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"Ceretin is a drug used to sharpen attention and provide selective cognitive enhancement." - Cognivia.

See also: Medication

  • Homepage: http://www.cognivia.com/products/ceretin/
  • Development began on the first generation of Ceretin in 1992 (255AC)
  • First sold in 1997 (260AC).
  • Manufactured and sold by Cognivia.
  • In 2004 (267AC), licensing was granted for production of generic Ceretin.
  • Acts to stimulate the brain, particularly the hypothalamus, frontal lobes and the hippocampus.
  • Sold as a small red pill in sealed blister packs.
  • Effects last for approximately 24 hours.
  • Often referred to as "Sharp Red", referring to the effect it has on you: it makes you "sharp" - more intelligent.
  • Under continual development to improve effectiveness and lessen side effects.
    • "Ceretin 6 is in its final test phase, having already shown significantly improved performance over the current generation of Ceretin." [1]
    • The next generation of ceretin will include developments from the last Mnemosyne variant.
    • See: Ceretin 6 Preliminary Results for more on this.
    • In short, the report discussion some anomalies which could hold the new pill from market.
    • Indeed, the Cognivia Shareholder Update suggests difficulties are weighty.

When cognitive enhancers were made available on general release - in other words, not just as prescriptions from doctors - a number of people predictably tried to overdose in an effort to get 'more enhancement'. Luckily no-one died as a result, but some people did become seriously ill. Nowadays, pretty much all of Cognivia's products are made so that it's impossible to overdose on them - you can take as many pills of Ceretin as you want, but it won't kill you. It might give you a headache, but nothing worse, because they've added molecules that gradually render the drug ineffective the higher its concentration.

-- Kurt McAllister, "All About Ceretin Six" link

  • Ceretin, like all enhancers, is prohibited in assessment and competitive environments including all tests, exams, sports and tournaments (like the PCAG).
  • The target market is doctors, scientists, programmers, and other workers with mentally challenging jobs.
  • From a social stand point, Ceretin (and other enhancers) play upon the Perplexian ideal of greater mental acuity. It is not enough to simply be smart when one can enhance one's brain and physically become able to think faster.
  • Emailing ceretin (at) cognivia (dot) com reveals the side effects of the drug:

Thank you for your interest in Ceretin. Ceretin is the market's leading wide-spectrum cognitive enhancer and offers significant advances over previous generations and competing products. However, as with all cognitive enhancers, it does have mild side effects. These include possible disorientation, mild synaesthesia, restlessness and agitation. For more information, please contact your doctor.

Ceretin Customer Support, Cognivia


Ceretin is frequently advertised in the Perplex City Sentinel with the following slogans:

  • Problems Untangled
  • Stay Sharp
  • Faster, Sharper and More Alert

Illicit Ceretin

Potentially harmful black-market versions of licensed drugs are a problem in Perplex City according to the Perplex City Sentinel. Black-market Ceretin was stated by the police as the official cause of death of Isaac Cymbalisty. CheapCeretin.com is one known place that supplied this sort of drug.

  • Illegal seller of Ceretin imitations, who claim that their drugs are the genuine article.
  • Appeals to the less discriminating clientele.
  • Directs clients to handle accounts within PCBC.
  • Is under investigation and ligation from Cognivia.
  • Contact: mandy at cheapceretin dot com


Dear Customer,


'cheapceretin.com' is selling illegal and dangerous fakes of the Ceretin cognitive enhancer drug and we are in the process of closing down their bank and website operations. Please do not attempt to make any transactions with 'cheapceretin.com' or any other similar sites.

Alexandra Treater Cognivia.com


Ceretin may be mentioned more obliquely in other sources, due to it's pervasive nature.

  • Kurt McAllister's Blog, The Path of Least Time
    • entry, 13-MAR-06: Remapping - link
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  • Cognivia Press Release
    • 10th Apr 2006: Shareholder Report March 269 link (PDF)
  • Season 1 Card #082 - Sharp Red is about Ceretin, and requires the player to investigate some of the Perplex City websites to find out its side-effects.