08:37) Fluffy_Flummox: on dial up, but currently attaching, whoever paul sken was

(19:08:46) hopkapi:

(19:08:51) Gaspar: O_O

(19:08:54) Hituro: okay I can see pics flashing on and off

(19:09:00) Jereth: damn high speed images someone record

(19:09:10) justdig: XD, ""Symbol is tea""

(19:09:11) Ruthless: It is Kurt and Miranda

(19:09:11) skenmy: Cymbalisty

(19:09:11) EvilGenius: cymbalisty

(19:09:14) justdig: This is as bad as Babelfish

(19:09:14) Mindez: XD

(19:09:20) brat-sampson: hah

(19:09:22) brat-sampson: nice work

(19:09:31) trogdor: it is miranda!

(19:09:31) Okita: Ugh, figures Kurt would talk.

(19:09:37) rjw76: spanner!

(19:09:43) psyche: She's so lying! Trying yto soften him up

(19:09:45) kameleon: just back can you fill me in please

(19:09:48) SteveC: heh - symbol is tea - that's funny.

(19:09:49) beglee: i hope this doesnt turn into a live snuff film

(19:09:52) justdig: ""Help make your case""?

(19:09:54) Hituro: I can't see pics and read at the same time

(19:09:54) Crescent: are people still getting flash thermoheat?

(19:09:55) Hawkeblu: Miranda's being blackmailed I think!

(19:10:01) Mindez: Yep

(19:10:12) Hituro: he looks hsitant

(19:10:19) trogdor: i love ass sex

(19:10:26) Hawkeblu: Or she's a spy!

(19:10:27) EvilGenius: they better not make out

(19:10:28) Okita: er, the mods might remind kurt to um...not be tricked by the sexy miranda?

(19:10:29) Okita: oh never mind

(19:10:32) Okita: good for you kurt

(19:10:39) skenmy: uh oh

(19:10:43) Hituro: she stood up

(19:10:44) Laurwren: where is that violet...

(19:10:47) justdig: Oh dear.

(19:10:49) Crane: Bad bad bad!

(19:10:49) Ruthless: It's time for teh sex

(19:10:52) duckiemonster: The mods have decided to stay quiet for the moment. We're still watching.

(19:10:54) Hituro: she is closer to him now

(19:10:57) Kythen: spanner handy?

(19:11:04) trogdor left the room (Kicked by KeyBot (language)).

(19:11:06) UUnrealt87: someone tell him to stop her

(19:11:08) Rodric: symbol is tea -what?

(19:11:10) Crane: NOOOO!

(19:11:14) pelrun: cymbalisty

(19:11:14) Ollie: Cymbalisty

(19:11:16) Hituro: he's not hit her yet

(19:11:22) kameleon: what is happening

(19:11:24) Okita: Someone ready an e-mail to violet. If miranda makes a move to attack Kurt, we have to notify Vi.

(19:11:25) Ruthless: hot on her*

(19:11:25) juanpablo: kill kill kill

(19:11:26) Laurwren: We want to hear what she ahs to offer

(19:11:27) Okita: but don't send it too soon

(19:11:28) Ruthless: hit*

(19:11:30) hopkapi: uh oh

(19:11:30) UUnrealt87: she's tryiong to seduice him

(19:11:30) beglee: get Kurt to infiltrate her group, be an insider double agent

(19:11:30) Hituro: he's turned away

(19:11:32) hopkapi: spanner

(19:11:33) Okita: and we need more information.

(19:11:41) justdig: Don't turn your back

(19:11:42) brat-sampson: just be quiet and read it guys :P

(19:11:49) bigmaddrongo: PLEASE! Can we just watch what is being said - we can't influence anything at the moment

(19:11:49) Hituro: he's in the corner now

(19:11:51) Crescent: does that mean they have violet?

(19:11:54) Rodric: I'd hardly call violet ""baggage""!

(19:11:57) kameleon: seduce her kurt play her at her own game

(19:12:05) rjw76: only if we get to watch

(19:12:13) Okita: grey --> granier

(19:12:18) bigmaddrongo: remind me never to go to the cinema with ANY of you lot

(19:12:20) Hituro: he's turned back to her now

(19:12:22) jojojojo: ooh... juicy

(19:12:25) Starry: has she got a weapon in her right hand?

(19:12:36) Ruthless: No

(19:12:36) hopkapi:

(19:12:37) beglee: damage? very interesting

(19:12:38) Ruthless: The Cube is the weapon

(19:12:38) Crescent: can someone translate the imagery

(19:12:45) justdig: Hey, this is genuine plot development!

(19:12:49) Ruthless: As a lot of thoerys said all along

(19:12:58) Mindez: Green! o.o

(19:13:04) Hituro: hard to make them out now

(19:13:04) Rodric: the Cube is dangerous?!!

(19:13:04) SteveC: told you all miranda was a goodie ;)

(19:13:11) Okita: Sounds like we've got a third faction. There's us with the academy, 3p stealing the cube, and miranda's group?

(19:13:12) skenmy: its getting hot in there guys

(19:13:14) hopkapi: the cube is a bomb

(19:13:15) pelrun: hardly

(19:13:15) hopkapi: yeah

(19:13:16) Okita: is that really goodie stevec?

