Zanadun Kane

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  • Renowned music producer.
  • Zanadun Kane and coworker Horace Shockley staged a walk-out at Hesh Records, citing working hours as a major reason.
  • A number of artists were known to have left with them, including pop-singer Joya.


Sentinel Quote

Famously, Zanadun Kane, the legendary producer, parted company from Hesh after arguments over creative control and working hours, taking some very lucrative contracts, including that of Joya, with him. Does Hesh feel he asks too much?

He smiles, charming as ever, and runs his hand through his hair. "Zanadun's a great guy, an incredibly talented producer, and I still consider him a good friend. He felt that he had to move on for personal and professional reasons, and I respect that decision, but it's ancient history now. He and his partner came for dinner just last week!"