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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth




Index of articles

Section 1: Games

Tales From Earth:Carnival of Monsters - by MikeyJ
07-DEC-05, 192 words - Edited by SledgeCallier
An excuse to insult people.
Tales From Earth:Which is Better? - by Ryan Andrew
13-DEC-05, 701 words - Edited by Centipede
Brains vs Brawn.
Tales From Earth:Dicing With the Devil - by Hituro
13-DEC-05, 5832 words - Edited by SledgeCallier
A Gambler down on his luck makes a deal with the devil.
Tales From Earth:Tuberunning - by ammonite
03-DEC-05, 866 words - Edited by SledgeCallier
London is a game.  In many ways.  This is about a few of them.
Tales From Earth:Spay's Invaders - by Gibbet
09-DEC-05, 1331 words - Edited by SledgeCallier
This is not a game!
Tales From Earth:Moonbeam - by Cronogenesis
06-DEC-05, 2,087 words - Edited by SledgeCallier
A stranger a letter and an ancient coin... A rewriting of part one an old series I once wrote and did noting with.
Tales From Earth:Reality? Virtually! - by Sentinel
28-NOV-05, 2581 words - Edited by SledgeCallier
A discussion of the ever blurring boundaries between reality and the world of gaming.
Tales From Earth:ilovenatalie.exe - by GasparLewis
2-DEC-05, 1300 words and a big pile of numbers - Edited by Centipede
William's girlfriend is missing, and somebody planned it.
Can he solve his way to her rescue? Or rather... can you?
Tales From Earth:Where's My Meniscus and other time wasters - by TheBozzball
02-DEC-05, 3186 words - Edited by Centipede
A description of the games played by a group of people in a place.
Tales From Earth:Tower of Cards - by User:Gibbet
04-DEC-05, 1242 words - Edited by Centipede
A story of persistence to fulfill a lifelong dream.
(Feedback will be welcomed)
Tales From Earth:Draco Venatio - by Scott
01-DEC-05, 2100+ words - Edited by Centipede
Dragons play games, the likes of which no man has any business playing.
Tales From Earth:Number Cruncher - by Cronogenesis
07-DEC-05, 0 words, lots of 0's and 1's - Edited by SledgeCallier
A nice little binary puzzle I quickly wrote. The code should work but feel free to check it.
Tales From Earth:The Games We Play - by Duckiemonster
11-DEC-05, 450 words - Edited by SledgeCallier
A chance encounter
Tales From Earth:The London 2012 Olympic Bid - by Frankie Roberto
3-DEC-05, 1000 words - Edited by Centipede
An article on London's successful 2012 Olympic Bid.
(comments, feedback and proof-reading welcome)
Tales From Earth:To Epiphany and Beyond...! - by fantasticalan
12-DEC-05, 847 words - Edited by SledgeCallier
Fantastic Alan guides you through the Christmas Games Season here in the UK.
Tales From Earth:Childrens Games - by Katie Goldblatt
14-12-05, 722 words - Edited by SledgeCallier
A look at the games played by the childern of Earth. 
Tales From Earth:DVD Games - by MagikGuy
9-DEC-05, 1600 words - Edited by SledgeCallier
A review of the Harry Potter 'Scene it?' DVD game.
Tales From Earth:The Rebel Pirate - by Cronogenesis
11-DEC-05, 271 words - Edited by SledgeCallier
Somebodys stolen the ships booty! But who is the culprit?
Tales From Earth:Rock Paper Scissors - by Ukmarkwilson
An in depth dissertation on the ancient and noble history of a proud gaming tradition.

Section 2: Tales From Earth

Tales From Earth:Ramblerhymes I and II - by GasparLewis
29-NOV-05, 1000+ words - Edited by Centipede
A free-form, semi-poignant tirade about nothing... in a good way.
Tales From Earth:Coffee Addiction - by Coxtin
29-NOV-05, 1081 words - Edited by SledgeCallier
A NON_AUTOBIOGRAHPICAL story about a man who loves coffee.
Tales From Earth:Expedition - by Forg
29-NOV-05, 1290 words - Edited by Centipede
Another day comes, another day goes...
Tales From Earth:When we met - by number9dream
15-DEC-05, 1076 words - Edited by SledgeCallier
A love story.
Tales From Earth:Kabuki Belly Dancer - by Mokey F. Rock
08-DEC-05, 2584 words - Edited by Centipede
A short story of escaping reality.
Tales From Earth:The Assignment - by Enigmaster
29-NOV-05, 1337 words (:D) - Edited by Centipede
A short story, illustrating one of the many pressures of student life.
Tales From Earth: The night - by Specterz
29-NOV-05, 500 words - Edited by Centipede
A little rant about nights on Earth.
Tales From Earth:CIA The forbidden fruit of Hollywood - by Josh Black
14-DEC-05, 2000 words - Edited by SledgeCallier
An essay on the draw of Hollywood to the Central Intelegence Agency.

Section 3: The Unfiction Collaborative Story

Tales From Earth:A Day In The Un-Life: A Collaborative Effort - By The Unfiction Community
6,800+ words - Edited by Scott.  The Poor Bastard.
Tales From Earth:Collaborative Effort original workspace
This story was written and assembled by an ad hoc rabble.

Section 4: The Perplex City D20 Module

Tales From Earth:Perplex City D20 Module - by Scott
01-DEC-05, 5400+ words - Edited by Cassandra
A role playing game module based in Perplex City. (version 1.1)

Section 5: Addendum and non-sequitor

Several articles were, For various reasons, not printed in the final collection. This section, as included on this wiki, lists some of them.

Tales From Earth:No title - by Oliver Keers
15-DEC-05, 226 words
Oliver offers himself up as an agent of darkness.
This project was turned down as a possible means of getting the attention of the 3P.
Tales From Earth:Games-Sports-Ultimate Frisbee - by kobeyu
01-DEC-05, 614 words
A description of one of Earth's newer sports.
This work was abandoned when the author ran out of free time.
Tales From Earth:peta - by Coxtin
29-NOV-05, 1225 words
A story in which a monkey gives relationship advice which is unwelcome.
Was omitted due to (a remarkably impressive command of) foul language.
Tales From Earth:people games - by Hituro
11-DEC-05, 2000 words
Playing games with People.
Tales From Earth:Chanko-nabe - by ammonite
09-DEC-05, 6583 words
A girl who fell in love with a sumo-wrestler.
Tales_From_Earth:Games - by Watusi
A short piece of prose which somehow went unnoticed.

Index of Illustrations


Tales From Earth:Cover.png
Colour Front illustration.
Tales From Earth:Pawn
Lone pawn on a chessboard, watched by more powerful pieces.  Black and white illustration.
Tales From Earth:Hide and Seek Peek
Peeking while others hide.  Black and white illustration.
Tales From Earth:Earth.png
Tales From Earth - Section header.  Black and white illustration.
Tales From Earth:Games.png
Games - Section header.  Black and white illustration.
Tales From Earth:Unfiction.png
Collaborative story - Section header.  Black and white illustration.
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Black and white illustration.
Tales From Earth:SpaysInvader.png
Black and white illustration.
Tales From Earth:GamesWePlay.png
Black and white illustration.
Tales From Earth:Dracovenatio.png
Black and white illustration.
Tales From Earth:D20.png
Black and white illustration.
This is part of the compilation created for the book Tales From The Third Planet, created by the Cubehunters on Earth, and printed by Lulu. Anyone can buy it here, with proceeds to go to unfiction! :)