(19:13:16) Gibbet: they have a point

(19:13:20) Crane: Oh darn!

(19:13:23) hopkapi: fuck it is

(19:13:24) piddy77: she has a knife

(19:13:26) hopkapi: tell him to get out

(19:13:28) Laurwren: miranda i slike an eco terrorist

(19:13:29) Takeru: Doesn't sound like a bomb, per-say.

(19:13:31) pelrun: she doesnt have to be telliing the truth you know

(19:13:33) beglee: hot hot hot

(19:13:33) Kythen: what the...?

(19:13:38) Kythen: why does she want violet?

(19:13:40) krazykat_nz: bottom right hand corner whats that? something warm there

(19:13:41) Riiick: its getting greener....

(19:13:51) Hituro: very much now

(19:13:53) hopkapi: it's getting very green

(19:14:00) sim: tell him about the hot spot!

(19:14:04) Crescent: what is happening?

(19:14:06) Laurwren: whats the link again

(19:14:14) duckiemonster: sim, explain.

(19:14:14) Weefz:

(19:14:15) bigmaddrongo:

(19:14:15) hopkapi:

(19:14:15) Hituro: no back to normal, still talking, still apart

(19:14:19) Crane: Behind him!

(19:14:20) rlp6028: women, always playing games....

(19:14:27) juanpablo: its behind you!

(19:14:27) hawk: noooooooooooooooo don't do it kurt

(19:14:28) Hituro: but very close now crescent

(19:14:30) Shoit: he's falling for her

(19:14:36) rjw76: ""show me you feel the same way""... on thermal camera?

(19:14:38) skenmy: theres another heat source

(19:14:39) sim: the hotspot on the floor

(19:14:46) x2k: mods : warn him!!

(19:14:49) Weefz: might be a person off-camera?

(19:14:53) Riiick: wtf?

(19:14:53) skenmy: wtf

(19:14:57) skenmy: where has she gone

(19:14:59) SteveC: Caroline Swift?

(19:15:04) Crescent: thank you

(19:15:05) hopkapi: where'd she go?

(19:15:05) Okita: Great, makeouts. thermal makeouts.

(19:15:06) Kythen: hotspot could be reflected light bulb

(19:15:06) skenmy: egads

(19:15:09) kameleon: something to bottom right

(19:15:11) hopkapi: she's kissing

(19:15:13) Crane: Their kissing!

(19:15:13) EvilGenius: gross

(19:15:14) Okita: they're going all ""goldeneye"" on us.

(19:15:15) Croll: they're kissing!

(19:15:17) Ruthless: they are kissing

(19:15:19) duckiemonster: Has that spot appeared?

(19:15:19) justdig: Well damnit

(19:15:20) rjw76: hit her now!

(19:15:20) hopkapi: resist kurt

(19:15:20) Shoit: oh man!

(19:15:24) hopkapi: dumbass

(19:15:26) rjw76: with the spanner!

(19:15:26) hopkapi: use the spanner

(19:15:27) Poozle: idiot

(19:15:31) Gaspar: Damnit, man, you fell for it again!

(19:15:31) Batgirl: what's he doing?!?!?! madman!

(19:15:36) psyche: Nooooooo!

(19:15:38) Hituro: he's not using the spanner

(19:15:43) beglee: snap out of it kurt, stop being a man and be a man and stand up to her

(19:15:43) Gaspar: SPANNER, NOW!

(19:15:44) justdig: Ew

(19:15:48) Takeru: Mods, tell Kurt to stop thinking with that head and use his other one!

(19:15:54) UUnrealt87: he's going to use some kind of tool

(19:15:58) MagikGuy: wheres everybody seeing this?

(19:16:00) beglee: clothes being removed?

(19:16:01) UUnrealt87: that's for sure

(19:16:03) bigmaddrongo:

(19:16:04) Crane: Fighting!

(19:16:04) pelrun: Not that spanner!

(19:16:04) Gaspar: Are we done here?

(19:16:05) hopkapi: ewww no

(19:16:05) Rodric: don't snog her, for God's sake!!

(19:16:05) Batgirl: i can't believe he fell for that's he's so lame!!

(19:16:06) Poozle:

(19:16:06) hopkapi: not nice

(19:16:07) ***skenmy glares at the pictures

(19:16:07) Juxta: No - they're struggling

(19:16:07) justdig: He's either pushing her off or getting ready to do something more than kiss

(19:16:10) tanner: but im tanner -- oh err you said spanner

(19:16:11) badbarry: he could be throttling her?

(19:16:12) hopkapi: eewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

(19:16:13) Carda: I can't tell if they're struggling or making out. >_>

(19:16:15) Okita: it looks like a fight

(19:16:15) Arc: are they fighting?

(19:16:16) Crane: Oh SHIT!

(19:16:17) Juxta: That's a fight by the looks of things

(19:16:20) hopkapi: Kurt, you love me, remember?

(19:16:20) Hituro: no not a fight

(19:16:20) isca: oxxypro?

(19:16:20) pelrun: bow chika bow bow

(19:16:21) rlp6028: pimp slap!

