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Alejo Jackson Keenan "KT" Thoreau Echo West
Vocals Bass Drums


  • Also referred to as RFD
  • Perplex City's top selling band
  • Got their start at small venue The Click
  • Seventh album Random Encounter exceeded one million mark in its first week of sales
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  • Eighth album, Take Initiative, was released on September 1st, 2005 at exactly midnight.
    • Was very well recieved by an adoring public.
    • Sales reached the one million mark within 4 days.
    • Is described as "a moodier, darker sound", as compared to earlier works.
    • The album was produced by bandmate Echo West
    • Tracklist includes Take Initiative, Hit Point, Fumble, Wisdom
    • The Sentinel published an excellent review of the album.
  • Next album we know of, Character Development, was released in late 2010.
    • Was produced at about the same time Alejo was spending some time at Alchemy resort.
  • Band members were perfectly aware bandmember KT was a Reconstructionist didn't see that it mattered
  • Recipient of the City Star public awareness award
  • Has a strong collective love of the city
  • Encourages youth to take an active interest in public affairs
  • The day of the theft of The Receda Cube, they continued to work, even though the rest of the city was paralyzed with shock and despair
  • Between albums, the band often separates to create their own experimental sounds
    • They find when they get back together they have many more creative influences between them
  • Fans of the band caused some civil disruption, in early 2006.
    • At a surprise show around March 3, 2006 at The Click, fans almost rioted after the venue filled to capacity with many people left outside, and the police had to be called in, including the auxillary volunteer police
    • Similar discord was feared at the next live event on March 14, 2006, at Euler's Disk.
    • However, no-one could have predicted the unprecedented result: hundreds of prank calls to the police, over-whelming the authorities with calls of bomb threats, kidnapings, and so on.
    • In lieu of the 14-MAR-05 Police crisis, the band have decided to not do any more free shows, until the city's security issues can be assessed.


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  • The Path of Least Time
    • blog 08-SEP-05 "The Break-In" link