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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth




The Silver City

  • Has recorded two albums for Hesh Records.
  • His second is an experimental album, The Silver City, which Hesh Records claims uses an experimental technology to use input to the auditory nerve to alter consciousness.
    • Because of this effect, there has been a public call by The Sentinel and Cognivia to ban this album.
    • The City Council has answered that call, and on 27-OCT-05 the album was officially banned from sale in Perplex City.
    • Councilman Roy Yolen Added: the ban could be lifted, if Hesh Records were to simply inform the public of all data regarding the controversial album.
    • Several secret messages have been uncovered on the disc.
    • The album was worked on by a team from Hesh Records, and was finished for Earth by Cyrus Quinton.


A Real World Connection?

Justin Berkovi is a member of Mind Candy staff. he has been quoted as stating some fairly interesting things, which could be direct teasers for an upcoming effort, or perhaps could be errant plans, or ... well, who knows what Those wacky Mind Candies have in store. Here is what we have heard from Berkovi.......

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What else have you got your eye on for remix potential?

Hmm good question. At the moment nothing in particular, I’m concentrating on my album for Hesh (under the name ‘Viard’) which should be out before the end of the year.