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  • Award-winning author
  • The author of such benchmark works as the Bryce Prize winning Failure to Conform and Winter Mark-nominated The Idea Race
  • Has also won The Mintz Award for a series of public-domain columns he wrote over the course of 265.

Slow News Day

  • He and his entourage were ejected from the Maitland Museum late on the evening of 21-SEP-06, for "rowdiness and disrupting the experience of other patrons."
  • Applebaum himself admitted the allegations were correct, but said that museum personnel were "making a big deal out of really nothing at all.


It was revealed on 29-JAN-07 that Applebaum is a Reconstructionist.

Applebaum Suffers Crisis of Faith

According to close friends, award-winning author Skip Applebaum is in the throes of a "significant personal crisis" and has gone to the Reconstructionist compound "to spend some time contemplating the nature of faith."


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