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  • Born: 1981/82 (AC)
  • Child-star, capturing hearts at age 15.
  • At age 17, she left her then-mentor Thaddeus Cordova
  • In the years since then, has put out 3 solo albums
    • Each one getting worse reviews than the one before it.
  • Her most recent album is "Earthen Pop Hits as Envisioned and Interpreted by Aurora Belle"
  • Something of a drama queen, and rather insecure.
  • In general, She is the classic Child-star. She rose to fame, and after she struck out on her own, she fell from popularity.
  • However she has a strong charisma and loving charm, making her adored by many fans.
  • Her fling with Alejo made quite the local buzz.
    • Could be described as the latest in celebrity whoop-de-doos.
    • However, she really seemed happy with him.
    • Public opinion is divided between:
      • those who support Alejo and think Aurora is a posessive baby.
      • those who support Aurora and think Alejo is a selfish inconsiderate jerk.
  • Her upcoming Autobiography is to be published by Seaside Press.

Relationship with Alejo - Timeline

  • 01-JUL-05 - Spotted in restaurant Never Now with Roll For Damage frontman Alejo Jackson
  • 13-JUL-05 - Appeared at the Roll For Damage City Star award ceremony;
    • She and Alejo Jackson were inseparable, as she was "practically climbing down his throat"
  • 01-AUG-05 - The couple is spotted house shopping.
  • 25-AUG-05 - "Iona Interviews..." article published; she hints at a duet performance
  • 28-AUG-05 - Alejo dumps her!

Aurora's Letter to the Sentinel

No thanks to you lot at the Sentinel but you may be dismayed to learn my life is fine and doing better all the time! I may be a public celebrity but I have feelings too and I was very cross indeed to see the terrible review you ran of 'Absolam [sic] and Tavent' that I was in. What have I ever done to you, I would like to know? Well the review plunged me into despair and the show was cancelled shortly after so I know it is all your fault. I would still be very angry indeed, but something wonderful has happened to me. I am in love! I will have you know that Alejo and I are indeed an item and we are very happy together! We are positively giddy with the joy of finding one another in this rough and rumble world that we are living in! You may be a bunch of third-class spiteful and mean bunch [sic], but you can never take away the love I have for Alejo and that he has for me!

11-JUL-05, The Perplex City Sentinel, Letters


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