Substance Compliance Program

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  • A sub-section of the PCAG whose job it is to quantify and qualify Medication and Enhancer use among athletes.
  • Director: Paula Ching

  • Ejected Jackson Nuru from the City Council Classic for use of cognitive enhancers
  • 16-DEC-06 - Rumored to be on the verge of filing charges in a drug investigation that had been running since August.
  • 05-JAN-07 - Rumor had it the Academy Oversight Committee had gained information implicating none other than Sente Kiteway in a coverup of Ryan Cahill's enhancer usage in the 267 and 269 PCAG championship finals.
    • It suddenly seemed very possible Kiteway & Cahill may soon face criminal fraud charges, among other things.
  • 15-JAN-07 - Indeed, Kiteway and Cahill were arrested during the 2007 Founder's Ball.