(19:16:21) rohina: she's a harpy!

(19:16:23) skenmy: its a fight

(19:16:28) bigmaddrongo: not what it looks like to me!

(19:16:34) Hituro: nor me

(19:16:35) Ruthless: there fuking

(19:16:35) justdig: Well, either he's doing better than her, or she just stabbed him

(19:16:36) Batgirl: they're going for it....!

(19:16:36) rlp6028: Succubus!

(19:16:41) beglee: kill, kill, kill

(19:16:42) bigmaddrongo: oh wait, yeah, a fight

(19:16:42) AnotherUselessPw: That last picture didn't look like a fight...

(19:16:44) duckiemonster: LANGUAGE.

(19:16:46) Hituro: well he still has clothing on so far

(19:16:47) piddy77: hes strangling her!

(19:16:47) Okita: yeah that's definitely fighting.

(19:16:47) Ollie: Language, please

(19:16:49) Envoy: Is there some place where I can see the photos?

(19:16:50) Gaspar: No, ifhgt!

(19:16:52) skenmy: oooh slap

(19:16:53) Crane: Definately fighting.

(19:16:53) Poozle: This is just bizarre

(19:16:54) Shoit: thats fighting

(19:16:56) kameleon: fightig

(19:16:56) Croll: its a fight

(19:16:56) Hituro: or she is strangling him now

(19:16:57) DJCherryPie: yeah

(19:16:58) kameleon: fighting

(19:17:00) Gaspar: Fighting.

(19:17:01) skenmy: catfight!

(19:17:02) SteveC: envoy:

(19:17:02) pelrun: yup, fight

(19:17:02) UUnrealt87: yewah, it's some kind of strugle

(19:17:04) kameleon: use the spanner

(19:17:05) isca: Kurt has a hot head

(19:17:05) Batgirl: no way, they're not fighting....

(19:17:07) EvilGenius: that's just dirty

(19:17:08) Rodric: that is a very long snog

(19:17:08) Ollie: SPANNER HER!

(19:17:13) Laurwren: does she have a weapon?

(19:17:13) pelrun: ....

(19:17:15) TopGun2: +

(19:17:15) wombatgirl: slam her against wall

(19:17:15) Juxta: CUT THE LANGUAGE, PLEASE - thank you

(19:17:16) Okita: I'm pretty sure he lost the spanner when he picked up the pneumatic drill

(19:17:22) Gaspar: Bludgeon, now!

(19:17:22) skenmy: hes handcuffed?

(19:17:22) Crane: Knee her in the crotch!

(19:17:24) justdig: They are clearly fighting

(19:17:27) Ollie: fine

(19:17:30) Ollie: DRILL HER!

(19:17:34) AlterEgo: oh gret!

(19:17:35) AnotherUselessPw: ...

(19:17:35) krazykat_nz: ah oh

(19:17:35) Tesseract: or hugging

(19:17:36) Batgirl: noooooo

(19:17:37) skenmy: oh god

(19:17:38) Kythen: owwww...

(19:17:39) AnotherUselessPw: Bad joke.

(19:17:40) isca: uh

(19:17:40) justdig: Oooh

(19:17:40) pelrun: Crane: do you actually understand female anatomy?

(19:17:41) Gaspar: No, signal back! signal back!

(19:17:43) Poozle: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

(19:17:43) AnotherUselessPw: NOOOO

(19:17:44) Crane: Yes.

(19:17:44) Kythen: that just hurt Ollie :P

(19:17:44) deni1: why deosn't he twirl her around onto the hotspot

(19:17:44) Okita: I don't think he took the drill with her whne he went thorugh the hole.

(19:17:44) Batgirl: come on!!!!!

(19:17:44) piddy77: darn

(19:17:45) Riiick: :(

(19:17:47) x2k: wtf!

(19:17:48) Crane: But you can still knee them there.

(19:17:49) hopkapi: oh shit

(19:17:50) Batgirl: this is torture!!

(19:17:51) Croll: static...

(19:17:51) Juxta: Static

(19:17:53) hopkapi: it's out

(19:17:54) jojojojo: TBH, I am not the only person in here that feels this, the joking is NOT FUNNY. TINAG and if you can't be serious in here, make your silly jokes in PM. I suggest that people use their own channels and PM's for idle chatter

(19:17:54) macmonkey: ooooonononoo

(19:17:55) Laurwren: mods try voice signal

(19:17:55) EvilGenius: someone's not coming back

(19:17:57) Hituro: it went all X rated

(19:17:58) macmonkey: enter violet

(19:18:02) beglee: yikes, doesnt look ggod

(19:18:02) skenmy: he is handcuffed

(19:18:11) brat-sampson: um

(19:18:12) piddy77: kurt is staggering

(19:18:14) brat-sampson: their flash really isn't working for me...

(19:18:17) Crescent: whats happening?

(19:18:19) AlterEgo: what r they doing?, the tango?

(19:18:19) kameleon: talk kurt

(19:18:20) beglee: choking him from behind

(19:18:21) brat-sampson: can't see anything

(19:18:23) Crane: Actually, it kinda looks like dancing.

