Jessica Holyoke

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The search for the Receda Cube on Earth



  • 57 years old
  • Estranged wife of Bernardo Holyoke, former owner of Five of Cups
  • Joined the Reconstructionists a few months after the Cube vanished
    • Upon joining, she signed over all her worldly belongings to them and now lives at their country estate
  • Informally changed her name to "Kostka"
  • Pietro Salk and the Sentinel report she has nothing to add to the case of the cube Theft, or Bernardo Holyoke.
  • Released a statement claiming she has inside information which connects the Reconstructionists to the Cube theft in early 2006
  • Has been taken into police custody for her own saftey
  • A Police insider doubts the veracity of her claims, or the strength of her proof.

"I know I should celebrate the Cube's liberation from the unbelievers at the Academy, but my conscience suffers because there was a death that night. It is time for someone who knows the truth about what was done in love and faith to step forward."