Academy Cube Hunt

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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth


  • Part of the annual Summer Festival
  • June 14, Begins at 10am and continues through the day.
  • On The Great Lawn of The Academy, Children under 13 may search the lawn for brightly-coloured replica Cubes
  • The cubes themselves are small, multicolored things which are made of some material which has quite a long shelf life.
  • Prizes and refreshments for all
  • Canceled in 2004 (267 on PC calendar), in respect for The Cube Theft; the Academy bowed to public pressure to reinstate this event.
  • Many believe that Robart Kermeen started the ritual. Others believe that the custom predates Kermeen and may predate the discovery of the cube itself.
  • The cube hunt is a favourite event of the Academy's year.


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