(19:18:27) gemgenie: whats going on ive only just been able to connect

(19:18:29) Hituro: JO, if he is kissing her then he deserves to be mocked right now, if not ... well what can we do?

(19:18:30) Tesseract: judo throw come on man

(19:18:30) kameleon: tell us whats happening

(19:18:31) Shoit: is he being strangled?

(19:18:34) krazykat_nz: thats not good!

(19:18:34) Riiick: someone ask kurt if he is ok

(19:18:36) Gaspar: Put your left foot in...

(19:18:38) AnotherUselessPw: Shut up. Stop joking.

(19:18:38) ***Crane hums Mozart.

(19:18:38) x2k: mods : can you make contact?

(19:18:38) psyche: She's pinning him

(19:18:39) Batgirl: he's def being strangled!!!!!

(19:18:39) psyche: Judo

(19:18:41) SteveC: ook, she's got him

(19:18:45) bigmaddrongo: yeah, cuz Kurt can answer right now!

(19:18:47) justdig: It's just a jump to the left...

(19:18:49) Hituro: looks like handcuffs surely

(19:18:51) kameleon: are u in pain or having fun

(19:18:52) Juxta: He's side on, that looked like a struggle, not anything...""intimate""

(19:18:54) juanpablo: he cant beat up a girl?

(19:18:54) Okita: ugh, what was he thinking. Miranda is definitely better trained.

(19:18:56) Fluffy_Flummox: are these images on this screen cause i'm getting none!

(19:18:57) beglee: here comes the cavalry me thinks

(19:19:00) AlterEgo: Lol!

(19:19:05) bigmaddrongo:

(19:19:07) Hituro: she is in front of him now

(19:19:08) Crescent:

(19:19:08) Gaspar: Now what?!

(19:19:10) justdig: Is he throwing her?

(19:19:18) Weefz: yep, it's a series of images

(19:19:19) beglee: totally bizarre

(19:19:19) Gaspar: It's pattycake!

(19:19:20) justdig: Or swinging her

(19:19:22) Tesseract: they're dancing

(19:19:24) juanpablo: they *are* danceing

(19:19:25) justdig: XD

(19:19:26) Croll: dancing :p

(19:19:31) skenmy: green

(19:19:33) Batgirl: they are aren't they....

(19:19:35) Batgirl: oh god

(19:19:36) bigmaddrongo: is it me, or is the room getting warmer?

(19:19:36) Hituro: dancing a waltz?

(19:19:38) Poozle: Why do the walls go completely green every so often

(19:19:39) justdig: Not the Time Warp, though

(19:19:40) Okita: temp chance would make sense cuz of the fighting

(19:19:41) Gaspar: Waltzing.

(19:19:44) Laurwren: room is geting brighter

(19:19:45) AlterEgo: Its a clue!

(19:19:45) Gaspar: It's waltzing.

(19:19:49) Crescent: to be pedantic - where is this image coming from? - is his key on the floor watching this - or ois something else broadcasting to us?

(19:19:50) Kythen: just signal noise bigmaddrongo

(19:19:58) krazykat_nz: it's getting hotter in the room

(19:19:58) Mindez: His key.

(19:20:02) Gaspar: One, two, three, two, two, threee

(19:20:02) Hituro: no its a view from the internal cameras

(19:20:03) Kythen: i don't think piece-meal thermal images like that are too consistent

(19:20:06) pineapple: the pic is from the security camera

(19:20:11) krazykat_nz: change of colour from blue = heat

(19:20:11) Juxta: Kurt's hooked his key into the internal infra-red cameras

(19:20:12) UUnrealt87: it does look like they are dancing

(19:20:14) AlterEgo: Try and make contact

(19:20:17) Gaspar: On the ground!

(19:20:18) skenmy: ooh kicked!

(19:20:18) beglee: shes on her knees!!

(19:20:20) Tesseract: she's fallen

(19:20:20) Juxta: His key is relaying the voices of both people

(19:20:22) piddy77: shes down!

(19:20:23) Crane: That looks... bad.

(19:20:23) DJCherryPie: she colapse?

(19:20:25) AnotherUselessPw: She's on the ground.

(19:20:27) x2k: shes down!

(19:20:29) AlterEgo: Yessssssssss!

(19:20:29) CoolCats712: Too much dancing?

(19:20:30) Hituro: I really hope he is kicking her

(19:20:31) justdig: PWNED

(19:20:31) psyche: Yay!

(19:20:32) rlp6028: judo CHOP

(19:20:33) Poozle: WHOA

(19:20:33) skenmy: lmao

(19:20:34) isca: disgusting!

(19:20:34) darkflamer: spanner attack? :p

(19:20:35) x2k: spannered?

(19:20:35) skenmy: shes down

(19:20:39) Poozle: go kurt :D

(19:20:40) beglee: yeah, kick her *ss kurt

(19:20:41) Hawkeblu: Caroline Swifte works at Hesh Records!

(19:20:41) sim: boot to the head!

(19:20:42) hawk: ollie: no need to distract him in the middle of a fight

(19:20:44) rohina: did she faint?

