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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth




Sales: Eoin McGuire - emcguire at seaside-press dot com

P.R. Manager: Scott LaHaye - slahaye at seaside-press dot com

Editor, also receives manuscript submissions: Ellen Moriyama - emoriyama at seaside-press dot com

Titles, now available or forthcoming

Ernestine Kohler

  • Earth is a Noun
  • Faces of the Cube: The Silent Voices of Secular Cubism
  • Solutionless Puzzles: A Study in the Abstract

Karl Wilson

  • Falling World
  • Distant Stars

Rachel Burton

  • Running the Maze
  • unnamed project on the Centric Artificial Rainforest

Estelle Mechant

  • Reason Not the Need

Colin Tideyman

Rita Jenkins

  • Congruence trilogy

Aurora Belle

  • Autobiography

Collected Authors

  • Around the Earth in 90 Recipes

Collected Authors

  • Tales From Earth
    • As there is no way to pay Tales from Earth authors, a scholarship for students at the Academy who plan to specialize in Earthology has been set up.
    • Will be awarded by a panel of fellows in the Academy's Social Sciences department