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The department of natural sciences at the Academy covers the fields of biology, chemistry and physics as well as many related disciplines such as AI science and technology; it has many inter-departmental links with the department of Mathematics and Logic and the department of Social Sciences. The department offers the finest research facilities; our particle accelerator, north of the city, is only the most recent of these to be completed. Among recent works of the department of natural sciences are the algal-bloom exhibit in Polygon Park; these algae have been genetically engineered to produce astonishing "fractal-style" patterns in specially constructed tanks in the park.

Historically, the Natural Sciences Department has dominated the annual inter-departmental Snowball Fight. They lost, however, in 2007 (270) to the Department of Languages.

Our superior physical engineering skills, especially as related to building defensive structures and reliable weaponry, usually serve us in good stead. This year, it was not enough to defend us from the barbarian hordes of the Languages Department, however.

--Natural Sciences Senior Fellow Inari Ekeba