(19:20:44) Juxta: Kurt's knocked her to the floor

(19:20:45) AnotherUselessPw: ./PWN

(19:20:45) kameleon: but what is she doint down there

(19:20:45) gemgenie: tell him to tie her up

(19:20:51) Crane: YES!

(19:20:52) MartinM: hotpsot

(19:20:53) EvilGenius: gave her cooties

(19:20:54) Croll: knocked her out?

(19:20:55) Crane: IN YOUR FACE MIRANDA!

(19:20:57) justdig: So, they had a dance off, and he won, right?

(19:20:59) beglee: why arent we getting any chat in kurtmod

(19:21:00) Hituro: okay she is very much down now

(19:21:01) krazykat_nz: get the boot in and make sure

(19:21:01) hawk: AUP: totally :D

(19:21:01) Okita: anyone else having wonky access issues with the next thermal image?

(19:21:01) badbarry: run out of oxxypro?

(19:21:03) skenmy: he just spat at her

(19:21:07) Poozle: could be barry

(19:21:08) hopkapi: she's dead

(19:21:08) skenmy: dirty Kurt

(19:21:09) pelrun: careful kurt!

(19:21:11) pelrun: it's a trap!

(19:21:13) purplephreak: is he checking she's ok? i only got here 5 mins ago!

(19:21:13) bigmaddrongo: quick, someone tell Kurt to breathe in, then breathe out, then breathe in....

(19:21:14) Hituro: or bending to see if she is okay?

(19:21:21) Kythen: something tells me she's dead

(19:21:26) Crane: Checking pulse.

(19:21:26) Ciaran: Okita: Not me.

(19:21:27) kameleon: kurt focus

(19:21:28) purplephreak: eep

(19:21:28) Kiz: please tell me someone has the ability to upload wot happened to the wiki or somewhere?

(19:21:28) _izzy_: check for a pluse

(19:21:28) Ruthless: shes dead

(19:21:29) isca: ding dong the wicked witch is dead??

(19:21:29) Hituro: checking her I think

(19:21:33) Croll: maybe she collapsed...

(19:21:34) beglee: lets see if her body temo drops

(19:21:35) AnotherUselessPw: Checking pulse

(19:21:36) justdig: XD

(19:21:36) Juxta: For goodness sakes, Kurt's just manhandled her to the floor, I'm guessing that he's going to ensure that she's out for the count

(19:21:38) Tesseract: it's a trick

(19:21:47) Hituro: maybe a collapse from her illness?

(19:21:48) Mindez: That's hot.

(19:21:48) justdig: He just looked straight into the camera with an ""Oh ****"" look.

(19:21:49) juanpablo: we all saw it kurt you murderer

(19:21:55) Hituro: She may have lied about the oxxypro

(19:21:58) Rodric: i'm barely getting any of the pictures

(19:21:59) krazykat_nz: watch out for the fake!

(19:22:00) UUnrealt87: the room went green

(19:22:01) Laurwren: don't make assumptions mima lets hear what happened first

(19:22:02) Gaspar: We don;t even know what happened! AT AL

(19:22:07) Gaspar: L!

(19:22:07) kameleon: theres still something bottom right

(19:22:07) justdig: She didn't lie about oxxypro

(19:22:09) UUnrealt87: te room heating up

(19:22:10) skenmy: MODS - Try and make contact

(19:22:11) justdig: She didn't lie about oxxypro

(19:22:12) piddy77: hes distraught

(19:22:14) DJCherryPie: shes getting colder

(19:22:14) Mindez: They are.

(19:22:17) Crescent: mods - get kurt to describe environment

(19:22:24) Gaspar: Room, getting, hot, bad!

(19:22:25) justdig: XD Crescent

(19:22:28) rjw76: she shouldn't be cooling just yet even if she is dead

(19:22:31) Crescent: kurt - i'm a first aider - put her in recovery position

(19:22:38) Okita: I have the feeling that kurt can't hear us.

(19:22:38) Hituro: he's coming back I think

(19:22:39) Crane: Drama-central!

(19:22:40) Kythen: gaspar, it's just signal noise

(19:22:44) Okita: He wasn't holding a key, ergo, he probably can't hear us at all?

(19:22:44) Laurwren: Warn him of the environmental changes

(19:22:53) beglee: this feed is very splinter cell-ish

(19:22:56) justdig: It's just signal noise

(19:23:03) pjm1974: I don' t believe that was kurt and miranda but a frame up...

(19:23:04) Poozle: He hasn't got his key, he can't see any of this afaik

(19:23:05) Hituro: He can only hear kurtmod anyway

(19:23:09) Ciaran: FWIW, I've been monitoring the stream so hopefully I might be able to get all the pictures that were used if anybody wants to see. I only recorded it midway through, but it got most of it.

(19:23:10) Tesseract: kurt's leaving?

(19:23:13) Ruthless: He killed her

(19:23:14) Poozle: His key is on the table showing us this

(19:23:17) rjw76: well there's a surprise

(19:23:18) wombatgirl: could there be an explosion

(19:23:20) AnotherUselessPw: Kurt's gone?

(19:23:20) Gaspar: What happened?! Dancing? Love? Fighting?

(19:23:21) darkflamer: cheers

(19:23:25) Mindez: Key's down.

