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  • Became Senior Fellow of Natural Sciences in 261AC.
  • Also holds an appointment as Delian Fellow in the department of Mathematics and Logic
  • Professor Ekeba was Adjunct Fellow in Natural Sciences before becoming a Senior Fellow
  • Ekeba is a specialist in N-Theory physics
  • She is the author of eight books, including N-States and N-Theory, Entropy and the N-Hypothesis, the classic of popular science Puncturing the Universe and her study Entomological Biology of the North Ridge Area
  • She has contributed puzzles to the PCAG final on seven occasions
  • Ekeba is a trustee of Centric Development and of the Vasquez Foundation
  • She has served on numerous editorial boards and selection committees, including the Carrick Prize jury in 258, 263, 265 and 266
  • She is a graduate of Edyta College and the Academy's scholarship programme


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