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Jump to: navigation, search was not always your home on the web for leaderboards and puzzle card answer submissions and keen downloads and official forums. In it's infancy, it was a site of mystery and intrigue. Here, we discuss some of what the page used to entail.

The website was updated on the 08-OCT-04 with new pages, one page was leading from the IndexB page linked to a quote made by S Marchant.

Marchant Quote
Hidden Error Message


Archin1.jpg Gatehouse 24 set the stage for our earliest interaction with Perplex City. A series of Errorlogs reveal co-workers who discussed policy, and friends who discussed Shoes. Also, tidbits of culture, including an odd Video and an ancient quote are introduced. The entry on this wiki regarding covers this material, as well.

Fran Mendling - Henrik Tanner - Sarah Covington - Elizabeth Lee - Juliane Pero - Lyssa Ling - S Ling - S Marchant