(19:23:28) brat-sampson: and he's gone

(19:23:31) brat-sampson: we have lost Kurt

(19:23:31) Hituro: how can he get out anyway? Another mine entrance?

(19:23:34) AnotherUselessPw: Static

(19:23:36) krazykat_nz: not good

(19:23:37) Gaspar: Going, going... GOOOOOOOOOOONE

(19:23:40) Okita: aw crud.

(19:23:43) Crane: We should never have made him take that spanner.

(19:23:44) AnotherUselessPw: He's gone crazy.

(19:23:44) Okita: someone mail violet to send for help

(19:23:49) Ciaran: Probably Kurt just picked up his key?

(19:23:50) brat-sampson: all gone

(19:23:50) juanpablo: now what do we do?

(19:23:52) eeeqz: This is *not * good

(19:23:54) Crescent: erm

(19:23:54) Crane: Mail Violet.

(19:23:55) Crane: NOW>

(19:23:59) Crane: NOW.

(19:24:01) Ruthless: It's okay, I got most of the images saved

(19:24:03) kameleon: kurt are you ok

(19:24:04) Riiick: Kurt 1 - 0 Miranda (Caroline)

(19:24:04) beglee: kurt's gone black

(19:24:04) hopkapi: I have so many screenshots of that in the dock my icons are tiny

(19:24:07) Mindez: I mailed Violet

(19:24:07) jojojojo: yes, we can read poozle

(19:24:07) hopkapi: I got all of 'em ;)

(19:24:08) UUnrealt87: gd gd

(19:24:10) Mindez: Asking where she was

(19:24:14) Mindez: Just got the autoreply.

(19:24:17) hopkapi: well, once they started fighting

(19:24:18) pjm1974: got all images screen dumped.

(19:24:23) hopkapi: hah,

(19:24:25) Ruthless: Start stringing the images together please

(19:24:27) Poozle: people didn't seem to notice jojojojo (and some people have the alerts turned off)

(19:24:27) hopkapi: okay

(19:24:28) eeeqz: I have a lot of screen caps... oh dear, what has he done?

(19:24:28) Gaspar: >_>

(19:24:28) Gaspar: <_<

(19:24:30) Ruthless: good good

(19:24:33) hopkapi: tell us if they come back

(19:24:34) Gaspar: WHAT HAPPENED?!

(19:24:36) Crescent: question - miranda said that she told others her position -others???

(19:24:36) Okita: good job pjm

(19:24:40) Crane: Looks like Miranda... Caroline, is dead.

(19:24:55) Hituro: I didn't see that message, thanks Poozle

(19:24:56) Gaspar: Kurt, respond!

(19:24:57) piddy77: the mods have all gone!

(19:25:02) Okita: Mods, please note that hte KeyBot is still active. So something is still working-ish

(19:25:04) Poozle: I'm staying as well now

(19:25:04) Gaspar: No, they're in here!

(19:25:06) Yembles: The Others are coming!

(19:25:09) Mindez: To ducky: Agreed, he still has to get out anyway =p

(19:25:09) wombatgirl: stupid question who is caroline

(19:25:10) Crane: They haven't all gone.

(19:25:17) Batgirl: caroline is miranda's real name

(19:25:17) Takeru: Caroline = Miranda's real name

(19:25:18) justdig: wombat: Miranda

(19:25:19) Mindez: Caroline = Miranda.

(19:25:19) lhall: caroline is miranda's real name

(19:25:20) Riiick: I hope his key reconnects

(19:25:26) kameleon: do what has happend]

(19:25:28) Hituro: Yes, he may still need help getting out

(19:25:28) justdig: Ouch

(19:25:33) isca: Ou est Caroline??

(19:25:35) AnotherUselessPw: Disrupted...

(19:25:36) kameleon: do you know what has happend

(19:25:37) rlp6028: ruh roh

(19:25:38) brat-sampson: They think it's all over?

(19:25:40) pineapple: he can't go back the way he came!

(19:25:47) gemgenie: whats happen in the last couple of hours - my computer would not connect

(19:25:50) piddy77: omg

(19:25:51) Hituro: after all according to the map he is stuck in a dead end in the middle of the mountain!

(19:25:52) Mindez: Didn't Miranda say someone else was coming?

(19:25:53) Gaspar: OK, my hypothesis (best case scenaro): Caroline is out cold, Kurt's dragging her out to Violet at the other mine exit to take her in.

(19:25:54) Laurwren: he can get out miranda's way

(19:25:54) Crane: What's Kurt's email?

(19:25:55) Crescent: miranda was dry - prob an exit visible

(19:26:08) bigmaddrongo: kurt@tpolt

(19:26:10) Hituro: Worse case he killed Caroline/Miranda and he's run off

(19:26:11) Crane: What's Violet's e-mail, I mean.

(19:26:16) UUnrealt87: how we know she was dry?

(19:26:18) bigmaddrongo: violet@qa

(19:26:22) Crane: Thanks.

(19:26:27) Ruthless: Violet will get there soon and find the corpse

(19:26:27) Takeru: Keybot's gone.

(19:26:28) Hituro: because she was not cold uunreal

(19:26:30) CoolCats712: Should we be calling a suicide hotline on Kurt now?

