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  • A cubist cult in Perplex City
  • Believe The Receda Cube has mysterious religiously signifigant properties
  • Have previously planned to steal The Receda Cube
  • Cult Leaders are populary known as "The Recon Eight"
  • Strong believers in self-sufficiency and solidarity
  • Their secluded compound includes a Substantive Farm, prayer rooms, living quarters, and some samples of very out-dated technology.
  • They have knowledge of the sandbars around Lancewood Archipelago from living in a retreat there.

Known Members


Reconstructionists are one of the off-shoot successors of The Brotherhood of the Six, both of which practice Cubism. They are one of the smaller, radical splinter cells. The The Brotherhood of the Six have long been known to have a hostile relationship with the Reconstructionists, since the groups split over theological and cosmological points nearly a hundred years ago.

Cult members are encouraged to take on new names, and absolve themselves of their old life. It is entirely unclear what the process of this involves, but may require signing over all personal assets to the cult. Known to use aggressive recruitment tactics.

It should be noted: Some members are encouraged to not take on the complete secluded life of the Reconstructionst, and should instead go amongst their daily lives in hopefully prestigious places of note. In this way they may affect a greater good for the Reconstructionist cause.

Reconstructionist scripture includes the statement "(The Cube shall) be delivered from the faithless hands of the Academics." In short, their profound belief is that the cube is a great religious item, and must be liberated.

There exists considerable speculation, both in Perplex City and on Earth, about the legitimacy of the Reconstructionist's intentions, and any possible involvement in the theft of the The Receda Cube. Although no formal ties can be found, an investigation is under way, involving undercover officers Helena Frye, Locus Donovan, and Eleanor Tracey. It appears that the Reconstructists may be a sort of initiation bed for The Third Power. Third Power leaders may occasionally choose to select new 3P members from among the ranks of the Recons.

Reconstructionist formal garb includes long robes, worn at such times as lectures. Their daily life involves Meditation, and Farming. Isolation is desired by the Reconstructionists.

Violet's account

Violet returned to the Recon compound on 10-JUN-05, and in her journal entry titled "Today's Adventures", here's how she described the place. link

The compound's huge - must be at least 500 or 600 people living there. The construction, as you'd expect, is really impressive - stone buildings (dormitories, refectory, library, school) that look like they'd survive for thousands of years. The walls are incredibly thick - must be two or three meters thick, I'd guess. I suppose this sort of construction is what gives outsiders the idea that they're planning for armageddon, but I think they just take their construction really seriously. It has the look of a brand-new ancient rustic village, if you see what I mean. The place is dominated, of course, by the huge temple, with those six enormous spires you can see on the skyline for miles around. There's a sense of order as well - you always hear it described on the news as a "compound including livestock", which makes it sound as though there are sheep wandering the streets. But no, it's all ordered pens and bells ringing to signal feeding time. It's peaceful, actually.

-- "Today's Adventures"

Also of note...

Somehow, Violet's interaction with The Cube did not go unnoticed. Sister Shlishi managed to know. Somehow, she knew violet had touched the cube, and walked it with it, and had gone to Earth. Sister Shlishi promised to aid Violet in her future efforts. The extent of this promised help may never be known.

"My child. The Cube works in mysterious ways. If it has chosen you, who are we to question? Your hands know that they have touched it. They know that they dug a hole so very far away in which to bury it. Your hands will not forget the Cube and the Cube will not forget you. We will do our best to protect you, as far as we are able."

-- "Sentinel Exclusive: Iona Interviews... Violet Kiteway"



A file was recovered from the Reconstructionists (see Violet's Blog). She posted it for decryption at Quirky Acuity. The solution to this puzzle was discovered by hawk (view the Unfiction thread).


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