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  • Perplex City player (aka number9dream) link
  • Has the special distinction of being published in The Perplex City Sentinel's View From Earth Column.
    • Is the fourth person to have two articles published.
  • Was at the London PCAG event; garnered enough points to land him in first place on the Leaderboard, if only for a short time.
  • Took a photographic record of the London PCAG []


Perplex City Sentinel Articles:

  • Article, 24-JUN-05 "View from Earth: Reality Gaming" link
  • Letters, 20-OCT-05 "Views about Earth"
  • Letters, 03-MAR-06 "Earthly Gratitude"
  • article, 10-MAR-06 "Team Jazz Hands Dominates the Board" link
  • Letters, 09-MAR-06 "Responses"
  • article, 11-MAR-06 "Ramazel Overtakes Top Spot Alone" link
  • article, 18-APR-06 "View from Earth: City States" link

Contributor to Tales From Earth :