(19:26:30) Okita: Query, who has chosen to e-mail violet? Let's not swamp her with e-mails.

(19:26:33) Crescent: uunrealt - thermal

(19:26:34) Mindez: ""There are agents on their way to pick me up, right now.""

(19:26:43) Mindez: ""If I explain... you could find them very welcoming.""

(19:26:43) hopkapi: 28 images

(19:26:45) hopkapi: time to crop

(19:26:47) UUnrealt87: now was kurt for the most part

(19:26:47) Gaspar: Did we fix the fuzz?

(19:26:51) brat-sampson: IT IS NOW

(19:26:51) Hituro: yes the agents may get him too

(19:26:57) justdig: Kurt probably turned his key off

(19:26:58) justdig: I'm going

(19:26:59) justdig: Bye all

(19:27:01) buzman: How on earth is Kurt going to get out?

(19:27:04) krazykat_nz: what about the agents?

(19:27:07) Crescent: duckiemonster - thanks

(19:27:10) buzman: Thanks to all the mods

(19:27:14) bigmaddrongo: what god would a story be without a cliffhanger?

(19:27:14) Crescent: cheers mods

(19:27:14) psyche: We cna't just leave him there!

(19:27:15) _izzy_: what happened - he faught miranda and my comp crashed!!

(19:27:17) willow_phoenix: thanks mods

(19:27:17) Enigmaster: hey, i got 30 hopkapi

(19:27:18) Hituro: hopefully there is another exit

(19:27:19) locqust: that children is a story foer another time :)

(19:27:19) sim: yes. thankyou mods.

(19:27:20) Mattyg: follow the way miranda got in

(19:27:21) Tintintin: Cheers all

(19:27:22) eeeqz: well done mods, good job :)

(19:27:22) EvilGenius: great job mods

(19:27:23) Hituro: YEs thanks all the mods, and everyone else

(19:27:24) hopkapi: bastard ;)

(19:27:25) Ruthless: Put all image sinto a giff please

(19:27:28) Sugarcubed: thanks mods

(19:27:29) darkflamer: I assume soneone has emailed violet by now?

(19:27:36) Crescent: where is pics gonna ba ba=vailable?

(19:27:36) Ruthless: Thanks mods

(19:27:38) Rodric: it is only just beginning. Kurt has vanished and the Cube is a weapon that could kill us all

(19:27:39) krazykat_nz: thanks mods

(19:27:39) Weefz: yep, thanks mods!

(19:27:39) MagikGuy: So what happens now then peeps?

(19:27:40) Lum-ox: Did anyone get to save the images Ididn't get to see any of it

(19:27:40) UUnrealt87: link to pics please

(19:27:42) Gaspar: Cliffhangers be foul, wicked mistresses.

(19:27:43) piddy77: that was great fun...see you all soon

(19:27:43) hellyrabbit: thanks all, shame about the comuter problems.

(19:27:44) Six: thanks for putting up with us :)

(19:27:50) isca: Thanx MODS - well done, it was hectic at times

(19:27:50) kameleon: what happens now

(19:27:52) kameleon: snap

(19:27:54) Okita: Kurt's alive!

(19:27:54) Okita: nice!

(19:27:55) zaeil: I posted links to images on UF.

(19:27:57) badbarry: yup, nice work mods, filtering out the good stuff from the dross.

(19:27:58) hopkapi: I didn't get images at the start

(19:28:00) Envoy: I didn't get to see a single image. The entire endgame was flying blind.

(19:28:01) locqust: gaspar--> fun though

(19:28:03) psyche: Plus, is it me, or did it sound like the 3P don't know where it is either?

(19:28:10) Gaspar: Aye.

(19:28:11) eeeqz: i saved some images of the fight, about 36 altogether

(19:28:11) darkflamer: indeed

(19:28:12) wombatgirl: where is he going?

(19:28:14) Hituro: yes, I thought so

(19:28:19) UUnrealt87: yeah

(19:28:19) Gaspar: Of course, now what?!

(19:28:20) eeeqz: can email them if you like?

(19:28:22) Crescent: how do we know miranxda is 3p?

(19:28:24) Rodric: Thanks MODS

(19:28:25) locqust: we have had hints that the 3p didnt steal it

(19:28:26) UUnrealt87: so exactly who stiole the bloody thing

(19:28:32) krazykat_nz: so many questions!!! arrggg

(19:28:35) _izzy_: what happened my compter crashed when they started fighting>

(19:28:35) psyche: She said 'thanks to Kiteway'

(19:28:36) darkflamer: it walked off on its own

(19:28:39) kameleon: can you post images on ppc forums

(19:28:39) MagikGuy: The mystery deepens!

(19:28:45) bigmaddrongo: right, I'm off to look at something that isn't my laptop

(19:28:48) psyche: So a Kiteway is respondible for it being on Earth?

(19:28:49) UUnrealt87: we already know the 3p wamted to steal it, but someone got there furst, but who?

(19:28:49) Ruthless: lol sente wants to use the cube as its weapon form

(19:28:53) darkflamer: Legs come out the bottom like ""the thing"" from Truckers

(19:29:12) Crane: Okay, I'm out.

