Aiko Entrescore

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Aiko Entrescore
Perplex City
It's unwise to disturb Aiko when she's working.
Date of Birth
Futures Sign
Occupation Puzzle Scribe, CRT; artist
Religion Reconstructionist


  • Holds a junior fellowship in visual arts
  • Protegee of the acclaimed sculptor Randal Tokei
  • Lives in the Eclipse Disc area of Perplex City
  • Is not often to be found on site in the Academy, preferring to work in the quiet of her studio
  • Her favourite card is 035 - Smile.
  • Accused of Cube Theft
    • Released from police custody after Judge Erik Hornblair rules her connection to the recons is tenuous evidence
    • After her release, Sente Kiteway stated she was welcome back to the Academy with open arms, pointing out her spirituality makes her all the more fervent about the Cube's return.



  • 16-JAN-04 - Artwork present at the Academy Ball, during Cube Theft
  • ??-FEB-04 - Joined the Cube retreival team
  • 17-APR-05 - Interviewed by The Sentinel
  • 04-JUN-05 - "All Things" piece goes on display at Restructure Gallery
  • 14-JUN-05 - Arrested for Cube Theft
  • 20-JUN-05 - Released from police custody
After her arrest, looking defrocked


  • Her sculptures are said to be slightly eerie and disturbing; they are often ambiguous in form and she employs a variety of high-tech effects to cause the sculptures to mutter, glow, display flickering images and even broadcast snippets of information to keys and other equipment.
  • Her exhibit was on display on the night of the Cube theft; it was disassembled and examined, and Entrescore was questioned
  • New exhibition entitled All Things opened at the Restructure Gallery on June 4 and runs for three months



I hope that the people of the city continue to respect my religious freedom, as well as the idea that everyone can express their faith in different ways. While it is true that I have always felt the Cube belongs in other hands than those at the Academy, I also believe strongly in the rule of law, and would only work toward the Cube's freedom within the framework constructed by our society.

--- 20-JUN-05, statement after being released from police custody