(19:29:12) kameleon: so do we log off now or wait

(19:29:13) sim: 4.30am here... I'm going to bed. Thanks all for the great night.

(19:29:15) UUnrealt87: anyone checked his blog?

(19:29:21) psyche: Maybe Sentewant to use Earth as atesting ground for his new cube weapon

(19:29:22) Croll: nothing on the blog

(19:29:23) Hituro: I knew it was a weapon

(19:29:24) Crane: Yeah, like he'd get there that fast.

(19:29:25) Poozle: Yeah, nothing on blog

(19:29:26) DJCherryPie: yeah no updates

(19:29:26) UUnrealt87: anyone checked his blog?

(19:29:32) UUnrealt87: kk

(19:29:32) Ruthless: We all knew it was a weapon I think

(19:29:36) Ruthless: It was sued to win the war

(19:29:39) ***TopGun2 back to big brother now then ;)

(19:29:40) locqust: of huge power too

(19:29:41) Gaspar: OK, so what I got from that was that the 3P are protecting both worlds from the power Sente could unleash with the Cube and whatever his mining project in Viendenbourg is related to.

(19:29:43) darkflamer: not nesscerly a weapon

(19:29:44) Crescent: MODS - can we have script of their conversation somewhere -

(19:29:44) UUnrealt87: yeah, because of the riedenbourg thing

(19:29:45) locqust: of huge power too

(19:29:49) darkflamer: merely something that can be used as one

(19:29:53) Hituro: No I don't think she was 3P

(19:29:54) darkflamer: or used to make one

(19:30:02) lhall: cresc, there'll be one on the boards or the wiki, i'm sure

(19:30:02) UUnrealt87: so many questions

(19:30:03) Hituro: She was not part of the group that stole the cube

(19:30:08) locqust: power source i believe was the latest spec

(19:30:08) gemgenie: maybe the weapon of mass destruction that bush has been looking for for so long!!! lol

(19:30:08) Gaspar: Energy core for a superbomb?!

(19:30:14) darkflamer: yeah

(19:30:18) Crescent: cheers lhall

(19:30:19) asynkrobotics: where's violet?

(19:30:24) UUnrealt87: it's been ariound for ages, so probably not

(19:30:25) Crescent: bye for now

(19:30:25) darkflamer: maybe like that nawqda stuff stargate always mentions  :p

(19:30:27) Braxis: Yeh

(19:30:27) Weefz: it's already on the boards

(19:30:30) Batgirl: exactly! she never did turn up!

(19:30:31) lhall: woo, link?

(19:30:32) Crescent: where IS violet -

(19:30:32) UUnrealt87: loll

(19:30:32) MagikGuy: I know.... She should have been here by now! Sheesh lol

(19:30:37) gemgenie: cant believe i missed the whole thing!! bummer

(19:30:38) Batgirl: after she used he dad's name and everything!

(19:30:40) Fluffy_Flummox: Is V Violet

(19:30:43) Braxis: where is violet

(19:30:43) Hawkeblu: There is a record of that scientist guy experimenting on the cube and he and his whole lab just turned to so much steam

(19:30:44) darkflamer: this might just by the intermision

(19:30:46) Crescent: perhaps mirandas mates/agents have ehr?

(19:30:46) _izzy_: what happened at the very end - after they fought?

(19:30:49) darkflamer: *just be

(19:30:50) Weefz:

(19:30:53) jojojojo: V is NOT Violet

(19:31:04) Breadmower: Time for me to unplug - later all :-)

(19:31:09) UUnrealt87: she was either dead or knocked out

(19:31:09) darkflamer: well..she did say someone was comeing :p

(19:31:19) Ciaran: Uploading the pictures I have now...

(19:31:25) UUnrealt87: i'm gonna stay, see what happens

(19:31:41) kameleon: im sticking for a bit too

(19:31:41) Batgirl: i don't think he will have killed her but he might think he's killed her....?

(19:31:45) Batgirl: i saw no blood...?

(19:31:56) Ruthless: I'm guessing she is dead

(19:31:58) jojojojo: there is no point in staying. The server wll be disconnected shortly

(19:31:59) Juxta: Strangulation will do that to ya

(19:32:06) Weefz: broken neck wouldn't bleed

(19:32:15) gemgenie: can someone tell me what happened. i missed it all

(19:32:22) Ruthless: Or Voliet will find her and she will perswade Violet that Kurt is the killer

(19:32:29) Batgirl: she collapsed so suddenly but then crawled along the floor like she'd been stabbed....

(19:32:30) Kythen: ./wildspec those last two pills she took were poison?

(19:32:44) Hituro: or had an asthmatic attack no?

(19:32:45) Ciaran: Before everybody disappears completely:

(19:32:46) gemgenie: can someone tell me what happened. i missed it all

(19:32:51) Batgirl:

(19:32:56) Braxis: I didn't see the pictures

(19:33:11) DJCherryPie: well i need a break thanks guys

(19:33:11) Batgirl: check out the unfiction forum link

(19:33:24) sotonrich: hello

(19:33:30) sotonrich: sorry i missed the fun